There Is Nothing I Could Possibly Add, Except For Perhaps A Lesson On Nominative Pronoun Usage

It was an amazing season.

And there were amazing girls.

And there were amazing connections.

It was all so incredibly amazing.

So. Now that we have “The Women Tell All” out of the way, it’s time to make some amazing Bachelor-related predictions.

(And yes, I’ve read all the rumors.)

(I just don’t know that I believe any of them, though I can’t figure out why we need a second “After The Final Rose” next Tuesday night, so I figure something VERY DRAMATIC AND AMAZING is going to happen.)

What do you think, internets?

Melissa or Molly?

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  1. I think Melissa. And I bet he doesn’t propose on next week’s show because he hasn’t met her parents, and then he actually pops the question during the VERY DRAMATIC AND AMAZING “After the Final Rose” show. That’s my hunch. Even though I would like Molly, my hometown girl with the Stargazing Amazing Eyes to win.

  2. honestly, EITHER.

    so long as it’s not Deanna.

  3. I really hope Melissa, but because the Bachelor never takes my advice (and I promise at the end of ever dramatic final rose ceremony to not let my heart get broken again – but always fall back into the arms of my beloved dvr) Jason will pick Molly. Drat.

  4. I really like Melissa, but I am thinking that it is neither. What if he chooses Deanna, that would be AMAZINGLY upsetting!
    hee hee! He does love that word. But they have sparked my interest. Why do they need an after the rose, no audience show?? hmmm, can’t wait to find out!

  5. I’m putting my bet on Melissa but ABC always screws up my prediction so I’m not sure. I hope he chooses Melissa. If he chooses Deanna, I will be none to happy.

  6. Oh, I’m pulling for a DeAnna upset!

  7. Melissa. Or maybe he lets Ty pick by flipping a coin in the New Zealand sunshine.

    ABC’s claim that they’re having the after the final rose show with no audience to protect the participants’ feelings is ridiculous. Since when does The Bachelor care about the feelings of the women it encourages to fall in love with a man who will reject them?!? They kept the taping closed to avoid leaks.

    The thing I love about the women tell all episode is the way they try to pretend that this is a great way to find a spouse. Since, you know, one marriage out of all these seasons is an obvious endorsement of their method. :)

  8. I’m going to say Melissa…but my favorite season ever was when Texan Brad Womack recognized that this show is crazy and didn’t pick anyone. It sure is good entertainment though!!

  9. Melissa…I think the secret after the rose show is going to have Melissa’s parents on there and it is closed because they don’t like the “publicness” (is that even a word Melissa?) of all of this. He is finally going to meet the future mom and pops!!

    After every season, I say “that’s it,I’m done watching this show!” But am a sucker and watch again. It like labor, you forget the pain and do it again!!

  10. Maybe he picks Chris. Now wouldn’t THAT be a fancy ending? Seriously, @Amy, I think you’re on to something with that whole “publicness” theory.

  11. I hope Melissa, but I think ABC has been playing us all season so we can have “the most dramatic finale ever”.

    Hoping the rumors are false, but they do seem to be adding up, especially with all the clips of Molly tonight and very few of Melissa.

  12. Oh, I am pulling for Melissa but these crazy rumors have me second guessing and are driving me crazy.

  13. Melissa.
    And here’s my prediction.
    Jillian is the next Bachelorette.

  14. My Chris says, “I would say it was amazingly amazing.”

  15. I could go either way. I just love the Bachelor so stinkin’ much.

    Publicness???? She really said that, didn’t she….

  16. Well, I’m looking for Drama! I totally think it is Melissa…Melissa Mesnik

  17. I don’t like either of the M&Ms with “J.” I’m hoping DeAnna can win him back!

    AND then… Jillian should definitely be the next Bachelorette!

  18. Becky Kelly says:

    What if, all of a sudden, it is his ex? Nah!

  19. Yes, I agree about Jillian. I’ve been trying to pick the next bachelorette for weeks, and I think it’s her!

  20. I hope it’s Melissa… but I heard one rumor that said He chooses Mel then at the “After the Final Rose Ceremony” changes his mind and picks Molly! WHAT?! I can’t handle it! Just make up your mind already… but seriously, would any of you marry a guy who is also “In love” with someone else at the same time? I’d always wonder…what if he thinks he picked the wrong one? I’m just sayin!

