ASCAP Christian Music Awards – Part One

Okay – this ASCAP Christian Music shindig just got up and running, but I have some very, very important information to share with all you girls who are children of the 80s and early 90s:


And she looks fabulous.

I am trying so hard to get a picture on the sly – you can’t even imagine. But I’m trying to keep a respectful distance because, like I just told Sister, if I get too close to her I am likely to start serenading her with every single song from “The Collection.” As it stands I can’t get “In A Little While” out of my head, so I’m afeared that if I get too close to her I’m going to break out my monotone version of “Stay For Awhile.” It is sure to send her running for the closest exit.

Also, Sister just handed me a menu card so I could tell you about salad course: roasted tomato tart (I thought it was a biscuit, but I’m from Mississippi so that figures) with caramelized burgundy onions, goat cheese parfait (I thought it was mozzarella because my palate is very sophisticated) and baby greens in basil oil.


I could eat nine of them.

In case you were wondering.

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  1. Have a GREAT time!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. I also thought it was a Grands biscuit. You are not alone with your sophisticated palate…

    I think you should do a BigBoo PodCast from your table. It would be delightful.

  3. I really thought I was going to be Amy Grant when I grew up. I have no idea what happened.

  4. Oh- I totally have a girl crush on Amy Grant- go talk to her- she’s lovely and very friendly. Really- she won’t mind and you’ll always regret not getting the pictures. You only live once AND YOU ARE BOO MAMA for heaven’s sake- everyone knows you!

  5. i CAN NOT WAIT to hear more about this! Totally have the Amy Grant crush too. :)

    have fun!

  6. I just tweeted back to tell you this, but I have a big ‘ole Amy Grant addiction, too, and my parents just happen to have a Condo at the beach right next door to her. We have “vacationed” with her every summer since I was a little girl, and she is the real deal. Talk to her! I promise she will be cool as ever. Wanna be super jealous? She actually sits on the porch swing at night playing her guitar and singing… my own personal concert! She is wonderful, you are wonderful… have to say hello!

  7. When I was in college, I first heard Amy Grant… “Mountaintop”, “Old Man Rubble”, “Grape, Grape Joy” were heard in the halls on Sunday mornings. The album came out in ’77, and this was ’78, so she was still in high school. I have loved her ever since. I’ve seen her at Belmont/Lipscomb basketball games, and she sang at The Lighthouse Retreat one year. Totally real person.. she will LOVE you. Go… go now. please?

  8. I could SO break out the Amy Grant song book! She is like Christie Brinkley – doesn’t seem to age.
    Um, this year, if you get close to David Crowder – PLEASE take your picture with him. I might even print it out and frame it. :-) (Does that make me sound crazy?)

  9. If Amy doesn’t take a picture with Boo Mama then who needs her…icon status or not:) BTW…the salad is awesome looking.

  10. I’m pretty sure I would bust out “Thy word is lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path…” It reminds me of my mom’s records that she would play while she did her Bible study and cleaned the house. Yes, I am quite a bit younger than you, but my love of Amy Grant 80s gospel classics runs strong and true.

  11. I used to be able to sing the whole Amy Grant Christmas album (the blue one with TN Christmas on it), start to finish, w/o the CD playing. Course, back in the day, it was a tape.

    A Grands biscuit, my word, you people crack me up.

  12. Ooo! I love Amy!! When I was 17, I was avoiding a wreck and ended up spinning myself. When I stopped, I heard this on the radio…”Angels watching over me.” No kidding!

    The food looks really good!!

  13. Meredith says:

    Ah, Amy Grant! I would totally go up to her and sing “My Father’s Eyes.” My daddy and I used to listen to it in his Fiat Spider with the top down. Ah, youth!


  14. Oh Amy Grant and food, that both look GREAT!
    If you talk to her, you’ll have to ask if she remembers the ‘crazies’ in Texas, all dressed with t-shirts with different songs of hers put on them…..last year!
    It was a treat I’ll never forget!
    What a fun trip for you to be on. Enjoy your time there with Sister and all of the great musicians.
    Blessings always,
    Matthew 21:22

  15. Sounds like you are having a blast. The food looks great and Amy Grant to boot! Whoo-hoo! I saw Amy Grant at Creation one year. 80,000 people and the electricity went out. It finally came on, but no lights. We all listened to Amy sing with no electricity and it was really cool…it was cooler when the electricity came back on though! :-)

  16. oh my word.


    the collection.

    you’re killing me here.

    those will be my lullabies this evening, thankyouverymuch.

