This Is A Dream That I’ve Had Since Lunch And I’m Not Giving Up On It Now

All righty. I’m going to try again with the whole blogging-The-Office thing, even though last week I got super-frustrated because I felt like Michael’s likeability factor was at an all-time low. I’ve decided that “The Office” is way more enjoyable when Michael has a love interest, because being in love makes him seem more human. And less bitter. And less callous. And etc. and so forth and so on.

Plus, we don’t have the tension between Jim & Pam anymore, and with the absence of Dwight / Angela / Andy, it’s been hard to connect to the stories of characters who are, for the time being, sort of basking in their misery.

But I have my fingers crossed that tonight will be decidedly less unpleasant, and so, with a big ole dose of shiny-happy optimism, here we go.

1. “He finally has a story we really want to hear – and he knows it.”

2. “I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do…I’m gonna give it a ‘ho-o, hey-ey, ho-o.'”

3. “Any really good head hunter will storm your village at sunset and cut off your head with a ceremonial knife.”

4. “Is that what ‘soon’ means to you? Then come back soon.”


6. “It’s SINGULAR.”

7. “My German is pretty industrial and mostly religious.”

8. “We’re really tight. We’re like the Kardashians.”

9. “There was a sundae bar. I didn’t have any – you know, to stay trim.”

10. “She’s such a special person. She’s turning 50 this year!”

11. “I”m going with him.”

12. “Kevin, I want you on phones.”

So this was better – although Michael’s desperation when he crawled on his belly through the office made my heart hurt a little bit. Still, there was a sweetness to Pam’s realization that she was at a dead end and then deciding to do something about it, even if following Michael only leads her to a brand new dead end. And sweet mercy, the Angela / Charles / Kelly triangle is hilarious – but for the love of pete, we need more Andy. And we need it now.

What did y’all think?

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  1. I’ll be honest I didn’t watch but I want to after reading this! :)

  2. I look forward to your review each week. I laugh all over again!!!

    You mustn’t forget the Splenda and Scotch. Sweet like splenda, drunk like scotch.

  3. I love Angela and Kelly fighting over Charles. Kelly just cracks me up! I thought it was a lot better tonight. I always look forward to your reviews!

  4. I didn’t get to see the episode tonight, but I’m going to watch it tomorrow. I agree: Michael can become extremely unlikeable at times, especially when somebody threatens his mojo like the new VP.
    Hopefully, things will get better.
    It’s been a while since I’ve read here. Always enjoy stopping by. :)


  5. Loved the lines you picked…such a funny episode. Usually these episodes don’t end with cliffhangers, so I’m anxious to see what happens. I miss Holly though!

  6. I love the Office, but I never watch. I happened to catch it tonight and I’m so glad. :) I LOVED the part about!

  7. At least the show was 10% better than LAST week’s. Ugh.

    You should just ditch the office update and exchange it for a 30 Rock update.

    “I made a google alert for “tracy jordan: ridiculous disaster…”

  8. I hope The Office stops by here to see that they need you for their script support. You’re incredible! Blessings, R

  9. This show just makes me happy. One of my favorite lines was: “Sweet like Splenda, drunk like scotch.” Hilarious.

  10. Much better episode tonight! You used my favorite line from the episode for your title.

  11. I thought it was much, much better tonight! I loved the part about!! That was my favorite!

  12. I guess I understand the whole Pam leaving with him thing, but I felt it for Jim. I mean, standing there and watching your fiancee ditch her job–but knowing that she’s not really happy there, and honestly–he’s not really happy there, either! I just can’t wait to see how they’re going to resolve it. Right in time for sweeps or season finale, I”m sure, but they’ll let the craziness of a new company go for a while.

    My favorite part (at least that I could most closely identify with) was Pam’s whole, “I’ve been working on the copier for four hours now. I’m not going to let it beat me like the wireless router.” Ha!

    And 2 new episodes next week! Woo hooo!

