You Can Imagine My Surprise

Okay so I really do have one more giveaway to do – and if I don’t get it posted tonight, I’ll get it posted tomorrow – but my brain needs for me to compose some sentences that are not connected to fabulous prizes so that I can tell you about something that has had a profound impact on the life of my little family.

Here’s the deal. I have always been a vanilla ice cream girl. I don’t usually like ice cream with swirls or chocolate covered things or chunks of stuff. If I’m really feeling crazy I’ll put some strawberries on top of my PLAIN VANILLA – or maybe just a little bit of chocolate syrup – but by and large I don’t want to taste any wacky flavor combinations. Just some old school homemade vanilla.



Over the last two weeks, everything has changed. My husband picked out some ice cream one night when we were at the grocery store, and even though I was skeptical – even though I couldn’t fathom why he wouldn’t buy a pint of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla for me and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk for him – he branched out. He broadened our ice cream horizons. And our lives will never be the same.

All because of this.




And honestly, I can’t figure out why I like it. It’s chocolate ice cream (not a fan), it has stuff mixed in it (not a fan) and it’s full of nuts (typically a fan – but not when they’re in ice cream). But I’m telling you: there’s something about the flavor and the texture that just delights me.

I mean, right now? While I’m sitting in a chair in my house and typing on my computer? Just thinking about that Nutty Chocolate ice cream makes me want to clap my hands. It also makes me want to drive to the Publix and pick up a 1/2 gallon of Nutty Chocolate. But I won’t do that since I am the epitome of self-discipline and restraint.

Stop laughing.

Anyway, even though I will always be loyal to my Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla, I feel a shift in my ice cream perspective, a sense of adventure in my ice cream spirit. And I owe it all to Nutty Chocolate. I am forever grateful.

So. What’s your favorite ice cream?

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  1. Ooohh! We just discovered Haagen Dazs “Five” ice cream! Only five ingredients. It’s so creamy and delicious – everything an ice cream should be!

  2. Coffee with crushed heath bar candy. Yummy!

  3. Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey

    Flavor in general- Rocky Road

  4. Have you tried the new BlueBell Southern Hospitality??? Yuuuummmmm!

  5. Thrifty’s Malted Chocolate Crunch. Heavens, that’s good stuff, and I don’t even like ice cream!

  6. i am shocked! i thought i had you pegged. i never would’ve guessed you were a vanilla girl! and you think you know someone… ha!

    my current favorite is blue bell cookies and cream. but i also love braum’s peppermint. (i think braum’s is only in texas maybe?)

  7. I love Blue Bell’s Fudge Nut Brownie, but I haven’t been able to find it lately. It’s chocolate ice cream with bits of brownie and nuts in it! Devine!! I may have to resort to Nutty Chocolate! I love Blue Bell!

  8. I LURVE Blue Bell Cookies & Cream. Yum! To me, there is nothing better. However, I live in Colorado – which Blue Bell has forsaken!

    I can also go for Neopolitan from time to time.

  9. @Blogaroni and Dees

    Now, am going to have to make a special trip to Braums when I get into Texas next week. :)

    Their Prailines & Cream is OUTTA THIS WORLD!

  10. Moose Tracks!!! I wish we had some here in Africa…

  11. I love cookie dough or butterfinger. You are like Scott – he only likes plain vanilla. He always complains I always buy the kind with “junk in it” but hey – I do the shopping!!!!! If I buy vanilla – I smother it in magic shell and hersheys chocolate!

  12. I love BlueBell’s Cookie’s and Cream and I kind of have an obsession with Baskin Robbin’s Strawberry Cheesecake (yes it actually has chunks of cheesecake in it)– YUM!!!

  13. Baskin Robbins’ Gold Medal Ribbon will always be my very favorite! Chocolate, vanilla with caramel swirl!!! In Heaven, I believe, God will let me bathe in it.

  14. Blue Bell Vanilla but this summer I found Blackberry Cobbler! Delish!

  15. Thought you would get a kick out of this:
    Last night we went to local burger joint to eat, except my boys said they wanted nachos. When we got there they flirted with the idea of a Subway sandwich. I reminded them they said they wanted nachos, to which my oldest replied
    “Oh that’s right mama. You know how much I love cheese!”
    A kid after your own heart! Have a good day.

  16. To answer the question – anything pretty much! Vanilla is always a sure thing.

  17. I absolutely love anything “ice cream.” :D Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip is my all time favorite though.

  18. This house generally serves Vanilla Bean.


    I have begun making homemade ice cream, and I think we are now spoiled.

