I’m Very Research-y

This morning I’ve been working on / pondering / trying not to panic about my session with Lysa at SheSpeaks this weekend, and I have three questions for you, internets:

1) When you read a blog, are you looking for a super-professional presentation (design, photography, writing, etc.), or are you looking for something that might not look as professional but feels really relational? Or some combination of the two?

2) Do you tend to think of bloggers as friends? I mean, not your closest friends or anything – but do you feel like you have a little bit of a relationship with the bloggers you read?

3) Do you use Twitter or Facebook?

That is all.

Thank you ever so much for your wisdom.

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  1. 1) I really enjoy a professional design on a blog (love yours, BigMama’s, Kelly’s Korner’s new design, Pioneer Woman’s) … but the relational aspect is by far the biggest draw for me. (Also, good grammar, spelling and punctuation make me so happy!)

    2) I do thing of the bloggers as a type of friend. I look forward to hearing from them every day. I feel like I know you.

    3) I use Facebook. Don’t have much use for Twitter.

    Thanks for asking! :)

  2. And after commenting on how much I like good spelling and grammar, I made two errors. Can you spell loser?

  3. Hi!
    I’ve been lurking, but am now coming out to answer your questions!!
    1) I look for a blog to be relational, not professional. That’s probably because I started reading/writing to keep in touch. Which means
    2) bloggers become an extension of my circle of friends and family.
    3) I do not use twitter, and almost never use facebook.

    Thanks for documenting your life this way. I enjoy reading your blog. :0)

  4. 1) A combination of professional and relational- I think 1st impressions of either are important in hooking me on a new blog, although the relational would keep me committed

    2)A “type” of friend, yes.

    3) I use neither

    Don’t panic. I’m sure you’ll do wonderful! :)

  5. I enjoy a well-designed blog, but I’m really drawn to the relational aspects more than anything.

    Yes, I do view many of the bloggers I follow as friends, kind of. I’ve corresponded with a couple via email. (For example, it’s killing me that I can’t just sit and chew over the bachelorette finale with you. My daughter feels the same way!)

    I love facebook – started using it to keep up with my kids and as a ministry tool (work with students) and really enjoy it. I’m afraid to dive into twitter because I already spend too much time on the computer!

  6. – I do so like a professional-looking design or at least one that’s neat and tidy and easy to follow. I recently realized this when blog hopping and found myself immediately clicking away from the plainer looking blogs. I’m so shallow.

    – Yes! Friends forever. Ha!

    – Facebook – yes (more than I care to admit). Twitter – No.

  7. When I look at a new blog, I am first drawn to the overall design. I stay a reader, however, if I can relate to the person blogging!

    I feel that blogging brings people closer and opens up opportunities for friendships that might not have been available otherwise. For instance, I think that many women feel they are the only ones dealing with a certain issue…when in fact there are many women out there experiencing it as well. Blogging can bring out a whole new support group for people.

    I use facebook, no twitter!

  8. 1. I like a blog to look nice and not too cluttered, but I’m really just looking for something hilarious, touching, or relational to read during my long hours at work. I like to read blogs I can relate to or care about.

    2. I feel like the bloggers I read regularly are like close friends, but it’s a bit of a one-sided relationship on my part. For example, this is the first time I have ever commented on a blog. Yep, feel special.

    3. I’m a big Facebooker. Haven’t tried Twitter, but I’m not really interested in sharing with the world about how I had oatmeal with raisins and Fiber one this morning. Nobody wants to hear about that, or the aftermath.

    Also, I love your blog! Cracks me up regularly.

  9. 1. Too professional can be a turn-off… and yet I don’t want it to junky and unprofessional either! :)

    2. Definitely more about the relational aspect! I am looking for encouragement, humor and wisdom!

    3. I facebook. No Twitter.

    Love from out here my bulldawg buddy!

  10. Since I read most blogs on Googlereader, I don’t really see the professional design all that much anyway. I wasn relational. I like pictures. I like keeping up with people’s lives.

    Since I dreamed I was babysitting Harper for Kelly last night, and I’m not entirely certain I’ve ever even left her a comment…I would say yes, I consider bloggers my friends. :) Many of them have become my friends–like send a baby gift to them and I have never met them friends.

    I Facebook. I don’t Twit. I update my status on Facebook a lot and Twitting would seem redundant to me.

  11. 1. I like a professional look I think-nice colors, clean lines and links that work.

    2. I enjoy friendly lets sit down and chat kind of blogs.

    3. I Twitter and Facebook randomly-not in a consistent manner.

  12. 1) I like relational blogs. It is icing on the cake if it looks professional, especially if the blogger’s content is more professional.

    2) I’m totally bff’s with my blogger friends.

    3) I’m on Facebook and @thelemons on Twitter. I found an app that updates my Facebook status with my tweets too :)

  13. 1) I enjoy blogs that are like talking to a girl-friend, and nice looking but not too cluttered. (Yours is pretty perfect, missy!)

