You May Have To Remind Me How To Use This Thing

I don’t really know how to explain why I’ve been so scarce around here lately without doing a significant amount of oversharing, but yes. I’ve been a little out of my bloggy routine this week. After we got home from Travis‘ (phenomenal) concert, I tried to tackle my to-do list, and I think I didn’t give myself enough recovery time. Because Tuesday afternoon I had what my mama would call a sinking spell. Just bottomed out. Got all weepy and worried and whathaveyou. Felt way overwhelmed and burdened for a sweet friend. Fell apart after David and I realized that Hoopty Laptop is for real, straight-up dead this time (she quit working last week, and we suspected it was a power cord issue, but it’s not, and Hoopty, She Is Dead.)

(Poor Hoopty. Her passing makes me think of a WH Auden poem, which I will paraphrase at this juncture:

[Hoopty] was my North, my South, my East, my West;
My working week and my Sunday rest;
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought [our] love would last forever. I was wrong.

And I didn’t really love my computer. But I liked her a whole, whole bunch.)

It hasn’t helped that I’ve been listening to way too much Shawn Colvin, and Shawn Colvin always makes me cry because it reminds me of when I was in grad school and my friend Bubba was going through a difficult time and I used to think about him when I’d hear her songs and REALLY, I’M NOT AS CODEPENDENT AS I MAY SEEM, I PROMISE.

Fortunately we had an old Mac desktop in our garage, and the husband got it all set up for me in the dining room. It works great. I’m very, very grateful to have it as a back-up. I just miss Hoopty. As Melanie said earlier this week, Hoopty has been really good to me except for all the times she crashed when we tried to record all the podcasts you’ve never heard.

So there was that.

And then Tuesday night I read this week’s Newsweek that featured article after article about how horrible everything is and how it’s not going to get any better and how the entire global economy is collapsing on itself and how we’ve zigged when we should have zagged and, no kidding, I really thought I was going to have to take some sort of nerve pill when I finally closed that magazine. So I’ve made the very mature decision to stop reading and watching the news. It freaks me out. And I really do think that if the news media would report positive stuff for a solid month instead of focusing so much on the gloom and doom that things really would get better. Because we’d all feel better. And when you feel better, you act better. I know that’s simplistic. But it couldn’t hurt.

However, I won’t know if they decide to report positive stuff or not because I’M DONE WITH THE READING AND THE WATCHING.

In the happy column, the five year-old has never in his whole life been more delightful company. We have had the most fun week together. Monday night when I was cooking supper he grabbed my camera and took pictures, and when I transferred pictures to my computer the next day I laughed my head off.

Apparently his craft is heavily influenced by Pixar and Nintendo.

Okay. Two more things. Maybe three.

My sweet friend Merritt is flying into town tomorrow and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER FACE. We haven’t seen each other in over a year, and I’ve already warned her that I will probably cry when I see her. The crying isn’t necessarily unusual in a week where I cried over a power cord, but my Merritt-related tears will be infinitely more heartfelt. OHMYWORDI’VEMISSEDHER. Cheese dip and guacamole for everyone!

Also: “The Office” and “30 Rock” are re-runs tonight, and all I have to say about that is NO FAIR.

Finally: your hair looks really good today. Really. It does. FABULOUS.

And I believe that’s all.

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  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from. EVERYSTINKINTHING seems to be all gloom and doom lately and it’s really hard to buck up with a joyful attitude when it seems that stuff is crumbling in everyone’s lives everywhere. ~whew~

    Maybe I should quit watching the news, too.

    Boo’s pictures are sweeeeeet!

  2. Jeannette says:

    Howard is a heart breaker

  3. Office? Rerun? Say it ain’t so…

  4. Yes, the January blues seem especially hard this year given the state of the world! I love the pictures your son took. My kids got kid cameras for Christmas and it was so funny to cycle through their pics. My daughter took a lot of pictures of the dog food and people’s stomaches! Aren’t those little people just the light we need?

  5. I agree…turn off the news for a while. It helps. I think the media is a huge part of the problem. Also, I have been listening (alot and loudly within the privacy of my car) to the newish Point Of Grace CD-How You Live, especially their song Fearless Heart. Very timely and a mood lifter too-makes me feel powerful.

