If All Else Fails, I’ll Use The Swatch Cards For A Game Of Solitaire


Yesterday Sister and I went to Home Depot so that I could look at a few paint colors.

After all, I’ve only been talking about painting our bedroom FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS. I figure it’s high time for me to buckle down and maybe look at some paint swatches so that I can have the entire project finished just in time for Alex’s high school graduation.

Lofty goals!

Right now our bedroom is a really deep burgundy color that we inherited from the previous owners. You’d think that it would be right up my alley what with my love for a certain college team that wears the maroon and white, but living with the burgundy bedroom for the last three years has pretty much convinced me that I most like colors in the purple-ish brown family when they’re on spirit wear and in end zones. But bedroom walls – not so much.

There’s a lot of blue / blue green / green in this house, so I figure I’ll repaint our room with some color in that family. Honestly, my first inclination is to go with a light taupe because I just think that’s what you’re supposed to do – PAINT WITH THE LIGHT TAUPE – but I fell in love with the turquoise-ish color of the Drapers’ living room in the first season of “Mad Men,” and every single time I think about painting our bedroom some form of beige, I remember how Betty Draper’s decorative choices inspired me, and I resolve to be a little bit bolder.

It’s totally fine if you want to pity me for being inspired by the choices of someone WHO ISN’T EVEN REAL.

So here’s what I brought home from The Depot.

Okay. Obviously the second swatch card is waaaaaay too blue, but the second color on it reminded me of my imaginary friend Betty Draper’s living room.

Have I mentioned how much I love my imaginary friend’s imaginary living room?

These colors were Sister’s favorites, and they look much more green in real life than they do in this picture. I think the second one is really pretty – and it would look great with our bed (which is dark wood) and our white bedding.

David’s favorite is on the left, and that’s not really a surprise because he loves dark colors. I think our bed would get lost in the middle of all that dark brown, though.

This one, surprisingly, is my favorite. IT’S BLUE. And I’m not really a blue person. But there’s the prettiest touch of green in this shade in real life, and, well, I am intrigued.

What about y’all? Do you have favorite paint colors you’d recommend? Similar OCD tendencies when picking out paint? Temptations to throw all your paint swatches in a hat and pull one out and then yell WE HAVE A WINNER?

Any suggestions?

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  1. It took me 18 years to finally pick out and paint our bedroom. It was peach. I’m talking peach carpet, peach walls, peach doors, peach trim, peach closet, peach bathroom, peach counter tops in the dressing area. It was enough to make you throw up. It helped that my husband works shift work and I spent very little time in that room in daylight hours.

    We went with red and I love it! It had to be dark so hubby could sleep in the daylight hours. We went with the granite paint (texture because the peach duck wallpaper was stuck directly onto the drywall)in a dark brown with gold glitter mixed in for the dressing room with a sage green on the cabinets. Brown in the bathroom and closet. That sagey color is wonderful and reminds me a little of your chip in the photo.

    Just dive in and do it. You can always paint again in five or ten years…

  2. Bottom row, middle card, middle color.

    And throw in some browns in the pillows, windows, decor, etc. for added awesomeness. And maybe even a really teeny splash of red. Or silver.

    Pretty sure I’ll be redecorating my room soon, now. My husband thanks you.

  3. Rosemary D says:

    My bedroom is done in different shades of brown to resemble a cave since I am part bear. But I really like that blue!

    I’m offering my opinion because you made me believe you really wanted it. You’re welcome.

  4. If you decide not to go with any of those colors, and are still looking, I would recommend “basset hall gold.” It is a Porter Paints color (not sure if you have a Porter paints there, but just in case) It works wonderful as a neutral with a pop-I mean, seriously, everything works with it, but it is not boring like beige or kaki, etc. Good luck!

  5. I love blue, blue/green and green. Our bedroom in our old house was the most gorgeous shade of blue with white wood trim, and we only lived in it a few months after we painted it. Makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

  6. Andrea Bell says:

    I love the blue in the last picture. However, I strongly recommend that you use Benjamin Moore’s new Aura paint, especially since you are going over a dark color with a light color. It is self priming and is guaranteed to cover in two coats. I have done two rooms in my house with it and it is WONDERFUL. It is pricey (50 ish), but I painted my entire great rooms (18 x 20, with 16′ ceilings) in ONE GALLON. And it only took ONE COAT. I am passionate about this paint. Ben Moore can match anyone’s color, mine was a home depot color (I think). It truly is wonderful paint. TELL THE WORLD :)

  7. Our kitchen is LaFonda Olive (Valspar from Lowe’s) and I just adore it. I like a touch of color, like you. I am sick of our bedroom color, too.
    :) Happy painting. Come get a massage when you are done…I’m in Pelham :)

  8. We just bought a house and we are having the same exact issues. My instinct is just to go taupe on everything, just cause its safe and neutral. But then I feel like I’m being too “plain jane” and need to live life on the wild side a bit more. So Im of no help because as of now I’m still undecided. And we’re painting in 2 weeks!