    2) I tend to more of a lurker than a consistent commentor, but yes, I do feel my blogworld friends are Friends. I’ve invested time (reading, praying, sharing) in their lives (and some of them with me) and it’s definitely a relationship, albeit a virtual one :)

    3) I have so far evaded both Facebook and Twitter (though you will find a profile of me on Twitter ’cause I signed up to follow MckMama when Stellan isn’t doing so well). Don’t really see the point for me, and with a 3 month old, I have no time for it. Besides, who cares if I had choco milk for breakfast? Not even me!

    Best of luck

  14. 1. I enjoy a well-designed blog, but I too read most of mine in google reader so I often don’t see the design. I enjoy reading people who are real & funny. Definitely relational.

    2. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve interjected a blog-read story to my husband. I wonder how long it will be tell there’s a bloggy intervention at my house.

    3. I facebook and twitter. I’m not friends with any bloggers on Facebook, but I follow them on Twitter.

  15. The look of a blog is what draws me in at first…the writing/relational aspect is what keeps me there. :)

    If you read someone’s blog on a daily basis, you start to feel like you ‘know’ them. Those that I’ve met or email on a regular basis, I feel like are close friends.

    I facebook…haven’t given into twitter yet.

  16. Relational
    Yes Yes

  17. 1. I do appreciate a nice layout and design, but someone I can relate to is much more important, and if they are funny, even better.
    2. I feel like other bloggers are my friends, but I also feel weird sometimes seeing things too personal from them…like I really am stalking these strangers. Make sense?
    3. I use facebook. I don’t really get the point of Twitter, to be honest.

  18. I read so many different blogs, some more professional than others. I enjoy viewing unique designs and get ideas for when I am able to do a blog makeover but it doesn’t hinder me from visiting.

    I have met so many wonderful friends through blogging. Although I have real life friends, my blogging friends have become so important to me as I work full time with my husband from home on the computer. These friendships have been a blessing to me. I attended a bloggy get toether of AZ bloggers and we all felt like we knew each other. So, we just picked up the conversation. I pray with my bloggy friends and we often email each other. I can’t wait to meet some of them in person.

    YES, I’m on Facebook, I twitter and LOVE IT!

  19. – I prefer Relational as opposed to professional.

    – I do tend to feel like the bloggers are my friends.

    – I Facebook. Twitter interests me, but I haven’t tried it yet.

    Have Fun,

  20. Well-designed blogs are great – but sometimes they become “professional” and then I tend to lose interest. I guess I’m more about the content (I want to have something in common with the blogger).

    I think of bloggers as people I can vent to without any repercussions.. lol

    I use Facebook – but mostly just for that silly game Farm Town.

  21. 1. Relational is most important and I like the presentation to be neat and interesting. I like correct spelling.

    2. I think of some of the bloggers I read to be my friends.

    3. Facebook yes, Twitter – not yet.

  22. I like a blog that isn’t cluttered-too much to look at distracts me. I’m like a four year old.

    I don’t see too many really plain blogs but when I do they need to really grab me with content or I lose interest…see four year old comment above.

    I do feel like I know the bloggers I regularly read and I now email regularly with a couple of my readers which has been fun.

    facebook only…haven’t twittered yet…I’ve resisted, secretly hoping it would fizzle out. I don’t think I can add one more piece of technology to my brain right now.

  23. – The words pull me in…there has to be some connection (whether it is humor, similar experiences, etc) to keep me reading. More often than not, I will stop reading a blog based on a bad design rather than continue to read for a good one.

    – Definitely a relationship…the blog world is like the second side of me

    – yes to twitter, got on facebook in its early days but pretty much over it now

  24. I like them to be relational and they don’t neccessarily have to be professional, but I do like them to look nice and be easy to read. Not a lot of bloggy clutter, if you get my drift.
    no on the facebook and twitter. I figure keeping up a blog is enough!

  25. 1. I like them to be real. As for professional, I am just picky about spelling and grammar (but that’s just me.) The graphics and template don’t matter as long as it is easy on the eyes.

    2. Yes, but with appropriate social barriers. For example, I think my blog friends would pray for me if I were sick but I wouldn’t expect them to bring me a casserole.

    3. No and No. I tried Facebook and was overwhelmed with all the emails of people leaving me notes on my wall. I guess I’m more of an introvert than I thought.

  26. I can definitely appreciate a well-designed blog, but care far more about the content. I like to read witty, interesting or compelling posts.

    I tend to get hooked on a blog and can’t wait to check back to see what’s new. I also love to follow the stories of people going through triumphs or struggles. I don’t think I would consider these people friends, but I do get slightly attached.

    I use both, but am miserable about updating either.