    As for tv-we’re a whole season behind most of the US shows here, or at least a few weeks behind. I’ll be watching American Idol tonite which has already played in the US. Still fun though.

    Cheers, Joyce

  6. I totally agree about not watching the news. I also wish they would tell some positive stories for a while – it would indeed bring a whole new perspective and hope to people!

  7. B-Mama,

    Are you sure that Hoopty isn’t living on in the garage Mac ’cause baby, my hair ain’t anything of fabulous.

    Thanks for the compliment, though!

  8. I have so been there done that in my life! Sometimes life just bowls you over and just when you stand up it does it again! Love the pictures your son took! Too cute.
    Take care,

  9. Oh man. I was enjoying reading your post until I got to the part where you told me that The Office is showing a rerun tonight…. BUT, now Hubby will have no excuse for a big plate of nachos on the couch.

  10. I’m with you on the news. I’m just going to keep up to date with The Soup. And what a bummer tonight is all reruns. Didn’t they just return from a break. I’m looking forward to Steve Martin on SNL this week…it’s keeping me going.

  11. Thanks for the hair compliment. I really did spend an extra minute or two on it this am. And, I agree with you on the news. I pray—but don’t watch too much news. It robs me of my oblivious joy.

  12. You are so right about the media.

    Now I will take a moment of silence for Hoopty. May he find peace in the silicone valley of death.

  13. I’m so sorry you’re feeling down. I haven’t had quite the same week of tears but I’ve been feeling decidedly uninspired to do pretty much anything. Cook, eat, do laundry, wash a fork. You can imgine how lovely my home is right now. Made even worse by the guilt I feel over the self-indulgence I’ve been indulging in instead of just getting on with it already.

    I love it when the kids get hold of the camera. Always good for a laugh!

    Sorry about Hoopty. That Auden poem makes me think of Four Weddings and a Funeral. Specifically, the funeral.

    “30 Rock” and “Office” are reruns but “Burn Notice” is brand spankin’ new tonight! Woohoo!

    And while I appreciate the sentiment, my hair does not, by any stretch, look fabulous today. It’s very windy so I just threw it (wet!) into a twist so it didn’t blow all over the place. Tomorrow’s hair doesn’t look good either.

    Hoping things get better for you when the girl time commences!

  14. I used to listen to Good Morning America every morning while I was getting ready for work. I quit watching it (cause I got married and we started watching ESPN, which don’t get me started on that one) but I must say I have been in much better spirits after not watching it. They were starting to feak me out with all of this doom and gloom!

  15. You’re lying about my hair, but thanks anyways.

  16. Hey Sweetie…I wish I could just come down there and give you a big ole hug.

    Sounds like we have had a similar week…i was in tears all yesterday morning. at work no less. And I have my hair in a ponytail.

    Its not being immature to quit watching the news! (cause then I am immature as well!!) Here’s hoping a good vist from an old friend can make it better…

  17. Well, *I* for one am glad that the Office is a rerun as I will not be home. And, because I am 13 years behind the time, I do not own any kind of recording device, otherwise known as a um…oh, whatever.

    I’m already two sheets away from full-blown depression so I rarely watch any of the gloom-and-doom. I just stay in my happy Colin Firth world and ALL IS WELL.

    Also. I’ve discovered that I have about one day a month where I can write “well.” Let’s see…18 days of PMS, 7 days where I hate everything and everybody, and 5 days where Everyone’s Blog Is Better Than Mine So I Might As Well Go Eat Cake.

  18. Hee hee–you have not seen my hair. And it’s hair-i-ble. Truly awful.

    I love the picture A took of himself, it made me smile really big! What a precious bundle he is!!

    Enjoy your dear friend!

  19. I’m with ya, my bloggy friend. It’s a tough time right now.

    I am continually reminded that I have to depend on God and HIS Word, not the news. He is in control, I have to keep telling myself that.

    Plus, my two close friends that I have here in Texas have both just lost a close loved one to cancer. Thankfully they are both rejoicing in heaven now, but my heart aches for my dear friends.

    Thanks for sharing your heart, and reminding us all that we’re not alone.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I like to live in the Land of Oblivion when it comes to the news. Come join us!

