We’re Still Christmas-ing

So for us the second round of Christmas really got cranked up this afternoon when Sister and her hubby rolled into town. They’ll be here for a couple of days, so that means lots of Xbox for the boys and lots of Steinmarts for the girls. And lots of Starbucks for all of us, of course.


Alex had big fun during Christmas ’09, and he’s spent a chunk of the last three days playing with some new favorite toys.

I have no idea what the appeal of that iCoaster thing is, by the way, but he cannot watch the marbles roll down the track without jumping up and down and up and down and up and down.

The marbles! They’re very exciting! Apparently!

By the way, I pulled all of these pictures off of my daddy’s camera, and for some reason when I popped the memory card out of his camera and put it in my computer so that the pictures could download, I felt a wee bit like Sydney Bristow. And I wished for just a second that I was wearing a wig and some sort of funky cocktail dress. Because if memory serves, whenever Sydney Bristow used someone else’s memory card to download information, she always seemed to be wearing a wig and a funky cocktail dress. And I realize that I didn’t necessarily need a disguise in order to successfully download pictures from my daddy’s Kodak Easy Share camera, but still. It’s always fun to think of practical, everyday uses for the wig/funky cocktail dress combo.


Mama and Daddy have been here since Christmas afternoon, and we have loved having them here. Daddy actually offered to go to the grocery store this afternoon and pick up steaks for our supper tonight, and since our grill is currently a little temperamental, I cooked the steaks on the stove. I used Ree’s method with my cast iron grill pan, and I don’t think my range fan has ever gotten a bigger workout.

There was some sizzle in that pan.

But every single bit of the charred beef smoke was worth it, because the steaks were deeee-licious. Now the kitchen is all clean and splatter-free, and everybody has gone to bed except for Sister and me. She’s drinking her third or seventh cup of coffee while we watch the end of the Music City Bowl, and I’m waiting for a video to finish uploading. THE EXCITEMENT NEVER STOPS.

So that’s about all the Christmas news from our little neck of the woods. Lots of family fun in store. Plenty of football and basketball games on the horizon. A six year-old who’s convinced that this was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

And a house that smells like Western Sizzlin’.

God bless us, everyone.

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  1. My son also received one of those marble thingys for Christmas. He and his dad are still redesigning for the ultimate run. And I love steaks in the frying pan, but my fan won’t pull out the smoke and it looks and sounds like my house is on fire everytime I do it!! New fan is in order.
    Enjoy the rest of your Christmas!

  2. My grandparents owned a Western Sizzlin in Bryan, Texas and I used to LOVE working there when I visited every summer. There’s nothing like walking outside after a shift and realizing that your hair smells like charbroiled steak.

  3. so glad u had a great Christmas and yum on the steaks!

  4. Ohh, love the Alias reference. I miss it so!
    I’m so glad your Christmas was happy!

  5. Oh my those steaks sure look yummy! So glad your Christmas was splendid and that the fun continues!

  6. Mmmmmm. I made steaks just like that on Christmas Day. They were YUMMO. Our fire alarm actually went off when I opened the 500 degree oven. I thought that was just the perfect call to dinner. ;-)

    Glad you had a merry Christmas!

  7. So glad you and your family are having a Merry CHRISTmas with your family. Those steaks look so yummy! Have a great week.

  8. If memory serves me correct, that Western Sizzler smell was hard core. Had a friend who worked there in high school and she would reek when we would pick her up to cruise around the sonic and the pizza hut in small town Mississippi. Oh good time!

  9. Katherine says:

    MMMM! Those steaks look fabulous! I am currently turkeyed OUT, so beef is calling my name. I may have to get dressed and go to the grocery store today. LOL! Enjoy that family of yours, and I hope you can find a funky cocktail dress on clearance at the “Stein Marts”!

  10. I love that Sydney Bristow got represented on the Christmas recap post! Nothing on tv (in my opinion) has compared to Alias since it went off the air. Even when I see pictures of Jennifer Garner online/in a magazine holding her child, I still somehow expect her to leap over that car she’s walking by or scale up the side of the Starbucks she just left.

    Good Times.

    (Glad y’all had a Merry Christmas! Ours was wonderful too, with 18 family members staying here, ages 6-90!)

  11. I’ll admit, I’m a little jealous of that amazing-looking steak!

  12. Once you cook steaks like that you’ll never go back to grilling them. A thick peppery crust on the outside and warm juicy pinkish-red meat on the inside. Mmmmm mmmm mmmm. I think that’s what we’ll have tonight.

  13. Ahhhh, the music city bowl! You girls did not cheer loud enough for your fellow SEC team! At least that’s who I hope you were cheering for!!! ;) Hope your Christmas was Merry!

  14. I wanted to tell you that i am becoming a regular reader of this blog.You are so funny that you remind me of me and my two sisters! I always see the absurdity in life and always appreciate it when somebody else does too!I wish you and all you love the happiest of holidays.See you next year!

  15. DID YOU HEAR THAT??????!!!

    It was my stomach growling. Excuse me, while I run to some stores and buy a fancy steak and wrought iron pan with LINES in it….

  16. mmmmmmm Western Sizzlin’

  17. Yum…I think I could smell that sizzlin delish!
    What a great time to spend with family and loving one another!
    It really is THE BEST CHRISTMAS, huh?

  18. Sydney Bristow AND steaks?! (And I have the same sort of Alias-flashback when I’m fiddlin’ with the camera cards and flashdrives…and my dog’s name is Phoenix (one of Sydney’s call-signs.) Wow, this was a great post! Have a great 2nd Christmas and a happy New Year!!

  19. I miss Alias. Love that reference. Glad you are still merrying. Have fun!

  20. It does sound like an exciting Christmas : ) I am picturing the wig and cocktail dress! So exciting : ) I don’t know who that character is but I love the idea of it. Fabulous!

  21. i’m gonna have to go to the store or a golden trough (aka “corral”) or something now. oh my word. those are the best looking steaks! merry christmas!

  22. Those steaks look yummy!!! Sure beats this bowl of Special K that I am having to share with my two year old (even though he has already eaten his supper and a cupcake!).

  23. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!
    And those steaks look amazing!

  24. Come back, Sydney Bristow! Don’t they need to do a follow-up special featuring her and Vaughn and their five beautiful children who also turn out to be some sort of governmental agents? Seriously.

  25. Lots of family and THE BEST CHRSISTMAS EVER sounds pretty perfect to me! Hope you enjoyed yourselves!

  26. Can you tell me where you got that awesome pan? You would become by husbands best friend because he oh-so-despises going outside to grill when it is 20 something degrees!

  27. Sounds like fun! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  28. Carrie in NYC says:

    There are not enough Sydney Bristow references in common conversation. Thank you for letting me know that I’m not the only one out there who thinks about being a super spy when going about daily tasks.

  29. Steaks look DEE-licious. Be thankful you didn’t decide to make French Onion Soup. I recently may have learned that the dish is best made when windows can be opened. I believe we smelled like a bistro for 4 days after the carmelizing of all those onions!