Back To The Here And Now

Well, we’re home now, and I don’t know whether I’m happy or sad to report that I didn’t see a single person at the pool in Gulf Shores who was wearing pantyhose. I mean, seeing one person in hose this summer is an anomaly. But if I’d seen two, I would’ve alerted InStyle magazine that we have us an Official Summertime Trend.

Anyway, now it’s time to play catch-up on all the business of real life: turning in forms for school, unpacking suitcases, buying groceries, wondering where all the pretty sand is, etc. and so on and so forth amen. I also have to get back in the habit of wearing clothes that button and zip, but I can’t talk about that right now because quite frankly after spending the better part of two and a half weeks in either a) a swimsuit / cover-up combo or b) pajamas, fitted clothes are clearly my nemesis. Last night I wore some pants that button AND zip to church, and you’d have thought I was in a straightjacket. The non-elastic waistband frightens and confuses me.

And now I would like to bore you with some pictures from the beach.

This is the third big slide at the place where we stayed. By my very rough estimation, we spent approximately 42 hours at this slide over the course of seven days. In fact, when we got ready to head home yesterday morning, Alex said, “Mama, I’m a little sad about leaving because I really love that slide and would really love to live here all the time.”

He and that slide forged quite the lasting bond.

He and his goggles also forged a lasting bond, as evidenced by the fact that he opted to wear them ON THE BEACH. WHILE HE PLAYED IN THE SAND.

Alex and his cousin J. spent lots of late-afternoon time on the balcony. Saturday I found them sitting in these chairs, looking out at the water and shooting the breeze like a couple of papaws. So sweet.

They’re good buddies.

And finally.

Yeah. I have no idea.

It was a great trip – as was our trip to Florida with Janie and the boys a couple of weeks ago – and we are so grateful for sweet family members who invite us to join them when they plan something fun. We’ve made some incredible memories this summer, and we are thankful.

We are also Deeply Overloaded on snack foods, which may explain my current disdain for fitted waistbands, but still. Good times.

Happy Monday, y’all.

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  1. Glad you’re back and rested for the marathon that is called “Getting Ready for School to Start.” I’m a first grade teacher in total denial that the calendar page will soon flip to August and the classroom…

  2. So much fun to plan a vacation,,,,then go,,,,then going home,,,ugh. Can’t believe back to school is closing in so fast!!!

  3. Oh my–look at that expression! SuperBoy! May reality bring good times, as well…

  4. We love Gulf Shores and Orange Beach! We go there every year. Good times. The water and sand were especially clear and beautiful this year, I thought. And this was the first time we haven’t had to wait 2 1/2 hours to eat at Lambert’s. (They opened a new dining room.)

    We still miss some of our favorite haunts that were closed after Hurricane Ivan, but we look forward to Gulf Shores every summer!

  5. Looks like y’all had a super fun time! I am jealous and wanted to let you know you aren’t alone. My love for drawstring pants rivals that of fried pickles.

  6. So glad you had such a great time. Personally I’m a big fan of the PJ and often change into them as soon as I walk through the door of the house – even when I know I’m going out again later, I still change.

    Your little guy is so adorable! I love them cheeks!

  7. Glad you had a great time. I totally agree with you about the zipper and button stuff. After vacation who wants to put all that garbage on!

  8. I just LOVE the comment about the papaws shootin the breeze! Classic!

  9. I’m lamenting my distance from Florida for so many reasons.

  10. Do NOT tell me that is the teeny, weeny baby that was born like last week. . .your nephew I mean. Your little man is as cute as pie!!!!

  11. I am so glad you’re back. Without your blogs to read, I felt somewhat disoriented.

    For the record, I feel like I’m in a straightjacket every time I wear normal clothes, and I haven’t even been on vacation. I guess it’s just my SAHM attire of pj’s and yoga pants that leave me spoiled to a comfy waistband. You’re in good company, girlfriend! Embrace the elastic! ;)

  12. “Yeah. I have no idea”- Clearly a mother sees only her little boy, not the massive, manly muscles of a super hero. Check out the biceps!

  13. Where on the Redneck Riviera is the place to stay with the slides? I thought Watermania was the only slide. Guess I need to go to more places than just the Oyster House 3 times a day.

  14. Definitely the look of a super-hero… Waterslide Boy.. sidekick to Pool Man! (cause the good Lord knows that if the pool is a mess, then Pool Man IS a hero!) And I’d say “Amen” to the fitted waistband thing, but right now my mouth is full of “Sweet 16 Hostess Powdered Sugar Donuts”, so it would come out more like “maymnnn” and you’d get confused all over again. Thumbs up…

  15. obviously a great vacation!! So much fun and great memories!!

  16. Hi there from DC! I am new reader to your blog and I must say…I have been in STITCHES for the past few hours (yes, hours!) reading your past entries. I am far away from ‘Bama, where I was born ‘n raised, and I feel (taste?) a little slice of home reading your stuff. Thanks for the laughs and keep ’em comin’!

  17. I’m with Alex. South Alabama and Northwest FL- paradise of the South.

  18. She picked Ed, you called it so early! I was so proud of your abilities!

  19. I just got home from camping for 9 days with my family in the Kootenays (you don’t know where that is, but it’s in Canada. No, it’s not snowy there) I got out my Wii Fit last night, and got scolded by the program, told I had gained nearly 7 pounds and pushed into the “overweight” category on the BMI index. I had to endure the humiliation of having the computer make over my Mii into a more rubanesque figure. I wanted to cry. All illusions, even when playing a game, stripped away.

    It is the lack of buttons and zippers on vacation that lure you into the mindset that no, you haven’t yet eaten too many tacos with queso and yes, it is okay to finish the bag alone while sitting on the lounger reading all day.

    I feel your waistband pain. Even if I didn’t my fat Mii has opened my eyes. Vacation is OVER.

  20. You should go right ahead and call those Instyle folks because I have the second summer pantyhose with shorts sighting.
    We were in Yellowstone park last week and I saw a 14 year old girl with pantyhose on under her shorts. I believe she may have thought they would offer some extra protection from the mosquitoes that were threatening to carry us all off.
    I believe she would have done better had she chosen a buff color, but she had gone with the tan which was a far cry from matching the rest of her skin tone.
    And I’m pretty sure they were control top because I could see the bottom of the panels peeking out from under her shorts.
    Heaven help us.

  21. Okay, this is the pool where we spent the most time. (I’m the one who emailed you about whether you were my bacon-cooking neighbor at the condo.) Were you wearing a straw cowboy hat that curled up on the edges? I swear your little man looks familiar! He looks like a little boy I saw swimming around with a woman wearing a straw cowboy hat. I’m going to figure out yet whether we actually “saw” each other or not. LOL.

  22. My husband saw these pics when I was reading your blog and he gasped, “Is that her backyard??!!”

  23. haha…awesome. I went to PCB with my oldest son for a baseball tourney back in June. I still can’t bring myself to put my watch on. Going to the beach again in July just made it worse.

  24. Sophie I love the last picture of A. It really shows his bootiful blue eyes :).

    (BTW, Wal-mart remodel is almost done. Praise You!)