  27. I look for a blog to be relational first, then pictures really help you get to know the person writing. This bleeds into #2, and yes I consider them friends. Especially people who regularly comment and have ongoing conversation. Not always close friends but friends yes! And I use facebook, not twitter. I know I’m behind on that one…

  28. Christal says:

    1. Some combination of the two
    2. Yes, I feel that we are friends. I talk about blogs I read with my husband like I chatted on the phone with you today…
    3. I use facebook and am signed onto twitter but have honestly never tweeted – I just follow others’ tweets

  29. 1. Combination of the two. Relational and simple. Uncluttered.
    2. Yes, you have an insight into some small sliver of their life.
    3. No. I hate (I know, that’s an intense word, but seriously) Facebook, but would consider Twitter if I had an inkling of an idea how to use it.

  30. 1. I think I continue to read when they are relational, but am first drawn by presentation.

    2. I definitely feel like they are friends. I sure do talk about them like they are!

    3. I do not use either.

  31. 1. I’d say I’m looking for a mix, but I like clean, simple blogs that are easy to navigate and not too flashy. Too much on a page can be distracting.

    2. Yes! I love reading bloggers that I can relate to and identify with.

    3. I use both. Just started on Twitter, but I’m not the best tweeter–I feel too much pressure to be witty in so little space.

    I’m so sad I won’t be there this weekend. I went two years ago and was planning on going again, but my best friend decided to get married this Saturday. It will be a blast, but I wish I could be in two places at the same time. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  32. 1) a blog design doesn’t really impact whether or not I visit the blog unless it is more hard to read than it is enjoyable to read

    2) i definitely think of the bloggers that i read as my friends :) in fact, one of my 101 in 1001 days goals is to meet several of my blog friends IRL :)

    3) i am on both facebook and twitter :) gotta love it!

  33. 1) When you read a blog, are you looking for a super-professional presentation (design, photography, writing, etc.), or are you looking for something that might not look as professional but feels really relational? Or some combination of the two?

    Definitely a mix of the two. If it is professional but boring, I won’t read it. If it’s relational but is tacky or is full of spelling and/or grammatical errors, I won’t read it either.

    2) Do you tend to think of bloggers as friends? I mean, not your closest friends or anything – but do you feel like you have a little bit of a relationship with the bloggers you read?

    Not necessarily the bloggers I read, but those whose blogs I comment on and they comment on mine. Also if we email frequently or occasionally, and most especially if we additionally keep up with each other on Facebook.

    3) Do you use Twitter or Facebook?


  34. 1) I love a cute blog design but, honestly, it’s the writing and relational aspects that bring me back time after time.
    2) What – bloggers aren’t supposed to be my virtual BFFs? I’m crushed! In all seriousness, I definitely feel like I know the bloggers I read on a daily basis. But not in a stalker-ish way.
    3) Facebook and Twitter – what can I say – I’m a social networking addict?

  35. Wow! I get to share my opinion! Thanks!
    1. Retlational is far more important… some of the way too professional ones are harder for my little ole computer to handle…
    2. Yes. I do think of them as a type of friend. A new type of friend is emerging in the techno–webby-world.
    3.Yes! I use both! Mostly facebook!

  36. 1) The design doesn’t matter too much to me. (Something simple and clean works just fine.) The biggest draw for me is the content – good and funny stories always are a big hit with me :)

    2) Yes!

    3) Neither.

  37. 1. I like a combination of good presentation or relational. It doesn’t have to be super-fancy. If I can navigate o.k. (find the posts, find where to comment, find how to get “home” are my main three), I’m good. If what I read makes sense, I’m good.

    2. I tend not to read bloggers when I don’t feel a bit of a relationship with them. This doesn’t mean I expect them to respond to all of my comments or e-mails. I just like to think they ARE paying attention to us out in “blog land.”

    3. I use both Facebook and Twitter. I have mainly Internet friends on Twitter. I don’t have any Internet friends on Facebook.

  38. 1) I really enjoy a creative blog design. That being said, I am more about the writing because I read my blogs though Google Reader and then it doesn’t really matter what the actual website looks like.

    2) Yes, partly because I read my blogs every day and so they’ve become a part of my daiy routine. :)

    3) I use both!

  39. 1. i think i’m somewhere in the middle. the relational side is way more important than the appearance. it’s what i read that keeps me coming back, not the “decor”.

    2. i def think of them as friends. sometimes i don’t even know their real names, i just refer to them as their blog names. it’s sad, yes, but fun too. i know so much about ya’ll and can relate so much to some of you. i have always LOVED the south and yet, i live in cali so sometimes reading your blogs makes me feel like i get a feel for the south.

    3. yes, i use both twitter and facebook and love them both. i use twitter more cause i have it on my phone and it’s “quicker” to me than facebook, but i feel like i can connect more with other (via pictures and things) on facebook.

  40. 1) A combination of the two, but relational writing is what keeps me.

    2) Yes, I think of some bloggers as my bloggy friends, but only after several comments or email exchanges.

    3) I twitter .. and am ADDICTED! :(

  41. 1. I judge a blog by it’s content, not presentation. I have gone to a couple of blogs that had a weird colored background or impossible to read font, and I’m not trying to go blind, so I guess that does matter a little.

