I Inserted A Listening Device Into The Belly Of The Mallard

I’m a little distracted tonight because I cannot get this weekend’s Mississippi State/Florida game off of my mind, and since the tunnel vision and I are VERY well-acquainted, I’ve had a hard time prying myself away from your various and sundry Bulldog message boards and newspaper articles and gameday cams and etc. and so on and so forth.


I know that Pam and Jim are going to be back at Dunder-Mifflin tonight, and that little detail is just the incentive I need to shift my focus back where it belongs: on “The Office.”

Can somebody give me an “amen”? Thank you, sister.

1) “I haven’t seen you since my accident that I had when I fell, I fell into a pool of acid eyes first.”

2) “Blind Guy. Blind Guy McSqueezy.”

3) “It’s good to be home.”

4) “Number one: do not leave your things on my desk…item number two: conquackulations.”

5) “Now I can observe Jim, track Jim and destroy Jim.”

6) “Who’s the lucky lady?” // “Pam’s mom.”

7) “Hey, Jim.” // “NOT NOW, TOBY!”

8) “She’s right on my way home from work.” // “THEN TAKE A DIFFERENT WAY HOME, MAN!” // “I’ll take service streets.”

9) “That could have gone one of two ways, but I never expected her to get upset.”

10) “I really would have appreciated a heads up that you were into dating mothers. I would’ve introduced you to mine.”


12) Ryan’s fedora – cracked me up.

13) “Volunteer at the local animal shelter…paint a mural of Chicano leaders…make Scranton a better place – you could leave it!”

14) “Nobody talks to my lady that way…bye, Pickle.”


16) “I am your boss, and I may someday be your father. So get out.”

17) “You’re so cool.” // “You owe me three bucks for gas.”

18) “Hey.” // “SHOVE IT.”

19) “I put it in your office to surveil you.”

20) “Did you really think I’d put my primary listening device in a wooden mallard? I’m not insane.”

I thought this episode was HILARIOUS – one of the best in the last couple of seasons. I loved seeing Pam on the defensive, Jim in protector mode and Dwight up to his paranoid shenanigans. We’ll be watching this one over and over again in our house. LOVED IT.

What did y’all think?

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  1. This was the best episode in forever. I loved seeing another side of Pam(‘s character)(I know this is not real, but it sure is good!)I also loved that Ryan would rather not tell us where the stylin’ fedora came from.

  2. Laughed all the way through it. Giddy with delight! Another favorite line:
    I think, more than anything, Pam wants me to be happy.
    NOT more than anything.
    Oh, the fedora. And how everyone kept calling it a ‘duck’ and Dwight kept correcting them. ‘Mallard.’
    So funny…

  3. Loved this episode!! The look on Pam”s face when she started to realize what Michael was saying was so painful. . and perfect.

  4. Have to agree with you.. funniest episode in a long time! Laughed out loud all through it.. LOVED. IT.

  5. I am also stressed about the upcoming game, but from the other side! Am a Gator grad, and am worried that Dan Mullen has too much insight into how our team operates–might be our downfall!!

    I guess one of us will end up happy this Saturday, though. :-)

  6. Very funny tonight. I’m so interested in seeing where this goes… Also curious about what Dwight will do with/uncover with the audio tape from Jim’s office.

  7. I loved this episode. I think this has been a good season so far.

    I loved when Dwight said…”Did you really think I’d put my primary listening device in a wooden mallard? I’m not insane.”

    I’m still cracking up about the banana split/car key debacle from the wedding episode.

    And last week at the end when Michael was ordering Erin to get his coffee mafia style…I’ve been doing it all week and it’s really getting on people’s nerves.

  8. Gooooooooooo GATORS! May the best team win : )

  9. Perfection.

  10. Joelle D. says:

    I know you love the Bulldogs, but wouldn’t you feel just a teency weency bit guilty if a MSU win knocked Tebow out of the Heisman race, and as a consequence hundreds, nay thousands, of people were not brought to Jesus as a result of the EPSN Heisman promos, etc. showcasing Tebow’s faith. Yes, I did it. I used the Jesus card. Love the blog, A Gator Girl

  11. It was the BEST episode!! I am still giggling about it this morning! It was great!

    And I hope that you beat Florida this weekend so that Iowa becomes the longest undefeated team!! And maybe starts to get some of the respect they deserve (well as long as we beat Michigan State!)

  12. i gotta say: this episode made me uncomfortable. i kept being very concerned that they were setting pam up for a little stint in the nut-house. that’s where i’d be if michael dated my mom. just sayin’.

    but funny? oh, yes. it was funny.

