Emeril Better Watch Out

One day last week I was checking email while the little man was having a snack at the kitchen table, and out of nowhere he yelled, “MAMA! YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT I INVENTED!”

Needless to say, I coudn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about.

As it turned out, the child had come up with what he felt was quite the culinary treasure, and I asked him if he’d reproduce the steps so that I could share them with you. He was insistent that we use a paper plate for the demonstration, and I told him I thought that would be perfect.

You may want to take some notes.

The Goldfish Cracker Cracker

Step one:

Step two:

A Cheez-It would also work if you feel your palate can handle it. I suppose you could also branch out and use something along the lines of a Better Cheddar, but that seems like a risky move in my humble opinion.

Step three:

And finally:

The flavors are very subtle and layered.

There’s no question that Ree is going to be SICK that she didn’t get to include this recipe in her cookbook, but maybe The Goldfish Cracker Cracker can make it into the next one.

Along with The Cheese Curl Cheese Puff.

And The Turkey Bacon Bacon.

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  1. Hilarious! He is so dadgum cute! Now, about that hint of a purse I see….I think we need some details as it looks to be something I need.

  2. Hysterical! Perhaps you better look into getting him a chef’s hat and an apron!

  3. Now that is culinary genius. Which is my opinion of about any food where the label “No parental supervision required” would apply.

  4. That’s so cute. I’m glad he is thinking like that.

  5. He’s adorable and he can cook. You’re going to be beating the women off with a stick!

  6. Love it! What a hoot! What ever will be next?!

  7. Ree has nothin’ on your boy. how cute! i especially loved it being displayed on the paper plate. perfect!

  8. and Howard could submit his recipes to a “green” site ’cause he isn’t using electricity or gas to cook his creations! Cutie patootie that’s your young man!

  9. LOL

  10. that is funny!! i love it!! ;)

  11. This is seriously making me laugh out loud. So funny. I’m so glad you are able to share these great inventions with the rest of us.

  12. How cute! Can’t wait til my son can make his own snacks – more power to ’em!

    And now, I’m dying to read an update on the 30 Day Shred!! Because honestly, I have fallen off the wagon more than once and am finding it hard to get back on…how about you?

  13. Love that – you could call it the Boomama Bam! (Or boobaby in his case)… just love me a good alliteration! ;O)

  14. awesome! Have you ever eaten saltines with just butter on them? Soooo good.

  15. Genius Child.

  16. When mine was this age, she liked to make drinks for me with goldfish. Imagine your can of Diet Coke with little goldfish floating in it. Like a good Mama, I drank it. MMMMMMM…

  17. So cute – and very creative :).

  18. Do you know what my favorite part about that recipe is? He turned both crackers salt side OUT for ultimate taste bud pleasure. YUM!!

  19. He and my daughter would get on well. The other day she came up with the WILDEST invention–you add (ready?) plain cocoa, sugar and milk!! It’s amazing and much better than chocolate milk. Also, if you sprinkle plain cocoa on chocolate pudding, it’s like so! much! better!

    But you can be happy. Soon he’ll be making his own cookies. My son makes choc chip cookies that not only rock, but are perfectly shaped. I don’t ask why; I just enjoy.

  20. I love it! What a sweet, imaginative little boy!

  21. Heather says:

    Genius. Pure Genius.
    BTW I think the Better Cheddar would be a little too risky.

  22. a whole other meaning to cheese and crackers.

  23. The fish sandwich at its finest. . .and much healthier than anything they bill as a “fish sandwich” at fast food chains!

    It’ll be a smash hit in no time.

  24. While I love the recipe idea, and you should include that it is low in points values for those of us doing Weight Watchers, I agree with the 1st comment..SHOW US MORE PURSE !!!

  25. you’re darn right emeril better watch himself :)

  26. LOL! This is too funny =)

  27. Shauna says:

    Too funny!

  28. Well! I think he should get the summer off from school for that genius invention. Let the celebration begin!

  29. Priceless, absolutely priceless! Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings always,
    Matthew 21:22

  30. My little ones do this kind of thing all the time!! It is still just as funny every time!!

  31. This is just great! He COULD teach Emeril a thing or 2. BAM!

    I wanted to let you know that I just discovered your podcast and I love it! I look forward to the next one. I think you should do one on what transpired on American Idol this season. I love Kris Allen! :)

  32. Heather U says:

    It appears you have a budding chef on your hands :). He just may do for the world of cooking what Tiger Woods did for Golf!

  33. Love it! I think you have a future Top Chef contender there. :)

  34. Score! My snacktime ideas were getting a little stale!