Christmas Tour of Homes 2009

So for the last several years I’ve have had more fun! just more fun! so much fun! hosting a bloggy Christmas Tour of Homes. Honestly, the Tour feels like a holiday tradition to me; I love getting my house ready for Christmas, posting pictures on my blawg and then gathering ’round the warm glow of my computer monitor so that I can look at everybody else’s decorations. AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO DRIVE ANYWHERE.

Earlier this summer I started thinking about the whys and wherefores of this year’s tour, and the more I thought about it, the more I kept coming to the same conclusion: it’s time to pass ye olde bloggy torch. It’s not that I don’t love decorating my house, because I do. It’s not that I don’t love hosting the tour, because I do. I love the whole kit and kaboodle. But the problem is that I’m not very, um, creative. My house looks exactly the same every single year, and I just felt like the whole decorate-your-house-for-Christmas thing might be more fun if it was in the hands of a super-creative, gifted-at-decorating person.


Not too long after I’d decided that some torch passing was in order, I found myself sitting in a hotel room in Charlotte with bunch of bloggy friends. One of those friends was The Nester. And I love The Nester. She inspired me to paint my kitchen cabinets AND to make no-sew drapes for my kitchen windows. She is laid-back and approachable and real and wonderful. Anyway, while we were sitting in that hotel room, the subject of the Christmas Tour came up. I mentioned that I had been thinking about changing the format or handing it off to someone else. And then I looked over at Nester and thought Well clearly she should be the person hosting it, MY WORD.

Long story a little bit longer: Nester has oh-so-graciously agreed to take over the hosting duties. I AM THRILLED TO PIECES. Oh, I’ll still participate in the tour and then sit around the warm glow of my monitor and look at all of your houses, but Nester is going to run the show. And it’ll be fabulous.

I mean, even her blog button is a delight.

So mark your calendars, girls. December 14th. A new and improved Christmas Tour-o-Homes. I can’t wait.

And I hope I’ll see you there.

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  1. I can’t imagine a better torch taker! ;) Looking forward to it. And that night in the hotel room at She Speaks is one of my fondest memories of the trip. :)

  2. I love Christmas and decorating- what a treat to look forward to!

  3. I haven’t gotten to know “The Nester” very much, but I’ve definitely heard awesome things! I need to make some time to spend at her blog!

    I made a kind of funny video last year, and it was really fun. I’ll have to see what I can come up with this year. Although for some reason, I’m not too motivated about decorating for Fall, let alone Christmas!

  4. I’m with Jolynne – the hotel chitchat was one of my highlights as well.
    And of course, the Nester will do you proud. I mean, come on, she just said it’s the best day of her blogging lifetime. :)

  5. I cannot wait for the tour! It is one of my favorite things each year!

  6. I am in a new house this year and I can’t wait to decorate. I hope I can maintain the enthusiasm into December : )

  7. Loved the tour last year (my first) and am looking forward to this year’s. Like you, my house pretty much looks the same from Christmas to Christmas, but maybe taking pictures and inviting folks in will inspire me! See you at The Nester’s.

  8. The bloggy tour of homes is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I’m glad it’s not disappearing! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  9. This is my first year to see what it’s all about, of course…it can’t get here fast enough. Maybe I’ll check out past links to hold me over….

  10. Of course I’ll be there…looking forward to it! =)

  11. You could not have placed the tour in more capable and creative hands. Perfect!

    But I’m getting worried about you, Boo Mama. First a bloggy break and now this?? I hope you’re O.K.

  12. Phew, so far so good. I was kind of afraid that y’all would riot or something and not want me to take the reins. Thank you for your gracious words.

    Thanks Boo!

  13. Love The Nester and it will be a great tradition for many more years! BUT, I’m kind of sad because your Christmas tour was what introduced me to the world of blogging years ago!

    But change is good!! And we will carry on!! Christmas Tour 2009, yea, rah, go!! (excuse me, just still in the yelling mood from the Ark vs Aggies game!!! Did I mention WE WON???)

    Love ya BOO!

  14. Oh goodness! This is right up my alley! SO SO FUN! Can’t wait!

  15. So exciting-looking forward to it once again. Thank you Nester for taking over the duties so we can enjoy one another’s homes in December. Thank you Boo Mama for hosting it in the past….it’s how I found you in the first place.

  16. I have never heard of this before but it sounds delightful!

  17. Fun, fun, fun!

  18. i came here from a tweet about this, but ended up reading a lot of your africa story. =)

    i just returned from uganda where i met our son that we are adopting. especially loved your post “the faces.” isn’t that the truth…they are children…with joy, laughter, sadness and fears…just like the children who happen to be born anywhere.

    thanks for sharing.

  19. You couldn’t have made a better, more perfect, choice for passing on your Tour of Homes Torch.

    Nester will do you proud.

  20. This makes so much sense. :) Congrats on letting your baby blog carnival leave (or rather “go to”) The Nest. :)

  21. I had so much fun participating last year. Sad that you aren’t hosting it any longer, but am glad that you have passed the torch. Will save the date!

  22. I admire people who can say no to something like that. Why can that be so hard sometimes?

  23. oh dear, now I am scared. I was already intimidated by your lovely mad decorating skillz and now the Nester?
    Whoa, I may have to just pull up a chair and tour w/ a mug in my hand.

  24. Thanks for hosting the past Christmas tours! I just found it last year. I had heard so much about it that I had to go look! You have a great blog!

  25. You are always the BEST hostess but I totally understand the need for the ole passing of thee torch.

    She’ll be a fabulous hostess. Ya done good.


  26. Last year was my first tour year and since I had no house, I decorated my office. This year I am in a house and can’t wait to decorate. I’m so glad you are just passing the torch and not ending the tour.

    From the looks of The Nester’s button you’ve placed the torch in very capable hands!

  27. What a wonderful idea! I had such a blast last year with the tour. I actually launched my wee blog with it! But passing to the Nester was inspired! I love her too! Last year you linked to her article on swags and totally inspired me to GO TO TOWN with the Christmas swag. It was so fun! Can’t wait to see all the homes this year!

  28. How kind of your to share the joy of the home tour with The Nester – you have the holiday spirit indeed. Blessings to you!

  29. Very cool! Surely we will have closed on our house by then & I might actually have something to decorate, right? :)

  30. I totally understand every bit of you reason/logic behind passing this wonderful “torch”….however……………BooMama’s Christmas Tour of Homes was how I found you, dear lady. You have blessed my life in a wonderful way, even though, we’ve never met. But, I will gladly adjust to whatever is best for you. You started a wonderful holiday tradition :)

  31. I kept exactly two Christmas decorations with me, for decorating our little condo, when we sent the moving van south. So maybe I’ll enjoy looking at everyone else’s beautiful places, making plans for next year. Which is a mighty fine idea I think.