    Our last creation was Snickerdoodle.

    And I wonder why my hour on the treadmill hasn’t moved any of my extra weight.

  19. Buckeye.

    Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirled in…


  20. Baskin Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge–and I don’t even like coffee. It is a little taste of Heaven!

  21. Southern Gal says:

    Ben and Jerry’ Heath Bar Crunch. But I can’t bear to eat it with the calorie and fat content staring me in the face. It’s been a while now…gotta make an ice cream run to the store today! Thanks a lot. ;)

  22. you people are killing me with the talk of Blue Bell and Braum’s. We have moved north with my husband’s job and yankee’s don’t have such things up here. And you all do know that on the 8th day, God created ice cream!

  23. I am with you on the non-chunky ice cream. I love me some Breyer’s Vanilla Fudge Twirl. Close second is Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip.

  24. Mint chocolate chip has been a long-time favorite of mine although that Nutty Chocolate does look awfully delicious.

  25. Cannot beat Blue Bell Buttered Pecan with an occasional foray into the fruit flavored Blue Bell’s – peach or cherry! ’tis a curse but we Texans believe in supporting our state – eating Blue Bell is patriotic

  26. I second the Blue Bell Blackberry cobbler recommendation. I also love Blue bell Key Line Pie. It has chunks of pie crust, which sounds weird but tastes gooooood.

  27. Teri from Indiana says:

    Cold Stone Creamery’s German Chocolate. Hands down. OR when we were in Gulf Shores, before Katrina visited there, we stopped at Scoops. They had a frozen peanut butter cheesecake wedge dipped in chocolate. We haven’t been back there since. Is it still there?

  28. I thought you were going to say that you got your hands on your hubby’s New York Super Fudge Chunk and wouldn’t give it back. Because THAT is my favorite. Rumor has it one could eat an entire carton in just one sitting. But I wouldn’t know anything about that . . .

    And if the store is out of NYSFC, I get the “Everything But The . . .” Oh my stars. Yum.

  29. Blue Bell Moolineum Crunch.

    (not a big ice cream fan in general, but the vanilla bean… when there’s the little black specks in the ice cream… that says ‘quality’ and ‘I taste good’ all the day long.
    but THIS ice cream? the vanilla. the nuts. the chocolate pieces. the caramel pieces. it’s so good I honestly believe the Blue Bell people only put it out in limited quantities, because I can hardly ever find it. it’s like they WANT you to long for it!)

    Seriously BooMama, branch out there one time and buy a little tub of it when you see it at the store. and then please call me and tell me where you found it and I’ll drive from Atlanta to Birmingham to get me some!

    (not really. but that sounded good for effect, didn’t it?)

  30. Mayfield’s Blueberry Cream Pie. And also, Vanilla.

  31. DEATH BY CHOCOLATE. It’s the only way to go!

  32. Let’s not let that adventuresome spirit pass without trying Blue Bell Moo-llennium Crunch!! It’s to die for!! And if you like Blackberry Cobbler, you need to grab you some BB Southern Blackberry Cobbler real fast, b/c I believe it’s a Summertime only flavor! See, there’s so much stuff to try your horizons will be broadened tremendously! :)

  33. BlueBell used to have a flavor called Nuty Coconut which I LoVED – but I havent seen it since I left Texas. So…my favorite is Blue Bell Tin Roof Sundae

  34. All Moose Tracks, all the time.

  35. Just like you and the Nutty Chocolate, I bought Blue Bell Blackberry Cobbler and was shocked at how yummy it is. People were going crazy for this stuff, we had company in town and we had to go out to the store 2 times over the week to get more Blackberry Cobbler. It was shockingly blackberryish, and the cobbler pieces crispy and crunchy. We all loved it.

  36. Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. Oh, sweet mercy, it’s perfection.

  37. I don’t drink coffee (love the smell, not the tates) however, Blue Bell’s Mocha Madness is my current fave…when I can find it!

    It’s sooo good! Coffee flavored ice cream with a fudge swirl and almonds…YUM!

  38. I don’t think I have ever been so excited about an icecream flavor in my life!! I am telling you this one is sent from God for the treatment of PMS!!!!
    It’s Mayfield MOO-ionaire’s Java – coffee icecream with a trio of Chocolate, caramel and hazelnut filled truffles.

