A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That

– Y’all provided SUCH great feedback on yesterday’s post. You’ve given me all sorts of helpful info to use in my little presentation thingy with Lysa, and I am so grateful. I would give every single one of you a big bag of sweet potatoes, a pound of thick-sliced bacon and a carton of Land O Lakes butter if I could. THANK YOU.

– Several of y’all have emailed and commented to ask why I quit writing about The Bachelorette. There’s definitely a long-version answer, but here’s the short version: it was just too much. Y’all know I love me some reality television, but writing about The Bachelorette was increasingly problematic because there were some ongoing situations on the show that were really uncomfortable for me to address here on the blawg. And the bottom line is that I just got really convicted that I needed to stop blogging about it.

I haven’t LIKED not blogging about it – after all, it’s one of the most fun things to write about ever in the history of all topics in the entire universe. I’ve really MISSED blogging about it, in fact. But this season totally fed my snarky, judge-y side, and it totally fed a discussion of topics that weren’t entirely appropriate for my little family-friendly interweb netsite, and I was feeling so conflicted every single time I posted a recap that I would regret the post for the next couple of days.

I don’t know what I’ll do down the road because I can tell you right now that it will require supernatural restraint to keep my hands off the keyboard if Reid is the next bachelor. But I think not writing about the last half of Jillian’s season was the right thing to do. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was what I needed to do. If that makes any sense at all.

(Don’t you love how my “short version” explanation was three paragraphs long?)

(I am nothing if not wordy.)

– Are any of y’all going to Deeper Still in Greensboro this weekend? I’m driving over from Charlotte with a couple of friends Friday night – then driving back to Charlotte afterwards (and by the way, Beth Moore has written a great post about DS over at AllAccess). I’d love to meet some bloggy friends who are there!

– All righty. My flight to Charlotte is finally here (this post was the product of an hour-long flight delay). Hope y’all have a great Thursday!

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  1. Jealous that you’re A) going to Deeper Still and B) going to Greensboro, NC – my hometown!! – this weekend. I hope it’s wonderful. Safe flight!

  2. Hey I posted about a new book you should pick up for some quick airport or car driving time….check it out…I did not comment on yesterdays for you had over 200 comments…but I do love calling the blogs I read friends. It is just who I am.

  3. Have fun this weekend!
    The Bachelorette went a little too far this time I think. I hope they clean it up for next time. And I am really hoping they pick Reid. But I totally understand and agree with you not blogging on it!

  4. I totally understand you not blogging about the bachelorette, and proud of you for listening to your convictions.

    Have fun at Deeper Still!

  5. So I know you stopped blogging the bachelorette but did you stop watching it? Was the conviction just for the writing or was it for the watching too? You don’t have to tell me, I’m just curious. There have been moments that I thought I shouldn’t be watching it at all (and those moments likely mean STOP WATCHING IT JENN) but I am weak and apparently disobedient and I had to see it to the end :)

  6. Girl, I didn’t even watch a single episode this season, mainly because The Bachelorette usually disappoints all over the place. And as much as I liked Jillian, I just didn’t think I could watch what was sure to be a hot tub extravaganza.

    Have fun at DS and give my sweet friend, Kristi, a big ol’ hug for me! She’s been looking forward to this conference for a sweet forever!

  7. We (the husband more spiritually mature person in our household and I) watched and were kind of ashamed for doing so – I appreciate your sensitivity to the situation and oh dear – if Reid is the next bachelor – lawzey mercy. I’ve read Chris Harrison’s blog – he does a good job of putting a purdy lipstick on the whole concept. Enough or my snark side will blossom anew! Have FUN on your journeys and be safe –

  8. Have a great time! Do me a favor and sit in one of the rocking chairs in Charlotte’s airport. They make my heart smile.

    Even though I would laugh until I peed in my pants over your Bachelorette posts, I so much appreciate your obedience in not blogging about it. I myself find the end of the season the opposite of what I believe… but still watch it for some reason.

  9. I’ll be at the Deeper Still Conference!

    I’m soo soo excited :)

  10. Rutheee says:

    I wasn’t going to comment on your last post because you had so many great comments already but then my subconscious read in one of those comments that someone dreamed about you and wanted to get into the action too. So last night in my dream you and I went to a large craft store to buy curtain material. You know, like we do every week because we are such crafty people. Anyway we ran into some cast members from the soap Days of Our Lives who were upset at having to move to Toronto to shoot their show and were angry that they would have to drive more than a thousand miles further north in order to see a moose. They had been expecting to see them wander down the middle of Yonge street and were feeling very ripped off. I was surprised because I thought they’d be more upset about moving away from sunny California than about seeing moose, mooses, meece, mice….?

    I understand about the Bachelorette, though I too missed your posts and am hoping that The Office will avoid the whole hot tub scene allowing us to enjoy it together.

    Have a great time at She Speaks.

    p.s. About whether I care if a blog looks professional? I would read Melanie and your blogs if you wrote them with a dull lipstick on a crumpled serviette. For me it’s all about the funny mixed with the true kindness. Very rare.

