The Wordy Is Back, So By All Means Grab Some Snacks

I am well aware that I probably enjoy watching sports a little bit more (AHEM) than your average girl. I have no idea why that is, but oh, I DO LOVE ME A LIVE SPORTING EVENT, especially if my Bulldogs are playing. In fact, if you gave me a choice between spending the day being pampered at some sort of spa or spending the day watching the Bulldogs play, I would choose the Bulldogs every single time.

I know. I’m weird. I can’t help it.

So last week, when all the hype surrounding the Mississippi State/Florida game started to build, I COULD NOT STAND IT. I thought it would be oh-so-fun to be in Starkville when the Gators rolled into town. And even though David had some other stuff planned for the weekend and couldn’t make the trip, he gave me his blessing to take the little guy on a road trip. Honestly, I had no expectations of being able to find tickets for the game since it was a sell-out, but I figured just being on campus would make for a mighty fine Saturday. Plus, our men’s basketball team was having an open scrimmage at noon, so, you know, YES, PLEASE.

As it turned out, my friend Daphne called me Thursday night and said they had two extra tickets, and I was TICKLED MAROON, I tell you. I told Daph later if I’d known when we met our freshman year that she’d be calling me two decades later to offer me tickets to the State/ Florida game, I would’ve bought her a big, new bottle of Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine right then and there. I might have even offered to distress her blue jeans with some straight-up bleach in the dorm’s laundry room while I let her borrow my “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack cassette.

Anyway, early Saturday morning the little man and I hopped in the car and drove to Starkville. It was cloudy and gray outside – not to mention that the interstate was already pretty congested at 8 AM because of all the people driving to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama/Tennessee game – but I’ll have you know that as soon as we hit Highway 82 right outside of Tuscaloosa, the traffic all but disappeared, and the sky started to clear.

By the time we rolled into Starkville the sky was almost turquoise, and we parked in our favorite gameday parking lot and started walking to the coliseum. Alex was so excited that he couldn’t decide what he wanted to do first, but as soon as he saw all of the RVs in the coliseum parking lot, he became absolutely certain that he wanted to go in an RV and look around. In fact, when he spied a Florida fan who was sitting outside his RV in a lounge chair, he very loudly said that MAYBE THAT GUY WILL LET US INSIDE HIS RV, but I assured him that the Florida fans probably weren’t in the mood to give Bulldog fans MID-MORNING TOURS OF THEIR RECREATIONAL VEHICLES.

But do y’all know what was waiting on us when we walked up to the edge of the coliseum? Three RVs that were on display by a local RV dealer. IT WAS AN RV OPEN HOUSE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

Honestly, I felt in that very moment that the Lord had given us His gameday favor. Because I don’t think I have to tell you that there was a six year-old who bounded up the steps into that very first RV and thought he had entered some sort of magical wonderland where all the appliances were his size. He also had a total a-ha moment when he realized that if he owned an RV, he could stretch out on the couch and watch a big ole television WHILE SOMEONE DROVE HIM AROUND, and it made me laugh so hard. Honestly, I think that RV may have helped him to solidify some Life Goals.

We walked in the coliseum about an hour before the scrimmage was scheduled to start, and since there was really no one in the building except for the women’s basketball team down on the court, Alex decided he wanted to explore.

10,000 empty seats + many, many stairs = NON-STOP ENTERTAINMENT.

My friend Lea Margaret and her little boy got to the coliseum right at the end of the women’s practice, and Alex and Mac were deee-lighted to see one another.

It was so sweet to watch them together – because the last time they saw each other they looked like this.

It’s been a few years.

The boys had big fun watching the men’s basketball team – at least until they both decided that they were very hungry and very thirsty and really, really wanted to go to the bookstore. But no way was I going to leave The Hump without snapping the young’un’s picture on the basketball court.


The afternoon was sort of a wonderful blur of maroon and cowbells and old friends and blue skies and mums. OH, YES. MUMS. Everywhere with the mums.

I loved the mums.

We were mighty excited to see our friends Todd and New Marti, who were in Mississippi for the game and a baby shower. And as you can tell by the pictures, Alex likes them just a little bit.

We also ran into my great friend from high school (and freshman year roommate), Amanda, who looks EXACTLY THE SAME, MY WORD, HOW DOES SHE DO IT?

Thankfully we have both left acid-washed jeans and ginormous hair bows far, far behind.

Alex and I claimed our spots for the Dawg Walk, and once we were settled, he staged an elaborate Larry Boy re-enactment with some pom-poms.

I can’t say that I understood what he was doing, but hey. He was happy. That was all that mattered.

When the team finally made the walk into the stadium, my little guy rang his cowbell like a champ. After all, IT’S HIS HERITAGE, PEOPLE. Brings a tear to mine eye.

