2009 Favorites

So I spent a chunk of the day writing this long, reflective post about 2009. And I’m really glad I wrote it, because “remembering” has been a little bit of a theme in 2009. But the more I read over what I wrote, the more I think it’s one of those posts I need to keep close to my heart. It might be a wee bit thoughtful for a blog where the focus is usually on reality television and bacon.


Writing the post made me think about a whole bunch of fun stuff that happened this past year. Here are a few of my favorite moments of 2009.

JanuaryTravis recorded a live CD in Woodstock, Georgia. David and I drove over for it, and Melanie was there, too. Before the concert Rich snapped a picture of Travis, Melanie and me that I absolutely adore, mainly because it makes it look like Melanie’s about to go live on the local news.

I cannot tell you how much I love those two people and their families. So many fun memories with them in 2009.

February – Alex and I went to Memphis for my sister-in-law Janie‘s 40th birthday party. I developed a huge crush on the centerpieces on Janie’s mama’s dining room table. I also got to meet Emma Kate’s orange chairs for the very first time. It was love at first sight.

March – I made a quick trip to Nashville to watch State’s NCAA tourney game with Sister, and I got to see my friends Angie, Annie and Angela while I was there. I don’t know when I’ve ever had so many meaningful conversations packed into 24 hours. I cried the whole way home. So grateful.

Also: Alex turned 6!

April – Melanie and I went to New Orleans for Living Proof Live and were alternately terrified and fascinated when we spent a solid hour waiting for pizza inside a Domino’s that was filled with such an eclectic array of VERY VOCAL people that I was certain we were being filmed by some sort of hidden camera. I returned home to find that Star Wars action figures had taken over my house. They have yet to surrender.

May – Alex’s last day of school was one of my most treasured “mama moments” to date. His teacher called each student to the front of the room, and then she looked each child straight in the eyes and told him or her what she loved about them. She prayed for the group when she was finished, and I cannot tell you how encouraging it was for the kids and for the parents. She spoke Truth into each one of their lives. I will never forget it.

June – I went to Oklahoma to see Melanie, Shannon and Ree. Mel rode A Horse Named Cheese while Shannon and I tried to figure out how to respond to a cantankerous cow. Ree made garlic bread and angels sang. It was one of the most fun trips of my whole life. We even got to see Kelly, Harper and Judy on the way home. THE INTERNET IS A WONDER.

July – We swam and swam and swam and swam. We made two separate trips to the beach and had loads of family fun – not to mention approximately 4,892 trips up and down water slides. Alex decided that “Oh, picklenuts” was his new favorite phrase. It made me laugh.

August – Alex started back to school, I got re-adjusted to a schedule that involves, you know, WORK, and the rest is sort of a blur. I’m sure I cooked some things and watched some TV and talked to some people. But that’s about as much as I can remember.

September – Alex’s buddy C came to visit from Texas, and oh, what a happy day it was – we had all missed him so much. We went to Memphis for Labor Day and to celebrate Sister’s birthday, then came home for more time with C. We fell into the routine of all things fall – football season, Sunday School, Wednesday night church stuff, choir, soccer – and the month flew by.

October – I was sort of weird about my birthday this year – it felt like a turning point and I didn’t really have a mind to turn. Plus, I had this dream in my head of being with all my friends and family on my birthday, and for about sixteen different reasons, it didn’t happen. I was a little sad about that. BUT, my birthday ended up being great. Loved it.

November – We celebrated my brother’s birthday in Memphis at a beee-yooo-teeee-ful party that Janie put together, and then we drove to Starkville for the State/Ole Miss game and a fun time with my sweet friend Daphne and her family. That day is one of my favorite memories.

December – Christmas night Alex opened an MSU football jersey from my parents. When he saw #24 on the front of it, he screamed, “ANTHONY DIXON! I LOVE ANTHONY DIXON!”

That’s a boy in touch with his football heritage, my friends.

All that to say: it was a great year even if it wasn’t always an easy year. I’ve been reminded over and over again that people are God’s greatest earthly gift to us, and He is so gracious to put just the right people in our lives at just the right times.

I am so thankful for each one of y’all – you have added something special to every single day of 2009, and our family is better for it.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year a few hours early!

  2. Love the recap, Sophie! I’m so with you–great year, but not always easy. Thanks for being such an encouragement to me throughout.

    Now, GO HOKIES! What I wouldn’t give to be down at the Chick-Fil-A bowl right now. VT and CFA. Sigh.


  3. Well, Happy New Year to you! Hope this is a year filled with good basketball, good food, good times, and good family lovin’!

  4. What a wonderful year you have had! I hope 2010 brings you just as much joy and happiness!

  5. You are still one of my favorite blogs to read. You make me smile, and have made my 2009 all the more happy. Much love, peace, blessings, and laughs to you and your family in the coming year. Oh yeah… And bacon and cheese. ;)

  6. Thanks so much for the recap! I loved seeing your memories from the year. Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year to an encourager, an amazing writer, an inspiration & a great blogger!!!
    Looking forward to reading throughout 2010~

  8. What a great recap. And let me just say that YOU bring a little something special into each of our days. Thank you so much for that, Sophie. You are such a treasure.