    2. I WISH I were friends with many of the bloggers I follow. I feel like it’s mostly a one sided relationship with the majority of bloggers I read, and since I don’t consider that a relationship at all, I’d have to say no for #2. It does make my day when I occasionally get a response, though. And I’m constantly saying to people, this woman whose blog I read, and I do wish I could just say, my friend, instead. I think I’d come across as less of a stalker.

    3. I facebook, and I follow a few people on twitter, but I don’t update at all. I know everyone loves the twitter, but it seems like facebook on crack to me.

  42. 1. The writing brings me coming back for more no matter what the blog looks like. I do appreciate pretty, but I need something with substance.
    2. Why, yes I do! I sometimes refer to them as “friends” in my real life! ha
    3. Facebook

    Since I answered your questions, could I throw one out there? Okay, thanks! Just wondering what happened to the oh-so-funny bachelorette recaps? Even my dear sweet husband enjoyed them! You know when I would read them to him over the phone while he was trying to do some important work stuff. And did ya know, Ed came BACK & won the WHOLE DARN THING!!! I thought I would see you using “the words” to jump for joy…or something equally as funny!! All that just to say – I miss that! Glad I got that off my chest. I’m sure my TMJ will thank me for it cuz it’s been causing me some tension. I heart you BooMama!

  43. 1) A combination of both because it really matters why I am there. It I am doing research on a tech subject, I want professional. If I want to laugh and cry with you, it isn’t so important.

    2)Yes, sort of. If I comment and read it all the time. But if I lurk? Not so much. I do not feel any kind of friendship with Neatorama but I do with Kailani.

    3)Both. I really Twitter because I Facebook. When I started doing the facebook statuses I found an app that you could Tweet and it would run through the facebook also. So 2 spots for 1 status!

  44. 1. Content is what draws me in…Specifically, relational content. I am drawn to you b/c of your honest, open nature and the fact I am a southern gal too. MckMama- the fact I am a christain and a mom, and I pray over her sweet little stellan….etc. You get the idea. Flashy doesn’t do it for me, but I do like it clean and easy to navigate (links working, etc.)

    2. Yes, it “feels” like a relationship, even if I *know* that I am one in a million reading. For instance, I sent you a “love your writing” email back before I knew how big you were…you sent back a thank you (as a proper southern gal, I’m not surprised). Now, i don’t expect that, but it sure was nice. Conversational tone in blogging posts, some personal tidbits (i don’t want to know where you live for heaven sakes and I would worry if you posted too much personal stuff! But knowing your love for all things appetizer related is good…get my drift?!)

    3. I do facebook, but that is seperate from my “bloggy” life (if you can call it such). I only twitter to the extent that I want to know how sweet baby stellan is doing when he is in crisis. Call me old school, I guess.

    You’ll do fine at She Speaks!! Hang in there!!!

  45. 1. Design is far less important than content. Also, I need some decent use of CAPS and punctuation. I’m not a snob, but if all that’s ever used is an outside voice and nary a period, I’m outta there.

    2. Somewhat, yes. The ones I read most frequently, I go back because I feel I can relate to them or learn something from them, or they offer me a fresh perspective on things – or they just plain make me laugh.

    3. Facebook? Yes. Twitter? Useless drivel.

  46. (1) Presentation of blog can be either professional or a more informal approach. Content is important to whether I come back. I don’t like blogs that seem to be out to make a “harsh point” but do like ones that “share opinions”.

    (2) Just as when you sometimes hit it off when you meet someone, sometimes someones blog just “hits the spot” and you can develop a relationship through comments and emails.

    (3) I use facebook for family and a few friends.

  47. 1–I like a little bit of both. I love developing new relationships through blogs, but if the blog isn’t laid out well, I probably won’t stay. Blogs that are cluttered…no matter how good the content…have been disappearing from my day to day reading. My blog isn’t anything special, the template is pretty basic…but it isn’t cluttered.

    2–Friends for sure. I get so excited to exchange comments with my fellow blog friends. I especially love talking to my in real life friends about blog friends that we share. And I get absolutely giddy when I see a blogger in real life…I’m moving to Birmingham next month and am hoping I’ll run into you soon!

    3–I use facebook and twitter. They serve different purposes for me, but my current favorite is twitter.

  48. Southern Gal says:

    1. A combination. The look can cause me to leave, but if the writing is great then I’ll press on. If the writing is full of grammar errors, typos, etc., I have to move on since I’m OCD on that type of thing. I just unsubscribed to a lady who used these………over……..and over………and over again and these, too!!!!!!………for no apparent…….reason!!!!!!!!!!

    2. A different kind of friend…but a friend nonetheless.

    3. I don’t use either. Blogging and keeping up with my favorite bloggers takes up way too much of my time as it is. I don’t see how everyone can do facebook and twitter, too! I’ve got to have a life away from my computer and phone.

