Not Even The TV Can Help Me

All righty. Here’s the deal.

Today has been a wee bit on the hectic side and I didn’t do much bloggy stuff (though I did play nine or twenty two rounds of Uno with a certain five year-old) and a couple of hours ago, when I finally settled in at the computer, State had the nerve to go into TWO overtimes with LSU which made writing next to impossible what with all the constant refreshing of the scoreboard page.

So, since we had a two-hour AI on the DVR tonight, I thought, Well, there’s my post. Idol it is. Plus, since they were calling it “THE FINAL CUT,” I figured we were no doubt in for THE MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER.

Oh, you can’t possibly expect me to keep all these shows straight.

Anyway, I went into Idol with the best bloggy intentions, but quite frankly trying to write about tonight’s episode was a beating. There were recaps and fake-outs and sing-offs and switcheroos. There was no rickety elevator and no 256 steps. The contestants were in a mansion and everybody sat in some really tricky chairs.

And then I found out that Tatiana made it and I was done.

It was too much, y’all.


So do you know what I’ve decided to do?

I’ve decided to go to bed.

And I’ll see all you sassy interwebs tomorrow.


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  1. I don’t blame you for going to bed. It was too much. Between Tatiana, Norman Gentle and Headband Boy…I give up. I’m seeking solace in the fact that my Heels beat the Dook Blue Devils.

    Here’s to good basketball and it’s ability to cover a multitude of CRAZY…

  2. Oh man, you just spoiled it for me. I’m sitting here watching it now. Can’t believe she made it! Ugh. She’s truly terribly annoying.

  3. I actually said “Shut up” to the TV in front of my son when Tatiana was on. I’m with Simon; she is annoying. But she CAN sing, darn it. I HATED the fact that they did all those sing-offs between people who were friends. That was just mean. What do you want to bet that Simon thought that one up?

  4. I took the challenge and I bloggied AI tonight!! … and WHEW, am I tired?!

    But, I must say … I’m tempted to kick Tatiana between her two front teeth if she squeals like a pig waiting to become my bacon, just one more time!!!!

  5. Gabe told me you had a big day. :)
    I’m going to bed too.
    Love You.
    Love, Me.

  6. I might be done with ai until Tatiana goes away. I just can’t bear it.

  7. I’m afraid Tatiana will go far!!!!!!!! Actually, she makes me laugh. Sick. And headband boy, I cringe a little when he is on, I felt sorry for him with his story, I hope something good comes out of this. I was excited that my roughneck guy got on, though. Yea!

    I’m ready for next week.

  8. *blinks* Did I read that right? Tatiana made it?!!? That must have been when I switched over the LOST. (I’m sorry. Between AI and LOST, LOST will always win) I am so glad I missed that. I would have been yellin’ at my tv again. I was yellin’ last night when her group made it. I thought they should have been sent packing. Her voice is good (most performances) but she’s not a good team player and she takes up too much tv time. Oh man. What were they thinking?

  9. God help us all.

  10. I caught just the last 20 minutes of AI. Enough to see Headband Boy In The Midst Of Drama. (bllllaaarrrfff) I’m sure this is stating the obvious to the world, but they keep these doofballs around just to get people to watch. It’s all part of the show.

  11. I recorded the show last night and watched the first 45 minutes. Then I couldn’t take it anymore and went to bed. I’ll watch the rest tonight or this weekend.

    A couple of weeks ago I’d found a “leaked” copy of the top 36 online, so Tatiana’s making it wasn’t a surprise to me. But it IS a bit puzzling. She can sing, but the DRAMA!

    Oh, and after I posted the “three week Hollywood Week” thing I realized it had only been two weeks. But it surely FELT like three weeks, huh?

  12. Truly, how much of the Tatiana drivel can they subject us to and expect us to keep watching?

    Of course, I’ll be watching until the confetti falls from the ceiling, but that’s beside the point.