And I’ll bet you that 12 or 14 people showed up for the Dawg Walk.

SWEET MERCY it was crowded. But OH, it was fun.

We spent the rest of our pre-game time tailgating with Daphne and her family. This was the point in the afternoon when Alex really started to get revved up about the game, and he told Daph that she really, really needed to put up a sign that said “NO GATORS ALLOWED” on the tailgating tent. Then he started singing a version of the fight song that ended with him screaming, “GO STATE! HALLELUJAH! PRAISE THE LORD!”

Apparently that’s the lesser-known, Baptist version of the fight song.

We walked in the stadium about 45 minutes before the game started, and OH, IT WAS LIVELY. Alex told me that it was the best day of his life in the whole wide world, and then he said, “That team from Florida is nothing but a bunch of…BABY WORMY GATORS BLAH BLAH, Mama.”

I think we all know that if Tim Tebow had heard that level of smack talk, he would have run off the field in fear.

The ‘Dogs played a whale of a game even though they didn’t win (this play will go down as one of my very favorite Bulldog football moments ever). And after the game, we hung out by the field for a few minutes so that we could see our friend Bo, who’s #44 for the Bulldogs.

Alex waited so patiently – he was NOT leaving that campus until he got to see Bo.

And finally, he did.

It was just the sweetest. Bo gave Alex his gloves and a sweatband from the game, and you want to talk about a little boy who could not quit smiling, NEVER YOU MIND THAT IT WAS 10:30 IN THE PM?

Thrilled to pieces, he was.

As we walked away from the field we ran into even more old friends, laughed with them for a few minutes (Mart, I won’t forget to tell the flat-iron story) and very slowly made our way back to our car. It was a long day – twelve hours of on-campus fun – and we were ready to get to Daphne’s mama’s house so we could get some much-needed rest. But oh my goodness, it was THE BEST day. So full of sweet friends and tradition and nostalgia and laughter. More happy than my heart could contain.

Not to mention that I had the very best travel buddy in the whole wide world.

Go ‘Dogs.

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  1. I am the complete opposite. I HATE watching sports… esp football and basketball. And I’ve never been to a live event for either.

    I do kinda enjoy a live hockey game. (I’m Canadian. LOL)

    But it sounds like you had a great time. And I love all the photos!

  2. How exciting for you both! Caleb is almost old enough for us to have this sort of day at Texas A&M, where his daddy and I went. Fun, fun!

  3. Oh, I loved that entry. Great way to start the day!!

  4. On behalf of the Florida Gators I want to send you my deepest sympathy for your loss!!!!!!!!

    GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I watched the game on TV; if I’d known you were there, I would have looked for you in the crowd!

    I love me some college football. Isn’t it the best? Glad you got to be there.

  6. Southern Gal says:

    WE watched that game on TV. It was great. And I’m sorry, but I was pulling for the Gators. I’m so, so sorry. If I’d known it meant so much to you I may have…nah.

    Glad you and your little man had such a wonderful jam-packed sports fun day!

  7. I loved this…I feel like I was there. We’re Vol fans in our house so I feel your pain.

    Oh, and I may be your long lost cousin because when it comes to wordy blog posts I’m right up there with the wordiest.

    Happy Monday!

  8. What a trooper your little guy is. That sounds like a perfect day. Your maroon top is VERY cute. We need some fashion updates from you. Its been too long.

  9. Well, we were doing our darndest to beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa Saturday and you all did a FABULOUS job of giving Florida a run for their money. Even though both ended up as losses, I think it was a pretty sweet day. Glad you had fun.

  10. What a game and what a day for you and your son. I am thrilled you were THERE for the day and for a great played game! Fun times and memories that will never fade.
    The bulldogs will continue to improve and I look for them to do GREAT things in the future!
    Blessings today and always,

  11. That is wonderful! A day he will not soon forget:)

  12. Over here in GA we were ROOT ROOT ROOTIN’ for “the other bulldogs” Reeeeaaal bad! They were so close! Watched the whole game just hopin’ they’d pull it out.

    I’m glad you were able to go to the game with your big guy and that you had SUCH a good time!

  13. That is the sweetest story EVER!!


  14. Even though I am a Gator through and through, I can understand and appreciate the joy it brings a mother to tour her child around her Alma Mater. It looks like y’all had a blast. So glad that you did, though I can’t say I’m sorry that your bulldogs lost! ;-)

  15. What a great day! And I love me some hallelu-yar fight song singin!
    That boy… sweet!


  16. “Apparently that’s the lesser-known, Baptist version of the fight song.”

    Okay, I just snorted.:o)

  17. I loved reading that. I’m also a fellow MSU Bulldog living in AL. I’m doing my best to raise my own little Bulldog over here. Hail State!

