Welcome To The Michael Scott Paper Company

Now I know I said a couple of weeks ago that I think romance makes Michael a little more human, and that’s true. But one reason I’m excited about tonight’s two episodes of The Office is because I think some good old-fashioned desperation also makes Michael a little more human. And I have a hunch that he’s going to be at the height of desperation what with starting his own paper company and all.

Plus, we have some mighty promising personnel changes at Dunder-Mifflin (Kevin on the phone? DELIGHTFUL POSSIBILITIES), not to mention Kelly’s and Angela’s crushes on the new boss, Charles.

So here we go.


2. “I think Kevin is doing as well as you might expect someone like him to perform in a position like that.”

3. “Charles, where were you born?”

4. “I have egg on my Crocs.”

5. “I’ve always subscribed to the idea that if you really want to impress your boss, you go in there and do mediocre work. Half-heartedly.”

6. “Pam, everybody deserves a second second chance.”

7. “I can’t wait to play, man!”

“Aw, it’s gonna be the…worst.”

8. “Do you guys want to hear about about Thailand?”


“It was indescribable.”

9. “Pretty Pam is always reaching for the stars, and someday, she may just surprise us all and grab one.”


10. “My mission is stated as follows: I will not be beat. I will never give up. I am on a mission. That’s the Michael Scott guarantee.”


12. “Do you get TNT?”

13. “I was just feeling impulsive! I should’ve just gotten a tiny tattoo on my ankle.”

14. “Like my mother always said, average people are the most special people in the world, and that’s why there’s so many of them.”


16. “Oh, and Kelly?”


17. “Clearly a hunter – who knows how to throw an outfit together.”

18. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky – MICHAEL SCOTT”

19. “R thinks he’s too good to be here, and P isn’t nearly as fun without Jim. I’ll have to call you back, Mom. P is being a giant B.”

20. “Just faxing my dad – a RUN-DOWN.”

21. Andy and Dwight’s dueling versions of “Country Roads, Take Me Home”

22. “Who would’ve thought that the thing that would save this company would be work?”

Oh, y’all. I thought tonight’s hour-o-“The Office” was leaps and bounds above anything we’ve seen so far this year. So funny.

What did you think?

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  1. Agreed. I haven’t been able to view too many episodes this season, and the ones I saw were pretty lame. Tonight was definitely knee-slap worthy. ;)

  2. I might could tell you if my local news station hadn’t been breaking in to tell us about tornadoes. I mean, really? Who needs to know such things when there’s awesome Office episodes on? Haha. Seriously, I only saw about 33% of the show tonight. Downer, dude. I’ll have to check it out online later.

  3. That cracked me up! Thats for that!

  4. Leann, you must live in Arkansas. I ran into the same problem with tornado coverage breaking in (my poor little hometown, Mena, was hit so hard!)

    What I did get to see of the episodes was GREAT…so much better than anything else this year. Loved the dueling “Country Roads”.

  5. I have made a GRAVE ERROR and did not notice that there were two episodes of The Office tonight. Lerz! No wonder I kept wondering why I never saw Kevin on the phones, and I had been looking forward to that all day! SAD, I KNOW! Okay, guess I’ll have to head to hulu soon and catch the first half.

    Oh, and now I’m trying to think of my favorite quote… something like, “who would have thought that __ __ __ __ was WORK?”

    I don’t have that there TiVO ya see. Gotta rely on my memory.

  6. Last night was awesome! I can’t wait to see what happens with The Michael Scott Paper Company…

  7. I really didn’t know how this would work with the new company, but putting it in the same building? Brilliant. Adding the whole “pipes from the bathroom” element, no privacy, one computer, and Pam trying to get ahead by not making copies or answering phones and it’s just so entertaining. I can’t wait to see where they take this storyline.

  8. Andy on the banjo…priceless!

  9. It was hilarious! What about when he was trying to sell Nana as being an investor and she wasn’t sure about it and he said, “Well, it doesn’t have to be paper! It can be anything you want! Medications?”

  10. More Singing. That’s all I can say. More Dwight and Andy singing to win over Erin. That would make my day.

  11. Loved them both! Welcome back classic Office!

  12. I MISSED THE BEST PARTS! We had severe weather around our area and the weather guys kept breaking in to give updates. The first episode, they took the entire first 10 minutes, then sections after that. And part of Parks & Recreation too!