  39. Pistachio Almond….if you love the taste of almond flavoring, like we do, then you will love this!! Plus the nice green coloring is just fun! :)

    However. HOWEVER. Not as good as a jar of WICKLES pickles!!!! :)

  40. You love it because it’s Texas goodness, that’s why.

  41. Wal-Mart brand, Black Cherry Chocolate Chip. It is heaven on earth!!!

  42. Carrie in NYC says:

    As a recovered ice cream addict, it might be dangerous for me to comment here. The ice cream I love most is actually one that I “make” myself. Crushed-up oreos mixed into mint chocolate chip ice cream and refrozen = divine.

  43. BooMama, I think your life will also be changed by Blue Bell’s Tin Roof. It has everything you said you don’t want in ice cream, but it is YUM-MY! And thanks for sharing b/c I’m always willing to branch out on some Blue Bell!

  44. I love ice cream – so many flavors. It’s one of the foods I could eat every day for the rest of my life and never be bored with it (the other is pizza). So my favorite flavors: Ben & Jerry’s Cake Batter, Haagen Dazs Sticky Toffee Pudding, Edy’s Slow Churned Frozen Yogurt Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Cookie.

  45. Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla

  46. i soooo miss blue bell up here but we have graeter’s. it is yummmy goodness!! my fav flav – coconut chip!!

  47. I have discovered the Publix brand ice cream flavors this summer. I enjoy their Cookies and Cream brand but my fave is their French Silk Duet…let’s take a moment of silence….ok. It has a light taste (unfortunately this did not carry over in the calories so that is why I tend to not read the labels). It is half vanilla and then half Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks in it. Usually I am not a fan of any chunks in my ice cream but this ice cream has become my favorite!! And I also like to leave the ice cream out for a few minutes so it is a little melty (probably not a word but I’m claiming it). Have a great weekend!
    I think I need to run to Publix…

  48. Bunny Tracks. YUM!

    But also … Mint Chocolate Chip.

  49. Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip.
    Blue Bell Tin Roof.
    Oh, yes, they are delightful!!

  50. Blue Belle Banana Split. Holy Bananas is it good!

  51. Baskin Robbins Chocolate Peanut Butter.

    But there isn’t a Baskin Robbins in THE STATE OF ALABAMA.

    Which is a tragedy of epic proportions.

    So I settle for Haagen Daaz chocolate peanut butter.

    And I just realized how sad it is that I “settle” for the gourmet Haagen Daaz while dreaming about the lesser Baskin Robbins version. But let me tell you, it’s amazing. My brother, who is also a fan of the Baskin Robbins, is having a BR ice cream bar at his wedding in March rather than a groom’s cake.

    I can’t tell you how excited I am about that.

    I know. Sad.

  52. Definitely Bluebell’s Peppermint! Yum, Yum, Yum! It only comes out for the holidays so grab it when you can! :)

  53. Mayfield Cookies & Cream

    However, for some reason, this baby I am carrying will NOT let me eat ice cream or milkshakes without sending me to the bathroom for several hours afterwards. Sooooo disappointing! Neither of my other two pregnancies were like this. Hmmm….maybe that means it’s a girl this time!

    Got my CD in the mail, by the way. Love it! Thanks for solving the mystery. :)

  54. Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby! YUM

  55. Typically, plain vanilla is my choice, but I have just been introduced to coffee ice cream. With a swirl of chocolate on top, it is the perfect way to cool down from the heat.

  56. When I was pregnant, I ate a big bowl of New York Vanilla with hot chocolate powder sprinkled on top EVERY NIGHT. So that’s always a fun flashback. But if I don’t have to get ice cream for everyone, I love Haagen-Dazs Caramel Cone or Creme Brulee. Or Ben & Jerry’s half baked. This summer though, Dairy Queen has been feeding me crack in the form of Tagalongs Blizzards. Oh sweet deliciousness. I owe at least 5 of these pounds to you, Dairy Queen!

  57. Without a doubt, Breyer’s Coffee.

    Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby receives an honorable mention.

  58. i love braum’s more than blue bell…(i am typing this anonymously so i don’t get my Texan card revoked) my fave’s are mint chocolate chip and cappuccino chunky chocolate! mmmm!

  59. My all-time favorite is Baskin Robbin’s Peanut Butter ‘n Chocolate. There’s something about those chunks of peanut butter that bring heaven a bit closer to earth.

    However, I recently was introduced to Blue Bell’s Groom’s Cake and I’m pretty sure the heavens just plain opened up and dropped this little gem onto our planet.

    It’s chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate cake (which is somehow still soft and cake-like) and chocolate covered strawberries. It has ribbons of chocolate icing and strawberry swirl.

    Life changing. That’s the only thing I can say about it.

