This Is What You Get When “The Office” Is A Rerun

We’ve had some lazy summer days this week, probably because it rained pretty much all day long on Monday and Tuesday. I don’t really have an excuse for why Wednesday was lazy, but I’m tickled to death that it was. And I just remembered that we went to Blockbuster on Wednesday, so see? TOTALLY PRODUCTIVE. Companies should hire me as some sort of efficiency expert.

Today we ran a hundred errands, and in the midst of all that climbing in and out of the car, I realized that somehow I’ve pulled a muscle in the lower part of my back. I’ve decided that I’m going to blame Jillian Michaels for my back ish-ahs, mainly because I don’t really care for her tone during The Shred. She’s not overly condescending, mind you, but she trash talks just enough to make me want to mock her cropped sweatpants with the rolled-down waistband and then ask her what in the world she has against socks. But other than that I love her to pieces.

Anyway, when we got home I remembered that there were a whole bunch of pictures on my camera that I needed to download to my computer. I have tried to download the pictures on at least three different occasions only to find that my camera batteries were dead, and then when I would charge some more I would forget to actually put them in the camera, and now you can see how I managed to completely overcomplicate a situation that should have taken no longer than eight seconds to resolve.

For what it’s worth, I also blame Jillian Michaels for all of my camera battery woes. Just because.

So this afternoon I finally got the pictures on my computer, and when I looked back through them, I almost cried when I saw this one.

It was the last day of school. And could we STOP IT with the growing, please? I’ve had enough of the growing. And while we’re stopping it with the growing, would one of you please turn off the time? Thank you.

But then I found these pictures. And they made me laugh so hard.

Apparently there was some sort of Star Wars-related lookout on top of Jif Mountain. And really, you can understand why they’d need a lookout given all the conflict over in Crockpot Valley.

You know what else happened this week?

Stuff grew.

Those are our neighbors’ blue hydrangeas, by the way. I’ve been a little obsessed with them, but you’ve probably already picked up on that since I obviously TOOK PICTURES OF THE PRETTY FLOWERS FROM AFAR.

And despite all my protesting, this little stinker grew, too.

I totally blame Jillian Michaels.

And that’s just all there is to it.

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  1. If you manage to find away to stop the growing and turn off time, let me know. I’ve been asking my boy to slow down for years.

    Looks like your summer is off to a great start!

  2. curse you, jillian michaels, curse you to heck!!!

  3. i had baby #3 three weeks ago tomorrow, and i’ve ALREADY noticed that he’s gotten markedly bigger. it’s the worst part of motherhood!! well, ok…maybe not THE worst. but it’s definitely up there!

  4. Oh that Jillian. She looks great on the case…unfortunately I haven’t opened it yet!

  5. Oh, I miss the kudzu. And I say that without a touch of sarcasm. It’s beautiful in its own way.

    And the growing of the children? Mine isn’t even born yet and I’m already shocked by it. He gets bigger every day, and he’s so big now that it feels like he’s moving furniture in there.

  6. haha i love this post :-) surprise pictures are the best aren’t they?! And I know I’m going to be a mess when my baby gets that big — I already am a mess and she’s only 9 months old!

  7. I, for one, I am getting seriously sick of these kids not listening. I’ve been telling them for 6 & 4 years now to stop growing, and they always giggle and say “yes, Mommy”- clearly never meaning a word of it.

  8. Jillian Michaels says:

    Why are you hating on me, Boo?

  9. That previous comment was really just me pretending to be Jillian Michaels. Sorry it was early and I hit the submit comment button before swallowing coffee.

  10. So, I’m wondering what your Brian Andreas print says! K- has a few of them in her bedroom. I love them.

    And for laziness! Hoorah! I need one of those days here. Alas, I have an extra computer desk waiting in the wings. I have to figure out how to pull this blasted thing apart and put it back together to make it successfully work. Oh, never mind the getting a desk that is too big to fit in a spot that is clearly too little.

    Pardon me as I put my engineer hat on . . .

  11. Just wait till he’s taller than you (you shouldn’t have to wait too long by the looks of things)–then you’ll REALLY want to slow him down. I have two daughters who are taller than me, and I’m 5’9″. So how weird is that?!

  12. Jif Mountain cracked me up.

    Your sweet boy looks so tall!!

  13. I tell my girls DAILY to stop growing. ACK!

    Jif Mountain. Crockpot Valley. I love your brain.

  14. It just touches my heart deeply that you use Jiff. There really is no other peanut butter. I am verklempt now. I must go…

  15. Ack! I just love that punkin child with his action figures. Also I love Story People.

  16. Oh, that Jillian. I ventured into the Level 3 territory a few days ago and my legs still feel like jelly!

  17. OK…I have to admit that because of you and Melanie, I’ve decided to try The Shred.

    This gives me hope because if anything goes wrong it’s TOTALLY Jillian’s fault. 100%.