  18. How fun! I love live sports, too. Baseball would be my favorite. My husband and oldest son are headed to South Bend in 2 weeks. My boy can hardly contain himself.

  19. I’m an AL girl, and the mom of 3 boys. I just want you to know that I love the way you love your boy. I bet he feels like he is the most important person in your life, and that is a very good thing. You are filling him up with sweet memories of fun times, and every boy needs that. It will serve him well in years to come. A boy, and a young man, needs to know his Mom is on his side. God bless!


  20. What a great post! I took my 3 year old to the LSU game (her third trip to Tiger Stadium) and she had the time of her life. Memories I will never forget!

    Gotta love that SEC heritage!

  21. Love, love the pic of Alex with Bo’s gloves on. I love it when the players take a minute for the little fans. He will remember that for the rest of his life. For some reason, moments like that are magical. I love sports….

  22. Your bulldogs and your coach played a great game. I’m not sure I can say the same about the refs and at least one call that mighta-shoulda gone your way. So glad it turned out to be such a happy day for you! And, go Gators.

  23. Wow – what a great day you guys had! Love that.

  24. Pardon the book here, but we had the ABSOLUTE BESTEST TIME EVER THIS WEEKEND!

    Old Waverly is Southern charm at its finest. I stared and eavesdropped the whole stinkin’ time.

    And the whole MSU experience was incredible. I had chills at the beginning of the game when the music was playing and I thought the teams were either going to have a dance contest or a fight!! ;)

    I adore Tim Tebow…yes, i know. I was thrilled to see he picked Ephesians 4:32 for his scripture deal on his face that night. Thanks to twitter and Karen Barrows I learned that.

    We were in the RV land closest to the stadium under the water tower. We took our friends MSU smokin hot golf cart out and I was blown away by the tent fun taking place around us. And good grief you can just drive a golf cart anywhere and noone cares. I was so afraid of doing something wrong and getting a ticket of some kind. Ha.

    The touchdown return was my favorite part of the game! I told hubs on the way home yesterday that MSU was definitely one of my most favorite SEC experiences. LOVED IT!

    Ok, carry on.

  25. i hope you went around to all the college kids and told them to make good friends b/c they are the ones that make college so great 20 years later…i know i loved college times but i love my girls now more than ever

  26. my dawgs are meeting the gators this weekend & i wish i could summon the excitement you had! ;o)

  27. That was great fun! Alex was one of the most beautiful baby boys God ever made. Oh my word! Your stories make me look forward to all the fun times I have ahead with Jackson. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Dee-lightful weekend!! What an awesome blessing of a day for you and your little man. Precious…

    We watched football all day Saturday, a perfectly relaxing day.

    And just so you know…this Big 10 gal shocked her husband by saying ‘Wait, we need to watch the MSU/Florida game! Boomama needs our support!”

    I rooted for MSU with all my heart, while the husband objectively watched all the plays without emotion : )

    Have a great week!

  29. Hey! I was at the game, too. We even had some fried alligator one of our friends killed out at the reservoir last month. He froze it so we’d have it for this weekend. You’re right. The place was hopping with excitement. Our family had a great time, too, in spite of the final score.

    I wasn’t sure if that was the Todd I know, so I clicked on their names and read your story about when y’all went to their wedding. My husband’s family is good friends with the Harris’. In fact, my brother-in-law, Tim, was out there for the wedding, too. So I’m sure he’s big buds with your husband, too (I’m guessing?). It IS a small world, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I just feel like I know you with all these little connections – MSU graduate and fan, southern girl, loves Diet Coke OVER ICE, fan of The Office, etc.

    I love reading your blog (I feel so weird using the word “blog”). You are so entertaining!

    Take Care!

  30. I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to see you! I stopped by and talked to Daphne before the game, but we had to go to the skybox to work the game (terrible job, right?!) We had planned to stop by after the game, but we didn’t get to. All in all, I agree, though: It was a GREAT game! Hope to catch up with you at another game soon!

  31. I think that your Bulldogs should have won that game, and I’m not traditionally a Bulldog fan. That 100 yard touchdown was spectacular!

    It sounds like you had a fantastic day. Your little man and Bo are too cute. What a great thing for him to do by giving him his gloves and sweat band from the day. My little football player would have been over the moon too!

  32. Heartwarming. Every last bit of it.
    p.s. You look good in maroon.

  33. Looks like a grand time was had by all. I have to share, we were watching the game at home and in the midst of us yelling, “GO DAWGS!” My 3 year old little boy said, “Go kitty cats!” It was so cute and funny!

  34. So sweet that you & your little man got to have such a great adventure together… And I love the Baptist version of the fight song… priceless!