    All I can say is that it’s a good thing for the local station that I can watch on the internet now, or else I’d be down at the TV station demanding they let me sit and watch it there.

  13. I thought the adapted opening was hilarious…especially the copier with “TRASH” written on the side with a Sharpie.
    The whole dynamic of the Michael Scott Paper Co. is weird, but that’s what is so entertaining about that show…the awkwardness and weirdness. I’m glad to see Andy getting more face time…and with singing. I love it when he sings! The banjo was a plus. It’s so funny, and he’s talented to boot!

  14. Yes! They are BACK!! Andy & Dwight Country Roads was AWESOME!! Phyllis with a soccer ball to the face was also a hoot – I love me some physical humor! Tried out 30 Rock for the first time and that was pretty good. “Trix up my sleeve” HA!!!

  15. I agree, Andy & Dwight are back! I love it…

  16. Oh, and the Michael Scott office being right under the bathroom, MY WORD, is my sense of humor incredibly base. Giggle giggle giggle…

  17. Cryin’ ’cause I missed it.

  18. you are right, way funny night of the office!

  19. I taped it – so busy with the kids and haven’t watched it yet. Can’t wait…

  20. Okay, I watched it and I’m much better now.


  21. jennifer says:

    you can not leave out Toby in the bathroom above the Micheal Scott Paper Co, on the phone, asking his friend if blue goes with tan, because he doesn’t really wear a lot of color and he just wants to make sure…in his whiney Toby voice…SO funny!!!

    on the other hand, the whole situation kind of leaves me with a pit in my stomach…where are the writers going with this?!

  22. LOVED that Pam made the first sale at Michael Scott Paper. And the paper-shaped pancakes that wouldn’t cook in the middle so Creed gave Michael back all the ones he had hidden under his coat. Yep. One of the best Office nights YET.

  23. Oh, SO funny!!

    One of my top 5: Ryan, on the phone, “Yeah, she’s probably a 6 in New York, a 7 here and the other one is my old boss.”

    And, Pam trying to avoid the copy machine, Andy not wanting to rain on Dwight’s “funk”, Michael saying that Ryan is the face of the company….

    I listened very intently, attempting to pick out stuff that might show up here! Well, what I could hear over the laughter of my family! :-)

  24. Thank God for Hulu! Good Friday INDEED!

    (Awful. I just push it TOO far.)

    (*shaking head*)

    Okay, so Kevin answering the phones was just as glorious as I expected. And I did the receptionist thing for MUCH LONGER THAN I EVER THOUGHT I WOULD HAVE DONE WITH A FOUR-YEAR DEGREE, so that made it all the funnier.

    Phyllis’ crown; classic.

    We followed up the office episode with a little Amy Poehler / Parks and Rec. Oh, it was good fun, yes it was.

  25. I was shocked/relieved to finally get to laugh at The Office again!

    I was beginning to think I was going to have to do the same thing with this Office that I’ve done with every other office with which I have had the (dis)pleasure of being associated…


  26. I hate Charles Minor. I just want to punch him in the face for being mean to Jim. It’s killing me, he has to leave soon!

  27. Ummmm…..

    I’m just wondering where you have been all my life….

    You do a line by line rundown of The Office and American Idol. For reals, I think I’m in love!

    BTW–“I actually think I thrive under lack of accountability.”

  28. Ummm…SO glad I just read this because I was quite confused that I didn’t remember half of your quotes since I JUST watched the last episode on my DVR. That is, until I got to the part where you said the “hour-o-The Office”. Yeah, I didn’t realize I had two episodes to watch. I was thinking, How on earth did I miss ‘I have egg on my crocs’? Thanks for your ‘blogging about my favorite show’ ministry. I have been blessed!

  29. I loved this week! :-) oh and did you watch Parks and Rec? What did you think?

    Ps – my favorite was the phone conversation when Michael was using codes – haha cracks me up!

  30. Oh…I finally got a minute to come and read this post…I’ve been looking forward to it since Thursday!!!!! This was the BEST Office material in a long time! I couldn’t quit laughing about the quote on the white board…~Wayne Gretsky. MICHAEL SCOTT! HA! And all the piles of French toast! It was a great hour of TV!!!!

  31. I agree!

    Andy was SPOT ON! :)