  9. I paid some fool to paint my room three different shades of blue seven years ago. I had these arches and walls that popped out so I had this lovely vision of different blues everywhere.
    He told me that HE doesn’t like blue and neither does anyone else after a few months. He got more bitter the more blue he painted on the walls- especially because my vision caused him to have to cut in and he couldn’t just slap it on. We made the decision mutually that he should not finish the job, leaving our bathroom white because he was just bitter by then.
    Either he was right or he just ruined it for me as I haven’t liked the blue for about six years now!
    How about tan with one blue wall behind your bed? That way you have a neutral color with a splash of fun that you can easily change when you want? I wish I would have done that and then I could have painted my blue wall a fun red by now!

  10. i just painted my bedroom, too. it is an eddie bauer paint color named “beach.” it’s a brownish/grey/greenish color. yeah. nice description, huh? it looks like wet, atlantic ocean side sand. our bathroom is a martha stewart color called “forest lichen.” it’s a lovely muted bluish-green. i have pictures on my website, but you can find them online, too. i got them at lowes, though. they are similar to your swatches, of which i still find all over my house. pick whatever color makes you most happy and will make your bedroom the most calming and serene to you (and the hubby). :) good luck!

  11. Odd that you should write about bedroom colors. I’m painting ours as we speak. I painted the walls Raw Silk (Porter Paint) and the trim Afternoon Tea (also Porter) which is sooooo unlike me- I love color too- our bedroom has been a burnt brick red, taupe, and now raw silk which is a golden taupey beige. Since I love color, I fought the boring beige thing, but I have to tell you – the chocolate trim totally makes it- really it’s my most favorite room I’ve painted so far- and I’m telling you I’ve painted hundreds of rooms (it’s a sickness)- we’ve been in this house 3 years and this is the third time on this bedroom- don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve painted the other rooms. I’ll put pictures up this week so you can check it out and see what you think.

  12. It’s possible that there’s a 3×6 section of my guest room wall that’s had eight paint samples painted on it for the last three months. So I’m no help at all when it comes to making a decision.

    Whatever you do, BE BOLD. Beige is for the nursing home.

  13. Careful with the light blues, they can look gray. My friend painted her kitchen 4 times before it looked blue. Some stores have software that lets you take a picture of your room and “see it” in different colours. That might be fun!

  14. I like the blue that is your favorite..sorry David. I think a dark wood and white bedding would pop with the blue and if it reminds you of a room you really like–real or not–that is a good thing. That’s my vote for what it is worth.

  15. Go here and look at her dining room. It is kinda what you are talking about and her furniture is dark brown as well.


  16. I’m afraid to commit to a bold color on all four walls, so I painted one wall blue (my accent wall) and then the rest were a dark beige. LOVE it!

  17. just say no to taupe.

  18. As we’re still in the land of the renting, I live in magnolia-cream land. But when we do buy, I fear it will all get a bit swatchtacular – I’m very indecisive!


  19. I like the bottom middle swatch, middle color blue. I want a blue bedroom. But… I also like that color restful. How appropriate for a bedroom?!

  20. I painted our bedroom a few years ago, and I absolutely love the color. It was from Sherwin Williams, and the color was Weathered Wood – Martha Stewart. It’s a nice rich taupeish, grayish color. I too have dark wood and white bedding and I used some silvery blue accent pillows and stuff and it is soooo pretty together. Really made a relaxing space. I just love it!

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I think it took 13 different blues to get a satisfactory blue for our last great room (and it still wasn’t quite right!). Unless you know exactly what color blue your imaginary friend uses, do a sample first … then you can avoid being bitter like Jen’s painter!

  22. Our bedroom has been blue for over 20 years and I still like it. Just be aware that once the whole room is covered in paint, it will look darker than the color you choose. So maybe go one shade lighter than you think is necessary. Our paint was a Benjamin Moore but I do not remember the actual color name or number.

  23. missy in pa says:

    love the lite blue at the bottom, you’re favorite, especially knowing you’ve got white bedding. it says, clean crisp, classic… get lots of silver and sparkly accessories… it’ll be totally chic!

