Keely McSassy

I met my friend Keely when I went to Uganda and she was the trip photographer. From the get-go it was crystal clear that Keely is one of those people who comes equipped with an extra measure of awesome. She is a blast and a half – wise beyond her years and hysterically funny. She can have a super-deep conversation or she can quote “30 Rock.” She has style for days. And I love her to pieces.

So when Keely emailed me last week to tell me that she was going to be in Birmingham for Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God concert (her hubby is a musician on the tour), I was tickled to death. And I would say I cleared the calendar so that I could go to the concert, but the thing of it is that there was nothing on my calendar. Just a big ole bunch of white space. And maybe a short grocery list. But even still, I wouldn’t have missed Keely + concert time for the world, EVEN IF I THAT MEANT I HAD TO CANCEL MY NON-EXISTENT PLANS.

That’s what you call a commitment to friendship, people.

The concert was last night at a local church, so late yesterday afternoon I picked up Keely, and we hopped down the road (NOT LITERALLY, SILLY) to a little Mexican place so that we could eat chips and salsa and drink tea and visit. We blazed through about 75 topics over the course of an hour, and then we headed back to the church so that we’d be there in time for all the purty singing. We hung out for a little bit with a couple of Compassion buddies before the show, and while we were talking I snapped a few pictures of Keely’s accessories because 1) I am just that annoying and 2) I wanted to document her sassy style.

Oh, if I could count the number of times I’d pinned a large flower to my purse – well, I’d have to count all the way up to zero.

And I don’t know if y’all can see the cute necklace or not, but it’s a vintage-looking pendant with a “K” on it.


The boots, quite frankly, were a revelation.

And then – AND THEN – right before we walked to our seats, Keely took the big flower off of her purse and put it on our sweater.

You know, I don’t know that I’ve ever had the fashion wherewithal to MOVE AN ACCESSORY AROUND. The only thing that comes to mind is when I’m getting ready to grocery shop and I take a clippy off of my purse strap so that I can put it ON MY HEAD and get my bangs out of my face.

Or maybe when I was in the 10th grade and used a ponytail holder to tie the bottom of my t-shirt over on the side JUST LIKE I LIKED IT.

Not really the same thing as a kicky flower, is it?

The concert was absolutely wonderful – sort of heartbreakingly worshipful, really – and if the tour is going to be anywhere near you, you should totally go. If you’re not familiar with the Behold the Lamb of God CD, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but if you can’t make it to a show this year, it’s worth the $10 (or whatever) to share this music with your family. It tells the story of Jesus throughout the whole Bible – Old and New Testaments – and it’s just an incredible way to celebrate the birth of Christ.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find a sassy scarf so that I can feel all jaunty and breezy as I plow through some work stuff today. I would attach a snazzy flower to my sweater, but unfortunately I’m fresh out of snazzy flowers. Maybe I should just walk outside and find a sprig of holly. But that might be a little weird. And also prickly.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!

p.s. Several of y’all commented or emailed me to ask if I could share my notes from Beth Moore’s session on discernment at Deeper Still in OKC last weekend, so I wanted to let you know that I posted them over at AllAccess. Hope they’re helpful to you!

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  1. I love her purse! Any idea who it’s made by? She does have a great style.

  2. I am with your last comment. I love that grey bag. Who made it? She is to stylish with yellow and grey. Love it.

  3. Loved this post and we could all learn a few accessory tops from Ms. Keely, haha!

  4. Ok can I have that bag and those boots??? Love them both!

  5. What a cutie! I LOVE those boots! (Is that another way of saying I’m coveting those boots?)

  6. Ooooh- she is cool- but you are too- coolness is a state of mind or wackiness or whatever- just keep on rockin your thing. (But for the record, I am on a search today for both a flower pin and a purse!)

  7. I love Keely too and she inspired me with her style also! Seriously how someone always looked so cute in a 3rd world country – maybe annoyed me. ha! I am loving that huge flower. And how fun for ya’ll to hang out! Wish I could have been there too!

