Oh, Oklahoma City was big fun indeed.

First of all, there was this:

An exit row seat with all manner of leg room on the way from Birmingham to Dallas. Every once in awhile I would straighten out my legs and kick them. Just because I could. The seat next to me was empty, so I got to use the under-seat storage in front of it. PERFECTION.

When I finally landed in Oklahoma City, I drove downtown to the hotel, and I had to smile when I spotted it from a distance.

I actually stayed in the very same hotel when I was about 11 or 12. My daddy had a convention in OKC, and you’ll be happy to know that I did not get spanked on the steps of the Capitol during that particular trip. I was so much more mature and, like, PRACTICALLY A TEENAGER, GAH.

Anyway, to add to my joy, there was an umbrella AND a can of spray starch in the closet of my hotel room. Even though I needed neither, I was overcome with gratitude as well as an unexpected longing for some wrinkled white cotton shirts and a nice thunderstorm.

(It’s so much easier to understand the previous paragraph if you’ll just remember HOW NOT AT ALL NORMAL I AM.)

Late Friday afternoon I went over to the arena for Deeper Still, and it was a mighty fine time. Over 9,000 women were there, and we all got to hear Kay Arthur teach the entire book of Hebrews.


And I’ll tell you something else: if I get to be 76 years old and am tempted to sit around in a housecoat all day while I eat chicken and watch old episodes of “Friends,” I hope I remember the sight of Kay Arthur walking up and down and all around that platform while she taught some uncompromising Truth. And I hope when I remember, I’ll turn off the “Friends” and put down the chicken and put on some sassy clothes and get out there and pour into the lives of some younger women.


Friday night I was so wound up that I had a hard time going to sleep (sort of like, you know, NOW), and when I finally dozed off around 12:30, I was awakened by the people in the room above me who, as best I could tell, were picking up various and sundry pieces of furniture and then dropping them. It was either that or they were bowling with 75-pound balls – which, as we all know, is a sport that’s catching on like wildfire in hotel rooms all across the country. So when I woke up Saturday morning, I wasn’t exactly rested, but I felt a whole lot better when I saw this outside of my window.

Sometimes a wide expanse of completely flat land has its advantages.

Priscilla Shirer taught Saturday morning, and without going into all the whys and wherefores, I will tell you that her message on Ephesians 3:20-21 MARKED ME. I really want to write about it, but I honestly don’t think I have the words right now. Just know this: I have loved those two verses of Scripture since I was 17 years old – even had them printed on Alex’s birth announcements – and they are more precious than ever to me now. For an entirely different set of reasons than when I was 17, OH THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT.

And also.

The fact that Priscilla delivered her message while wearing this dress?

Well, that was just an extra portion of blessing. The dress was right up there with Angela’s jeans back in 2007, though let me be PERFECTLY CLEAR: nothing will ever surpass the jeans. They are peerless. And one day when Angela decides she’s not going to wear them anymore, I’m going gently place them in a glass-enclosed shadow box and hang them in our hallway. Right where they belong.

Saturday afternoon Beth Moore taught on spiritual discernment, and oh my word – was it ever timely for me. What I especially loved about Beth’s session is that she really honed in on how to tell if you’re acting (or reacting) out of true spiritual discernment or out of a critical spirit, and she offered some mighty sound wisdom. It was excellent.

And before I forget, let me tell you that if you want to smile until your face hurts, watch Priscilla and Beth’s video about hair. Yes, about hair. Clearly it is A VERY SPIRITUAL TOPIC, AMEN.

Okay. Finally.

This morning I flew from OKC (I can’t bring myself to say “the city” because it makes me feel like my name is Whitney and I’m starring in a reality show on MTV and living with my friend whose parents used to be on “thirtysomething”) to Dallas, then from Dallas to Birmingham, and when my people picked me up from the airport, Alex shared three pieces of very important news.

1) He had his picture made with Santa yesterday.
2) He moved the fish ornament from the tree in his bedroom to the tree in the living room because he thought the fish looked “too much like a girl.”
3) He has a loose tooth.

That last one just killed me, by the way. His first loose tooth. He’s been waiting on it forever, and it finally happened. So if you’ll excuse me, Mama here is gonna go stick her nose in a plastic tub of baby clothes and remember WHEN MY BABY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TEETH.

Hope your week is filled with exit row seats, a cute dress, and hair that’s exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask or imagine.

The end.

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  1. The perfect weekend followed by the Tooth News. Sounds like you got filled up with everything you needed.

  2. My blog post today is about Ephesians 3:20-21 today too. God has done immeasurably more than we imagined for our daughter and we are rejoicing! God is so good!

  3. That verse in Ephesians is perhaps my favorite…not that I can pick a favorite but if I were pressed that would probably be it. I’m taking my mom to a Living Proof event in April and I can’t wait! It’s a surprise for her for Christmas if I don’t blab first…so far so good!

    Love some spray starch in a hotel room…it’s the little things that make life nicer…Happy Monday!

  4. I wish I would have been there with you! That sounds amazing!
    Great post!!

  5. So glad you had a great time! I know all the women were blessed!

  6. More. Words. I want more words! Every single one of those topics sound so much like something I would love to wallow in.

    Ephesians 3:20-21? Favorite verses.

    Discernment vs. critical spirit? BIG struggle of mine.

    Kay Arthur on Hebrews? Yes, please.

    Man! I’ve got to get to one of those conferences! Glad we get to go vicariously through you! Now go tell Alex to stop wiggling on that tooth!

  7. Oh, I hear ya on the loose teeth thing!!! My oldest is a couple of months younger than your boy. He lost his first tooth back in the spring at the same time my youngest was getting his first teeth. Where does the time go?!!!