  24. sarah, tn says:

    You should check out a blog I JUST found this morning from Rhoda at Southern Hospitality….www.houseofturquoise.com…I’m in the midst of looking through all of her beautiful posts…beautiful blues…beautiful rooms! Might want to grab a cup of coffee…it’s great! LOADS of inspiration!

  25. boomama, you have to go to benjaminmoore.com, and paint yourself up a room on their site. we just had our downstairs/main level rooms painted, and picked the following from benjamin moore:

    living room: texas sage
    family room/kitchen: danville tan
    entryway: weston flax
    dining room: strawberry field
    half bath: paris rain

    even if you don’t use their paints, you can see what one color as opposed to another looks like, and feel pretty sure about your choice BEFORE you slap it on your walls!

    here’s the personal color viewer link…it’s addicting, i gotta tell you!


  26. I’m terrible at picking colors, so here’s my encouragement–I know that what you pick will be lovely! : )

    Good luck!

  27. I like the blue that you like. It’s very similar to the blue we have in our bedroom and it’s very soothing and warm. We painted the wall that our bed is on one shade darker just to have the slightest contrast and a little visual interest. Our bedspread is a taupe-y brown color with white furniutre and some black accents. Sounds weird to write that all out, but it looks good all together.
    Love the Mad Men reference- that show rocks :)!

  28. You have an iPhone don’t you? (Or am I confusing you with BigMama?). Anyway, if you do, there is a Benjamin Moore app (free) that allows you to snap a picture of anything that inspires you and it will tell you what Ben Moore paint color matches it.

    Good luck. For what it is worth, I like the same blue you like. I have that color painted on the back wall my white built-in bookcases and I love it.

  29. I redecorated my bedroom this past summer and I just love how it turned out. I used a green/blue color on the walls and it is beautiful. So soothing when I walk into the room. It was a boring beige before. I used Behr “contemplation” number 700E-3. http://www.behr.com/Behr/home#vgnextoid=c15eb3f45ecdb110VgnVCM1000006b0910acRCRD;channel=INSPIRATION;view=32

    Here is my blog post with pictures of the finished room:


    My favorite part of the room is the paint color.

  30. My bedroom is a light green since I used the quilt to pick a color. The rest of my house is construction off-white. my husband hates to paint and I’m horrible at it. We’ve only been in the house 17 years.

  31. My Dad, the painter, indulged me as a child and painted mine and my sister’s bedroom half red and half purple. He clearly is not afraid of color. In fact, he’s such a huge fan of red, he was delighted when I showed him the beautiful warm red paint we had chosen for our kitchen cabinets in our last house. But I think I may have shared that with you already.

    I like blues. And greens. Ocean colors. Although the walls in this house are painted a khaki color pretty much throughout. Fresh paint job just prior to moving here June of ’06. Color–not so bad. Flat paint–HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT!

    I love the blue that you are favoring. Just a little tidbit of info that you may want to know: while colors like red (not sure about burgundy, per se) or colors that are supposed to evoke passion, soft blues are calming and tranquil. Since I’ve red incorporated in my bedroom (as well as the walls in my master bedroom in my previous home), I’ll tell you that I’m not buying the theory. Not that that’s an issue at all. Just saying. If it is, there are lots of other things to do besides paint your bedroom red. ;)

    In short, (although, prefer the longer, detailed version)–go with the blue.

  32. Paint colors are one of my favorite things to talk about! I’m thankful that I live in an old house with lots of rooms so there can be lots of colors in the various rooms. Here are ones I love in the blue-green, blue, and green categories. All of these are Benjamin Moore colors, but The Home Depot can match them. My favorite: Wythe Blue (HC-143)—this is in my kitchen, but a friend just painted her bedroom this color. I also like: Buxton Blue (HC-149)—my bedroom, Fernwood Green (2145-40)—guest bath, Kittery Point Green (HC-119)—my bath, and Sherwood Green (HC-118)—my office. Benjaminmoore.com’s virtual fan deck is a helpful tool.

  33. I always like blue for bedrooms. It’s soothing and calming, and I love it.

  34. I am LOVING the Betty Draper Blue! It’s gorgeous and rich and unexpected which, it sounds like, is what you lean towards when it comes to colors. Go for it, don’t be afraid! After five moves in three years and painting rooms in every single one of those places {God bless lenient landlords}, I’ve learned a few things:

    1. Paint with Behr paint from Home Depot. One coat is all you need which saves you time and money. Even if you find another color from another kind of paint or store, take it to Home Depot and have them match it. You won’t regret it.

