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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a daily links post because, well, it’s been awhile. Which means that maybe I shouldn’t call them “daily links.” Maybe I should call them “bi-weekly links.” Or maybe I should just quit worrying about what to call them and just put “random” words into “quotes” because it makes me “laugh” whether the “links” are “daily” or, you know, “not.”

Anyway. Since I haven’t been doing the daily links posts, I thought it was high time for me to make a list of some things that are bringing me great joy right now. These things don’t offer eternal joy, mind you, but they’ll certainly do in a pinch when it’s 7:00 in the morning and I have crevasses under my eyes and I look in the mirror and wonder what happened to the 19 year-old girl who DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO USE MOISTURIZER.

Of course, the lack of moisturizer during my late teens might just explain my current crevasses. But I digress.

1) Last night I met some friends for supper, and as soon as I walked in the restaurant, my friend Leigh looked at me and said, “DO YOU HAVE A BUMP-IT IN YOUR HAIR?”

You just know that’s a true friend, don’t you? When you skip any initial how-are-you pleasantries and jump straight into hey! what’s going on with your hair?

Well, I did not in fact have a Bump-It in my hair because I have not ordered any product from an infomercial since I ordered Richard Simmons’ Deal-A-Meal cards back in graduate school. In retrospect the fact that I thought I could adhere to the Deal-A-Meal plan is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS considering that at least twice a week I would join my friends at a place called The District, where we would order fried cheese with Ranch dressing. And loaded potato skins. Also with Ranch dressing.

And do you know what you would not in fact find on Deal-A-Meal cards?

  • fried cheese
  • Ranch dressing
  • loaded potato skins
  • more Ranch dressing

Not to mention the fact that I would’ve never – NEVER – finished a meal with my grad school buddies and said, “Now if y’all will just pardon me for a sec, I need to pull out my little vinyl carrying case and move my Deal-A-Meal cards into their appropriate columns.”

I also loved how the Deal-A-Meal cards tried to look like Trivial Pursuit cards so that just in case you didn’t want your friends to know that you were on a diet, you could fake them out by making them think that you were carrying around a PERSONAL TRIVIA GAME. Which is SO much better than admitting that you’re dieting.

Where was I? Something about a Bump-It? And I made it all the way to Deal-A-Meal? From one non-essential hyphenated infomercial product to another?

Sweet mercy. It is not easy to walk around with this level of crazy.

ANYWAY, there was no Bump-It in my head. But I did discover an exciting, new-to-me hair product at the drugstore, and in the week since I finally figured out how to apply it, I have achieved some serious volume in the crown area, girls.

The trick is that you have to pick up a section of damp hair and then lightly spray it on both sides. BOTH SIDES. I cannot even tell you how key the both-side-spraying is. And once you perfect your spraying methods, just get ready – because people are going to be asking you if you have a Bump-It on your head.

2) Another recent drugstore find is . I bought it a few weeks ago, and I LOVE IT. The colors are great – especially if you have fair skin and have trouble finding darker-colored eyeshadows that don’t make you look like a raccoon. I’ve also noticed that this particular brand seems to last a bit longer than other ones I’ve tried lately. Delightful.

(By the way and in the interest of clarity: I’m just linking to this stuff because I love it. I make approximately zero certified American dollars if you happen to make a purchase as a result of the links. Just FYI.)

3) Last year I got a wee bit obsessed with a praise and worship CD by a guy named Daniel Renstrom. He’s an independent artist who’s a worship leader in North Carolina – a friend of a friend of mine from Baton Rouge – and it is my personal belief that he is STINKIN’ GIFTED. I absolutely love his lyrics and his melodies, and today he’s releasing a Christmas CD.

People, listen to me: IT IS FABULOUS. There’s a version of “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” that I am hoping beyond all hope we get to sing at our church this Christmas. And there’s an original song called “Comfort Ye” that will settle way down deep in your heart and stay with you awhile.


The album is available today on iTunes, and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s called On The Incarnation, and it’s not just Christmas music – it’s praise and worship music for Christmas. Quadruple love it.

4) Finally, this:




In fact, I’m so proud that I may have to go eat some fried cheese to celebrate.

And dip it in Ranch dressing. OF COURSE.

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  1. I so heart Daniel Renstrom, too!! I am super jazzed about his Christmas album! (arms up and outstretched with a loud “LAAAAAAAAAA!”)

    I probably have you to thank for turning me on to him, because you have been my primary source of musical inspiration for the past year. Monk and Neagle are still my absolute delights!