  21. I have two words for you – Food Network. All their shows are happy ones. Except maybe the ones where chef wanna be’s with inferior cooking skills get chopped. But no bad economy or global warming news. And if you’re like me, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, nothing helps like something yummy to eat to drown my sorrows in – even if it is only virtual and not really in my own kitchen. Plus, there’s lots of great hair on there too.

  22. I love when you tell me my hair looks fabulous when it’s just in a messy bun atop my head.

    You know, my hubby asks me if misplaced the hairbrush. … But you, Miss BooMama, we share something different.

  23. I haven’t watched the news…morning or nightly…for a couple of years now, and I used to be a TV reporter! Talk about anxiety-inducing! I think your idea about just reporting positive things for a month would be a great experiment! I get all the negativity I need reading my daily newspaper and reading online news…it is enough to make the most serene person want to cry. I’m keeping my hope in Jesus, thank you very much!

  24. What a fun update! My husband was just saying the other day that he is done with USA Today because it’s so gloomy. I had to point out that they aren’t the only ones. But here in Chicago, all the news is about how ridiculous Blagojevich is, which is actually kind of fun to read, so I haven’t called off the media quite yet. I’d highly recommend reading about Blago–it will make you so happy you’re normal and haven’t sold out to anyone except Jesus.

  25. {{{{{Sophie}}}} Thank you Jesus that He is our Stability!! Praying that you have a great time with Merritt!
    I understand your fears over this economy and the news doesn’t help matters and the fact that my brother lost his job right before Christmas and is still jobless BUT I can testify that God has been faithful and has provided for us every day!!

    Love you,

  26. I’ve stopped watching the news and I try to focus on the positive….and pray a lot. My co-worker’s husband just flew across the state to tell a bunch of employees that they will no longer have jobs. He’s dreading it. My other co-worker’s husband was just told his hours will be cut in half.


  27. Well, I declare, I was just about to say the same thing about your hair. We do look fabu, don’t we?!

    Don’t watch the news when there is so much good reality tv on!!

  28. Maybe next week we could all write super-happy, ultra-positive-outlook posts. ALL WEEK LONG!! I’m in!!

    Praying for you, Sophie. You’re wonderful and beautiful, and I love having you as part of my life. :)

  29. I’ve missed you! Sorry to hear about your laptop. Mine had some issues recently and I suffered major withdrawal symptoms!

    I think you’re right about the media bringing everybody down. I wonder if they’ve ever heard of “self-fulfilling prophecies?!” They talked the economy down for so long during the pres. campaign that eventually we all believed it and it tanked for real!

  30. I’m not the only one who thought of 4 Weddings and a Funeral! Ahhhh, 8th grade.

    I quit watching the news a while age. I decided that God was in control, and he has shown me over and over that he will provide.

    Love your blog!

  31. Oops…I meant to post this comment on THIS post…not the previous one.

    Hang in there, Boo Mama! You don’t sound quite like yourself.

    Sending you love and prayers,
    Kelly G

  32. And…apparently…I also called you Big Mama in the comment I made on the wrong post. Man alive….get it together girl. Sorry about that, Boo Mama!

  33. I quit watching the news almost 8 months ago for the same reason. I got tired of everything being so negative. I can honestly say, I’ve never felt less stressed out than I have since that day.

  34. It’s gonna be okay, just go to this site and watch all of their videos and you’ll feel much better!

  35. I just got my haircut today and you cannot know how badly I needed you to tell me it looks good….wow, so timely, my friend. Oh, and IGNORANCE IS BLISS regarding the news….happy is NOT knowing…just sayin.
    And lastly, sorry about Hoopty….and glad about M coming in….LIVE. IT. UP!


  36. oh girl i’m having the worst hair day ever. just got back from a funeral too. enjoy the cheese dip!

  37. My sincerest condolences at Hoopty’s passing. It is a sad, sad day in Booville, I am sure.

    I just want you to know that it’s not just you in your moody, emotional state. I’m sensing melodrama all over blogdom these days. I blame it on January. January has to be the bleakest month of the whole cotton pickin’ year. I for one, have decided to boycott January next year. I just can’t do it again.

    And lastly, while I appreciate the compliment to my hair, it just isn’t so. Unless of course, you think Roseanna Roseannadanna is an attractive look. If so, then perhaps you should seek some sort of hair electroshock therapy of sorts.