    2. Pick the color you love. Trust your gut. Be bold. It’s only paint. Make Betty Draper proud.

    3. In my experience, painting a bedroom brown or taupe {which I’ve done both} only leads to long days of boredom stretched out before you. Blah. Eh. Huh. And you’re SO not that kind of person :)

  35. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the color we painted our room just a few months ago, but it is made by Behr and looks very similar to the 2nd green color that you liked. Our bedroom was also a deep burgundy color and I thought it was going to be atrocious to paint over.

    WHATEVER you do, pay the extra money and get the Behr that already has the primer in it. We painted over that burgundy color with only 2 coats and it looks fabulous! Totally worth it!

    Good luck!

  36. Is your ceiling flat? So you can paint it? We have dark wood furniture, and I like blue…..but I have blue bedding, so I painted the walls white (yes, white, the same color as the trim but with wall paint), and the ceiling a very, very light blue. It is really pretty! You could go with a neutral on the walls, and then use the lightest shade on the blue card that you like for the ceiling.
    By the way, I have most of my ceilings painted a color (very light, and in the same family as the wall color).
    Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  37. If you have Photoshop, you could take a picture of your room (complete with furniture and bedding) and play around with the wall color. That should help with the blue/green/brown/beige decision. Works for me! :)

    Good luck!

  38. I love all the swatches! How to choose?

    My all-time favorite color is Ferrell-Calhoun’s “Herbivore.” I never would’ve picked it from a color card, but we saw it in a show house once. I’ve used it in both our houses, and I LURVE it. It’s in the taupe-ish/greenish family and it is my easy on the eyes and oh-so-soothing. (I realize that I might be a little too happy about paint this morning. Or it could be the 4 cups of coffee.)

    Happy New Year, Sophie.

  39. I love all the colors you have swatches of. I tend to go with the beige family because you can accent with so many colors.

    Good luck as you pick the right color for you and your hubby!

  40. I LOVE the blue on the far right – the one that is also your favorite. It looks like a winner to me!

  41. I’m not the best person to comment on colors because I AM a BLUE person. I love lots of others colors but always have shades of blue/turquoise all through my house. The outside is a dark blue, specially mixed, just for me :)

    Seriously, when I’m going to paint a bedroom or bathroom, I always find my bedding and/or bathtowels first. Then, the race is on for the right color of paint. I buy my “accessories” first, which I’m sure is totally backward…..then, choose the wall color. I like the blue that you’ve choosen and the green your sister likes.

    The comment about getting this done before Alex graduates……my last child, my baby, graduates this spring from HS and there are several projects that should have been finished by now. I blinked and here we are.

  42. Sherwin Williams Blue Hubbard (a now-discontinued Martha Stewart color that they can still mix)http://www.decorpad.com/photo.htm?photoId=10288
    We painted our bedroom in this color about 2 yrs ago and still love it. It is so soothing, cool, and serene. Beautiful with medium and dark woods! The rest of our house has deeper blues and greens… (Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green which is really blue and Wheat Grass which is a happy green)

    Also, thought you might enjoy this blog:

  43. Happy Holidays!
    Painted our bedroom and bath using “Upward” from Sherwin Williams. It is a great color in the blue family that actually seems to change colors during the day depending on sunlight, cloudy days, etc…..have absolutely LOVED this color!
    Blessings and good luck with finding a color you both like,
    Matthew 21:22

  44. I did my room & bathroom walls in browns, then accented with an icy blue. LOVE it. I also love that it’s so versatile, I can do away with the icy blue at any given time and add a different color and have a whole new look. Not that I plan on doing so any time soon, but you know, I COULD.

    The colors I used are from American Tradition/Valspar. The walls in my room are Seine, and the coffered ceiling-step is Coastal Villa, a shade lighter. I also used Coastal Villa in the master bath with white accents. Gives it a spa-like feel. (I also used the Seine in the laundry room and love it in there, too!)

    Good luck in your paint endeavor!

  45. They’ll mix you up the cutest little pot of sample paint. It’s enough to paint a good square on your wall and really see how it looks in the light—day and night—in your bedroom. VERY helpful!

  46. Okay, I am pretty sure that the bottom color in the picture of Sister’s favorites IS my bedroom color but I can’t read the name. If it is, I have to tell you I LOVE it! It’s a lovely dark green with a bit of brown and looks great on the walls. In my humble opinion. :)

  47. I repainted our bedroom several years ago and chose a lovely brown that is exactly the color of chocolate cake batter. We have lighter furniture and I use greens, reds and dark brown on the bed. It’s really cozy and cocoon like which is awesome for naps and lolling about. It does make me want to make cake though…

  48. We painted our bedroom the Behr Promenade…I really wanted to go with Restful as it just sounded perfect for a bedroom, but it was a tad light. We painted all four walls, have a huge wall of white shutters,it turned out great…so calming & relaxing.