  21. I definitely think that he picks one of them at first (maybe and hopefully Melissa) but then decides that really no one is good enough for he and his Ty and that’s it.

  22. I have no clue, but why on earth did DeAhhhhna wear a mother of the bride suit to her big “I’m back” moment?

  23. I am hoping for Melissa too! I saw a picture of Jason’s ex-wife and she looks similar to Melissa…so I am thinking she is his type. During the “girls tell all”…the clips were definatly showing more of Melissa…but you never know…they may be trying to trick us!! ugh…why do i watch these shows?!?!?!?

  24. I think it will be Mel. Of the last two, I like her WAAAAAY better! And here’s bets that if he proposes, she’ll be sure to say, ‘ABSOLUTELY!!!!!’

    Soooo bummed about our Canadian being sent packing last week!

  25. I’m not saying I actually watch this show…(I MIGHT watch it, I just couldn’t say publicly.)
    Of these two, I would pick Melissa. Which means that Jason will pick Molly, because he and I are not really as similar as everyone claims.

  26. I love that they want a “intimate” setting for the “after the final rose”…intmate…with 15 million people viewing??!!!

    I really wanted him to pick Jillian…Of the last two…I hope it is Melissa. However, they NEVER pick who I want them to. Oh well…here’s to Jillian as the next Bachelorette!

  27. Not at all sure – supposed to be a lock for Melissa which means ABC is editing for misdirection again. DH and I feel amazingly amazed none of these people mention – why all the kissing and excessive PDA (and I don’t mean personal data ass’t). You can’t test drive a new CAR as much as y’all do these women. I digress – I’m pulling for Melissa if she really thinks she’ll be happy in Seattle – it is hard to take the girl out of Texas. Loved it that Sarah revealed so casually that Charlie had an alcohol problem – WTG.

  28. I think melissa but then Jason just won’t be able to live with the mistake he made and he’ll beg Jillian to come back to him. She’ll turn him down and melissa will take what’s left over.

    Yup, that’s what I say :)

  29. Love your recap… so AMAZING (lol!). I have wanted him to choose Molly from the start, so I’m hoping that he does. I have also read all of the rumors and if they are true, it will make for one heck of an ending, that’s for sure!

  30. JILL! :)

  31. Oh by the way… if he chooses Molly, I will be so mad! Real mad! H

  32. I really hope it is Melissa. I also hope that Deanna doesn’t mess with his head. He seems to be such a great guy and she already made her choice. How does she get to come back and try a “do over”. There are no “do overs” on the Bachelor.

  33. I’m hoping for Mel!

  34. Well, if Chris Harrison is already taken, then I’m *SURE* he’ll pick Melissa. But probably she’ll say no when he proposes, and then for an amazzzzzing after the final rose ceremony show, she’ll say yes. That they worked every amazing thing out. That they had time to make amazing chemistry off air. And that they plan an amazing wedding.

    …She’d be an amazing wife and mother…. right!? HA

  35. Here is my prediction on Deanna…I don’t think she wants Jason, I think she is coming back to tell him to really, really think through his decision because she DIDN”T and ended up ALONE! Just a theory…but honestly does she actually think she can waltz in at the last minute and try to steal his heart? Now that takes an AMAZING amount of confidence!

  36. I think Melissa, but I am going to throw out my own crazy theory. Just because I can’t believe that Jason, Chris and ABC would actually make a show out of Jason breaking up with one and proposing to the other. How cruel! I say he doesn’t choose either girl and then on the After the Final Rose he proposes to one on of them.

  37. Well, I’ve read the rumors, and I’m having a hard time not believing them. Ugh! I so hope Mr. Reality Steve is wrong. If he dumps Melissa on ATFR1 for Molly I’m never going to watch the show again!

    In my perfect little world, I want him to choose Melissa, and I want them to live happily ever after. For some reason, I do not care for Molly.

  38. Melissa…Melissa…Melissa!!!

  39. I’m not sure I can take anymore amazing……I may just hibernate until it’s all over and read about it here…..the drama is killing me.