  49. I like a combination of the two – nice, professional to look at but also relatable and enjoyable…and yes, I think of the bloggers I read all of the time as “friends”…and I Facebook and sometimes Twitter.

  50. 1. I have to admit that the design of the blog really has an impact on whether or not I stay to read more than one post if I’ve clicked over from somewhere else. Whether or not I add it to my reader has more to do with the content, but design is the first hook to get me in.

    2. Yes, I often refer to my favorite bloggers as my “fake friends.”

    3. I don’t do twitter, but I do have a facebook account which I always forget to look at.

  51. I like blogs that feel professional but not so much that you feel like you’ve just come across a business. Just a happy medium. I like to see the different ways people display their blogs and blogs have come along way since it all started so its nice to see the new things people are using to spice things up.

    I also do think of them as friends. Some I have developed great peer relationships with and will call on them just as I would a regular friend.

    And yes, I do use facebook and twitter.

  52. 1. Yes, professional is a must. I suppose it’s more clean, than professional. Too cluttered in design and my eyes start to cross.

    And if paragraphs are too long and the grammar and spelling stinks, I’m outta there. It just gets too hard to read.

    Relational has a lot to do with a writer’s voice for me. I like reading people who sound like who they are rather than a recording.

    2. Totally. So many are real-life friends even if I’ve not met them face to face. I figure we’ll all live next door to each other on a big culdesac in heaven someday.

    3. Twitter and Facebook are my BFFs.

  53. 1) Combo of the two
    2) Yes, friends.
    3) no Facebook or Twitter.

  54. 1) A relational-type blog is more important in the long-run, but a more professional-looking design definitely helps catch my eye. That said, a good story is what usually what draws me in.
    2) I like to think I have blog-friends, even if they don’t know it! ;)
    3) I use both facebook & twitter. Most of my irl friends are on facebook, though.

  55. 1)I like a blog that looks professional, but doesn’t act it! It needs to feel relational.
    2)I do think of many of my fellow bloggers as friends and have been able to meet some in real life.
    3) I do Facebook, signed up for Twitter but never got into it.

  56. 1. I am impressed by professional looking blogs and usually get a bit jealous too! But I, too, use GoogleReader so I rarely am on an actual blog site anymore to see the designs. Relational is a MUST. It’s all about the voice/the story/etc.

    Also, sometimes I’m a bit intimidated by a blog that looks too professional – as though the blogger becomes more of an online journalist in my mind and no longer an honest person sharing an honest perspective.

    2. I do think of them as friends in that I look forward to hearing about their lives and love when I read something that I can relate to personally.

    3. I have a Facebook account, no status updates though. And no to Twitter.

  57. 1. It doesn’t have to be professional, but it can’t be a sloppy mess. The colors need to be soothing and not something I want to rip my eyeballs out over.

    2. I do think of them as friends and sometimes I talk to my husband about them as friends and he wonders where I met these people. When I tell them they aren’t real friends, but internet friends, he kinda rolls his eyes and goes on.

    3. I do Facebook

  58. I use Google Reader also. A nicely-designed web page may tempt me to get “hooked” but once I subscribe to a blog the content becomes more important. I dislike blogs with foul language and errors in grammar, but if the content is interesting I may make exceptions.

    Too soon to say if friendship will develop. I’m so new at this – I’ve just started reading blogs this summer!

    I do Facebook, mostly because of my 40th high school reunion this year. I go days at at time without checking Twitter.

  59. 1) I use Google Reader, so I really don’t care what the website looks like. If I find you and read a few times, and like you, I’ll just subscribe. The story is what I’m a sucker for. And how I relate to you.

    2) I’m not a stalker, but all the bloggers I read are my friends. If I ever see you in real life, I will either gush to you about how much I like you…or just run and hide out of embarrassment.

    3) Facebook addict. Twitter addict, although people who update twitter 500 times a day annoy me.

  60. Who thinks about all that stuff? I’m just trying to distract myself from the endless pile of laundry that needs to be done…

  61. 1. I read blogs for the “relational” aspect, but I do appreciate a nice blog layout and pictures. I am more likely to keep reading if I there are pictures, not too many typos (although I’m definitely guilty of grammatical sins!), and a clear layout without too much clutter.
    2. I do consider bloggers as friends of a sort–I have checked blogs for status updates on baby deliveries and surgeries, and actually cried over one blog mom’s failed adoption attempts. My favorite blogs are those of other mothers I identify with and whose sense of humor I appreciate–I think I’d be friends with them in real life, too!
    3. I do use Facebook–great for keeping track of friends from high school, college, and med school all in one place. I don’t Twitter–my life is just interesting enough for the occasional blog post. I don’t think my own mom would appreciate minute-by-minute updates, let alone my friends or the world in general!

  62. 1) Relational, but the design is an added bonus!

    2) Yes, they arefriends!! Some have become very dear to me. I may have appeared stalker-like to some…oops, sorry. Normal person here! Well mostly…

    3) I just started on FB–found a friend from childhood who led me to Christ–we moved away when I was 10. She and I talked about it today on FB–How cool is that??