  13. My FAVORITE part of Tatiana making it through was Headband Boy’s reaction when she came downstairs to announce it. I rewound his PRICELESS facial expression several times. Looked like he was smelling something bad OR had just seen his grandmother naked. Hilarious!

  14. I wish they would have let Danny’s friend through. (I can’t remember his name) I loved his rendition of Deliah. He did so much better than a lot of the drivel that they did let through. Come on, Tatiana, Norm they were horrible. I guess they want another Sunjaya on….

  15. We had church last night so by the time I settled into Idol, I couldn’t help but think….do y’all realize how queer this is that you are at the ‘Judges Mansion?’

    And Tatiana needs a nerve pill or something. I smacked the tv over her.

  16. Oh that Tatiana….if ever there has been a reason to vote…she is it. I can’t believe they let her move on.

    I’m pretty bummed that Danny’s friend didn’t make it, that was sad.

  17. Tatiana is going to just ruin this season for me. She seems so fake and not-at-all enjoyable, and for the love,

  18. Speaking of reality TV……….. Survivor begins tonight. I haven’t watched Survivor in YEARS, but the Birmingham news tells me this morning that one of the contestants is from Auburn! Hello – it gets better! She is the principal at Drake Middle School. That is where I spent my middle school days passing notes! I can’t wait to see how this principal from Alabama fares! I’m keeping my fingers crossed and tuning in!!

  19. She’s the most annoying contestant I’ve ever seen on Idol. The problem is, she can sing. But oh my word, I hope she learns to control herself a little. I don’t think she can, but we can always hope.

  20. Hopefully she’ll be outta there once the public starts voting. That annoyance factor is off the scale!

  21. we didn’t watch all of AI – cannot stand some of the people they have now – what happened to the scale of “normal functioning human beings”? ’cause most are off that scale. ::::sigh:::::Tatiana, she is a train wreck to my ears. AI is supposed to find someone capable of being a pop star – not just a voice in a body. oh well – (which is apparently my slogan for the month of February – trying not to succumb to “whatever” – just Oh well)

  22. I bet Tatiana has immediately catapulted to the top of that “Vote for the Worst” campaign, which means she’ll stick around for a while.
    Please, Lord, no.

  23. Just be happy Bikini Girl isn’t there, or we would all need therapy. That combo of Tatiana, Bikini Girl, and Headband Guy would send a normal person to the looney bin.

    I can’t take the drama…I just want to watch mindless TV people, not add MORE drama to my life. sigh! :)
    Kelly S. Michigan

  24. I am so with you on Tatiana. Seriously.

    What are they thinking?

    If there is an upside, she probably won’t make it long after the public starts voting. Hopefully.

  25. I too was devastated when they announced that Tatiana had made the cut.

    I would love to believe that she will be voted off in short order. However, I am convinced that the evil people at Vote for the Worst are going to enlist their throngs of ill-willed Americans to keep her on the show for eternity.

    It is almost more than I can bear.

  26. I can’t believe Jamar Rogers didn’t make it— and Norman Gentle did! Bad decision :(

  27. I haven’t seen any of AI (schedule conflict & no time to watch it later), but I’m really interested now in what’s going on! Sounds like a train wreck! Someone mentioned a new Survivor starts tonight?? How come I’ve not seen one commercial for this?? I can’t believe they haven’t been promoting it like normal.

    Anyway, I just LOVE coming here and catching your reviews for Bachelor…you crack me up EVERY time!!

    Have a good day!

  28. I totally agree that Tatiana needs to stop screaming. I swear she woke up my son last night… and the TV is on the other side of the house. Not cool.

  29. All I can hope is that Tatiana is eliminated SOON. I would say that I’m not going to watch it until she’s gone, but I know that would be a lie.

    I’m so sad that Jamar (Danny’s friend) didn’t get through, but they let through Stephen Fowler, who forgot lyrics and walked off the stage! I just don’t understand several of their decisions (case in point: Norman/Nick whoever he is).