    Good Luck!

  49. I am biased because our master bedroom is blue, and I LOVE it. Here’s a photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/78404028@N00/4228661286/. It’s a Behr color– I think it’s called Slate Blue. It’s probably similar to the second swatch in your darker blue color chip. I painted our bathroom the next lighter shade from our color chip and used the darker blue from the bedroom as an accent color. You can see it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/78404028@N00/4228661368/.

    Personally, I think the blue is calming for a bedroom. It also makes the room suitably dark for naps, if I ever get to have one of those. And my husband likes it because our room isn’t girly. But, the most important thing is for you to pick a color that you can live with and will love.

    Oh, and I agree with the lady who recommended Benjamin Moore paint. I used it for my kitchen and den, and it is fantastic.

  50. Girl, You have about 20 less samples than I bring home when I go to Lowes and Home Depot! How’d you DO that? I can’t help but pick up every single color I might even possibly maybe like… then the process begins.

    I tape them to the wall in the room I’m going to paint and see how they look in the different lights (am/pm, lamp, etc). MAKES A DIFFERENCE, the lighting does. I take the final 20 (hehehe) to football practice, church, carpool line… if you’re my friend, I want your input.

    Personally, I like the one Sister likes. But not seeing the other colors in your house, it’s hard to say, because the flow of textures (colors) from room to room is important. IE: what’s the color in the hallway outside your room?

    Good luck to ya!

  51. I *just* finally got around to doing our bedroom. It was boring and white and poor hubby had to endure the blahness most of the day since it doubles as his office.

    Since I knew he likes the Ikea style, I picked out a piece of fabric from there and chose the paint colors from that. And I *agonized* over it. It has a really strong green accent in the fabric that I loved, but it was very green. And did I like it enough to paint with it? I ended up with one wall in the green and the others in a dark khaki. I added some black swirly wall stickers to the green wall and we both L.O.V.E. it.

    Anyway, that’s my suggestion. Find a pillow or a painting or something you will use in the room and chose your colors from that. Don’t be afraid of color. You can always do an accent wall in the bolder choice and go more neutral on the rest of the room.

  52. I have been wanting to repaint our bedroom for… oh 5 years now. There are SIX different sample colors on the wall but I am just to darn scared to commit. It’s a big job with the vaulted ceilings and whatnot. And our bathroom has gone through the same issues… but as part of my Chritmas gift – my husband is right this minute painting our bathroom in “rainwashed”. It’s a pretty green blue that I’ve been debating on for about 6 months.

    I’m excited! Good luck and let us know what you decide!

  53. Sweethomealagirl says:

    We (I) painted our bedroom a very pale blue a couple years ago. I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d do that, but I really love it & it worked well to add a touch of color with our white bedding. I’d go with that over the brown (even tho I love brown) just to brighten it up & give you a fresh look :)

  54. Either Home Depot or Lowe’s had a selection of paint colors that were based on The Biltmore House. ALL of those colors were GEEORGEOUS! See how that was not helpful – at all? Anyhow, our bedroom is that blue and we used a similar green for the kitchen and the dark red for the dining room under the chair rail. And I love it. Of course those colors were from 3 years ago. Again. Not helpful.

  55. I recently discovered Sherwin Williams’ Tradewind. We had Wal-Mart match the swatch and used it for our nursery. It is a beautiful blue color and extremely calming. Not too pastel because it has some gray tones in it. Check it out, and good luck!

  56. I like both of your choices. I’m partial to the blue, but only if it will enhance your bedding and not overshadow it.
    I just finished painting the kids bathroom and while I intended to go neutral because, as you said, THAT’s WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO, I ended up scrapping that idea for the Pottery Barn Kids blue bathroom color (white satin) in their catalog…..because I like color.
    I’ve got a picture of it on my blog here:


    I’m not sure if that link works since I’m technically incompetent.
    Anyway, good luck with all the painting.

  57. I really like the colors that you chose! My bedroom is an aqua/turquoise/teal color and I love it. It is a very relaxing color for a bedroom. I’m like you though, I’ not really a blue person, so my color leans more to green than blue.

  58. I love blue, love it…love it…love it!! That said, I have found it to be rather trick to get Just Right as a wall color.

    My recommendation when picking blue paint is: look for swatches that look like they are TOO GRAY! Every time I’ve done that I’ve ended up with perfect, subtle, sophisticated blues. Every time I’ve ignored that I ended up with Screaming Baby Boy Blue…not restful. :)

  59. The last one that’s your favorite looks exactly like the color on our bedroom walls, and I LOVE it! We had taupe before that, and I got tired of it. The new color is so to wake up to…it’s a really calming, peaceful color!