  13. We need more Andy and more of him singing! And you are right…more love interests…like wedding plans for Pam and Jim!

  14. Amen sista, I totally agree!! I miss the “Old Office” :(

  15. I looooove Andy! Granted, I’m a sucker for preppy wardrobe…but, seriously, when he starts singing, I can’t quit laughing, and his temper/rage is the best!! Oh, Andy… :o)

  16. Michael army-crawling through the office was hilarious. And my other favorite line was “I had a great time at prom… and no one said yes to that either”.

    Another good one:
    Michael: Close your eyes
    Jim: No, I did that before and it added nothing.


  17. This was *definitely* an improvement over last week’s, though I agree: We’re in need more cowbell! WAIT — I mean ANDY!

    And while Charles came off painfully flat and “normal” last week, I greatly enjoyed his, “I am aware of my effect on women.” Haha — Charles has potential!

    “Did Michael let anyone into his office?”

    Looking forward to 2 hours next week!

  18. I liked the episode, but it wasn’t necessarily my favorite… michael can’t leave dunder mifflin, HE HAS TO GO BACK!

    Am I am not happy about pam’s decision to go with Michael AT ALL. I said to DH, “she’s getting married soon – she can’t make these kind of decisions without consulting jim!” Yeah, I’m sort of the submissive type. haha :)

  19. I liked this episode but not my favorite … I really really really want Holly to come back… we need some romance in the Office. I think Charles will be a good addition but only if Michael comes back!!!

  20. Maybe i missed it, but what in the world was Meredith eating? Go back and look, because it looks like a yogurt cup but that is SO not yogurt on her spoon…cause it was stringy. Yuck.

  21. When Jim yelled “It’s SINGULAR” in to Michael (with the roaring in the background) I just about spit out my drink! I don’t know why that struck me so funny but I could not stop laughing. Even my hubby said it wasn’t that funny.

    LOVE that show!

  22. I actually enjoyed last week’s episode. To me, that is the Michael we all came to know and love. That is true blue Michael and I love him. Last night’s episode was great. I can’t wait for the show in two weeks when we get to see Kevin answering the phones.

  23. Poor Andy. He has no story right now. I agree he needs to be a bigger player. Overall I think the last few weeks have not been great. And I fear they are running out of ideas, which is why Michael and Pam left. The previews for the next shows did look funny though.

  24. I think Dwight’s German is actually pre-industrial.

  25. Love your Office review. This week’s episode was much better than the last week’s. Is anyone else bothered that Charles doesn’t like Jim? I love it when Jim is being the #2 and trying to smooth over Michael’s craziness. How can he not like Jim?

  26. I loved it! I especially loved the line that is now the title of your post. It was very funny!

  27. I can’t decide whether I love to hate Charles, or whether I just want him gone. It feels like there’s gonna be a revolt or something. Of course corporate will have to swallow their pride & ask Michael back, possibly putting Pam into another role in the office?

  28. Need. More. Andy.

  29. Boomama, your recaps are so hysterical!

    By the way – Pam? Going with Michael? Is there some secret crush going on there? (Just typing that made me cringe.)


  30. I’m with you on needing more Andy! I like angry Andy…he was hilarious!!

  31. Please, oh please, don’t give up your Office recaps for 30 Rock recaps. I look forward to it every week!!!

  32. We had severe winds here last night, and my DVR recorded 30 minutes of a message that said, “We know that this station is having trouble broadcasting. We are working to make it right.” Bummed to miss it!

  33. Too much Jerry Maguire copying for me. I miss the old Office where things seemed more plausible.

  34. Thank you for doing The Office recap!

    I expected Michael to look at Pam and say, “You complete me.” when she said she was leaving with him. Maybe Jim didn’t make a big deal about it because he expects the whole thing to be a bust. Who thinks Michael will actually call Prince Family Paper? :-)

    My favorite moment was when Andy answered Michael with his cockney accent! I love it when he breaks into song.

    We watch The Office for therapy.

  35. Let me put down my crossword puzzle book and be your productivity zaar

  36. LOVED the line – I cracked UP laughing at that one! I am really unsure where they are going with this whole thing – the Office without Michael is NOT the Office. :(

  37. LOVE the Office and the subtle humor.
    Connie, we have had satellite problems before and missed a couple episodes – has the full episodes to watch for free. Just thought I’d let you all know.