  40. Hoping for Melissa.

  41. Have you heard the rumor the he chooses Melissa, but then on the final rose thing, he dumps her and chooses Molly? My friend found a website where some guy tells all this. That they had it planned all a long since the show hasn’t been doing too good the past two seasons. I hope it isn’t so because I do like Jason,but this will make him a complete jerk if you ask me. I do love Melissa and hope he ends up with her

  42. I’m rooting for Melissa. Can’t wait till next week. And I missed last night :o(

  43. Melissa.

    And I cannot WAIT for that “extended after the final rose” business! : )

  44. Kristi in Texas says:

    I haven’t watched in several seasons. I was intrigued because Jason seems like a good man. I hope the rumors aren’t true, however, my gut tells me they are…I love Melissa. And even if it were the other way around…it wouldn’t care for it…If all this turns out to be true…I won’t be watcihng the second installment of AFter the Final Roses….won’t be watching this ever again. NOt that he decided he chose wrong…or it didn’t work out….but because this isn’t appropriat for tv to watch someone be gaslighted and hurt. NOt my cup of tea. We shall see.

  45. I hope it is Melissa but I think he chooses Deanna and the reason for the second final rose ceremony is Melissa and Molly hashing it out with Jason. Again, I hope not because Jason and Melissa are just too cute together. :)

  46. The brilliance of Reality TV is that I care. And when my favorite is not chosen, be it AI or Bachelor or Amazing Race, I vow that that show is dead to me! Of course until the next season.

  47. No prediction here since I don’t watch the program:( May have to watch the finale to see how your predictors have done!
    BUT, I have JOY, JOY, JOY over my winning, and autographed copy of Dave Barnes, You, The Night & Candlelight….thanks again so very much. LOVING it:)
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  48. What if the reason that it’s the most dramatic ‘After the Rose’ show EVER because he didnt pick either of them and did go back to Deanna!! Now that would truly merit all the superlatives.

  49. Melissa. I hope.

  50. Hetero Male says:

    What is the matter with Molly? She is by far the most attractive one, and seems sweet & smart and wants to do right by her parents. What more could you want? Melissa has baggage, i.e. having been dumped after every relationship. “Danger, Will Robinson, danger….”

  51. You know, I was thinking about that. When I caught the end of the “Ladies Tell All” special (avid 24 watcher so I watched between commericials) I thought “It HAS to be Deanna. Why else would it be so dramatic?”. But after reading Sue’s comment, it got me thinking differently. That could be true, Jason could not want to propose right away because of her family. I would be happy if he went with Melissa. Yeah, I think he and Deanna would go well together but she had her chance. And right now, he has two really awesome gals who are in love with him to choose from. So, I’m pulling for Melissa. And I WILL so be watching the “After the Final Rose” special! :D

  52. Ok while I have though all along that it would be Melissa I think the biggest give away was during the previews when Jason was talking to his mom
    He told her “I said I would not let Molly go but I have said I would NEVER let Melissa go!”
    So I think there is a bit BUT after it where he says now I love Molly more…
    Anyway, I think the shocker is he chooses Molly and balls his eyes out over the balcony b/c he is yet another one that breaks her heart…
    We shall see
    Love ya girl
    BTW are you feeling better??

  53. Nate's Mom says:

    I want Melissa. It’s too obvious that she looks like the chosen one. If Jason dumps both Molly and Melissa, and takes up with Deanna, then both M and M should be thankful they got dumped. If he takes up with that one who previously broke his heart, then he would have been just settling for M or M–no real “amazing” “connection.”

    Nate’s Mom

  54. I’m pulling for Melissa. When he says, “You are amazing. Will you marry me?” She says, “Absolutely!”

  55. I haven’t been watching The Bachelor but did watch the show last night…now I can’t wait til next Monday to see who he picks. But I’m wondering who is DeAnna? I didn’t see her listed on the NBC list of bachelorettes.Thanks!

  56. I haven’t seen/heard/read any rumors. I’m going with Melissa.

  57. Jenny from VA says:

    Melissa. If he picks Molly then I will be so sad.