  63. …and Llama Mama is ABSOLUTELY right on.

  64. 1. Relational relational relational. I don’t care so much for “professional” but polished is always good- you know, spell checked, etc.

    2. I do consider some of my blog relations friends- matter of fact- leslie from Diary of a Southern Drama Queen is coming tomorrow to spend a night and we’re going to see the sights in Nashville- our first “in real life” meeting, but we’ve been e-mailing and commenting for months. I’ve also developed a fun relationship with Melissa at “A Long Way from the Theta House” – it’s been a lot of fun, and even though they aren’t face to face friends- I value their opinions, enjoy their stories, and feel like if we were closer we’d be fast friends.

    3. Yes- I use facebook and twitter- I also use Networked blogs on facebook and have gotten quite a bit of traffic from it.

  65. 1) I will say that the presentation is important, because that is really what catches your eye and either lures you in to read or “X” out. However, a super fancy blog with no substance is about as useful as a pig in a dress. A combination of both is key, but appearance draws me in; substance keeps me in.

    2) I definitely feel like they’re “friends.” You have a relationship and they’re letting you into a part of their lives, and vice versa.

    3) Facebook only.

    Yo’ wail-come.

  66. 1. I like a little bit of both. I do judge a book by it’s cover( shame on me). If it’s a cute blog with a catchy title then I feel that I can really like the person.

    2. I do think of bloggers as my friends. Call me sketchy but if any of the bloggers wanted to meet up, I totally would.

    3. Yes, i do use Facebook and Twitter. More so Facebook though.

  67. 1. I like a presentation that speaks to me – that reaches out and grabs hold of my attention. Whether that is by relational means or powerpoint, I need to be engaged.

    2. I do think of bloggers as friends/acquaintances and if any happened by Durham and wanted to meet up I would. We are privy to so many random and sometime intimate aspects of each others lives, it’s hard not to feel close to them in some way.

    3. I don’t twitter, but I am a huge facebook fan.

  68. 1. I definitely look for relational. Pretty may enhance, but it’s not what draws me to a blog.

    2. I do think of bloggers as friends.

    3. I do only Facebook.

  69. 1.) I like to read blogs that are REAL. It’s nice to have a pretty blog and I think it’s overwhelming if the blog design is not aesthetically pleasing, but the content is what I’m about and I like real, transparent writers that are down-to-earth and care about their readers!

    2.) Yes. I enjoy reading blogs of people with whom I would want to be drinking coffee.

    3) Do you use Twitter or Facebook?
    I use facebook. I started Tweeting but I then I realized that there are very few people in the world that care whether I eat chocolate ice cream sandwich on Ice Cream Sandwich Day (august 2–trust me) or bowl a 26 with the gutter blockers.

    you’re welcome very much.

  70. 1. Combination
    3. Facebook

  71. 1. Combination.

    2. I often find myself saying, “My friend on the computer…” or “I know a person who…” only to secretly realize that this “friend” does not know me at all. But they feel like friends

    3. Facebook only.

  72. 1. Whether I like it or not, I judge a blog first by its appearance. More important though is content. Are they blogging about something that I find I connect with in a way that is interesting to read?
    2. Yes!
    3. Twitter more than Facebook but yes, both.

  73. 1) I’m not looking for super-professionalism. I prefer warm, homey, and relational. But I do want there to be correct spelling, breaks in paragraphs rather than one long stream of consciousness, ease of navigation, lack of clutter, etc. So I guess a combination, leaning more toward relational than professional.

    2) Some of the bloggers I read have become friends. With others there is still more distance. The difference is usually in their response. There are several blogs I have commented on several times and have gotten NO response, either on their blogs, in an e-mail, or in a visit back to my blog. So I eventually stopped commenting there, even though I still read. It’s not tit for tat, but rather because I feel more like a groupie or a “fan” than a friend. I know some of the “bigger” blogs gets tons of responses and can’t keep up, so I guess I’m not adding any more to their burden. I still see blogging as more interactive than other sites.

    3) I use Facebook: I don’t use Twitter. I don’t need yet one more thing to keep up with, especially with keeping up with some of the same people in 2 or 3 different places.

  74. Interesting questions-

    1. I look for relational content that applies to my little world.

    2. I consider them fascinating acquaintances since we’ve never really met, but I would love to meet.

    3. NO to both. I’m a holdout. Even stopped blogging as it’s just too much.

  75. Well…
    1> I do love the look of a professional blog. I like blogging myself but don’t have a lot of traffic except for friends so I really appreciate someone who has a very professional looking blog. But…I do love to read a relational blog..that’s what keeps me coming back!

    2>So along those lines…yes, I feel some sort of connection with those whose blogs I read. Maybe not necessarily a friend but more like a Twitter that I follow or a Facebook friend. I enjoy actually communicating in person with people who are my friends not just reading about them. ;0)

    3> I use Twitter and Facebook for two different reasons…Twitter helps me stay up to date with “famous” people that I probably wouldn’t hear from any other way (but yes, I do have real friends on there too!) and then Facebook is for those “real” people that I know. So for me, I love Tweetdeck because I can keep up with both there and update both at the same time there.

