During Saturday’s big football extravaganza, Alex mentioned a couple of times that he wasn’t feeling very well. Given the traumatic nature of the Bulldogs’ loss, I completely understood where he was coming from because, well, I wasn’t feeling very well, either. Losing a game by two whole inches will do that to a person.

But by Sunday morning, it was official: All Was Not Well. The little man had a high fever and was lethargic. He stayed on the couch all day long and at one point in the afternoon he FELL ASLEEP FOR MANY CONSECUTIVE HOURS (if you have ever lived with a six year-old boy, you know that afternoon sleeping is completely unheard of and a sure sign that something is awry). When he finally woke up, I fixed him a Sprite, and after one sip he said he didn’t want any because “it tastes funny, Mama.”

So clearly our Monday was going to involve a trip to the doctor’s office. And when the little guy’s fever hit 104.4 Monday morning, I couldn’t punch the numbers on my phone fast enough.

As my mama always said to us when we were sick: bless his bones.

We got one of the first appointments with our pediatrician Monday morning (yay for an empty sick kid waiting room), and it took all of ten minutes for Dr. W to diagnose that the flu was the culprit. I’ve been a wee bit frightened of the flu ever since FLU! DANGER! started making headlines back in the spring, but to my credit I did not wash my hands in scalding water and then bathe them in Purell after Alex’s diagnosis. I just quietly put on my customized hazmat suit and face mask and gingerly made my way to the check-out desk where I handed the office manager my debit card in a protective plastic seal.

As it turns out, at least in our family’s experience, this strain of flu has been sort of a funny viral bird. The fever part of it has been stubborn as all get out, don’t get me wrong – but once the fever got down to around 101-ish (as opposed to 104-ish), the flu-y little man in this house has been LIVELY. We keep reminding him that he has to rest (doctor’s orders), but this morning I walked past the living room – where he has been stationed on the couch for the better part of the last three days – and caught him doing somersaults in the middle of the floor.

So the bottom line is that while yes, he is congested and coughing and still battling a low-grade fever, he is also BUCK WILD. At supper tonight he was VERY! EXCITED! about the red beans and rice because HE LOVES BEANS! And HE LOVES SPECIAL HOT DOGS! (that would be sausage) And HE LOVES BEANS ON TOP OF SPECIAL HOT DOGS!


I guess what I’m saying is that while we’re tickled to pieces that he’s feeling better (seriously: so grateful), if the fever doesn’t break and if Alex is housebound for a couple of more days, the walls in this house will never make it. Because he will singlehandedly kick them down with his mad kah-rah-tay skills that apparently escalate to a whole new level with the help of the back end of a virus. Go figure.

Has the flu hit your house yet? Any tips for helping your little one(s) deal with cabin fever?

Hope y’all are well!

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  1. No flu here (praise you, Jesus!), but my 3yo has watched Finding Nemo 2x/day for the past week(ish).

    Her favorite line: “Are you my conscience?” She says it many, many times a day.

  2. No flu here yet, glad he’s feeling better!

  3. Oh, so grateful that the porcine and fowl-ish ‘flu has so far passed over us here at our abode, although it has been rampant in and around our community.

    I’m glad A is feeling better and hope the last of the symptoms fade soon, for the sake of your walls and patience.


  4. The library books are meant to see that Flu ’09 sees to it that it makes its way ’round and isn’t buffered by the pesky Purell?

  5. With asthma rampant in our family I’m worried for the first time about flu season this year and I have to say that my hands have never been cleaner. If only I could apply that same single-mindedness to my bathrooms.

    Though not sick at the moment (thank you Lord!), baking and crafts are what always get us through those pesky I’m feeling better (aka hyper) but am not yet over the flu days.

    The more glue, glitter, stickers and pom poms the better.

    Prayers for a speedy and thorough recovery for A!

  6. Oh honey, bless you and the little one! We have not had the flu, although we did have bronchitis that kept the 13 yr old out of school for 2 days…oh the homework! I hope he feels better soon, for your sake as well as his!
    Keep up the handwashing. Hugs to you.

  7. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Dr.’s offices don’t use the little buzzer/beeper thingys that restaurants use, instead of the community germ fest that is the sick waiting room. Let me stay in my car and keep all my germs to myself, and buzz me when it’s my turn. As it is I have to tell them to call me on my cell phone, because my little guy is resting in the van and I don’t want to wake him up.

  8. my daughter missed all last week of school with it.
    (and with the school closings in ATl here, only had 3 days as absences instead of 5!)
    I’ve heard Tamiflu can affect some kiddos like this… did he take Tamiflu?
    My sister’s 3 boys all had the flu, and one of them became, um, energetic after the first couple days.