    Cheer up, my friend. God is good all the time. And so is cheese dip.

  38. God is our Provider, Miss Sophie, and we are doing just swell!!!

    There is opportunity and abundance every where you look in our great country, but people are freaking out and getting scared, and forgetting to act on their faith in God, while reading all the Doom & Gloom.

    I never watch the news….I know Who is in charge, and I know my world is safe with Him.

    My husband and I are doing better financially then we ever have…we keep our tithing strong, and never look back.

    We are thriving under God’s Grace.

  39. Sophie have you ever heard of Serafem? It is the PMS prozac.

    It’s a gift from God. Hence the name. You know, so I’ve READ.

    I’m just rambling about nonsense that had nothing to do with your post whatsoever, you know…just ramblin. I was born a ramblin woman. Tryin to make a livin and doin the best I can. And when it’s time for leavin, I hope you understand…

  40. I got my hair cut last week and it was uneven. I got up the nerve to go back and get it “fixed” and now it is uneven in a different way, and not the obvious she just cut more off on the other side now way, either. I don’t get it. So thanks. I needed the hair complement.

  41. Hey so I totally understand being on the edge of that depression/despairing feeling — I’ve been there a lot lately! Anyways, the news doesn’t help – and I dont watch/read it either. I figure God has a plan and it really doesnt matter all that much what we do in the way of trying to change that plan.

    Anyhoo – RIP to hoopty and I hope you can get a new/improved laptop sometime soon (for your own sanity . . . I hate desktop computers) :-)

  42. Have so much fun with your friend!

  43. Hi, new to your blog. nice to meet ya! Your little boy is fabulous and I love finding those random pics on my camera and phone.

    Sorry about Hoopty, long live your mac!

    Hoping you feel better soon! Not watching and reading will help, and then you can focus on the fact that it is ALL happening under God’s watchful eye. You can trust in Him!

  44. Okay, about the news and all. So today I’m watching the Today show because well, it was today and arent’ you supposed to watch Today on today? Anyhoo…all depressing news, yada yada, event hat all the republicans are ticked off about the stimulus package and dada dada. Well, I get to work ~ I’m the special ed. director so they make me show up~ and get this…all that bad news may get me some more money for my kids!!!!! Not my personal ones, mind you, but all those little darlin’s in classrooms who need some special things because they are so special! YIPPEEE!!! But then I thought about the fact that my great great grandchildren will likely have to pay for it. I felt bad for a minute but then I thought as awful as this sounds ~ ssshhh…(I’m using my whisper voice now) they won’t know that I was happy about it today.

    Oh, and thank you. I know I need to get my roots done but I’m in that weird place where you kind of need a cut and color, but every other day is a really GOOD hair day so ya don’t want to mess it up by having it done.

    okay…love ya, bye.

  45. Hoopty – My condolences. My own Mr. Darcy has been giving off geriatric groans of late. I have a feeling it won’t be long.

    Shawn Colvin – I hear ya.

    News – I stopped watching years ago. Just scan internet headlines and delve in occasionally. And you know, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Humans are still kind of a mess, and plagued by the same awful stuff they always have been. Less hyped up, Sweeps Week-oriented news programs aren’t a bad thing.

    My hair – Thank you! I think my new “product” is responsible.

    Blessings on your head!

  46. Thanks for the compliment on my hair. I got it cut today and wasn’t too sure about it.
    Your compliment has made me feel much better.

  47. Oh, I just loved what you had to say about the news. It IS all doom and gloom, and it’s depressing like crazy. I would love to see them do your experiment–or even try to throw in a positive story every now and then. I pretty much don’t watch the news (definitely not the major national stations–ugh) . . . except for today . . . because I live in Illinos. Which reminds me–it’s time for the news.

  48. Your hair looks great, too. And how timely that it would look great, in time for your friend’s visit! Have a great time!

  49. AMEN – The news makes me cringe and feel very hopeless too. I take your recommendation – I shall stop watching (except for the weather, cuz here in MN, we need to know if it’s just going to be cold, or if we will have 40 below temps – to know if the car will start in the morning, or if we should not let the kiddos wait at the bus stop for more than 60 seconds for fear their appendages will freeze off)Oh I kid – but only a little!