    Heading to Itunes!!!

    p.s. It is REALLY hard to not buy a bump-it, especially now that they are available at the Walgreens!!

  2. Holy FIRST! Bwahahaha, I can’t beleive it.

    Just FYI, Bump-its are sold in Target. I have a 14 year old who was dying, absolutely dying for them, and lo and behold we’re cruising through Target & there they are. She was amazed & ecstatic, because I wouldn’t have ordered them off of TV.

  3. that’s what I get for being a slow typer…2nd…

  4. Thank you. I was having a bad afternoon. And now? Well, it’s still bad, but at least I managed to smile 6 times in 3 minutes just now. I owe you.

  5. LOL! Deal-o-meal cards! LOL!

    I can’t help it! Too funny.

    Now, on to something much more serious. When is the “Boomama Guide To Serious Southern Dipping” coming out? That is a recipe book I can sink my chip in to.

  6. Aren’t you SO PROUD of REE!!??? I’ve been acting like she and I actually know each other and am so excited for her!!! I am VERY PROUD and HAPPY for her. I’ve already got plans for her new book for Christmas gifts this year.

    About the “Bump”……I’m sorry, but it reminds me of a fashion trend that I cannot relate to. I’m 50 years old and a couple of weeks ago, a young teacher (27 yrs.) came in with one of those in her hair at the school where I teach. OK…..I know I’ll sound soooooo outdated by saying this but…..they remind me of Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Lynn Anderson, etc……..back in the late 60’/early 70’s. They might have been cool then, but now??? Hmmm….. they say everything will eventually come back in style. I guess.

  7. I use that eyeshadow and love it. Def going to try the John Frieda and when I leave work…………I’m getting some fried cheese, with ranch dressing of course. Thanks alot!

  8. oh yes, fried cheese in ranch dressing. i have been known to bring my own container of ranch dressing to a county fair so i could dip my deep friend cheese curds in the ranch. yummy!

  9. Did you see Oprah yesterday where she was at the Texas State Fair (or something like that) and ate fried butter? Seriously. Stick of butter dipped in batter and fried.

    (Sounds good?)

    OH, on a totally different note, I think I’m gonna start coming back to choir. Kids are old enough to handle the nursery now. Need details. I’ll email you…..

  10. I am going to try that hair product!

  11. Sally Green says:

    GREAT! Now I’m craving Fried Cheese and Ranch AND Potato Skins. Now where in Middle Tennessee am I going to find that? All of the above with a Diet Coke of course. Ahhh the good old days.

  12. Southern Gal says:

    My book is on its way! I’m sure Ree has some fried cheese and Ranch dressing in there.

  13. Deal a meal cards had me laughing out loud. That caused 12 yr old to roll his eyes at me and look away.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  14. deal-a-meal cards? I just tossed a set out a few months ago. They were still in the shrink wrap and I just don’t think I’ll get around to using those…. not after 20 years.

    And Ree! On Bonnie Hunt and in Southern Living — you just go Girl!

    And I completely followed your train from Bump-it to deal-a-meal. What does that say about me and my level of crazy? Equal, at least.

  15. John Frieda, my friend, understands about a woman’s need for lift in the hair. And not in a stiff, 80’s, Aqua-Net, break-off-a piece-and-use-it-for-a-toothpick kinda way.

  16. I also use the John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold hairspray and it is like magic in a can for keeping a voluminous style.
    Love it! :)

  17. What does the bottle of the John Frida say? I went to CVS and got Lavish Lift Root Boost Spray, but the link says blow drying spray… just want to make sure I bought the right stuff!! I need Bump It hair!

  18. Yay for Ree!!!!!!!

    My 13yodd and I can pick out the bumpit hair a mile away…..or so we thought!!!

    Love your faves…

  19. Not one hour ago I was at Walgreens and saw the “bump it” for the very first time. Veddy intedesting.

  20. Just got the recent issue of Southern Living at the HEB to see Ree. (Sounds like a song…) Still haven’t waded into the deep end of subscribing again to SL…they are still in my Trial Period. (But Ree’s article was GREAT.)

  21. I also love that eye shadow…the four shades blend well, and it lasts a long time!

  22. You completely crack me up! I’ve never heard of that Daniel guy, but it sounds like a CD I would love.

  23. SYTYCD is on, and my dog Sadie is ringing her bell at the door to tell me she has to go out, but first I have to tell you how much I am loving your blog! When you started it, did you ever think you would be like Oprah and people would be clammering to know more of what you love and going right out to buy it or listen to it or read it? Well, I’m hooked. thanks for the realness and the humor. And for the reminder of how wonderful fried cheese curds are (i am a recent convert having just visited my son in Madison WI.) OK, the dancers are back on…but thanks again for taking the time to share yourself with us!