  17. I met Amy once and she’s delightful. You should totally talk to her. Seriously!

  18. Okay, my neighbors just saw Vince Gill in Oxford over the weekend for a little concert and now you are up close and personal with Amy. I am obviously not livin’ right.

  19. Boo: You have to ask Amy what her beauty secrets are. Where did she get Dick Clark’s water? I’ve seen her in person, 20 years apart, and she looked the same both times.

    Biscuits, maters and cheese. Sounds like Arkansas pizza to me…

  20. Looks really yummy! I bet you could live on them! (But my incredibly NOT sophisticated palate is wondering how something with more bread and cheese can be classified a “salad”? It’s like when my MIL mixes together whipped cream, crushes Snickers candy bars and chopped apples and calls it “salad”)

  21. Ah Amy Grant – and a tomatoey cheesey biscuit – girl you are living large! Any chance Vince Gill is nearby too? I mean if it is going to be a lollapalooza event let’s top it off! She seems to be the real deal – and so are you so hope you talked to her at some point.

  22. Amy Grant is my personal hero – we have had similar life experiences … ok, so I lack the whole famous, amazing singer bit…but if there was anyone in the world I could sit on the porch and share a cup of coffee with it would be her.

  23. I love that you’re blogging about Amy and taking pictures of your alleged “salad”! Girl, you are stinkin’ hilarious! Get up in there and mix it up! They are just people! And you are BOO MAMA – you are repping all us little people!

  24. Definitely go introduce yourself to Amy–she seems like the kind of person who wouldn’t mind. Just repeat after me: “Hi, my name is Boo Mama, I mean, Sophie, and I have loved you forever and I also love Vince and I’d really like to know what kind of shampoo you use to get your hair to look like that because, you see, I write this little blog and my readers really want to know.”

    Something like that.

  25. I heart Nashville!! I lived in south eastern KY when I went to graduate school and would go to Nashville often.


  26. Amy Grant…ROCKS! Have a great time. And it looked like a biscuit with mozzarella to me too.

  27. And what is that singular pupilish type thing at the top of your tomato tart? It’s looking back at me.

    While you are at it, I’m stumped at something that I’ve read at both Big Mama and Lots of Scotts. I have no idea what a Crawfish Broil is, but they seem like y’all are cooking and eating bugs down there. Oh, would you be so kind to add to the “101” series and have Crawfish Broil 101 for Northerners? You did so well with Congealed Salad 101 that I’m hoping to make it a long running series for those of us southern food ignorant.

    Thanks B-Mama!

  28. BooMama – don’t be shy! Go say hi to Amy. Tell her your tens of people everyday readers love her. We love you too!!

  29. Amy Grant!? I gasped out LOUD! The Collection was the very first tape I had :) STILL love it to this very day.

  30. Haha!!! Too funny and that food likes delish!!! :)

  31. (Faints dead away.) (When I come to, I hope there’s an update with pictures and video and a full transcript of your conversation with Amy Grant.) Ohmygranny woman, you must do (have done it) for your peeps!

  32. Amy Grant? No way. Make sure you hum “Father’s Eyes.” And “El-Shaddai.” AND, I can still totally annoy my husband by singing “Giggle!” Even though I was in grade school/jr hi when these came out.

  33. PLEASE get us a picture of Amy Grant. PLEASE. Your loyal public awaits.

  34. Alan Carver says:

    That is great that Amy made it to the ASCAP Christian Music Awards. It is amazing to me that Amy has been with ASCAP from the very beginning. I think I appreciate the fact that she is loyal to those she helps entrust to her career, i.e. BHCC, Myrrh/Word, A&M Records, ASCAP, well you get the idea. And if you want to get a photo with Amy, feel free to go up and ask her, she is very accommodating and is pleased to talk to her fans, i.e. loyal listeners . . .

  35. Maybe I have an over active imagination but to me, your tart kinda looks like an eye… albeit a very healthy one that eats it’s greens.