  13. I loved the scene in the kitchen with Jim and Michael. Poor Toby!

  14. YES—LOVED IT!!!! I can’t even pick a favorite quote…it was all my favorite! I can’t wait to watch it again!

  15. P.S. Forgot to mention…BEAT FLORIDA!!!

  16. We laughed a lot. Definitely a good one.

  17. I agree. The best one in a LONG time. The Pam/Michael dynamics in this one were perfection.

    I loved how Dwight was washing Pam’s car, she and Jim are at the window and she goes, “do you think I’m over-reacting?” Jim says something like, “yes.” Then she goes, “but I don’t think I am.” Jim says, “you’re right.”

    It was such a typical new husband thing. Hilarious!

  18. Andrea Bell says:

    Two things: 1. Ryan got the fedora at a Jonas Brothers’ Concert, I’m sure of it. 2. When Dwight gave Michael “chills” (there’s an egg on your head and it’s running down, running down), I just about died laughing. How bizarre was that…

  19. Charlotte says:

    You are too funny! So glad I found the link to your website off of Travis’ website. I love PSL’s, too but live on the otherside of the world in Indonesia. Been searching all possible Indonesian Starbucks for the PSL but they just look at me funny. I wanted to tell you that I’ve read your Africa story and LOVED it all. Loved your honesty and everything about your experience. Also that we have first hand experience with Compassion kids on this side and it works just like you say it does. Anyways, thanks for bringing even more laughter into my day :)

  20. My favorite part was what Kelly said above – the conversation between Pam and Jim at the end. Classic.

    I loved Jim’s expressions and comments through the whole thing – you could tell he was trying to figure out how to balance his role as boss with his roll as new husband. Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

  21. Agree with Krista; Pam’s reaction when she realized who Michael was talking about…so painful and real. I felt so sad for her.

    I think Michael said “Surface streets,” not “Service streets.” But maybe he used the wrong term, as per usual :)

  22. I love that Pam got to be all heated for once!

  23. Minor detail but how bout Kelly’s monotone “I’m so happy for you.” priceless.

    And I love Jim’s timing on the whole “Shove it.” “Okay.” and how he’s slowly turning into Michael…sad but hilarious! Great recap!

  24. That’s why I read the comments, I forgot about the chills thing. That was brilliant!

    And also Stanley behind Pam as she’s trying to get a no more meetings chant going.

    What’s up with Erin?

  25. i was cracking up when dwight was doing the whole “there’s a knife in your back and the blood is rushing down, blood is rushing down” thing. hilarious!

  26. Ditto! This episode was hilarious, especially seeing Pam so feisty!

  27. I, too loved this episode. I have watched it a couple of times today! I always crack up reading your next day quotes. I thought for sure you would have, “Hey Buddy” in there where Jim was talking into the mallard. Hilarious!!

    And Erin having to check with Michael- I could go on and on!

  28. I have to admit that I watched it and I laughed out loud. Hubby is out of town and it was taping on the DVR (he LOVES the Office. So much so that I got him a Hallmark Ornament of The Office for Christmas), so I just watched it instead of flipping to something else. Most of the time it makes me feel so uncomfortable and squeamish that I just can’t bare it, but this episode was really funny. I thought it was sweet at the end when they were watching Dwight washing their car. That whole scene was really cute. And when Micheal called her “pickle”. Okay, now I’m going to go watch it again!

  29. I LAUGHED SO HARD! It was the best in a while! We have watched it over and over! :)

  30. Reading this makes me want to go and watch it again. And depending on what’s on tv tonight, I just might.

  31. Fave part of this episode – when Pam, Jim, and Michael are talking about Michael’s new girlfriend, and Pam realizes it’s her mother….and they zoom in on Michael’s face, and he’s smiling and nodding…..HAHAHAHAHA! Michael Scott perfection! And when he was talking to her on the phone…..so fab….

  32. frank and beans!

  33. Oh my sweet goodness. Just watched it last night. Will watch it again today without the husband so I can laugh as loud as I want to.

  34. I have been avoiding your blog since we hadn’t watched this episode yet…but we watched it last night and it was pure genius!! This might be one of my favorite Jim episodes.

  35. Yes, indeed this episode made me laugh more than others lately! SOOO funny! I loved it when Oscar says to Michael in the office meeting, “You have no sense of boundaries”. Great line!

    The Toby stuff was classic and that’s the most emotion out of Pam I’ve seen.

    Bye Pickle

  36. umm yes this was quite likely one of the best episodes in a couple seasons. So many laugh out loud moments! And have you noticed lately how Ryan is sporting a new “style” every episode? I love how he thinks he’s awesome no matter who he’s trying to be.