    Glad you’re on the upswing of it though. Maybe no one else will get it! There’s 4 of us in the house here with Emily, and none of us have been sick.

  9. Poor little guy! And that’s a hard age to be sick – old enough not to be able to “sit on ’em” but not old enough to have the maturity to keep themselves settled.

    Just on the off-chance, how much colored medicine has he been getting? Even if dyes don’t normally present a problem, you might want to try switching to dye-free meds and see if that turns down the wild-meter a bit. Red Dye, especially #40, can do funny things to a kid’s system, especially when they’re sick.

  10. “Bless his bones”…I love that! Poor kiddo! Let him build a tent/fort in the living room – complete with sleeping bag and blankets and pillows with an opening so he can see the tv. He can “hide out” in there and watch movies or play with his Star Wars guys and stage battles or what-have-you. I have a 6 yr old, so I know exactly what you’re going through. Hope the fever goes bye-bye and he’s back to “normal” again soon!!

  11. Why, my K- just missed two days of school last week with the “yucky stomach flu.” Fever, some vomiting, consti*pation (which is what the opposite of what the stomach flu suggests) and intense stomach cramping and pain. Poor kid couldn’t make the walk home and the neighbor had to come get us.

    She also ended up with some mysterious viral funk in August that ended up with a trip to the Dr. to see if she had measles. She did not, but look at the rash she was sporting:

    (We blogger moms take pictures of everything, don’t we?)

    What do we do in times of illness? Far too much TV, Goldfish crackers (they took us through Chicken Pox, Roseola and several other high fever bouts), Sprite/7 Up or the like, calls to Daddy to solicit sympathy and to confirm that yes, he should stop by the store for a special “I’m sick” toy, sick bay in the middle of the livingroom (which has now graduated to the camp cot being set up with a TV tray table next to it for convenience) and Uncle Wiggily. He brought us through these last hard times.

    Hope Mr. Man is feeling well soon. Here’s to hoping that you and the hubs stay far away from the possibility of getting it.


  12. Hope his fever breaks soon. This flu thing is the pits. 104.4 is scary!

  13. As sorry as I feel for them when they’re sick . . . I can’t help but secretly like the fact that they are too sick to refuse my cuddles and babying. And I love the feel of their hot feverish little hands. And I like playing Florence Nightingale and feeling that if not for me and me alone, they would never have been nursed back to health.

    Hope he’s all better soon!

  14. Two of my three are down with the flu, but they’re like SLUGS. They only leave the couch when I take them to their bed. Maybe I should be thankful there’s no “kah-rah-tay”party going on here.

    Hope your little guy is fever-free soon!

  15. As I told my facebook peeps. . .we are in day 8 and child 2 of “controlled fevers” at our house. Our son–the last stricken–determined that sitting while digging in the dirt outside WAS “resting.” I suggest you give Alex an old spoon, find him a dirt pile or flower bed, instruct him to sit, then watch the fun.

  16. we are experiencing the febrile funk too. scooby doo has been our fix!

  17. I can’t help you there, my dear. No kiddos in my house.

    Though I do have a 39 year old husband-to-be who when he’s sick acts like this when he’s ill. Does that count?

    Hope the Little Man’s fever breaks soon!

  18. I just got a flu shot on Friday…first time I’ve had one ever but the bugs seem especially frightening this year. I have two kids in college and we all know college kids share a whole lot of germs…shudder. I’ve told both of mine to get flu shots this year. They don’t seem too worried. On the other hand my husband works for a medical company and is on some sort of pandemic planning team so he’s in HIGH ALERT mode.

    I have convinced my girls to carry (and use) the antibacterial hand lotions/soaps everywhere they go..thank you Bath and Body Works.

    Glad your little one is on the mend…praying it stops with him because mothers are generally not up to somersaults when they are coming off the flu!

  19. Bless YOUR heart Boo, it is hard on mommy’s when their little one’s are sick. I am glad he is feeling better. You need to install a punching bag, it is better than re-painting your walls every few months (take it from a mom of 2 boys).
    The Park Wife

  20. No flu here thank goodness…water paints, books, building tents

  21. My girls had this a couple of weeks ago… The 2 year old’s fever lasted for SIX days, but when the fever was down, she was fine. The not-quite-7 year old was the same way, but it was only 4 days of fever and missed school. SHE WAS BORED! We got library DVDs and books, and bought crafts, and did worksheets from school, and watched altogether too much TV. But we survived. I think my husband, son, and I all had a milder version the week before. We were definitely sick, but not like the girls! Hope he feels better soon!

  22. Poor thing. Last time the flu came through my house, I was conveniently situation in AFRICA. But I sympathize, and I hope he’s doing better soon.

