Selah “You Deliver Me” Giveaway

I promise that at some point I’m going to sit down and write words that aren’t connected to giveaways (or magazine bargains), but I’m playing a little giveaway catch-up right now (I actually have two more giveaways that I’m posting over the next couple of days, which I guess means there’s going to be a bit of a theme on the blog this week).

(The giveaway theme will probably be more enjoyable than my usual bloggy theme of stunningly mediocre content. In fact, I’m starting to feel like mediocrity is one of my spiritual gifts.)

(Though certainly I don’t mean to brag.)

(Another spiritual gift? The overuse of parentheses.)

ANYWAY, I am beyond tickled to be giving away 10 copies of Selah’s new “You Deliver Me” CD today. It is one of my very favorite CDs so far this year, and Y’ALL ARE GOING TO LOVE IT.

Just click over to my giveaways page to enter. It’s easy-breezy.

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