The Big Boo Cast, Episode 16


Several weeks ago Melanie and I told Travis that we wanted to record a podcast so that we could listen to him squirm uncomfortably while we talked about how much we love (LOVE) his new CD. So we recorded a podcast a couple of weeks ago, and when I started to edit it I realized that I sounded like I was screaming into an empty room lined with tin. I’m sure it would have been a real podcasting gem if anyone could’ve tolerated ALL THE TINNY SHOUTING for more than about three seconds.

Anyway, we decided to record another one again last night, and the good news is that we seem to have resolved our sound issues. But the bad news is that we may be a little too comfortable with each other at this stage in the podcasting game because Travis watched a basketball game the whole time he was talking to us and then Melanie and I tried to do some singing.

Additional bad news: you’ll be subjected to all of those things if you listen.

However, the podcast does have a run-down of reality shows (including why Mel and I have jumped off the “Real Housewives” bandwagon for the New Jersey installment), a thorough analysis of our sleep issues, an outline of our summer TV plans and – believe it or not – a few behind-the-scenes stories about Travis’ CD.

So basically, you know, it’s our usual brand of random. Topped off with some sarcasm for good measure.

And we do hope you enjoy it.

Click here to listen. Or here. Whatever suits your fancy.

p.s. Just FYI: these are the sheets we talk about in the podcast. Travis’ wife Angela discovered them, and they are SWEET MINISTRY TO YOUR SLEEPING SOUL. Especially if you have a 20% off BBB coupon.

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  1. Destiny D says:

    Oh my word … these sheets are my all-time favorite. I have always had sleep issues, and as ridiculous as it sounds, these sheets actually contribute to a good night’s sleep. I am currently laying, even as I type, on light blue while my butter set is in the wash. If you haven’t tried them, you just have to. Will tune into the podcast later … when my peeps are in bed!

  2. I’m 25 minutes into the podcast, and I have this eerie/goosebumpy feeling that I’m back in 7th grade at a slumber party, talking on the phone with my best friend (in the same room, different phone) and a cute boy from school. :)

    Love it.

  3. YAY!! YAY!! YAY!! I can’t wait to listen! It brightens my day every time. I LOVE the witty sarcasm and random funnies! Thank you…from another Alabama mom.

  4. Oh my gosh, tears rolling down my face from laughing the whole time. Who needs TV? I could just listen to y’all every night!

  5. Patty Grimm says:

    I listened to the whole podcast and it cracked me up. It made me wish I had a friend who would want to talk on the phone that long. Somehow I ended up with no one who does! I just have lots of short calls!

  6. Anybody who makes it through that mess deserves some kind of prize.


  7. I really have no words for this podcast… I laughed, I cried (ok, I didn’t cry)…

    The best part was about half way thru when my 7 year old got out of bed (which is in the room right to my office) to come tell me the following, “Mommy, that…that… that THING you are listening to? It’s keeping me AWAKE!!”

    That seemed like a completely appropriate comment for this podcast. :-)

    Blessings to you all, and I can’t WAIT to get Travis’ CD. Is it going to be available on itunes or anywhere for download, or should I just order the actual CD?

  8. okay — I am sitting to hear listening to y’all and I’m following the conversation even in the random moments…. wait, it’s all random!

    Enjoyed listening to Travis tell his ‘spiritual story’ with the basketball updates.

  9. Oh, my goodness! I am at 49 minutes and you all are too funny. I agree with the comment about this reminding me of 7th grade talking on the phone with a friend and a cute guy! Too funny. Your sleep issues crack me uo too. I have 6 kids and my house is LOUD at night. Every bedroom has a radio going with a different story playing. Silence does me in! Thanks for the good time!

  10. Can’t wait to listen! And I to have jumped off the Real Housewives bandwaggon for the New Jersey episodes. Thanks again for the win of Travis’ new CD!!!

  11. I’m halfway through — can’t stop laughing. And I CAN’T WAIT for Travis’s CD.

  12. Y’all slay me. I pimped out your podcast today on my post.

  13. Oh my word, I about wet my pants when Jack Cottrell sang the Barry Gibb theme song. I am still laughing.

  14. I haven’t listened yet, but I can hardly wait!

    And WHAT LUCK! I DO have a 20% off BBB coupon or 10. Now I know that I need some new sheets.

  15. Mary B says:

    I just want you to know I am totally with you on the “work hard for your marriage” bandwagon. I’ve seen so many people give up without giving it a chance and putting God as the center of their marriage!
    Perhaps you have another calling???

  16. I’m hoping Travis passed along the goodies I’ve been sending him via the magic of the apple idisk.

  17. Fanannie says:

    My comment really has nothing to do with your podcast (other than MAN, do you have a Southering twang!) but to let you know that I have found a pair of waterproof flip flops WITH A HEEL that are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. Hoo boy! How is that for ya?! Anyhow, here’s the link!

  18. Nicole says:

    I would love to hear more about your thoughts on fighting for your marriage. I totally agree with you on Jon & Kate. It just makes me sad, sad for them and very sad for their kids. Also, you guys are a total hoot!

  19. I love your Big Boo Casts! I’m listening right now – at work – and it is making my Friday afternoon move a little bit quicker.

    My thoughts so far…

    Poor Travis. He’s really outnumbered in this little group. :)

    Sophie, I love your passion for marriage. That’s a subject heavy on my heart today, because it’s my 10th anniversary. And a few years ago, I did not think we’d ever make it to this day. But we did! And our marriage, our family, our hearts are So Much Richer than we’d ever dreamed.

  20. HOORAY!! I am so excited to have some coffee and laugh with you…wish it was in person.

    Love you, Soph!!

  21. Awwww, the “This is the Day” song was one that REALLY blessed me in San Antonio. Man, how disappointing.

    AND I totally don’t remember why you are embarrassed about speaking before the group in San Antonio. I thought it was fun. Love covers, I guess :0)

  22. I’d just like you to know that I swallowed funny and choked a little when Melanie said she won a typing contest.

  23. My Chris said this morning that Travis needed to get a t-shirt and call it a “Travis-T.” I laughed and said, you missed the pdocast! Travis does have a t-shirt. And now we know what to call it.