  35. That’s awesome! My hubby is a Bulldog and will LOVE your post!!!

  36. Man. I am a Sooners fan, but I can ASSURE you, I was rootin’ for the Dawgs as hard as you were on Saturday. And I wish Tebow had heard Alex- all would have been right with the world!

  37. Lovely post and what a fun day! I love Starkville. I just have the best time when the kids and I go to Tuscaloosa. I’d turn down ANYTHING else on a Saturday to even sit on the couch and watch, let alone tickets!!

  38. OK I seriously LOL at the RV open house–how funny!!! My little man is also quite intrigued by RV’s and I know he would want to go in one.

    Jealous you got tix to the game–we didn’t make the 2 1/2 hour drive for fear we would not procure tickets (plus who really wants to attend a game with a 5 yr old, 3 yr old, and 5 month old?)

  39. Oh, and the Baptist version—priceless!! Too funny!

    Go Dawgs!!

  40. First I laughed out loud at TICKLED MAROON
    Then, I cried at the sweetness of your entire day.

    So happy for you and your adorable boy.

  41. Such a sweet post! All my kids will be able to say I am stark crazy about is Chex Mix. Maybe I need to learn to support a team or some thing.

  42. Awww! Your boy is DARLING!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful day!

  43. And me….you got to hug me!! And I got to hug you!! So good to see you — what a wonderful weekend to be on that beloved campus!!

  44. So much fun. The Bo photos with your little man’s excitement melt my heart

  45. He really is the most handsome lil’ boy! I believe the Lord did not give me blue-eyed children, because I would never say no to them :)

    Love you!!

  46. Oh! And I like sports, too. My Chris? not so much. So it is a rarity here–though we were TICKLED!!! that the Aggies WON this weekend! Whoop!

  47. I go to school at Missouri State University. A few years ago they changed the name from SMS (Southwest Missouri State) to MSU. But all of our shirts say “Missouri State” instead of “MSU” because we aren’t allowed to copy off you. Haha. Oops!

  48. I wish I understood the draw of college sports, but I just don’t. But I’m glad you had a fantabulous weekend.

  49. WHAT A FUN POST!! Felt like I was there with you and the boy cheering for the Dawgs. Even though I’m a central Texas girl cheering for the Longhorns. (Hook ’em and all.) Thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

  50. email me if you ever feel the need for a ticket. My daughter is a senior, gave up her tickets for saturday. She also played basketball for 2 years and has roommates who are still on the team – y’all could have met them since practice was over. Those were just beautimous photos – made me want to go over there and ride around. What about that new Jumbo Tron, huh?

  51. Lea Margaret says:

    Our boys. They make me smile!!! And the Dogs too!
    Love you!

  52. I loved reading this! You can tell a great story. I pretend I can hear your voice even though I don’t have a clue what you sound like. :)
    It sounds like such a wonderful day. I love how you appreciate everything so much.

  53. I SAW THE PLAY! As my jaw dropped, I couldn’t imagine all the excitement in the BooMama household at that moment! Alas, you were right there in the stadium! Tickled Maroon! ;) So glad you were there “in the flesh” to see that awesome touchdown! I was so happy for you, even though I’m a Wildcats fan.

  54. You tell the story just great……loved every word of it….I could just feel your excitement…..

  55. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    Thank you for sharing that great day with us! Your pictures really helped put it all together for the readers! ! Having been a kid whose parents RV’d at football games, I highly recommend it to Alex! ! ! What a wonderful kid!
    Love you!

  56. Seriously, I cannot stop with the belly laughing about Alex’s version of the fight song.

  57. I was at the game too, and I think that Scott Field has never been more exciting! It was a great weekend!!! I’m still hoarse from all the yelling! Wish I would have spotted you in The Junction!

  58. Even though he’s supportin’ the wrong team, it still looks like he had a FAB time!

    Have you came by to check out the new site yet? It’s what all the cool kids are doing!

    Oh, and we’re giving away FREE SUSHI!!!

  59. Emily Massey says:

    Sister Sophie-
    That made my heart so happy!!

  60. Don’t take this the wrong way, but girl…you would’ve made a good Aggie.

    Especially in the glory days (before 1995).

  61. I love how you love your football. And that its SEC!!
    I have taught or tried to teach all my boys how to call the HOGS. 5 y/o gets it….every time we see red and white, every time we see a pig or a razorback likeness we loudly call the hogs incorrectly but we call em nonetheless. To the great chagrin of his daddy who cheers for LSU for some crazy reason….
    but our 6 y/o doesnt get any of it…he will cheer for Tigers to make daddy happy but he doesnt understand why we are cheering…LOL
    I havent been brave enough to take them to a game yet.

  62. This had me laughing out loud! I love being in Baltimore, but this had me SERIOUSLY missing SEC football. It’s not the same alone in my living room.