I Hear It’s Where The Wind Goes Sweeping Down The Plain

I’m not going to get an “Office” post up tonight. I’m just not.

I know. It’s terrible. YOUR WHOLE WEEKEND IS RUINED.

But I’m leaving early in the morning to go to Oklahoma City for Deeper Still, and I’m still not finished packing, and I just made a last-minute switchover to a bigger suitcase since I’m having to pack scarves and sweater coats and parkas.

Winter’s not kidding around, y’all.

I’ve haven’t been to Oklahoma City (am I allowed to say “OKC”? is that obnoxious?) in a looong time. I went once when I was 3 and once when I was 11 or 12, so I’m excited about visiting again and being able to, you know, DRIVE this time around. I actually remember the trip when I was 3 because I got a wee small spanking on the steps of the Oklahoma Capitol building. And do you know what I did after that spanking?


Somebody was SULK-Y.

Needless to say, I hope I act better this trip. However, if I show out and throw a fit and somebody takes a picture, I’ll be sure to share it. It’s the least I can do, especially with all the not posting about “The Office” that I’ve done tonight. In fact, I haven’t even watched it yet, but I’m sure Michael did something stupid. And I’ll bet Dwight did something sneaky. And I’ll bet Angela said something snarky.

See? That was practically a recap.

All righty. I need to wrap up my rambling. My suitcase isn’t going to pack itself. But I’ll be posting on and off this weekend over at AllAccess, so if you get bored, you know where to find me.

I’ll be the one wearing a parka.

But hopefully not sulking on the Capitol steps.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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  1. i was wondering if you were coming to okc this weekend (it’s totally fine to call it that!) I have been so excited about deeper still for months…………i bought my ticket in april, the ticket that now is nowhere to be found. i’m just sick. if a miracle happens between now and then, i’ll look for you! i’m hoping!

  2. Approximately where will you be sitting? I’ll be there, and I’d LOVE to meet you! :o)

  3. Oh, stop it go on, stop it go on, stop it go on, MY WORD LOOK AT THE CUTE LITTLE BOOMAMA!

    I’m guessing you missed seeing 30 Rock as well, so lemmeetellya sister, watch it on Hulu while you’re gone. It was an EPIC WIN.

  4. That picture is precious. I’ve taken this sort of picture of my girls before and when they wrinkle their noses up and say “mooooommmmmm,” I remind them that’s what they look like when they are in a ‘mood.’
    Have a safe trip – someday, I’ll have the opportunity to go to Deeper Still, someday.

  5. Oh I LOVE that picture! Old snaps are one of life’s greatest treasures! And you would NOT BELIEVE the stuff Dwight pulled tonight!

  6. HA!That picture is priceless. You are a cutie pie even when you are “sitting down on the outside but standing up on the inside” as my mama used to say. You’ll love OKC. Try to make the Federal Building Memorial if you can; very touching.

  7. Oh now weren’t you adorable in your little sulk? I just want to kiss those little cheeks and gently mock you till you cheer up! (I do this to my daughter and it drives her crazy but she can’t hold a sulk when I work my magic.)

  8. Oh, have a good trip to Deeper Still! I am in Tulsa and it is our big Christmas deal at church and can’t go, but just wanted to tell you that it is completely fine to call it OKC–that is what they say here anyway, or they just say ‘the city’ LOL

  9. Yes, if you want to blend in, just drop “OKC” (really only used on our envelopes b/c we’re just too lazy to write it all out), and use “the city.” Also, the wind is howling down the plains right now – so cold! Be sure to bring that parka you were talking about. Welcome, and have a great time!

  10. I. Can. Not. WAIT for you to see Dwight’s impressions on the phone.

    Also? My post today has a glimpse of what you may someday enjoy more than SEC football (GO VOLS). I never thought I’d see the day, but it was LAST NIGHT.

    Just sayin.

  11. How CUTE are YOU??

  12. Terrific Office recap. It was dead on … take the week off.

    And Dwight’s impersonations are so hilarious I had to rewind and watch them again. For a minute I wondered if they were dubbed … they were THAT good.

    There were also so many great one-liners, I don’t know how you’d fit them all in one post, anyway. Enjoy it when you finally get to watch it!