  24. ok, One thing I seriously love about you is that you are letting me in on good Christmas music when so many people shun said music until after Thanksgiving. I will be checking this one out.

    Secondly, I saw Ree on The Bonnie Hunt show. She’s just precious and of course her food looked de-lish. Some strange man just came right up out of the audience without being asked, and helped himself to a twice baked potato. His wife was mortified. Rightfully so.

  25. I cannot wait to own that cookbook! And, may I just add, I seriously wish I had a friend like you – your sense of humor is simply awesome!

  26. i’m so proud! i’m totally going to her book signing when she’s in philly!!!

  27. Would you believe that I’m here in Barnes
    & Noble for my weekly “night off” and was looking for the PW cookbook… and they are SOLD OUT. Already. And here I was SO geared up to hold a copy high over my head and proclaim to all nearby that I READ THIS LADY’S BLOG.

  28. How sad is this..? I own a Bump-It, and still cannot get my hair to bump.

  29. Oh, I miss The District. I do believe I had my first legal drink there… and oh, the fried cheese!

  30. BUMP-IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes, a laugh heard round the house tonight….thank you! And so completely excited about the new cookbook, although I am still so jealous of you that you were at the ranch and did thus and so….my friend has already been bribed to go stand in line in Nashville to get me a signed copy. What a hoot!

  31. First, I think I can relate some on the thought process that is your “crazy”. It makes me giddy. Because I just know, I JUST KNOW, that you would totally be able to follow my conversations without end and completely comprehend my multi-“talking” and I would NOT need to back track and say things like, “NO, I didn’t SAY that, I THOUGHT it. FOllow me. Stay with me now.”

    Anyway, I have windows everywhere. I’m delighted by these links. FIRST, because, well, fine hair. And no Bump-it. I feel quite certain that no Bump-it shall ever crown my head. Can’t do it. Cannot. Is that spray a powder sort of spray? My 16-year-old’s best friend has something like that and it is MAGIC. WHY have I not bought this stuff? Adding to my to-do list right now.

    Next, I’ll check out that eyeshadow because I am fair. Sigh. Even after layers of Hemp tanning lotion. Weird name for tanning lotion. Anyway, I’m off-fair now. So the shadow looks like it might just be for me.

    And the Baton Rouge guy? WELLLL, you KNOW I’ve gotta check that out seeing as how I’m right next door to Baton Rouge in Denham Springs, which, incidentally, is the NEW BATON ROUGE!

    And of course, Ree rocks.

    But no fried cheese, thank you. Girls night out. TOO much good food. HUGE trio of chocolate chip cookie the size of a pizza. INSERT HALLELUJAH CHORUS!

  32. I’m sitting here laughing because I got all excited about the Volume for my Crown. And then I read that it’s to be used in conjunction with blow-drying my hair, and I almost spit out my Diet Coke on Ice … because look what I posted just this very morning: .

  33. I had some of that District fried cheese a couple of weeks ago. It was 14 kind of delicious. Amen.

  34. I just have to say THANKYOU for being so darn hilarious – I’m smiling out loud as I go to bed. :o)
    Thank you and Good Night!

  35. Hi Boomama,

    I took a couple of years off from blogging and, well, I’ve come back and you are still as funny as ever!

  36. I can’t believe you mentioned Bump-Its! I’ve seen many infomercials on them and was dying to try them (teasing is just not healthy for hair!) ;) I bought them from Target a few weeks ago. And they worked…however, it felt like a thousand little fiery sharp darts poking into my scalp. I only had it in for 5 minutes. But my hair looked fabulous for those 5 minutes. :) I’m going to try the John Frieda and spray -both sides-. So excited. :)

  37. Ree’s cookbook will be in my hot little hands tomorrow.

    In fact, I will have 3 copies in my hands (one for me, one for the sister in law, one for my mother). I am also looking forward to seeing her at the MOA (Mall of America) in November to sign it.

    I think you and Melanie need to join Ree on this road trip. Just sayin’. (hello? MOA!)

  38. smcvicker says:

    You are hilarious! Loved the links!

  39. Nice. I’ll have to go check out the Christmas album on iTunes. It’s a great album title, for starters.
    It’s funny, I left a comment (I don’t know, I was number 2,089 or something) on Ree’s site after watching a clip of her on the Bonnie Hunt Show, about how I really appreciated getting to watch her and hear her voice. I feel like I know all these people on the Internet… but really I don’t! We would all be good friends though, I believe. You know, if we all lived on the same proverbial street.

