So Here’s What I’m Thinking

1. This past weekend I read a whole book in two days.

2. This past weekend I cleaned my house and lit candles and fluffed pillows.

3. This past weekend I hung out with my people a whole bunch.

4. This past weekend I barely turned on my computer.

5. And I realized that I need a whole lot more of 1, 2 and 3.

6. And I realized that #4 was a nice change-o-pace.

7. So I’m going to be pretty scarce around ye olde blawge this week.

8. But I’ll still draw for a winner in the Amy Grant giveaway on Wednesday and make sure that gets posted.

9. And obviously I will miss you terribly.

10. See y’all next week!

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  1. We will miss you!

  2. Good for you! I’m beginning to wonder how the superbloggers, like yourself, make it in everyday life. :) Happy to hear we all need a break sometime.

    PS: I read Francine Rivers’ “Redeeming Love” in 8 hours. I was obsessed, to say the least.

  3. I hope it’s the Savannah series. I’m so annoying.

  4. Amy in TN says:

    I understand….but an Idol recap? Is that too much to ask for?

  5. What book? We’ve got to know- and happy blog vacation!

  6. Totally get this. :) Enjoy yourself…pretty soon it’s going to be too dang hot to do anything but stay inside and blog. :)


  7. Good for you! Just to let you know that you have TOTALLY turned me on to Gabe Dixon Band and DH and I are going to see them this coming Saturday. Yipee!!

  8. Oh, please tell what book was so interesting that you read it so quickly… I’m up for a good read!

    Also, would you please, please keep us updated on the progress w/ the shred? You and Mel convinced me to start, but after day 4, I’m needing some motivation that pain does really correlate to gain, or loss, or whatever Jillian says!

    Have a great break – I’ll miss ya!

  9. Enjoy your time away! I did that a few weeks ago and it has been hard getting back to blogging. I missed everyone but God has helped me find a better balance. :)

    Well, your house is all cleaned, that means this week should be full of fun!!

  10. Wow.

    Your willpower is greater than mine will ever be.

    May the force be with you.

    And may the computer not beckon you at every waking moment.

    And quit convicting me to do it too!!

    Stop it I say!!

  11. Sometimes it does a girl good to unplug…..enjoy!!!

  12. Oh #2 is my favorite. I love it when I actually get to enjoy my house when it gets clean!

  13. We need a national week of unplugging.
    Enjoy Sophie…we’ll be right here when you get back.

  14. tis a far far better thing you do – unplug a while – we’ll all be back – but you only go around once in life (song lyrics – I think so!) and best to do it with lit candles and fresh smelling house- and peeps – definitely with your peeps

  15. Enjoy your break and come back with lot’s of fun stories ok?!!! =)

  16. We will miss you but I have to selfishly ask…..Thursday is the season finale of The Office. PLEASE think on us as the gang is bound to do something blog worthy! :) Enjoy your week!

  17. What? You’re giving away Amy Grant? Does SHE know about this?

  18. What book did you read?????
    No Idol Recap????Please…….

  19. I realized how much your faithful readers think alike when I read the comments: my questions exactly! We would really appreciate the name of the book and an Idol recap. But we’ll take it after the Blawge Break, sweet Sophie…Rest and relax.

  20. I’m with you on 1,3,4 — but that whole clean the house thing…. can’t I have some little room fairies come and do that part? (Room fairies are hotel maids — daughter’s name for them)

  21. Enjoy your time with your peeps! See you when you get back.

  22. I am joining the chorus: what book did you read? Enjoy your break. I rarely use the computer on the weekend, but I don’t think I get as much done as you did.

  23. Good for you, girl. Hope you enjoy your much needed break :O) Bloggy breaks are good for the soul!!

  24. I’m really enjoying having my computer turned off more too!

  25. I gotta scale back, too… Or the dust bunnies are going to take over the world. That’s just not fair to the world…

  26. De-lurking to say: Yay for you! Happy vacation! (Don’t forget to sing the vacation song!)

  27. Enjoy your week! I had the same sort of weekend and it was divine!

  28. Carolyn says:

    Don’t blame you for taking a break, but dang, I miss your AI critique.

  29. So, I totally get the whole, “Wow! I can actually have a life when I don’t feel like I have to be constantly blogging, writing imaginary blogs in my head, thinking about blogging, or blog-dreaming.”

    But realistically? I NEED your AI recap!

  30. I came to check for an Idol re-cap to see that you are taking a break. So happy you are taking a break, but SOOOO sad no Idol re-cap tonight. I still hope you will do one when you return! Have a nice break!

  31. JustBetty says:

    Happy well-deserved break.

    We’ll leave the light on for ya!

  32. Makes me love you more – take time to retreat away! Necessary – good for you! Greatly feeling the need myself. Besides, it’s “gardening time in Georgia,” and that is a joy to my soul.
    Love ya,
    GA Jan

  33. I obviously need to get a real life when I’m bummed that you’re taking a cyber break for a real life and my first thoughts are, “Now? When we’re down to THREE on AI???” LOL. Enjoy yourself in your real life! Spring doesn’t last that long in the South.

  34. You’ll be missed, but I hope you enjoy your bloggy break!

  35. Miss you, sweet lady! Hope you’re enjoying a terrific ‘blog’ break!
    Matthew 21:22

  36. Happened to wander over here – really like your blog! The layout is especially cute. :)

  37. Bloggy breaks are wonderful for restoring your sanity! lol! I’ve been backing off the blog before it became a blah-g! Enjoy your time away!

  38. I’ve had a hard time getting back into it after Lent.

    One thing God showed me over my break is that family is way too important, and that this season is one that’s over in a blink, so I’d better pay attention to how I spend my time.

    Praying for you as you find your balance, Sophie. It’s hard, I know…

  39. Hi! How are you?

    I really, really need prayer.. do you think you could visit my blog and bring any other Sisters in Christ over too?

    God bless you!

  40. I miss you! Praying for you this day!


  41. We will miss you greatly! We all need that kind of time away from the computer, and very often. Time spent with family is always of better value.

    Love and Prayers,