Linky Interwebby Catch-Up Extravaganza 5.22.09

I’m so behind on my daily links that all I know to do is completely bombard you and then laugh maniacally and run away.

You’re welcome.

– I loved this post of Jon’s so much.

– You know how something can strike you as completely hysterical even though that something is a little bit weird and you’re not even entirely sure why it’s so funny?

That’s exactly how I feel about this.

– That Shaun – always skirting around the tough questions. *ahem*

– Want another chance to win Travis Cottrell’s new “Jesus Saves LIVE” CD? Here you go.

– There’s a great engraved tile giveaway going on at Kaye’s.

– It’s not even football season yet, and I’m already thinking about basketball season. Oh, it DOES LOOK PROMISING (and thanks, Daph, for the link).

– And speaking of basketball season, I completely neglected to mention the winner of our group’s NCAA Tourney Challenge. You know, back in MARCH. Anyway, the winner was Kat, and if memory serves she was NINETY SIX PERCENT accurate with her picks. She’s a superstar.

– Kelly is doing a bloggy home tour every Friday – if you love to decorate, you will be in hog heaven.

I just couldn’t resist the Razorback pun. I COULDN’T.

– Finally: YAY, KRIS!

(I actually screamed when he won.)


Edited to add: I forgot to include something. A couple of weeks ago I did an interview with Candice from Start Your Family. And I told Candice I’d mention it here. So now I did. :-)

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  1. Hey! “Yay Kris!” is exactly what I screamed!

    I’m the first commenter! Wow, that means we are both up way too late!

    I just posted a little giveaway for a great Kid’s Cd over at my blog. If you haven’t discovered Seed’s Family Worship, they are super cool! (does anyone say super cool anymore?)

  2. When Kris won, I tried to imagine the excitement in the Boo-Family living room! If my daughter hadn’t been asleep in the very next room, I would have screamed out loud. So I compromised by writing “KRIS ALLEN, BABY!!!” on my facebook page right that very instant…

    And I’m so sorry, but being the huge UK fan I am, I am equally excited for b-ball season. But since the terrible season we had last year (excuse me while I bury my face in my hands), anything would be an improvement. Coach Cal is a blessing to the bluegrass!

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning the giveaway. Appreciate you more than you know. Now I’ll hop around to visit the other links you mentioned…thanks for sharing.
    Hope you and your family have a most blessed holiday weekend.
    Blessings always,
    Matthew 21:22

  4. Boo Mama I love you. But my family bleeds blue. UK blue to be specific. My aunt was hardest hit last year when the “kitty kats didn’t get to go to the dance” as she put it. Go UK!!! And Shuan’s post was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I LOVE KRIS. He’s the biggest thing to happen to Arkansas since the Hogs’ 1994 National Basketball Championship. He was on Leno last night and I said to my husband, “He is SUCH a sweet boy” (yeah, I’m like 7 years older than he is) and my husband said, “Yes, he is.”

    Oh, and I screamed big-time when he won b/c I thought Adam had it after all the money they spent on him to have pyro with Kiss.

  6. I screamed too. Scared the dog to death!

  7. Oh yeah…I screamed too! LOVE Kris. Go look at this link…(I promise I’m not trying to get you to my blog, but I am wanting you to see this video of Kris as a worship leader). It’s I sent it to Kelly too…because we’re both Hog fans!

    Oh,and you are so punny.

  8. For the final three weeks, after each time Ryan Secrest said, “Kris Allen”, I jumped up from wherever I was sitting (or laying) and screamed, “YES!!!” while tears sprang up in my eyes. (Okay, so I’m a fourteen year old who is getting ready to start AF…whatever, I can handle it.) :)

  9. YAY KRIS! – Exactly!! I’m Fourteen (times 3) and my husband and I both did the “YES”, with arms extended toward heaven…:)

  10. Kris seemed to make us all fourteen again!

  11. I screamed “OH MAH GAH!” and then laughed maniacally and fist pumped in the air for oh one or 8 minutes. Then I called my mom and laughed and made fun of her because she wanted Adam to win. She & my brother think AI is rigged, that they were trying to preserve their image…whatever. Hello Clay Aiken is gay, Fantasia was a single mom, what’s a little confusion on Adam’s part…I’m jus sayin’!

  12. Don’t feel bad Sophie. I screamed right along with my teens when Kris won! ;)

  13. I just read your interview and was so pleased to know that there is another momma out there with such hatred towards the beloved Caillou. MERCY ME OH MY. And girl we got NO cable so I am at the mercy of PBS every day!!! ;)

  14. My son and I BOTH screamed. I was loudest. I’ll probably be paying for some sort of hearing assistance for him in the future. It was worth it. Amen.

  15. Hope you will stop by my blog and read about little Maggie.
    This is an urgent prayer need.
    I have seen the power of prayer over and over in the blog world.
    I have a button for anyone that would like to add it to their blog.

  16. Oh, shall we just celebrate and do the Happy Dance for Kris for a while? Especially since every bias the judges, the show, the official interviews, blah blah blah, were all geared to making sure Adam won. Well: he didn’t. The little people have roared. Let’s hear it for the boy: Yea, Kris!

  17. Ok, I was happy he won, but I didn’t scream. I was a bit shocked. I’m sure my face looked like his. Anyhoo, I just wanted to say HI. Because I haven’t in a while.