  40. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Carol in Indian Springs VIllage says:

    Oh I completely follow your logic from Bump-Its to Deal-a-meal cards. I must say I recently (maybe 2 months ago) threw out my deal-a-meal and old ‘Dancing to the Oldies’ tapes (hangs her head in shame). And now I have to try the eye-shadow. You recommended the mascara for certain colored eyes (can’t remember the name of it) and the Bojangles biscuits and have not steered me wrong yet so I’m off in search of the eye-shadow. Because I am so fair that sometimes I am called “pastey”. Isn’t that pleasant? And my hair is too short for a Bump-it but I’ve been craving some ‘largeness’ in my hair lately so I may have to give the hair product a try too. Although I really hate spending much time on my hair which is why it is short.

  42. :)

  43. I’m with Terri up there and the Bump-its—-I lived through the 60s and the original teased bump style, and the bump-its give me chills, not in a good way though! I just can’t believe how the clothes and hair today are so retro to the 60s—or am I having a flashback!!

  44. The Bump-its freak me out, Soph. You definitely know when someone has one in, I am a more au natural-do-it-with-products-kind of girl. Yep, Aqua Net dance recitals and Paul Mitchell products groomed to the woman I am today.

    Going to Ree’s book signing in Little Rock. Since you guys are big buds, tell her one of your home girls will be there. I am sure she will be so excited, haha.

  45. So totally love the eye shadow!! I have it and it is FAB, FAB I tell you! Thanks for sharing the new hair product because all of us Texas girls know bigger is better in Texas!! Or as my mama says…Jack it to Jesus baby!!!

  46. Bahahahahaha! You can say you PAID for those shorty shorts ole Richard Simmons prances around in. He’s probably giggling in glee at his luck with those infomercials. And I bet he indulges in ranch dressing once in awhile. He can’t eat his salad PLAIN, now, can he?

  47. A big YES MA’AM to the eyeshadow. I started using it this summer and love it. and Deal-a-Meal? Bwahhahhahhahhahah!

  48. Boo, I have to say that I check your blog every day. EVERY DAY. The days you don’t post, it’s just another day. The days you DO post are just the best days of my whole, *e*n*t*i*r*e* week. Thank you for sharing with us.

  49. I was at the hairdresser the other day and she said she had a client come in, sit down in her chair.

    When she started to comb her out, the lady said,”Oh wait. I need to take out my Bump-It.”

  50. So Boo, after reading your post yesterday, NATURALLY I went right out and purchased the John Frieda Luxurious Volume spray you recommended. This morning I sprayed not just both sides, but ALL FOUR sides!! The top of my head was saturated. And lo, although nobody would mistake my volume for that imparted by a creepy Bump-It, it looks pretty darn good! And I didn’t even have to do anything different with my blowdrying technique. Hmm. “Technique” might be too generous a term.

    OKAY, okay, in the interest of honesty, I was going to Target anyway..needed to pick up a prescription. But I DID make a beeline for the John Frieda.

  51. I am such a robot and do whatever you say. Buying the hair stuff today, just bought a song from that dude, already preordered Ree’s book, and now I want fried cheese.

  52. Two things…

    My 4-yr-old, who (heaven help me!) knows how to run the remote to the DVR, will pause when fast-forwarding the commercials each and every time she spies the Bump-It commercial. She insists on watching all 60 seconds of it, while rating each hair do. Something like this, “That one’s goooood! That’s just wee-dic-lee-us! Good. Good. Weedicleeus, again.” It cracks me up.

    And number 2. Thanks for the music recommendation. I’m listening to my freshly purchased album right now.

  53. Good Golly Miss Molly!!! Bump-Its has NOTHING on John Freda! I just finished blow drying my hair and I have got me some BIG HAIR!

    Thanks for the recommendation…


  54. I go to church with Daniel Renstrom and I am his wife’s friend. You may bow and kiss my hand now. ;)

    His music is awesome and I get giddy when he leads music on Sundays.

  55. Umm… his wife has other friends… I should have said, “I am a friend of his sweet wife.” That’s all I’m going to say before I embarrass myself. Again.

  56. My copy of her cookbook arrived last week, with Sarah’s Christmas copy which I already told her about so she wouldnt buy it herself, but she’s still excited. When I saw the box in front of my door I literally squealed outloud!

  57. Wow, totally love your site. Random, slightly off the wall, great humor and kept me reading. You are awesome!

  58. I got my 4 copies in the mail last week!!! ;-)