  60. Founder’s Favorite from Coldstone Creamery! It’s the BEST!

  61. Your husband’s Ben & Jerry’s pick is also my favorite. OR I like the dark chocolate ice cream from Marble Slab. Coldstone doesn’t have it so they don’t have me. The darker the chocolate…the happier Beth is!

  62. I’m a HUGE Bluebell fan — heck, I just love ice cream – any kind with all manner of stuff swirled in. Except cookie dough, just not a fan of the cookie dough flavor.

    Anyway, I stumbled (but I’d rather think of it as a divine intervention) onto Kay’s Classic Ice Cream. Black Raspberry chocolate — oh my heavens. This is NOT a flavor I would like, but oh my! Angel’s sang when I opened up the carton. Can only find it in Knoxville and in Pinson. It’s from the Kay’s Ice Cream in Maryville, TN (just a little useless trivia)

    I try not to buy it because I polish off a carton in a day.

  63. Bluebell Chocolate Covered Cherries, yummy!
    Blessings today and always,

  64. Oh yes ma’am I am all about the Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. I am like you, not liking the chocolate or the nuts or the crazy mix ins. My husband is an ice cream fiend and brings home a new flavor everytime he goes to the grocery store. But we are Blue Bell committed, so it’s only that brand. Last week he brought home Groom’s Cake. It’s way too much for me, but he is in love. I may be in trouble.

  65. I don’t like chocolate ice cream, but I think you’ve convinced me to try this. Curtis won’t eat the nuts, so it will be a dangerous scenario of having the whole thing to myself.

  66. Pinkberry is my new ice cream…it’s the most wonderful frozen yogurt in the world.

    Sorry y’all don’t have them in the south.

    But BEFORE I stopped eating sweets, my wife and I would go through a 1/2 gallon of Dreyers Grand Light cookie dough OR Caramel Delight every few days. That caramel stuff WAS truly a delight.

    but no more…

  67. Ben & Jerry’s “Everything but the….” i had it for the first time &

  68. Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip is the only ice cream around…at least to me. Thin Mint Blizzards from DQ would suffice, as well.

  69. I am actually not a huge ice cream fan, but I do love chocolate. So I was sooo-prised to fall in love with Blue Bunny’s double peach ice cream (what? a dessert that has no chocolate?) this summer. I even wrote my own ode/post to it about a month ago! :)

  70. Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. I love the Fro Yo in Cherry Garcia just as much. Can’t tell the difference at all!

  71. At this time in my life, filled with overly pregnant hormones, my ice cream favorite is random & varied. Lately I’m onto Blue Bell’s Southern Blackberry Cobbler. This spring and summer I’ve gone through many flavors, each as delicious as the last. Pistachio Almond, Snickwerdoodle, Rainbow Sherbet, Groom’s Cake, Chocolate Covered Cherry. This past winter my daughter and I got hooked on Blue Bell’s Centennial Cupcake-cake batter flavored ice cream, chocolate icing swirles, sprinkles, and chunks of cake-frozen creamy decadent heaven. & now Blue Bell doesn’t make it anymore. )=

  72. Stephanie says:

    Our current family favorite is Tillamook Mudslide ice cream. It is available here out west. It is chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate in it – a chocoholic’s dream…..

  73. Well, store bought ice cream would currently have to be Blue Bell’s Blackberry Cobbler – an ice cream with pie crust chunks – I’m in love. There used to be a place in the mall here called Maggie Moos’ and I would get Cocunut ice cream with a pineapple mix in ~ utterly (udderly?) deelish! Or there’s Braum’s Peanut Butter Cup or their Peppermint.

    Frankly, I’ve never met an ice cream I didn’t like (with the exception of the time I was pregnant and my hubby brought home Blue Bell Cantaloupe ~ Blech!). I guess I should be thankful for my slight lactose intolerance issue or I might just as well gain 20 lbs eating ice cream alone!

  74. MS State’s Butter Pecan, straight from State Fountain Bakery!

  75. I really like chocolate almond, so I can imagine that Nutty Chocolate would be super fab. I’m not currently eating anything chocolate, so my interim favorite is vanilla and orange sherbert swirl. It makes me oh so happy.

    Though I did dream about chocolate last night. It’s been a year and my resolve is starting to disintegrate. Clearly.

  76. Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby.
    (PS: The Blue Bell factory in Brenham, Texas gives tours and you can pick out any (and all) samples of their ice cream at the end.)

  77. Blue Bell milk chocolate OR dutch chocolate OR cookies ‘n cream OR homemade vanilla OR tin roof sundae

  78. Peanut Butter and Chocolate from Baskin Robbins. There’s some ingredient in their chocolate that makes it the very best (it’s got some flavor similar to Haagen-Dazs), and when combined with huge chunks of peanut butter, you can really hear angels sing.