  8. I got to meet Keely at the V-Dub book signing last week–I KNEW I knew her name from somewhere but I couldn’t figure it out!

    The flower–so cute! I would never have the guts to do that.


  9. I LOVE flower pins! Sassification is super easy with them :)

    ( TOTALLY shameless self-promotion, but I make and sell a variation of flower pins over at my etsy shop….


  10. Umm, so think you might could find out where she got those kicky little boots? Love them!

  11. I love looking at pics of people cooler than me and getting some tips because, you know what? If I had those boots, I never would have put them with that sweater. But IT WORKS! And I want those boots.

    Glad you loved the show. I’ve heard it was amazing!

  12. I do so LOVE the Behold the Lamb of God cd. I just love its comprehensiveness! It’s like… way to go, you just practically sang through the Bible, Andrew!

  13. People that ‘got it all together’ accessory wise just amaze me. As long as I have shoes on I have all the accessories I need! They may not even match…..just joking – I’m not that out of it!

  14. WHERE ARE THOSE BOOTS FROM????????? I NEED (YES, NEED!) THEM!!!!!!! Gray and yellow make my heart sing!

  15. I have always wanted to brave and wear pretty flower pins. Where did she get it?

  16. Y’all down south geat all the great Christmas concert tours! I would LOVE to see that tour but alas, neith it or Gloria! is anywhere near SoCal. BUT! I did order the “Behold” CD just yesterday. Our pastor used the video version of “Matthew’s Begats” to do the scripture reading on Sunday and talked up the album. That song was just pure awesome so I’m anxiously awaiting the album’s arrival in my hands!

  17. Was the concert not AMAZING? We’ve gone every year for the past three years, and I love it more every year.

  18. saw this concernt 2 years ago. GO!!!!!
    Oh my, it was so awesome!!!! GO! Go! GO!!!!

  19. ok… so i’m a long time reader that is coming out of comment hiding to beg you to share with us where keely got those boots!!!! i need them!! so cute!

    i know you’ll understand when i say that boots are to me what 3/4 length jackets are to your mother-in-law. please, hook a sister up & let us know where she got them! :)

  20. Oh goodness. This will certainly be a BooMama classic line forever more: “I don’t know that I’ve ever had the fashion wherewithall to MOVE AN ACCESSORY AROUND.” I’m just sayin’, that’s classic.

  21. If you just weren’t so dang funny …

    some of those one liners … “fashion wherewithall” “count up to zero”, etc.

    Maybe you should go be a writer for “The Office”.

    You really are some kind of funny. :)

  22. We are going to the “Behold the Lamb” concert tomorrow and I am so excited! :)

  23. Love the boots!

  24. Oh my. Loved that.

  25. Folks, I think it’s the Frye Paige Cuff boot. Check that out at Frye’s website.

  26. Oh she’s adorable…I don’t think I could pull this off…some women are just born with a whole lot of style.

  27. Jenny from VA says:

    I want to BE Keely. Only my name would be Jenny….but I would look supercute like Keely. :) It has to be glorifying to the Lord to see such spunk. :)

  28. Post alternately titles: Keely McGorgeous. :)

  29. First of all…she IS the cutest thing that ever walked. I mean…darling. And..that tour came through Jackson last weekend and I was supposed to help and couldn’t because of a stupid conflict that I just cried over.
    It was a huge success from what I heard.

    Anyhoo….what a precious friend.

  30. LOVE this girl.. Her smiling face (& those fabulous boots!) warm my heart. Thanks for spreading the fashionable-love BooMama!

  31. OMWord–she is THE cutest thing ever!!!!!

  32. first off, i LOVE reading your blog. i am also a southern girl who believes everything tastes better with butter, or bacon!

    second, i thought it was way cool to see you plug Andrew Peterson’s tour on your blog. he’s actually my cousin(his mom and my grandmother are sisters!) and i’ve known him my whole life (b/c he’s older than i am of course, ha ha). i digress, my point is that i think it’s super neat that i’m technically separated by 4 degrees with BooMama! ha ha