    Thanks for letting me share! Love your blog!

  76. 1. When I first find a blog, the design is a major draw (or not) for me. Professional, clean and cute are good. Compelling and clear are also very good. If I can’t navigate my way around your “home,” I am a whole lot less likely to feel comfortable. However, once I have you in my Reader, I pretty much almost kinda forget what your blog looks like. I’d love to say I comment on every single blog I read every day, but um, no, I don’t.

    2. If I read a blog but don’t interact, I don’t think of the author as my friend. If, however, that person emails me in response to comments or sends me messages on Twitter or Facebook, then yeah, I start to think of them as friends.

    3. I do Facebook and Twitter. I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter, though. Or, a get it/can’t stand it relationship. Or, a this is fun/why doesn’t anyone tweet me relationship. You get the picture, I am sure.

    I am so excited for She Speaks, and I just can’t wait to meet you!

  77. 1. Relational. I usually read the blogs that I follow via Google Reader, so I typically miss the blog design altogether.

    2. Definitely yes. Like I’m certain if I ran into some of the bloggers I read on the street, we’d spend a couple of hours catching up over Diet Coke in the nearest coffee shop.

    3. Facebook. No twitter for me.

  78. 1. I tend to gravitate towards blogs that I feel I can connect with and relate to. Don’t really base it on presentation but the writing material and the character of the person whose blog I’m reading.

    2. There are a handful of bloggers I have really come to know and enjoy and have become great friends with through the blog world and so yes I’d consider them friends!

    3. I facebook and twitter.

  79. 1) I appreciate a pulled-together design, but more important than that is the writing style. Maybe I’m a snob, but I have a very difficult time reading blogs that have serious grammatical or other writing mistakes.

    2) I do kind of think of bloggers as my friends, especially the ones that comment on my blog or communicate with me on Twitter.

    3) Yes, both, probably too much!

  80. 1. My favorites are blogs which combine both options and do it in a literate, humorous way. yours is an excellenyt example!
    2. Though I only read a handful of blogs daily, I do start to think of the bloggers as friends and look forward to reading them each day.
    3. I have not yet tweeted, but I do love Facebook, especially to creep on my college student daughter. Sshhhh.

  81. 1. Not the look at all, mainly the writing/stories/recipes, etc. by the blogger.
    2. I do feel a closeness to many of the bloggers I read.
    It was very interesting to me when I met the one and only blogger in person (so far), that her response to meeting bloggers in person was everyone she (Marla T.) had met in person were EXACTLY what she anticipated.
    3. No tweeting or facebooking….just too darn old……

    Blessings and praying your comments are helpful to your research.

    Take care,

  82. Oh, heavens, after I spouted on literacy I butchered words. Please forgive – I am working with a cracked computer screen and am giving myself carpal tunnel trying to move the windows around to see them!

  83. i’m going to end up reading in a reader so ultimately the design doesn’t matter, however, that is what usually draws me and commits me to a certain blog. photos, a clean design, few distractions all make me think i want to spend some time there.

    but mostly, i make connections with bloggers based on what they have to say, or what they saw to me in my comments.

  84. 1) I look for someone who makes me laugh, or is interesting, or is knowledgeable about something I want to learn. I don’t care what the actual webpage looks at because I read everything through a feed reader.

    2) I do think of bloggers as friends, even though it doesn’t always go both ways :)

    3) I’m on FB a LOT, not so much Twitter

  85. Both
    and Twitter (facebook for real friends)

  86. 1. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to make me laugh, cry, giggle, or emote in some way, shape, or form.

    2. They are friends, and friends come in many different forms. Some have become such good friends that they live outside my computer and on my phone. And others were such good friends they became IRL ones.

    3. I am a Twit and a FB’er.

  87. 1. I don’t like it to feel professional, but I like correct spelling and basic grammer neatness. I like it to feel “homey” if that’s even possible for a website!

    2. I don’t think of bloggers as friends, per say. But, I do enjoy keeping up with them and am quite sad if they stop blogging (no matter how good the reasons). I do feel that I know the blogger and feel emotionally attached (sad when you’re sad, etc.)

    3. I use Facebook. I have a Twitter account, but have never used it. I have an old cellphone. And I’m technologically behind. Because I choose to be. And, I have no money!

  88. Marianne says:

    1. I do enjoy a well designed page, but most importantly, one with a large enough font that’s easy to read. Also, do not like blogs that take soooo long to load because of the music on them, etc.

    2. I feel like they could be my friend because I it feels like I know them so well.

    3. I’m on Facebook constantly and Twitter occasionally (more often when I’m checking in on Stellan @ Mckmama’s)

  89. 1) I LOVE the look of The Pioneer Woman and Posie Gets Cozy but if they weren’t funny or informational (which they both are) I probably wouldn’t keep going back. I’ll take funny over professional any day of the week, my friend.