  50. Also there is a one hour Office special after the superbowl! Hurray! And here is the best part, it is a direct quote: Dwight’s fire safety seminar goes awry.

  51. I had to do the same thing about a year and a half ago with the news. I made a very conscious decision to not watch the news or read the news or listen to the news or what have you, because all it did… every single time… was scare the ever-loving beegeebees outta me! I was a horrible anxious, terrified wreck and I couldn’t enjoy ANYTHING. So I quit. And it’s gotten WAY better. =)

    I do catch some news here and there. Whether it be from church or my folks or hubby or occasionally (VERY occasionally) when I look up the local news online… On the whole, though, I focus on my family’s news, my church’s news, and to a lesser extent my community’s news. Filtered, if you will, through family and friends. In small bite-sized nuggets, washed in love and bathed in peace and comfort.

    It’s the only way to go these days. Seriously!

  52. I stopped watching the news awhile ago. It has certainly helped to lift my mood to stop being so stressed about the gloom they report on. I get the daily highlights on yahoo. Surely they are telling me all I need to know.

    Thanks for mentioning the hair! I went to the Celine Dion concert here in Tampa last night…. girl you were so right about her hair. It was FABULOUSLY PERFECT! I want her people to come do that to my hair.

    I was sitting watching the concert and two people a couple seats over made me feel like so unworthy to be there. I also thought, I have to ask BOOMAMA if they were at her concert she went too. These people stood and danced through the ENTIRE concert doing her dance moves before she did them. So they have either been to every concert she has done or they were in the audience to remind her what to do next LOL!

  53. You know there is a special ONE HOUR Office after the Super Bowl, right??

  54. HAH! I had to giggle to myself when you used the word NERVE PILL because that’s SUCH a classic southern term. LOVE IT! ;-)

    (On a semi-related note: did you see where AI issued an apology to the dude in KY who they accused of “threatening” the judges when he said BE CAREFUL? Another uniquely southern gem.)

  55. What a nice, honest post. The economy, and reading about it, has scared he heck out of so many…it sort of has sucked the hope out of America. However, I truly believe that our country will bounce back like we always do!

    The news always makes me feel worse, so I rarely watch anything but the weather!

    Have a great day :)

  56. I hope I’m not making this up….but my beloved Pete Wilson either said on something that he was fasting from the media and the terrible news situation. I think its doing a number on all of us. My hubsands job is greatly effected by the economy and it flat out stinks right now. So….I’m media fasting too.

    You know I love ya. I’d love to come to Bham one weekend and hear me some DP at that fabulous church you call home and sit with you and Robyn. Oh, that would make me happy. :)

    Hugs to all and have a blast with your friend!

  57. It doesnt make a whole lot of sense to pour that first cup of coffee with fabulous creamer, then open the newspaper and sit down to read a bit of “gloom, despair and misery is me”. I’ve stopped reading anything but the weather report (and here in PA why I’m sticking with that is beyond me actually) and the magazine section. I’m just over starting my day with arrests and killings and crime and corruption – horrible way to start the day. Maybe I should turn on Noggin’ instead. My grandkids are cheery as all get out!

  58. I’m so with you. If the world would start focusing some on the positive stuff going on, we’d all be better off. Hope you have a GREAT day!!

  59. If my mother were with you this week, she would have told you to eat a banana, take a tylenol, and go to bed.

    I’ve had one of those weeks, too. Thanks for the compliment about my hair :)

  60. Totally agree with you on the news thing! It is awful! So I prefer to watch my kids cartoons or read my bible. Both probably more real and definately more encouraging.

    And I have a few of those funny 5 year old picture taking download moments myself. Priceless!

  61. How disappointing for me to come home from Trivia Night on Thursday, settle down in front of the TV, hit the Tivo, and… nothing. Repeats. Le sigh.

  62. Boo, a little word of encouragement. It is posts like these that remind me why I always check your blog–just in case your ramblin’ today (or yesterday as the case may be). I like these days best of all.

  63. Kelly in Carrollton says:

    Hey Sophie!

    Now YOUR hair is the one that looks fabulous! It was so great to meet you in Atlanta Sunday night. You are adorable and beautiful, and we love, love, love you!!