  30. I agree – that’s why we record everything – we fast forward over the annoying parts. My husband and I were very disappointed in the choices to keep a few annoying people. This is serious – life changing stuff for these kids and they need to quit keeping the soap opera parts as we just want to see talent

  31. I wish I had done what you did. Now I’m all irked up for nothing – nothing, I say! All the drama…it’s more than a sane person should have to take. I’m looking forward to some, like, singing. (:

  32. My husband has threatened to stop watching until Tatiana is GONE….we were so frustrated when she made it through. That’s just not right…

  33. Jamar is gone, but Tatiana is in.

    Something is wrong.

  34. Tatiana makes me want to throw my TV at the wall and Nathaniel looks like something out of FAME: The Movie. I hope they go home first. Who would vote for them? I hope not their families.

  35. I have to disagree about Tatiana… oh no, not about the annoying part (my husband says she sounds like Miss Piggy.. whom I adore as a “person”, but he’s right about how she sounds)… I think she CAN’T sing all that well… not any better than some of the ones they cut last night or even earlier this week.

    I understand why they kept Headband Boy and even Norman, because I can imagine a fan base for both of them… but Tatiana.. really? Who would vote for her, besides maybe her family?

    And I agree with the earlier comment… when Tatiana came down and announced/shrieked that she made it… the silence in the room, the horrible look and obligatory clapping from Headband Boy was p.r.i.c.e.l.e.s.s.

  36. When I saw there was no elevator I thought to myself Big mama is going to say something about that! Tatiana drives me nuts nuts nuts!! Then the guy with the headband and that dual personality guy got through, I was done.

  37. What happened to The Amazing Race? That’s a fun show. Tatiana could be on that one with Headband Boy as her race mate. I’d watch.

  38. I don’t believe for a second Tatiana was kept on because she could sing. They’ve cut lots of people on the basis of not being the “complete package”. She has a strong voice, but she’s obviously not the complete package as an entertainer. Hopefully she’ll be gone with the first round of America votes, but who knows. This could be the season that Vote for the Worst strikes a cord with viewers who want to get back at AI execs for keeping her around. Now I guess that would be entertaining.

  39. I cried when Tatiana made it through. And that continued screaming after she made it through. Now I am a christian..but I am a pregnant woman and that was too much for me.

    And Danny I think his name is? The one that is always crying? OH MY GOSH! I couldn’t take it! I went to bed too.

  40. Oh my goodness…I am not a violent person at all and I’ve never quite experienced this feeling over a TV show but…I seriously want to throw something at my TV everytime Tatiana is on. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! They are ruining my favorite show.

  41. Oh girl! FOR REAL about the T-girly. Whew!!

  42. like everyone else before me, I cried, threw the remote and smacked my tv when they put Tatiana through.

    I was SHOCKED when Jamar did not make it through like his friend Danny. He was 1000x better than some that did. It’s just not right.

  43. Terrie Cash says:

    Thank goodness for the invention to the DVR. I will be clicking past Ms. Tatiana and Mr. Headband performances and dialogues on until they are no longer on AI. Lord help AI, their ratings may just fall due to the drama this year.

  44. This is why I love reality TV.

    Today at lunch with the plethora of topics to discuss ( a certain stimulus package, the middle east, etc) we spent the entire time wondering if AI has sold its soul for ratings.

  45. We were robbed people!!! What in the world were they thinking putting Tatiana and Headband Boy through and not putting Best Friend Jamar through with Danny! I loved them both and Jamar was a far superior singer over Headband Boy! I have some real favorites this year, but the DVR Fast Forward button is going to get some action when Tatiana is on the screen. Between Lost and AI, I’m drained for the week. And now Survivor starts tonight. Where is it going to end people? I guess I’ll go watch some Fox News, so I can get some perspective. :o)

  46. I have to admit I am a reality junkie. Thank you to Georgia mom for reminding me tonight starts another Survivor, I am so excited. I watch them all. I get the t.v. guide out and circle all of them so not to miss anything, and, Tuesdays are a real deal cause I have AI on one channel and Biggest Loser on another….AH! the busy and exciting life I lead….