  13. You NAILED your recap!!! Good job! :)

  14. Anne Riley says:

    That picture is friggin HILARIOUS. You just made my day!!!

  15. Hahahaha! I hope you don’t act sulk-y in OKC. But it was fun thinking about the picture!! Praying for your weekend to be specta-mazing!

  16. Hey welcome to OOOOOOOOklahoma or as we call it “the city” We are glad you will be joining us for the conference. I will be looking for you and I will have camera in hand!!!

  17. That picture is precious!! How hilarious was that post spanking sulk? Enjoy OKC!

  18. I’m from OKC, and yes, you can call it OKC :) However, do NOT be tempted to say “Oak City”… There’s really nothing more annoying than that! Well, maybe calling tornadoes “twisters”…
    (the other girls are right, just say “the city” when you are there)
    Have a nice time! I’m missing OKC (but not the cold… it’s cold enough here in IN), but will be there in a few weeks.

  19. You must go back and have your picture taken in that same spot!

  20. 1. “I’ve made some empty promises in my life, but that was by far the most generous.” Classic!!!
    B. I’m from Oklahoma and we all say OKC and even write it in the address to save time and all that writing! enjoy :)

  21. you are so cute when you’re three and sulky!

  22. i lost my ticket, but the nice people at lifeway are letting me pick up another one at the will call. let us know if you need some good restaurant recommendations. If you need some good Mexican, you can’t go wrong at Ted’s! enjoy ‘the city’!

  23. Have fun!

  24. Wow, Alex really resembles you! not that I’ve seen him SULK-Y but I bet that would be the image you’d see :)

  25. I’ll be at the Deeper Still conference too!

  26. Such a cute little sulker you are… or were. Don’t know about now; enlighten us. And are you gonna visit with Pioneer Woman? Seems like just about everyone else has lately… surely it’s your turn! Blessings and travel mercies…

  27. Oh BUMMER! I’ll be in The City (that really is what we call it – particularly if you live west of Tulsa) tomorrow, but not for Deeper Still. I’m running my first 5K there in the (freeze-your-tooshie-off) morning.

    I would have loved to have met you there. You know, since there will only be a handful of people there and all.

    Have a great time!

  28. I hope you have a fun time and I hope there is an equally fun picture after this trip. ;-)
    And I am ever-so-glad that you did not give an Office recap. We had to watch Polar Express last night instead of The Office….love being a parent.

  29. It’s a little BOOMAMA! I love it!! Great pic! Have a great time at Deeper Still.

  30. Welcome to OKC! We have a dome on our capitol since your were last spanked there. have a great weekend.

  31. Have a fabulous weekend!

    Don’t make Kay Arthur come off the stage and spank you! (Cause I think she would!)

  32. missy @ it's almost naptime says:

    Now we see from whence Alex gets the cuteness.

    Please, please, please tell me you have seen The Blind Side.

  33. I love the baby BooMama in all her sulky-ness photo! And those precious saltwater sandals on your little feet make me so happy that I have my own kids that can wear those now! Can’t wait to follow you over at All Access and hear about OKC!

  34. Have a wonderful time at the Deeper Still Conference!! I know God will touch down. Sadly, Renae and I won’t get to see you at this one! Blessings for a glorious Christmas as we celebrate the Savior’s birth!

  35. Ok Sophie now I knew that you knew Beth but HELLO she was crackin me up today. How many times did she say your name at Deeper Still? You 2 are like serious BFF!!

    thanks for the blogging. Just love it!

  36. Jeannette says:

    have a great time at the city. Please visit the memorial. it is awe inspiring.

  37. I was there and I heard Beth Moore call you out! ha! Deeper Still was amazing…

  38. OKC is just fine. Or, if you’re really cool you can say “O(a)K city” you know, sounds like the tree, but an okie would know what you were referring to.

    OKC is also very appropriate for mail. We just get tired of writing such a long city name.

    So, while you flew up here in all your gear, I went up north and packed for a blizzard just in case Ohio had one!

    I know you had a great time with Robin and Cindy too! Blessings!

  39. So funny, but I just read that Brooke up there in the comments said not to call it Oak city. Maybe it’s not as cool as I thought.

    However, I don’t call it “the city” because it seems you call it that only if you don’t live in it. :)


    whatev :)