Left Brain Grocery List

Judy just sent me a link to a story called “Left Brain Grocery List,” and I have sat here and HOWLED while I’ve listened. It reminds me so much of the stories my mama, my aunt and the other women in our family would tell after Sunday lunches when I was growing up.

In other words: it reminds me of home.

So I did a little Googleage, and I found out that the woman who’s speaking is named Jeanne Robertson. She has a whole CD of funny stuff, and while I’ve never met her, I can tell you right now that I adore her.

I think you will, too.

Just click here to listen.

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  1. Thank you! That was TOOOO funny! I needed a laugh :-)

  2. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    My husband was sitting at the table eating lunch as I clicked on your link to listen to it, and by the end, we were both wiping away tears, we had laughed so much!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I thought of you when I saw this … http://www.merrimentdesign.com/bacon-pancakes.php

  4. and oh, how I did laugh! Boomama, I loved your comment about the sweet ladies in your family who would sit around telling stories- it reminds me of this quote: n the south, visiting, eating and storytelling go hand in hand. When I was small, Sundays were all about storytelling and visiting. First the Sunday School teachers took their turns, after that the preacher. Then, when church was over, we went to someone’s house to eat and visit or had company over to our house. The food was always fantastic, but I liked the socializing best because that’s when all the great stories were told!

  5. Oh, how this makes me wish I lived in the South…

  6. Mary Lou says:

    I wished when I listened to it..someone sent it to me, that I could have watched her deliver this talk. My husband listened too and he got a big laugh out of it…he said that he didn’t believe he would have done that…I hope not, but I don’t know for sure. It truly is funny and I love her accent, but then I am from the South…thanks for sharing this with so many….it is making the rounds of my friends…!

  7. now that made me laugh :)
    thanks for sharing

  8. Kellye says:

    That was funny! I loved the line “he has over-degreed himself.”

  9. That was so good! I love it!

  10. She is one the funniest women I’ve ever seen. I was fortunate enough to hear and meet her at a Georgia Fed. of Women’s Club event and somewhere in one of the many piles in my house, I have the recipe for the 7-up cake autographed by her. The CD is worth purchasing!!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love her! I’ve got two of her dvds and they are hilarious!

  12. That was hysterical. Curt and I were laughing so hard. He even paused basketball to listen.

  13. Nicole says:

    What a hoot! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Lisa D. says:

    She sounds just like my aunt used to sound and my mama still does! What a hoot. I don’t recall a recent time I have laughed so hard while listening to something online. :)

  15. That just made me laugh out loud that I scared the dogs. Having lived in the South I so “get it”! I even shared it on my blog.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  16. I love her!! She’s on the XM Blue Collar station all the time. My favorite bit that she does is about her pashmina in New York. It’s Hilarious!!

  17. She’s on XM Laugh USA all the time, too. Her story about seeing the crystal blue waters of Hawaii is just priceless!

  18. I have loved Jeanne my whole life! Her stories are priceless. You sure hear her talk about her “bestest” friend, Norma Rose.

    I’m so glad I’m from the South. Thank you, Jesus.

  19. I am not from the south, but I just laughed/cried all of my mascara off. Too funny.

  20. LOVED this! Sooo funny! Her delivery was perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  21. I shouldn’t have started listening to this at 1:00 in the morning. I almost woke everyone up…..

    I could totally see this happening with my parents. Of course we’re good old Louisiana folks too.

  22. Carrie says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I laughed so hard and really needed that this Monday morning!!!

  23. Hilarious! Love her and her accent! I’m so proud to be a southern woman:)

  24. Soooo funny!!! That little clip brought my Granny and my Granna (Granny’s sister, Anna, who was of course called Granna) right back to my desk this morning. Thank you!

  25. Yep, tears running down my face from laughing! This could SO happen in my house – my hubby took my list declaring he didn’t need my explantions and where I wanted the Canola Oil Mayo, he bought one of each – canola oil and mayo! :)

  26. A friend sent this to me last week, and I was in hysterics. So true!!!

  27. KellyPS says:

    I first heard Jeanne on Sirius Blue Collar Radio… her bungee jumping bit almost made me run off the road! Thanks for the link!

  28. Oh, I needed a laugh in the worst way, and this sure did it! And I’d like to add “Just Had a Baby” to the list of reasons people bring food over (usually in the form of a casserole). Although I suppose that could technically fit into the “sick” (of pain) or “passed” (as in, freedom) categories. I’ll be the recipient of many a casserole in the next month or so, but I wouldn’t mind getting a 7-up pound cake. I may just have to make one myself – found this recipe: http://www.texascooking.com/recipes/7upcake.htm.

  29. My Mom sent me that last week and I just cracked up!

  30. Thank you for posting this. I was lucky enough to see this funny woman about 5 years ago. My husband and I were at his company meeting in Georgia and were upset that we were going to have to listen to a speaker.

    Boy were we surprised! It was the funniest stuff I had ever listened to live and in person. thank you for giving me a treat. I had forgotten her name!

  31. Smallest world EVER, because yesterday I was driving in Hubs’ car (which has XM Radio, and mine does not) I heard her bit about bungee jumping, and I laughed until my sides hurt. And–no lie–I thought to myself, “Well, she reminds me of Sophie!” ;)

  32. I have seen her in person and she puts on a wonderful show. In person she is a tall and distinguished looking lady that was a one-time Miss America contestant or as she says they pronounce it in the Carolinas “Miss Ah-mer-ca”. If you ever have a chance, get ahold of one of her dvd’s…she is hilarious!

  33. I’ve heard the comedy of Mrs. Robertson before and she is really funny!

  34. That is so funny! I’ve never heard her before. I think I will find some more of her stuff now :)

    P.S. Aren’t you THRILLED that Christy Nockels and Travis’ CD came out today!? :)

  35. I received a like to that same thing this week! You gotta love it!

  36. I love her! The left-brain gorcery list is hysterical – I laugh every time I hear it!

  37. That was laugh out loud funny. But a little bit me too. Scary. I always say I’m more like the hubbies I know than the wifeys I know. Unit price is EVERYTHING. Really.