  47. Oh, yes. Tatiana has GOT to stop the screaming-we actually refer to it as squealing like a stuck pig.

    In fact, it was so bad last night, that we used it as an object lesson for our two-and-a-half year old girl on how NEVER to act. Jesus just doesn’t like a squealer!

  48. Anybody else think it’s funny that they call the 36 kids “finalists”?

    How final is 36 people? Wouldn’t just the last 2 be finalists?

  49. Cracks me up that Headband Boy doesn’t even have a name. I looked it up; it’s Nathanael (sp). But wow, the d.r.a.m.a. he shows is right at the 2YO level. No, maybe that of a 3YO, because he talks while throwing a fit.

  50. I personally think that Tatiana is a fake contestant, put there by the show’s producers to add drama/”entertainment”. I don’t see how anyone can be that annoying… seriously. Something about her just doesn’t add up.

  51. Amen sister! I don’t know how much more I can handle of her. And she’s not all that great, what it idol trying to do add in excitement???

  52. ohmygoodness. yes, if vote for the worst kicks in this early and tatiana stays in I may go thru with my threat to boycott this season entirely! My threat was made, by the way, when Jackie was sent home in favor of Nathaniel. And seriously? Jamar should’ve totally gone through.

  53. OMGood Golly! I am totally watchin my DVR’d Idol from last night actually getting excited to see Tatiana get told to go home and now I read this …

    WHAT the… ?????? She MADE IT THROUGH!

    Makes me wanna go ahead and turn it off … except, ya know, there aint nothin else on at 6:32 in the PM. Which would require the viewing of Horton Hears a Who for the umpteenth time this week. So, clearly, I must continue watching.


  54. The absolute best moment was when Tatiana came out of the room SCREAMING and Headband Boy made the funniest face that expressed every emotion of shock and annoyance and disgust that I was feeling, too. I had to replay that one a couple times.

    Why didn’t Jamar make it? WHY? I just adored him.

  55. I thought they worked really hard trying to be suspenseful. Mission failed….

  56. Hi BooMama! You are a riot! Tatiana’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me…ack! And what the heck??? They didn’t put Jamar through but let this wailing banshee move forward??!! What is happening to AI????

    (Love your bloggy…it’s a keeper! Oh..and now you’re kinda stuck with me..)

  57. I told my husband that Tatiana is like someone who is trying to be annoying. I was not thrilled to see her stay either.

  58. So I haven’t watched Idol yet and just hearing that Tatiana made the cut makes me want to go delete it now! Not worth my time. Surely they kept her on just for pure entertainment…
    On another note, you always make me laugh. And I love nothing more than a good laugh!

  59. I know. That Danny’s friend was cut and Tatianna made it — I almost cried.
    But I was too mad.

    My husband and I looked at each other as T was screaming and babbling out the door and said, “THAT was strictly for dramatic effect on the show, her making it. They don’t really think she’s that talented.”
    A shame someone like Danny’s friend didn’t get their shot because of her…

  60. did you see where Joanna Pacitti was disqualified Thur after she made the final cut on Wed night’s episode? Apparently she is friends with the shows’ producers or something, and is ‘ineligible’ to continue on. I was so hoping they’d replace her with Danny’s friend, but instead, they replaced her with someone else (another girl) I didn’t recognize.

  61. That girl IS SO ANNOYING. Ugghhhh! I am not going to watch until she gets sent home…and I think she will probably have a nervous breakdown when she does.

  62. Tatianna, Norman Gentle, and Headband Boy… all on the show for one reason: RATINGS
    I mean LOOK at all these comments! How many other Blogs, comments and forums are out there right now because of them?!
    The producers are loving it and have once again succeeded at making this the #1 show to watch. (it’s so rigged.)

  63. And that laugh! My husband and I thought we would just die. Sad thing is…she can sing! If that were the only time she opened her mouth though…