    Also, I love Jillian and I hope she gets another chance as a bachelorette.

    Lastly, poor Natalie. The more she talks the more shallow she gets. That girl needs to get herself some depth.

  58. First of all, LOVE your recaps of Bachelor and Idol. I haven’t read the rumors, so I have no idea, but…
    What if when he sees DeAnna, he realizes his feelings for the other two are not as strong as what he felt for her?
    What if he picks Melissa, but after meeting her parents, he realizes they are super-private b/c they are just too weird, and then he just doesn’t see it working out with them. So by the AFR show, they are broken up?

  59. Deanna. And not that it matters, but I am from Georgia, and might have been on board to frame a certain Bachelorette’s WEDDING (that never happened) announcement, and I might have some insider info on the whole deal. And did you notice how unexcited he seemed last night when he said how happy he is now. Shifty eyes and all. NOT! Oh, it is going to be good!

  60. My guess is he proposes to Melissa at the finale as we’ve been led to believe all along, but something happens between the finale and the after the final rose ceremony. So he decides to break the engagement at the ATFRC, thus the “intimate” setting with no audience. And probably proposes to Molly instead! Or Deanna, but I will truly be shocked if that ends up happening! I do think whoever he picks in the finale will not be who he ultimately ends up with!

  61. No question….Melissa. But it sounds like there’s ‘big doings’ afoot! Oh, and my daughter and I split a gut laughing last night when we saw the replay of the infamous “I like bears” comment!!! :)

  62. Do you really think Deanna has a shot at this? If so, that would be the most dramatic stinkin thing ever!!! I’m pulling for Melissa.

    And, I’ve taken the word “amazing” out of my vocabulary.

  63. Ok, I may spoil it for you but here it goes! He picks Melissa first! Then they come on the 1st After the Rose and he breaks off the engagement telling everyone that he has secretly been seeing Molly since the show ended! This of course, brings the need for the 2nd After The Rose where he and Molly discuss their relationship and their engagement! Hope I didn’t ruin it for ya!

  64. I’m not sure, but I know for sure it won’t be Deanna. I think Deanna comes back just to tell Jason that he needs to take it seriously, because she chose wrong in the end. But I don’t think she will try to get into the mix more than that!

  65. Melissa. I am not a huge fan of her (gasp I know!) but I think from what I have seen so far….he digs her. A lot.

    If he picks Deanna….then that would make for GREAT tv. LOL!

  66. I think that he’ll pick Melissa, and I think the (dramatic pause) “After the Final Rose Ceremony” will be a chance for Jason to meet her parents.

  67. if he picks melissa, i think he’s a big fat fool. he should walk–no, FLEE–from a woman whose family he’s not met!!

    have they shown the episode where he runs out to the balcony crying? oh, i really hope i’ve not missed that reality TV drama goodness!

  68. Melissa’s my pick for sure!!

    I don’t know why I think he’s gonna pick the one that’s obviously right for him because they (the bachelors/bachelorettes) NEVER do!

  69. Definetly Melissa and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen afterwards. Does it have something to do with Melissa’s parents? Who knows??

  70. I say Melissa, but they NEVER pick who I think they will. I just hope Deanna doesn’t mess it up.

  71. I am thinking Melissa b/c Molly just seems not ready to be a step-mom.

    I could not believe that Sarah was talking about how Charlie had an alcohol problem! Goodness. They were one of my fav seasons though..she is from my hometown.

    Also, did you hear Chris say that there have been 19 seasons of the bachelor/bachelorette? Have I spent this much time watching this show???

  72. Seriously, where are all the Molly lovers? I’m all for Molly.

  73. Darnit, Jillian! But then, I have been pulling for her all season. Not that I think it will last with anyone he chooses. As someone above said, it’s just fun television (for those of us not silly enough to put our hearts on the line).

    I also think Jason picking Chris would rock. Talk about the MOST AMAZING SEASON EVER! haha

    Cheers, Kiy

  74. Well, maybe because something happened between when they shot the first after the rose show and now? he did mention that they haven’t shot the second one yet… and isn’t the whole show over and done before they even start letting us peons watch it? That’s just my thoughts!