  11. Oh, I still w√†tched it. Don’t give me too much credit. ;-) But I felt like I needed to draw the line between watching it and borderline-glorifying it / promoting it/ encouraging other people to watch it. Still working through all of it if you can’t tell.

  12. Rutheee says:


    In the dream we were both wearing knee highs with shorts… sorry but that’s just what we wore to go curtain shopping.

  13. We had bacon for supper last night…with a side of back eyed peas and bacon. Couldn’t stop thinking about how I couldn’t wait to tell you!!

  14. oops “black-eyed peas!” But with bacon! that was the point.

  15. I know what you mean – making a tough but right decision not to blog about something. It’s no fun, but at least you don’t have to live in a guilty mess of misery!

    Have fun at Deeper Still!! We missed you at BlogHer – and wow there was a lot going on there to feel guilty about blogging about too!

  16. Don’t laugh. Now I want your long explanation about The Bachelorette. I’m hopeless!

  17. I missed your posting but COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND. I missed several episodes but honestly, I am very uncomfortable with the notion that sex is expected at a certain point in this public dating process.

    I was completely scandalized when, during the After the Rose show, someone asked about how things were in the bedroom. Then I was HORRIFIED that Jillian didn’t say nunya bizness, but instead, supplied way more information than I needed to know. Yuk.

  18. I don’t think I’ve watched a single “real” episode of “The Bachelor/The Bachelorette.” (I did see one episode where the boys were telling all about the girls or vice-versa, so I’m not a complete babe-in-the-woods on the subject.) That said, I can see how, while you might be interested in continuing to watch, you don’t want to blog about it.

    I am embarrassed to say that I get sucked into “Big Brother” every year. I can’t see myself EVER blogging about the particulars, though, because the whole concept is so foreign to how I like to live my life (or how I think I live my life).

    So I get it. :)

  19. You go, girl!!! Good for you – doing what is right and doing what God led you to do.

    : )

  20. Enjoy your time here in NC this weekend. You’ll be about 30 minutes away from my house Friday night (no-I’m not going to Deeper Still). It’s very humid and hot right now-melting weather for sure.

    Am thankful for convictions the Holy Spirit gives each of us. Thank you for sharing about how you responded to a particular conviction God laid on your heart concerning this.

  21. The Bachelor/ette series is a phenomenon among the Christian community that I just don’t understand. Most of my church friends watch it. I do not, have not, and will not because it’s supposed to be “real life” and, to me, they demean the whole courting and relationship process. It’s a farce. I’m not making a judgment call here because my friends (and you, Sophie!) are wonderful ladies and what you watch is your own business. Yet Christian women seem to get hooked on this show. I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the future. I respect your opinions and maybe you could help shed some light on why the show is so popular.

  22. I don’t get it: just saw clips from the Bachorlette on AM news. WHY would people want to watch a manufactured relationship that includes “the AM after” of them having sex together without marriage, & now they will live together for 12-18 mo. before getting married. The morality of God’s plan for intimacy only in marriage has been thrown out like garbage & “we” invite the garbage of filth into our homes by watching. it is time for those of us who love God to turn off the garbage, to love what God loves, & hate what God hates.
    Sadly, but not surprisingly, statistics show that the divorce rate for couples who live together before marriage is half again higher than for those who do not. BUT for those who have already done that…. God is the God of second chances! So you just have to work that much harder. Marriage IS work but SO worth it!
    So WHAT to watch? At our house it is Food network, HGTV, Animal Planet, National Geographic, Sports, Fox News (limited), Discovery Health (my old nursing background creeping out), Hallmark (though you have to be selective there sometimes too); that pretty well covers our viewing. We read a lot!

  23. The Deeper Still conference looks great. I wish I was going too!

    I just started a blog 2 weeks ago and have enjoyed reading yours. Check it out if you want:


  24. Have fun this weekend! Wish I could go!

  25. I will be at Deeper Still here in Greensboro!! Would love to meet you!!

  26. Welcome to NC!!!

    Going to Deeper Still and so glad you could work it out to go tonight :)

  27. Thanks for addressing why you haven’t blogged about the Bachelorette – totally understand and give you lots of credit for not giving in to the temptations. I think TONS of people agree about the whole TMI in the bedroom thing. Have a fantastic weekend! God Bless!

  28. I’m at the Deeper Still Conference. As someone who used to live near Charlotte (about 10 minutes from the airport actually) that is quite a round trip in one night.
    BUT I am sure Miss Beth and friends will make it worth your while.
    I lost my mind for a few minutes this morning when I told Melanie (Big Mama) that I was coming to Charlotte this weekend for the DS conference…..I’m blaming it on the fact that I have 4 children and at least one of them was talking to me at that exact moment….

  29. BooMama – I am a big fan…have been “following” your blog for about a year now, but I rarely comment.
    Anyway, all that to say, I just had to smile reading about why you quit blogging during the last half of sweet Jillian’s season. I know it’s hard to give up things that are just so dad-gum fun to watch, but I have been under the same conviction about what I’m watching on tv.
    So you are not alone, sister! I’ll be right there with you, suffering the loss of a great (but not-so-spiritually-healthy) friend. :)