  8. This post made my morning.

  9. Sophie, my daughter and I were at Deeper Still this weekend. We tried several times to chat with you (found your seat), but each time there was an opportunity to walk over and say “Howdy,” you had stepped away. This weekend was incredible and one that I will never forget.

    Maybe we will have another chance sometime to meet in person. Thanks for being an encourager to so many of us.

  10. Thanks for making me SUPER sad that I missed the conference. Hebrews and Ephesians 3:20-21 and anything Beth had to say would have put me right over the edge!

    And is there a pill we can buy anywhere to make kids stop growing?

  11. Love it! Amen to pouring into lives of younger women. And not that we care to admit it, but there are women younger than us even now – gasp!! I so appreciate my MIL and a few others who have poured themselves into my life – what acts of unselfishness and obedience.

    I really need to hear Beth’s messasge about spiritual discernment / criticism. I’ve been struggling with that lately, and am praying that God removes the CRITICISM from my mind and heart. Sooooo NOT from Him.

    Mr. Wonderful reminded me last night that our precious girl will be 9 in February. Nahhhh, I said. She’ll be 9 months. How’s that for some denial??!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Leah Anderson says:

    Glad to hear that you are back safely.
    Now I know why Brooke keeps saying that she wants a loose tooth “really bad”. Alex must have bragged about it!

  13. Jennifer in CT says:

    Any chance you’ll be sharing with us Beth’s lesson on spiriual discernment? Because I NEED TO KNOW.

  14. Sherri in Oklahoma says:

    The conference was fantastic!!! I sat two rows behind you both days. I kept thinking gee she looks familiar, and then it ocurred to me who you were. I am so glad that your trip to Oklahoma was good.

  15. Sounds wonderful! Wish I was there. And I get the teeth thing – Faith has already lost 5! Did you hear me? FIVE! And she is only five herself!! sigh. At least I’ve got me a little toothless gummy baby smile again around my house.

    Hope you are well! Enjoy your Christmas! :)

  16. Angela’s jeans…was that really 2007? Feels like yesterday.

  17. Hi Sophie,
    I was sitting just about 2 rows behind you at the conference, I really wanted to head over to say hi a couple of times, but never got the chance…you are one busy woman!
    It was a great conference, thanks for all your work with Lifeway!

  18. Laughed so hard at the hair post I almosted peed on my self!

  19. The school where I teach is moving NEXT WEEK into a new elementary building. And while I’m SO EXCITED about working for the first time in a building built for ELEMENTARY children, it’s NEXT WEEK!!

    While I’m trying to decorate my house for Christmas, do Christmas shopping, etc., I’m packing up my classroom.

    I just walked in the door…..after working for 3 hours after school today….and clicked on your post to see how your trip was. Dear, sweet Boomama…….you always come through……I laughed until I cried at the “loose tooth and baby clothes” comment. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve had those moments as a Mom and today as a teacher finding things I’ve saved other the years from my students. These wonderful little people make our world go around…..every day, don’t they?

    Lord bless you for making an exhausting day a joy.

  20. This is awesome Sophie!!! So happy for y’all. And, thank you for what you said about Miss Kay. She is “somethin’ else” and I hope to be a smidget of her “somethin’ else” when I’m in my 70’s.


  21. I’ve read your conference recaps for awhile, so it was really cool to read this one today since I finally got to go to one!

    It was lovely to meet you!

  22. Was that not an incredible weekend! We bought our tickets almost a year ago and have so looked forward to the event. WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED!

    I am trying to blog about it, but the words aren’t there yet. Travis, Kay, Priscilla and Beth. It was an all-star event and I was blessed beyond measure.

  23. My six-year-old niece recently lost her first tooth. When I asked her what the Tooth Fairy does with all of those teeth, she replied, “I think she uses them to build things–you know like things for her house or roads and stuff.” I asked, “You mean she uses the teeth as construction material?” She answered, “Yep, I think so.” I’m sure Alex will be coming up with some great ideas of his own!

  24. At least Alex knows about baby teeth getting loose. Our oldest was an only for 5 1/2 years and I was a stay-at-home mom the whole time. You’d think that at some point in there I’d have taken a moment to mention the whole baby teeth/big teeth/loosing teeth thing. You’d be wrong. Consequently, I was jarred to distraction one day while driving when Hannah screamed from the back seat, “Mama! I think I’m falling apart!”

    I tried to do a hurry-up job on The Teeth Talk, but she thought I was MAKING THE WHOLE THING UP. Watch for my book, “Insightful Mothering” coming soon to a Barnes & Noble Bargain Bin near you.

  25. Well darn! And here I was all set to just give it all up to a housecoat, chicken and “Friends” reruns when I hit 75! That bit made me laugh out loud! Too funny! Lvoe that Alex has a loose tooth. I keep thinking AmyBear will get one anytime…so much so I just bought a special little box for the TF when she finally makes a visit. But I may have a while to go yet!

  26. Emily Massey says:

    Loved the part where you are going to go stick your nose in a plastic tub of baby clothes….I’m so there with you, so there…

  27. I read you all the time, but rarely comment. But that last line about hair “that’s exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ask or imagine” is too darn funny not to get a GOOD WORK WRITER GIRL. Hilarious.

  28. Glad you enjoyed the conference. But about the baby teeth… I have a weird thing for baby teeth. I love them! I love to pull them, I love to keep them, I love to check my kids teeth for wiggly ones and basically it breaks my heart every time they lose one. My oldest only has 4 left to lose and i can hardly stand it! Thankfully, my little one, has a mouth full of baby teeth for me to obsess over!


  29. One little tip for when the tooth is hanging on by a thread. Oragel. Numb the gum and yank. :) It works!

  30. I’m crying. Because I just learned I’m not all that close to God. I think I have me some teasing and rattailing to do.