  18. That darn Jillian! When you figure out a way to make Father Time stop and the kids to quit growing please let me know! My oldest will be in 4th grade in August and he turns 9 in July. Our last year in single digits. OH MY GOSH!!!

  19. Jillian?? Who?? Don’t know her anymore.

    And, yes…that little child of yours is simply pa-recious. We must stop time and the growing thing because I truly cannot take it anymore.


  20. My 8 year old was doing the Shred video with me the other day and she said, “Did they not have enough money to buy these girls socks?”

  21. PajamaMama says:

    My baby turned 6 this week. I so sad. Thank you for suggesting Jillian Michaels as a scapegoat. I totally blame her, too.

  22. I cannot even begin to express the joy I have when you post pics of Alex. He is SO stinking cute! I love his cheeks….they remind me of my smallest nephew and niece’s.

  23. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Photographic gold, I tell you!! I am always amused to no end by the pictures I discover on my camera after letting the kids use it. (And some I just have to plain ol’ delete, to destroy the photographic evidence that my pile of clean laundry to fold was actually ever that high….!!)

    I cannot believe how grown up A. is looking!!! I think when I first started reading your blog, he was maybe 3, going on 4. He looks so much older now!

    Enjoy your “summertime pace of life”….we still have 2 more weeks of school here in WA….sigh.

  24. Oh, Sophie! Alex is just ten different kinds of cute!

  25. Wow, he has grown soooo much! I think when I started reading your blog that he was Jackson’s age now.

  26. Can you take the pictures of the hydrangeas and stick them in a vase? I’ll bet that would work. Or sneak out at night and cut some.

  27. Boo Hiss to Jillian! The trouble maker!

  28. Heather says:

    Oh my goodness, did Jillian really comment on this??? Or was it an imposter?? How crazy if it was really her! You’re BIG time famous now! :)

  29. she-she says:

    Great pics. I hear ya on the growing part, my little boy just turned 20 and I cant stand it, my daughter is 17 and a Senior so where has the time went!!!!

  30. I am so glad The Office was a rerun! I’d so much rather hear about you and all the growing going on at your place. ; ) My husband and I say that we’re gonna make our kids smoke so it “will stunt their growth.” (Totally teasing!! really!)

  31. Speaking of the Office, I really missed your comments about the finale. I so wanted to hear what you thought about the ending. I loved Dwight trying to stall the vollyball game…lol!

  32. Girl, the growing only picks up speed. Seems like last year my baby wore a white cap and gown to his Kindergarten graduation and then last Friday he wore a red cap and gown to his high school graduation. How can this be?

  33. Just way too cute, my granddaughter turned 3, and I want her to SLOW DoOwwnnnnnn…..
    Love those surprise photos…

  34. This smiled my insides and I have no clue who Jillian Michaels is. Cropped sweats? rolled waistband? socks? What a mental picture! Did she cease to grow since Junior Hi?

    By the way, Jif is the best. Your awfully cute guy has great taste is peanut butter.

  35. Yeah, growth happens. It just does.




    P.S. Sometimes it would be nice to live on Memory Lane.

  36. My “Baby” will officially be a Senior in H.S. this week following the 2009’s graduation ceremony at his school. He is 6′ tall which seemed to happen overnight. My older children are 9 and 11 years older than him, so I always took comfort (strange to say, I know) in that I still had my “Baby”. My, oh, my has time FLOWN by!!!
    Maybe if Moms could only avoid BLINKING while their children are growing up…….

  37. My boys are growing to…thanks a lot Jillian Michaels. =) My oldest boy will start driver’s ed soon. Oh man…I just can’t even process that. And my baby is in third grade starting next fall. (My baby has the same cute polo that your little one is wearing in his last day of school pic! Looks cute! I love color, don’t you?)Sigh…the passing of time…

  38. He is such a doll! And yes, they grow up TOO fast!
    Jillian is a toot. She just is. I am sick of hearing “Don’t phone it in!” What does that mean exactly? I can barely breathe, much less talk on a phone!

    I am struggling to hit level 3 – without dying. My 30 DAY shred is looking more like 30 WEEKS! And I can’t swing over to buff, bionic Anita’s side. I am afraid I am stuck with cute, smiley, bouncy Natalie…you know, THE WEAKLINGS’ TRAINER!

    But I have to admit, even though the pounds are not changing, I HAVE A WAIST! Let me repeat that, I HAVE A WAIST!

    I AM going to shred that shred dvd when I am done with it.

  39. Jiffy/StarWars/crock pot reference was just TOO funny!!! Love your blog!