  23. The oldest daughter and I had it last week, and we felt like D.I.R.T. except not so nice. The laptop was our friend. She could lay on the couch and still amuse herself. Lots of Tom & Jerry, and everything on TLC and the Food Network. (I have raised my children well grasshoppa.) Hope he gets well soon!

  24. Ugh. Feel better. Maybe some new army men or little figurines he can play with on the couch cushions?

    Oh, and put a tablespoon of lavender oil into 2 cups of water and you’ve got a disinfectant that smells as good as it works.

  25. Hope he is feeling better and YOU survive!

  26. I love that you call sausage “special hot dogs.” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hilarious post. Good luck with the little man!

  27. I live in Pullman, WA which is #1 on the Swine Flu Epidemic. Woohoo! We’re number one! Yeah. Kind of a sucky thing to be top on the list for. All of the WS”U students have spread it to each other like wildfire. We haven’t contracted it in our home (due to much hand-washing and purell) but the prevailing symptom according to the doctors is an extremely high fever. The kids seem to get over it within a day or two, while the adults get hit harder. You gotta love how quickly the little tykes bounce back!

  28. “Bless his bones”….now I’ve heard that a time or two hundred in my life. Exactly what my mother and Granny always said when any of us were sick.

    love it. thanks for the memory refresher.

  29. My 5yo daughter has something. Not sure if it’s the flu or not. She’s definitely lively, though. She informed my husband that she wanted “to go somewhere you have to pay to do something”. I’m guessing that’s code for Chuck E. Cheese. She has resorted to organizing our shoes in our closet because there’s “nothing to do”. Bless her heart.

  30. During the middle of our Sunday football game, my mom and I decided to go shopping. That was at 2:30 — when we returned at 4 — my 6 year old daughter (who was fine when we left) looked horrible. Her fever was 102. I never took her to the doctor, but we suspect flu.
    The amazing thing about Motrin is that it must cause children to want to be gymnasts. Whenever her fever was down, she kept trying to do handstands!
    We’re thankful she woke up this morning saying, “I feel great!” Of course, I might feel great if I just slept 12 hours also. :)

    Love your blog,


  31. No flu but strep throat requiring 2 days at home. 2 boys under the age of 8 trapped inside the house. Needless to say I was glad when we could go back to school!

  32. We recently had a strep plague visit us and I’ll be dadgummed if I didn’t think my ears were going to start bleeding from All The Talking. The (very-low-grade-so-minor-that-I-admittedly-considered-sending-him back-to-school-for-just-half-an-hour-so-I-could-get-some-peace) fever hung on for several days after the throat healed, so I feel for you. TRULY.

  33. BooMama, both of my boys (ages five and two) had THE FLU. This is our first week of total health around here. And yes, it was that rascally fever with cough and congestion. I was quite intrigued when I read that your little guy has been bouncing off the walls…I recall thinking, man, why are these kids so wild and crazy?!?! What an interesting symptom. Years from now we’ll look back and say, “Remember the swine flu of ’09? Oh, yeah, we had fevers and coughs and A WILD RUMPUS!” Hope you are all healthy very soon and that you can get caught up on rest.

  34. my two 4 yr old girls have it right now. we are on day 7. fevers are finally gone as of this morning, but that cough – OH THAT COUGH! it is hard-core. poor things are just worn out from coughing their brains out.

    i hope we can go out and play this weekend!

    p.s. i did scrounge around the basement and brought up some old toys they hadn’t seen in a while. they’ve had fun with that.

  35. no flu but i was called @ 10am to come get a girl with a sore throat & tummy ache but no fever. after a not so quick trip to the dr…STREP THROAT :( a big, fat shot to the hiney & a new barbie later, all is well!

  36. So glad he’s okay!

    You may want to find some dye-free Tylenol/Motrin for him. They make a clear version for kids who are sensitive to the dyes. The biggest indicator is exactly the kind of behavior you describe!

  37. I’m really glad that he’s feeling better!

    No flu here so far (knocking wood frantically!) just colds and allergies.

  38. The flu and croup hit our house Monday morning. My 4 year old has been so sick with a fever of 104 also. I knew she had the croup from the bark cough but her fever was so high they tested her for the flu and got a positive on that as well. I’m trying to keep my 9 yr. old and 11 month old far away from her.

  39. I’ve had sick little ones for the past few weeks, and all I know is God bless whoever invented Noggin.

    Hope your little man is better soon!

  40. Hope your little man is feeling better soon. No flu at our house. KNOCK ON WOOD!! It has hit everyone else we know and the school was missing 100+ kids yesterday. Mercy!

