Linky Interwebby Awesomeness 05.27.09

Only one link today – and in my opinion it’s one worth savoring.

Kite Karbonaw

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  1. This right here should be included in your next giveaway! Do you have anything that translates the way my mom says…. “Up a tree without a paddle”? Bless her heart.

  2. BAHAHAHA! It is like when my grandma told me she was going to “Walmark”.

    Also, I still cannot stop laughing about the last SNL video you put up with Kristin Wiig and her small hands… “I like can I touch?”


  3. Haha! I loved this one..and the Will Ferrell one from yesterday. Thanks for making us smile :)

  4. So funny!!! Loved it!!

  5. My mom once called Janine Garofalo “Arlene Galapagos.”

  6. LOL!!! I love it! :)

  7. That is hysterical! Where do you find all your funny clips!?!

    Have a happy day! Emmy

  8. awesome! i so need that. only it would have to read my mind. because i never even can vaguely remember names.

  9. The “So… Ann Taylor” part MAKES IT! LOL!

  10. Kelly Frye says:

    I have tears rolling down my face and my sides are aching! This hits so close to home. Some classics from my mom are: Russell Lombardo (Rush Limbaugh), Ruben Steiner (Ruben Studdard), and the best is Zentel Washington, who she says was so good in “A Time to Kill” (Samuel L. Jackson).

  11. I have called “Matthew McConaughey” “Matthew McCon-a-honkey” for years b/c I can never pronounce his last name correctly. Drives Hubs nuts. Which only eggs me on further to never saying it right.

  12. Stinkin’ hilarious.

  13. melissa says:

    sooo true. we will never let my mother forget the day she challenged us to stop listening to “green heads” (green day).

    ’bout to send her this link. :-)

  14. OK. This is hilarious and hubs and I saw it live (one of the nights we were able to stay up past 9). The best part for me is the very end. I had just said how much I loved Ann Taylor… as in the words were fresh in the air. Ohhh yes. I’m a mom.

  15. Now, if they could just make one of these things for husbands, the divorce rate would drop by at least 10%…