Lo, Another Giveaway

I really am working on some posts that don’t have the word “giveaway” in them. I really am. I think. At least I’m almost certain that I’ve thought about working on some posts that don’t have the word “giveaway” in them.

But since I made a few giveaway commitments earlier in the summer, I’m trying to (finally) take care of all my bloggy bidness – the bidness that I have maybe sort of put off just a little bit because, well, it was summertime and I worked very, very hard to balance all of our family fun with all the time we spent driving around town looking for places that sell Icees. Not to mention the fact that I had an EXTREMELY rigorous nighttime TV-watching schedule to maintain.

So anyway, I know that this week has been a little heavy on the giveaways, but as I often like to say: an ounce of giveaway procrastination is worth a pound of giveaway overkill.

Or something like that.

And if you’d like to win a $25 Marshalls gift card, just click on over to the giveaways page.

p.s. Tomorrow I’m giving away some music by someone whose name rhymes with MISTY DOCKELS. You can imagine my joy.

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