Crystal Light Challenge, Day 5

I probably haven’t made this clear, but I’m not just trying to cut back on Diet Coke (have I mentioned that I loooooove Diet Coke?) so that I can drink more Crystal Light. I’m cutting back on Diet Coke in the hopes that I’ll drink more water. And I have been. I’ve been drinking a good bit more water, in fact. But when I’m craving flavor beyond a wedge of lemon in my ice water, Crystal Light is a delightful little treat.

How much water would you say that y’all drink a day? And if you’re a dedicated water drinker, do you have any tips for how the rest of us can incorporate more water into our beverage routine, so to speak?

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  1. I get in about 32-48 oz of water a day. I allow myself 1 diet A&W root beer with dinner. Or maybe a Fresca. But the bulk of my intake is water and its usually flavored with crystal light. I love it. I never would get in as much H20 as I do without it. My faves are the fruit punch, lemonade, and iced tea. Since I drink my water from a 32 oz water bottle, I pour two packets in and I am on my way. If I’m feeling a little adventurous, I’ll do one packet of lemonade and once packet of iced tea. Yum. Sometimes I’ll add a sprig of mint to the bottle too for some additional refreshment. So good on a hot summer day.

  2. Michale Hall says:

    Last year I got off of regular drinks. I drank Dr. Pepper all the time. I haven’t had a regular drink in over a year. I do drink some diet drinks but for the most part I drink water with crystal light. I have spent a small fortune on them and tried all kinds and my absolue favorite is red tea with manderin orange. If you like fruit tea then this is what you need to try. It’s fabulous!