Linky Interwebby Awesomeness 09.30.09

So. How about some links? And some free musical goodness, perhaps?


– Amy at Bailey’s Leaf is hosting a crock pot recipe fest. You can add a link to your crockpot recipes and pick up some new recipes while you’re at it. Big crockpot fun in store.

– Today at AllAccess I shared some Martha-related news that might make you happy if you enjoy a Martha-related story.

– Here’s yet another reminder to be oh-so-careful about the information you share on the interweb.

– A couple of weeks ago I found out that Chynna Phillips (of Wilson Phillips fame) is part of a new Christian music duo called Chynna & Vaughan. Now I don’t know about y’all, but I LOOOOOOOOVED Wilson Phillips when I was younger, and I longed for hair as sassy and blonde as Chynna’s. In fact, the “Hold On” video was instrumental in helping me set some early-90s hair goals. And for that I’m forever grateful.

Anyway. Right now you can download Chynna & Vaughan’s new single, “One Reason,” for the low, low price of FREE. It says on the website that there are only 1,000 free downloads available, so strike while the bandwidth is hot, my friends.

Have a great Thursday, y’all!

p.s. Please know that I’m not telling you about the free song link because someone is going to drop off bags of shiny quarters at my house tomorrow morning as a thank you. Nobody is paying me to talk about this music. I just link because I love.

p.p.s. And I hope you enjoy it.

p.p.p.s. The end.

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  1. Thanks, Boo Mama! We’re rockin’ at the crock-pot! :)

    Hope Howard is feeling better!

  2. I too loved Wilson Phillips and I had my hair cut like Chynna’s too… only a) I’m not blond and b) there was no such thing as a flatiron back then to make it straight and c) I SO don’t have her face. Let’s just say it was hideous on me!! lol

    Thanks for the great links… off to give a listen now!

  3. Oh YUM…. crock pot recipes!! The crock pot is my FAVORITE appliance, and I was just bemoaning my lack of ideas in the dinner department. It will be fun to have some new ones…. thanks for the link. :)

    Melissa @

  4. I am listening to the 1/08 podcast and cracking up here in my quiet office while I plan my tutoring day tomorrow!! Just got past the list of ways people find your blog – ‘can’t stop eating’. Thanks to you and Big Mama!!

  5. Just gave away five copies of Chynna and Vaughan’s “One Reason” this morning on the blog. I’m pretty much in love with this CD. :)

    Hope your day is incredible and FLU FREE!!


  6. I too love her hair. I wanted to look just like her.

    I love your Martha stories. We need lots more Martha!!!

  7. Did not know there was a current bloggy climate- I always miss all the drama! Yeah for Chynna & Vaughan!

  8. Chynna & Vaughan, along with Bluetree and NewSong are going to be in concert in Corinth, MS on Sunday, November 15. The admission price is: FREE! Here are a few details about it:
    I can’t wait!!

  9. Tell Martha she must, absolutely MUST buy something new from the Stein Marts for her exciting weekend! And, please do video if Martha gets her praise on and commences to dancing!

  10. Took out the “given the current bloggy climate” phrase b/c I certainly don’t mean to imply that there’s drama – oh my word no. Poor choice of words on my part. I just meant that I’ve seen more and more people try to be crystal clear about why they link to the stuff they link to. I just said it all wrong. Which is really nothing new. :-)

  11. Thanks for the new tunes. Have you heard Matthew Maher’s newest album? Good stuff – I’m so glad you turned me on to him!

  12. I LOVED THE MARTHA UPDATE! Martha is so very much like my own mother that I was grinning ear to ear, and then I sort of teared up because my mama isn’t doing well health wise. Cherish every moment with Martha.

  13. Going to change my facebook password RIGHT NOW…

  14. Got my free download. Really liking it. I may just have to buy the whole album. Another musical find I can thank BooMama for. Thanks!!

  15. What a GREAT reminder to be careful! I’m going to post this on my FB, too.

    My uncle saw my penchant for taking quizzes once and immediately told me to stop because of the access ppl aquire. I went in and deleted all of those apps afterward. Tedious to say the least, but worth it.

    Going to read about Martha now! :)

  16. Thanks Boo, heading over for the free song. I loved Hold on for One More Day back in our big hair days.
    The Park Wife

  17. Some of my best memories of the 90’s are belting out some Wilson Phillips with my sister and cousins. Ahhhh, good times. I was thrilled to hear she is a christian and putting out a new album! I can’t wait to hear it :)

  18. LOVED W-P when I was in college/hi school… Just had to look up “Hold On” on youtube so I could reminisce a bit. Love the new song, too. Thank you!!!!! Can’t wait to hear about your weekend!

  19. I love Wilson/Phillips and can’t wait to hear this song… I’m so glad to hear she’s part of this duo considering the recent revelations about her freak daddy.