  60. Girl — painting is my love language… well, talking about painting. But I do love to sling a brush on the walls.

    Also, LOVE the Draper’s living room in the first season, but then I’m all over the retro thing. Currently, my 2009 flat screen tv sits atop my 1952 RCA Victor console tv. The DVR sits on a 1920s waterfall night stand and the crowning touch is a 1960s teakwood starburst clock.

    I love anything retro — and love the eclectic.
    Have fun with the painting.

  61. Jenny from VA says:

    I love blue for bedrooms! We have a blue/gray color that looks great with dark wood and sage green accents.

    We are similar in liking BOLD colors and some sass in our decor…but the bedroom needs to be “spa-like” in my opinion.

    Speaking of the bedroom, maybe I should go get the monster pile of laundry out of there!

  62. Boomama,

    We have painted every single wall in our home in the last year, and I can’t say enough about how much I love Sherwin Williams. Seriously, the paint is awesome, and you should play with the website and look at colors. I highly recommend Halcyon Green (SW 6213) or Cloudburst (SW 6487) which are my bathroom and bedroom colors, respectively. My kitchen is Copper Pot (SW 7709) and the living room is Autumnal (SW 6361). As with Benjamin Moore, they can match ANYTHING, so bring in your favorite plate or whatever and get them to match it so you can test the color. I can’t stress enough how important it is to TEST a large patch so you can make sure you love it in your lighting with your furniture.

    Good luck and have fun!

  63. you can’t go wrong with “silver sage” from restoration hardware. it’s a perfect color. appears more blue than sage.

    good luck and can’t wait to see the results.

  64. I like your blue in the last picture. Of course, I’m simply mad about blue (which, if you ever saw my house, you would know) so maybe I’m not the best person to ask. Everyone has beige walls…dare to be different!

  65. I highly recommend buying the quart samples that most paint stores offer – then you can paint a swatch and contemplate it for a day or two…or even a year or two. Favorite paints for color selection and quality are Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

  66. I like the one right underneath Sister’s favorite. Hers is gonna turn out lighter than you think once its on the wall. I say that as if I am a painting expert – all my walls are Navajo or other forms of white! However, my daughter rebelled against All the White a few years ago and painted her room BLUE, and I do mean blue. I tried to coax her into a paler shade of blue (close to the one you favor!) but she jutted out her chin and went with the brighter one. About a month later she admitted she wished she’d gone with the paler blue, and to my credit, I just nodded. But, all that jarbled nonsense to say that I was thinking “GROSS” when I saw she wanted to paint it blue but it’s really pretty now that it’s grown on me.

  67. Oh Girl – we are redoing our master bedroom suite and using Behr paints – the ceiling is called fragrant jasmine – the merest smidgen of a cream tone to a white. The walls – on my the walls – are soothing celadon and our bathroom is called crisp celery – you feel like you’ve walked on the set of a Caribbean movie! Yeah Mon – no problem!

  68. Julianne Hendrickson says:

    We just painted our master bath polar ice from behr and LOVE IT. It has a sheen to it that is beautiful!! I couldn’t commit to an entire bedroom of blue so we did go “with the taupe” but spruced it up in the bath since our bed colors are blues too!

  69. A blue room would be so pretty with dark brown furniture and white bedding. And a silver vase with red roses.

    One of my favorite rooms in our house is our dining room which is “Cowgirl Blue” by Ralph Lauren. My husband picked it and it looks great with our black dining room table. Here’s a pic but it looks more gray-blue in person.

  70. I have a paint story for you – 5 years ago to the WEEK my husband went off hunting for a week. I was 4 months pregnant and the hormones, well. I pulled one of those While You Were Out dealios and kind of sort of Painted.The.Living.Room.Navy. It looks gorgeous, don’t let him tell you wrong. Everyone loves it but he haaattteeeddd it. Anyway so now we’re in the middle of pipe burst in the wall drama and are having to replace carpet and such so we’re painting ourselves! Except we’re all about opps paint because it’s CHEAP. But so far it’s loverly let me tell you. They are painting the spare room while I’m “working” (pinky swear I was JUST typing a report) so we shall see how it turns out. Best of luck with the paint choices! I’m a fan of bold myself

  71. If your bed is dark brown and bedding is white, the world is so open to you! I think your favorite swatch or Betty Draper blue would be awesome!