    So sorry about Hoopty. May she rest in peace…

    Blessings! K

  64. Isn’t it great to have a moment where you see the world through your child’s eyes. At least lense? Who doesn’t want to remember Mr. Incredible fighting for his life on a remote island.

    As far as the good news goes, I couldn’t agree more. I’m in the financial industry and my office has made a decision to report the positive side of things. The things that don’t sell newspapers. Like that since November 20th the market is up 22%. UP. As in positive.

    You won’t hear that on any channel because apparently they don’t like people to smile.

    Have fun with your friend. You deserve some time to laugh and catch-up.

    Take care,

  65. I don’t know if I’ve ever commented beyond the drawings on your blog, but I have to chime in here with total agreement.
    About three years ago, I vowed to completely stop watching the news. One night, after watching the O’Reilly Factor – which was a daily routine – I realized I was literally angry with the world at the conclusion of the show… how messed up everything was, how hopeless it all seemed… And then it occurred to me that I was letting it ‘disturb my peace.’ So, now (if I watch TV) I watch the Food Network, HGTV and TLC, with some smatterings of History and Discovery channel – and NBC for The Office. On the occasion of a major event I watch the news, but always conclude my news-watching/reading with the out-loud comment, “Christy, God is still on the throne.”
    Perpsective. It changes everything.
    Have a blessed weekend with your friend!!!

  66. glad it’s not just me… I’ve been worried we will all be living in tent cities and eating stone soup soon! I too, have chosen just to quit listening to news about it, maybe that will keep up safe!!!

  67. I discovered this Scripture last year, and I think of it whenever I hear the doom and gloom scenarios that are so prevalent now.

    “And HE shall be the stability of your times, a wealth of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. The fear of the LORD is his treasure.” Is. 33:6 (NAS)

    I used it as my first memory verse of the year. Because this kind of wealth can’t be taken away. Ever!

  68. I totally agree about the pessimism expressed on the news and in the papers. Reading about so much gloom and doom creates gloom and doom. Maybe the newspaper should just start printing the comics and that’s it (that’s all I’ve been reading lately anyway!).

  69. I with you on how depressing it is! I told a friend of mine I was considering giving up the news for a month, but I was afraid how bad it would be when I went back to reading/watching it.

    I have a teen, a 12 year old and an 10 year old, and it amazing to see how they are having to come to grips with it too. They think/worry about things I never did.


  70. I feel like I could say diddo, except for the precious pictures by your upcoming photographer.

    My computer crashed this past week. It was the hard drive and we lost EVERYTHING!

    I too have quit watching the news or reading the newspaper. I have even quit reading my emails from Christian Worldview Weekend because I can not handle anymore gloom and doom. I have tried to focus more on the promises of God. That is much more uplifting.

  71. I know that you may not even read this, but I have to tell you that I love Shawn Colvin, that song, “I never saw blue like that before” (not the real title, but you KNOW it), it just touches me, BECAUSE my hubby and I discovered her music when we first met and fell in love in Charleston SC, which is THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD to fall in love in, and we were young and in college, and we would take long walks way too late at night and listen to music on our yellow Sony walkmans, and I ruined this really rare copy of a CD of hers the first year we were married and it just stirs up all those memories and I get all weepy… and I just wanted to hug you and drive to Alabama and be a new friend to you because I feel the same way. I want to put my family in a bubble of joy and love.
    So I feel you, Snickerdoddleboodle. I feel you!

  72. I hope this doesn’t come across weird, Sophie, but I feel like God has told me to pray for you the last few weeks. I have no idea what you’re facing, and I’m not prying. But from one sister to another, know that God could be and probably is working to be the lifter of your head. As much as I’m able, I’m humbling standing in the gap for you.

  73. I totally agree with you!!! My hubby just told me last night, “can’t we PLEAZE watch something light-hearted?” I had to chuckle when I saw the pictures that your lil chicken took. I too have any a pics of the TV and momma in a not so attractive light! (he must have gotten my bad side) HA! Anyways…I am so very new to the blog world, and would be considered a “newbie”! I have been so inspired by so many wonderful bloggers that I started my own. Come on over for a visit…I gotta get it cutsified!!
    Thanks BooMama!!
    Hugs and More Hugs!!!

    Enjoy your visit with you BFF!!