    2) I sometimes think I’m a little weird about feeling so connected to women I’ve never met other than through their words on my computer screen. But I really do feel connected to this “community” of bloggy women.

    3) Facebook. I still haven’t even looked into the whole Twitter thing. Right now I figure I’ve got enough to keep up with between 4 kids, fb, blogs, house, hubby, etc., etc.. I’m not adding even 1 more single solitary thing into my “to do list.”

  90. 1. Design doesn’t matter much to me at all because I read all blogs in Google Reader.

    2. I think of them as closer to me than a stranger, but it’s a stretch to call them a friend. If I’m talking about something I read on a blog, I typically refer to it as ‘well I was reading this blog and…’

    That being said, I definitely related to some bloggers moreso than I do others…

    3. I’m on both!

  91. 1) No, I don’t look because I typically only use Google Reader, so I don’t see the blog layout a lot. But I do like to see the more professional blog when I do look at them.

    2) Sometimes. I am generally a lurker blog reader so I rarely comment, thus not really making room for relationship. I do, however, talk to my friend, who reads most of the same blogs about what’s going on in the blogs we read. So between us, we talk like you all are IRL friends!

    3) Definitely Facebook. I’m signed in to Twitter, but only follow 3-4 people (like MckMama) but do not Twitter myself (yet)…


  92. 1) relational is primary, and the only look I have issue with is cluttered.

    2) yes, I see my readers as friends, and I see some of those I read as friends

    3) yes, both FB and Twitter, but I’m a REALLY pathetic tweet

  93. 1) Definitely a combination of the two. I love when bloggers have professional backgrounds, nothing fancy but I love a header that really describes that person- like Chic Runner.

    2) Definitely! And I always get a little excited when my favorite bloggers have new posts in my reader. I don’t comment much, but I love to follow people like MckMama, PW, Kelly’s Korner and of course, you!

    3) Facebook. With a little lurking on twitter, but I find it too hard to follow.

  94. 1. relational, I like things to be pretty, but not too slick.

    2. I definitely think of my bloggers as friends and refer to them that way in the real world.

    3. I facebook and twitter.

  95. 1) When I read a blog, I’m looking for content. Design alone cannot lure me to a blog (if it could, I’d read only professional writers) but bad design (animation, music, changing to cursor to a butterfly) can turn me off so completely that I can’t manage to stick around long enough to find the content. (The only exception to my “no music” rule is Bring The Rain, and I’d prefer it if that music was optional.)

    2) I have no closer relationship with a blogger than with any writer I like. That’s not quite precise – I feel that I know more about bloggers than most authors, but I do realize that’s an illusion. Most of the time. I’ve never met a blogger face to face; if I did, I’d probably be too shy to make contact, as I’d be with a writer.

    3) I use Facebook for people I actually know – that is, people who would recognize me and say “Hello.” I use Twitter for people I find interesting – people on a board I read, bloggers, celebrities. I post on Facebook occasionally; I almost never post on Twitter. It all became much simpler once I made that distinction.

  96. 1. Both – I have some blogs I read because they are “purdy” and OK content and others I read because they are very relational. 2. I do have a few bloggers who are also friends – we exchange “off blog” notes and packages. I relate more to women bloggers – ’cause I are one.
    3. No Twitter and quit Facebook – life is too short to spend so much time trying to “relate” when I have real live human beings within touching distance I can “relate” with – or just eat peanut butter and jelly on crackers with!

  97. 1. Primarily relational. Hate blogs with a gillion ads.

    2. Yes. I’ve made some great friends.

    3. No to both.

  98. I am lurker.But thought what the hay I’ll let you know. But have read you for sometime . Love your humor and your wisdom.
    Don’t care much for the design aspect of things. I am looking for the relation.
    As a matter of fact I do consider you a friend. And when I repeat things that you write I say”my friend said” ha (is that wierd).
    NO Twitter No Facebook (and no cell on the weekend) band that in our house over 3 months now and you just wouldn’t believe the torcher you can add to teens lives. Love it Love it

  99. 1. So sad I won’t be at She Speaks this year. You’ll be awesome.

    2. I love blues and greens.

    3. And giraffes.

    4. Oh, are there specific questions I’m supposed to be answering?

    5. I use fb and twitter both. People rarely respond to my tweets on twitter, but my updates are linked to fb, and all my sweet friends comment there.

    6. I count you as a dear, dear friend. :) For reals.

  100. 1. Relational, definitely. I appreciate a blog whose layout is coded well so that things are hanging outside margins or covering up the text, but that’s about the extent of professional for me.

    2. I do feel like I kinda “know” the folks I read and am really upset that I don’t live near enough any to get together with them. I am convinced we’d all have new friends if this was the case.

    3. Facebook!!! Tried Twittering but it really annoyed my husband. Facebook is enough competition for him.