  72. Funny you should post about this… I’m trying to come up with a color for our bedroom too. Believe this one or not, I’m seriously considering one of those dark turquoisey colors from YOUR SWATCH! for our accent wall. I just can’t decide for sure. It would be a bold move, even for me.

  73. I highly recommend the blue we have in our master bedroom: Ballet Slipper by Sherwin Williams – it is lovely!

  74. For heaven’s sake take advantage of the little sample cans The Depot will do for you and paint them on the wall before you buy a gallon or six. It is totally worth it to avoid getting the room all draped and masked and then start only to realize…wrong color and you are torn between stopping to go get another gallon or finish with the wrong color because for crying out loud if you wait for 1/2 an eternity to paint, don’t suffer the second half with a bad choice embarrass Alex at the graduation party!

  75. Yeah well. We just painted our foyer what I thought was terra cotta. It is orange. Nasty orange. So I went to Lowe’s today and also brought home pait samples. The one I really love is called ‘Spice’ I am afraid it will turn out orange again. Maybe I should just stick to white. But which white???

  76. Soph, I really like the blue swatch you picked (with the touch of green). I’m not so good picking the paint colors and rely heavily on the “Bubba,” but I think he’d approve. I tend to go way too neutral, though I aspire to one day be bold. Last summer we stayed at a friend’s house in Destin that had this wonderful shade of blue-green in the master bedroom. I liked it so much I took a picture of it. I’ll find the photo and email it to you.
    Have fun painting!!

  77. I totally feel your pain! My dental office flooded over Christmas so today has been spent with paint swatches and carpet samples. HOWEVER. . . I have settled on the dark chocolate brown, a peacock blue/green color, and orange. I am so excited!!! Embrace the change. . . it will look great!!!

  78. I like the large blue chip

  79. Lara Harris says:

    We got these two colors: Riverbed’s Edge is a dark brown with green undertones that make a great accent color and the lighter Cincinnati Hotel Beige for the main color. They go so well, and then you get the dramatic on one accent wall and the lighter for the rest of them. I believe these cards are at Lowe’s.

  80. I like the blue, the one at the bottom. I think it is cool and soothing for a bedroom. Plus you can accent it with browns or black and it would look great. I watch a lot of HGTV and blues would be pretty in a bedroom.

    Good Luck and have a Happy New Year Boo Mama!

  81. All of the colors you like are at the top of your blog with the cherry blossoms!

    I like the blue you said is your favorite, too. I would paint the wall behind your bed the blue you like and bring in the browns with pillows or an accent chair.

  82. Try “Hopsack” from Sherwin-Williams. My decorator chose this color for my den. It’s a great shade of brown, not as dark as you would think.

  83. We actually took the lid of a Tiffany box to The Home Depot and had them color match paint. We have high ceilings and it is so bright it lit up our entire upstairs hallway. Thankfully, once we put our furniture back it toned it down a bit. I still think it’s way too bright, but when your husband agrees to color match a Tiffany box for your bedroom paint you don’t complain.

  84. I am trying to pick out colors for my foyer and hallway, living room and kitchen. when i painted the dining room I bought the sample size jars and I am so thankful I did. It was fun too. I had big sqares of all different shades of brown, red and gold squares on my wall. I even liked it. They coat about $3 and I probably spent about $30, but it is better than the time and money of fixing something I didn’t like. But it is just paint so if you don’t like it – paint over it. This weekend we are painting my son’s bathroom. It is still neon green and pink from the previous owners (we have only been here since June). He has not complained much so i figure that it doesn’t bother him because he is comfortable with his masculinity or his color blindness is worse than we thought!
    Happy painting!

  85. Blue in a bedroom is always soothing. (Mama’s word for good color.)
    My rule for paint swatches is to pick the one I love and go one shade lighter.

  86. Gold! We are remodeling a home and my bedroom is Gold, it doesn’t look as gawdy or loud as you would think. It’s really more in the beige family. Check it out next time you go to look at paint colors!

  87. Not sure whether anyone else recommended this, but the best painting advice I got (and used) was this:

    – Narrow down to your top 3-4 choices.
    – Buy posterboard, about 2 ft by 3 ft size.
    – Paint each posterboard with one of your choices.
    – Hang posterboards on various walls in the room, moving them from wall to wall for a few days – that way you can see how the light interacts on different walls and different times of day.

    Tiny paint chips make it difficult to envision big walls – the larger posterboards solve that. What you may spend in paint samples up front you will more than save in choosing colors that you really like.

    Good luck!

  88. I like the Candace Olsen blue one (your favorite, the last one) the best! She does lots of rooms in that color and it just seems to work with all sorts of accent colors and decorating styles, plus to me it just feels so warm and cozy and yet serene at the same time, with just the right hint of glamor, too. Go with your gut, girl. If that’s one’s your favorite, slap it up on those walls and I bet you’ll never regret it.