  41. That was so good. I hope your walls make it.

  42. Is it the dreaded H1N1?? Hope the mama and daddy avoid it!

    We usually drag out the paints when they’re house-bound and restless. Even my older ones (7 and 9) can waste some serious time that way. Also, we do indoor camping and build a pillow & blanket fort. Then all their normal activities are enhanced — reading, etc. is way cooler in the new tent.

    Best wishes til you’re better!

  43. This was exactly what my boys had this summer on the week that would have been our vacation. Sigh.
    And I know it because of the Incredibly Active with 101 Fever detail.
    Our docs thought it was probably H1N1, though why they thought so, I didn’t want to ask at the time (and am now kicking myself since I don’t want to vaccinate them against something they already had if in fact they already had it).
    Good luck. I seem to recall trying to dissipate the manic energy outside but other than the wading pool on the porch (which might be too cool now) I can’t remember what we did. If I think of it I’ll let you know…..

  44. Oh BOO! I’m so sorry. :) Glad he’s perking back up.

    No flu in our house thank the good Lord, but it seems to be all around us. I’m just asking God to spare us at least until I get back from Memphis next weekend! Goodness….I need to get away!!

    See you there,

  45. I don’t know about the cabin fever but I always put mine in a tub of lukewarm bathwater to break the other fever. For the other kind, does he like paint-by-numbers? I used to make those potholders you bought in a kit with a loom and bags of nylon loops when I was sick. I wonder if they still make those?

  46. 2 of my 4 had the flu. They shut down a school district near Houston today because 15% of students and lots of teachers were out (so many that they ran out of subs). I kept waiting for my other 2 to get it … and they still might, but ours was much like yours. High temps at first and then lowish. One day my son went the entire day with no fever so I thought …”woo hoo back to school for you” and ran to the store. When I got home my husband said … “bad news, the fever is back.” Lasted a full week.

    Hope he is 100% soon!

  47. Hi, I have followed your blog for awhile now. I am just here to remind you that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and as a survivor, I am just going to all the blogs that I read to remind you to do your self breast exams. Have a great blessed day and DONT FORGET TO CHECK YOUR BREAST!

  48. I can tell you the latest thing to keep my kid occupied for a good 5-7 minutes – Cheerio necklaces.

    That’s all I got. Sorry.

  49. Flu’s got us now. 11 yo daughter is down with it. 17/26 kids in her class are out. In my 9 yo son’s class, 11 were out today.

    Glad to see that your fellow is feeling better.

  50. Sophie
    I am so sorry your house has been hit with the flu
    We had it a few weeks ago
    Connor got it first and his fever shot up to 105.7 – totally scary!
    Cole got it 3 days later and then yes I got it!!
    Fortunately it only lasts about 5 days but watch out for secondary infections from it – connor got an ear infection and I got an upper respiratory infection
    Well that might have just bummed you out – sorry about that !!!
    I will be praying of all of you!!!
    Much love

  51. I’m so behind on my blog reading. I hope the little man is feeling better and that your walls are still standing. :)

    My mother used the “bless his bones” phrase, too, and says that her grandmother used to say it to her when she was little. :)

    We’re hoping to avoid the flu, but Tater Tot is getting over the dreaded staph infection. No fun; no fun at all. Bless his bones…

  52. I’m just now getting caught up in blog world after some business travel (and non-travel with weather delays) last week. I came down with it first then my 12 year old was next. She recovered fairly quickly thanks to the wonder drug known as Tamiflu. And God was very good to keep my husband well. He is having to offer a lot of care to his mom who has ms. My sweet father-in-law isn’t able to lift her at all, so Jimmy COULDN’T get it… and he didn’t. Thank you, Jesus!

  53. By the way, I am considering Tamiflu my new friend and will refer to her as such…you know, sort of like, Tammy Sue…only Tami Flu.

  54. There’s been a “fever virus” going around here – Caedmon had it a couple of weeks ago. Fever off and on for 5 days, but not a lot of other symptoms except for all the WILD CRAZINESS that apparently comes with boys and fever.

    Also, lots of people around these parts are being told they have flu (Swine Flu, specifically), but are not being tested. And it turns out quite a few of the kids have had the “fever virus” and had been misdiagnosed with the flu.

    Elderberry is a great boost to the immune system and helps keep viruses from multiplying. I am slipping it into the boy’s oatmeal in the mornings and praying we can keep the rest of the germs away.

  55. I’m so sorry to hear that the little man has been unwell. And so HIGH ON LIFE. That’s just not right. It seems to me that the only benefit of the flu is lethargic children who let you hold them and snuggle all day.

    And I’m totally stealing “bless his bones” and claiming it as my own.