  79. Anything with chocolate in it definetly. Had chocolate with pecans this week at the local Brewster’s. Yum!!!!

  80. I do adore Breyer’s chocolate mint, but for THE BEST ICE CREAM EVER, our family makes this recipe of my husband’s grandmother. It takes planning, but OH MY, the deliciousness…

  81. As long as you are breaking out of your vanilla comfort zone, don’t miss Moose Trax. It has “lumps” in it but it is so so so so good. (My mother hated “lumps” in her ice cream but even she would have loved this.) Fudge swirl that tastes like a dark chocolate bar, mini peanut butter cups…

  82. Jenifer H says:

    Blue Bell Banana Pudding…hands down.

  83. I love coffee ice cream and coconut ice cream. Yum!

  84. Anything with the words “Moose Tracks” in the title. Right now we’re on a mint moose tracks kick. The gigantic hunks, and I mean gigantic, totally make it! Every ice cream should have fudge like that!

  85. Just the very THOUGHT of Blue Bell itself–any flavor, any variety–makes me want to clap my hands. I’m heading back out to the AL next month and you can bet the first thing I do is head over to Winn Dixie and find me a 1/2 gallon and a spoon. You lucky Southerners get all the good stuff.

  86. Blue Bell Cherry Vanilla. It is perfection. It is also a seasonal flavor so you can’t get it all the time. And if you live in Colorado, like I do, you can only get it when you travel 2.5 hours to Estes Park or when you go home to your sweet home state of Arkansas.

    Ice Cream Woes in Colorado

  87. The new favorite in my house is Haagen Dazs’ “Caramel Cone.” Caramel ice cream (yum!) with a caramel swirl and chunks of chocolate-covered waffle cone. Mmmmmm, so good!

  88. The hubs and the young ones prefer vanilla, so that’s what we have around here. Always Bluebell Homemade Vanilla. I prefer anything with chocolate in it. Am not opposed to nuts or brownies, but NO FRUIT in my ice cream.

  89. I tried Nutty Chocolate for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It’s wonderful. And while it’s chocolate upon chocolate with some nuts mixed in, there’s also the ever so slightest hint of saltiness in there that I looove. Klondike used to make (at least I can’t find it anymore) a Caramel Pretzel Klondike Bar. It was amazing with all the vanilla and chocolate and caramel and salty pretzels…yummmm, wish I could find it again.

  90. The more ‘stuff’ in my ice cream, the bettter!! I only became a vanilla lover about 5 years ago, and I REALLY like Blue Bell Old Fashioned Vanilla.

    Ice Cream in general is my favorite dessert! Here are my top three (today):

    1. Jeni’s Ice Cream @ North Market in Columbus, Ohio – their Salted Caramel is A-maz-ing!

    2. Handel’s Ice Cream in Hilliard, Ohio – Chocolate Pecan. Oh my stars – best ever.

    3. Amy’s Ice Cream in Austin, TX (thank God for them since we live HERE and not in Ohio any more…) – Mexican Vanilla.

  91. I’m with you on the Blue Bell homemade vanilla! Best ice cream on the planet!

  92. Starbucks Java Chip is divine.

  93. Blue Bell Grooms Cake. Chocolate ice cream with strawberry swirl, chocolate covered strawberry candy pieces, chocolate icing and chocolate cake bits. Help me.

  94. WAH! We don’t get Blue Bell here in CO! But I really like Maggie Moo’s Better Batter. Mmmm!

  95. Oh and I miss Amy’s Ice Cream in Austin! Julie reminded me. It was very gooood!

  96. Turtle Torture, made by a local place. It is vanilla with swirls of caramel and chocolate-caramel candies and pecans and it is absolutely delicious. I’m also a fan of chocolate chip.

  97. It is a tie between Moose Tracks & Nutty Buddy ice cream ! YUM !!

  98. Ben & Jerry’s Cake Batter ice cream. It’s soooooo yummy! It takes exactly like yellow cake with chocolate frosting mixed in. It’s seriously some of the best ice cream that I’ve ever tasted, and I have tasted a LOT of ice cream in my life.

  99. Marianne says:

    I think I just gained 5 pounds reading the comments! We don’t have Blue Bell here in Ohio, but oh do I wish we did….sounds like some wonderful flavors. I’m a Graeters girl too, any of the Chip flavors – the chips are HUGE, they really should call them chunks.

  100. I’ll keep good old vanilla!