  89. Bottom row, middle card, middle color.

    I painted our bedroom a soft blue two years ago and we love it. Our trim is medium oak, as are our doors and furniture. The light blue and the oak look very good together. My drapes are a dark tan, which I also like against the blue. In the mornings when the sun is coming up (our bedroom is on the east side of the house), the blue is just gorgeous…it almost glows. I’m so happy that I chose that color.

  90. Oh, Boo! Such fun! I lurve looking at paint swatches. I am drawn (like a 10 foot magnet) to the color family your sister in law likes as well. Those greenish/khaki-ish tones. Benjamin Moore seriously ROCKS! You can bring anybody’s color swatch card there and they will make it for you. If you love blue, Behr makes one called Blue Jean that is FUN! It looks like the last swatch you have pictured. Anyway, I could go on. I will see your Silvery Sage and raise you a Monroe Bisque…

  91. Nononononoooooo taupe. Blech. Patooey. But hey, I’m a color freak. And I come home with at least an inch-thick stack of swatches when I set out to pick a single color. Then it takes weeks to make a decision, then months to get it done. So, feel better.

    Didn’t you paint your kitchen a nice blue shade with greenish cabinets? That was roughly the time I started reading, so can’t remember for sure, but I thought it looked great.

    My opinion: if you really felt something with the Betty Blue, I’d absolutely go for it for the following reasons:
    -I’ve learned to trust those instincts.
    -You seem to have an affinity for blues of various and sundry shades/tints.
    -As at least one other person said, it is a great color for the bedroom because it is very soothing (along with greens).
    -Most folks I’ve run into that have gone for it and painted boldly in their favorite hues, rarely regret it.
    -It would really make your bed and linens SING.

    I’ve painted my entire house with Behr and luhuhuhuve it. But I’d paint a nice big swatch of the 2-3 finalists on a wall, next to the bed/bedding, because I’ve seen their darks go lighter and darker than the swatches. Personally, on my computer screen I’d go for the Betty Blue, which is a warm, rich looking almost-turquoise.

    Okay, so I watched the SitC movie awhile back, just coz I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Feel like I need to offer more of a disclaimer, but anyhoo…the turquoise Carrie paints her apartment at the end of the movie was SUH-WEET. And I am not at all a tquo. person. Don’t even know if I’m spelling it right.

    Then, do some mercury glass accents (frames, candlesticks, etc.) and you’re golden.

  92. I have all greens and browns in my house so I’m a bit partial. (Although my office is blue and I love it!) My favorite way to pick wall colors is to find ones I like in the Pottery Barn magazine because they always tell you what color they use and I usually love their decorating ideas. Sometimes I get those small swatches and think they will look great and then when I get a whole room of the color it’s too bright or too dark or too something. But if I see it in the magazine I can tell a bit more what the final thing will look like!

  93. I never comment, but I just painted a room and had to share the color. It’s Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green. If you look at the swatch, you will prob. not think it’s that great…but in person, and on EVERY single wall I’ve ever seen it on, I LOVE IT! It’s a little green, a little blue…and that’s what I love about it. If you haven’t decided already, check it out. We love it!

  94. I love the blue one too! I need to paint my bedroom too and I’ve been saying I’ll do it for so long and haven’t.

  95. Hey girl, hey!!! I like your color pick the best! It is very close to the Benjamin Moore “Yarmouth Blue” I just used to paint a bathroom and my laundry room. I absolutely love it and highly recomment it to you my friend! Loves!

  96. Correction: recommend it!!!

  97. Funny you should ask considering I just finished painting my family room and living room today. After THREE trips to Walmart and many tries that weren’t quite right, I found the prettiest color: Secluded Garden, by Lowes. It is a grayish blue/green. With cream trim. I really like it. But I’m tired!

  98. Jamie Wright says:

    I just used Sea Sprite from Porter Paints in my office and I LOVE it! Please check it out!

  99. This is probably too late, but I LOVE all the colors in Devine Colors. They are the perfect shades and go on the wall exactly as they look on the sample.

    I get compliments all the time on my paint colors.

  100. I just repainted bathrooms and used a bluish green that I LOVE. It’s a lot like those 2nd from the left on the top and the bottom.

    I think it was called traquil by Sherwin Williams Aura paint, and one in the regular Sherwin Williams was called Beach Glass, I think. Go for it — I think you’ll love it!

    (P.S. I am talking to my very good friend Andrea right now who I hear you know — how cool is that??)