  9. This post was like a review of a book I’d already read and enjoyed. Thank you for a year of thoughtful posts, Sophie. You blessed me countless times in 2009 while I navigated some rough waters. What a ministry you have, bloggy friend.

  10. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I feel like you’re such a good friend and we’ve never even met:)

    2009 was a wonderful year, even though, there have been some difficult moments for our family. My youngest child, my baby, graduates from high school this spring. I’m trying so hard to be upbeat and thrilled for him but it’s causing this Mama’s heart to ache a little.

    Happy New Year, Boomama! Keep us laughing, smiling, and praising the Lord in 2010!!!

  11. you rock

    thats it just you rock!
    thanks for the laughs and inspiration!!

  12. Happy New Year, Sophie!

  13. And you, dear Sophie, have been a blessing in our lives! Your view of life and the things that make us laugh out loud are your gifts to us!

    You are precious and I was so grateful for the honor of meeting you as a tag-a-long with Kelly and Harper!!

    Happy New Year to you and your sweet Boys!
    May God richly bless you as you forge to the year ahead!

  14. Thanks for being you!

  15. And I am SO thankful for you, Sophie. I love seeing the way the Lord has woven this year…and I am glad to have been in a weave with you a time or more in the past coupla years. Heaven is going to be so awesome with fun, Jesus-lovin’ friends like you!!

  16. Great recap! Thank you for your genuine, faith-filled christian witness via the internet. We gave my nephew that jersey for his 10th birthday this year, so the upcoming generation is being properly trained!

  17. Happy New Year Sophie!! I was excited to see you at Woodstock last year. What a weekend!

    Blessings to you and your family!


  18. Happy New Year to you!

  19. Jennifer in CT says:

    I feel so blessed to “know” you through this blog. Thank you for sharing your life/humor/wisdom.

    Have a happy New Year!

  20. Susan in Indiana says:

    Sophie! Thank you for sharing your faith, your life and your fabulous way with words. You brighten my day! May God bless you abundantly in 2010!!

    PS That boy of your is just too adorable! Wait until the girls discover those beautiful eyes!!

  21. I am grateful for the new and almost naughty ways to use cream cheese and butter which I’ve found through your bloggity adventures. I enjoy watching your beautiful good hearted little boy become a little man and growing to be a Godly man. Thank God for women who share their hearts, life and recipes on the internet – bless you BooMama/Sophie of the wonderfully eclectic blog.

  22. Happy New Year! I love this post. God is so good.

  23. Ah, Sophie, you are THE BEST, and I love ya. I am still fighting mad at myself that I didn’t know you were coming to Oklahoma and that I didn’t get to meet you. Maybe one of these days. :0)

    What a gorgeous picture of you and your handsome son!

    You’re right. 2009 was not always easy, far from it here, but I am so looking forward to great things in 2010 and to sharing them with you, my bloggy friend! God bless you.

  24. And you, Boo, are a huge blessing to me. Thank you for the recap and for sharing your heart and life with us. I’m better for it.

  25. Soph (can I call you Soph?)…one of my highlights in 2009 was actually getting to hear your precious, southern, adorable accent instead of just reading it.

    And talking college football with you.

    Ready for January 7th? Hook ’em.

  26. Happy New year!!!!! :) I have so loooooved your blog and looking forward to your posts in 2010.

  27. Thank you Boo Mama for being who you are. You are a blessing!

  28. Thank you for being the beautiful lady you are inside and out! Much love and many blessings in the coming year!

  29. Happy New Year from Ireland.

    Hope this coming year is as full of blessings as last year.

    I did a summary of my year (inc photos) on my blog and loved seeing it all there in one post.

  30. Happy New Year!
    Thanks for sharing your favorite memories of 2009!
    Blessings to you and yours today and always.
    Matthew 21:22

  31. You have trained your young apprentice well in the ways of Dawg football! Good work and happy new year!

  32. Lynnette R says:

    And just like Alex Five Guys brings a great big smile to my face. I love me a cheeseburger and some of those wicked french fries that spill out of that glorious sack.

  33. Loved this post! Love them all. And as much as I really enjoy reading about bacon and your Office recaps, I feel our relationship has progressed to the point where you can feel free to share a thoughtful post sometime! (Okay, it’s a little one-sided, with you doing most of the sharing, but still…) I think most of your readers/friends/weird blog community are interested in your heart, girl! Have a wonderful, blessed 2010!

  34. Sophie,

    Happy New Year! I have enjoyed getting to know you on your blog and loved meeting you in Memphis. You are such a beauty and shine so brightly for Him.


  35. Is that boy getting big or what? Star Wars on the crockpot hands down favorite but then I have a boy.

  36. So cute! I should have done a recap. Thanks for your blog I read all the time. It’s my first comment. Thanks for all the posts ur an inspiration!!

  37. I love your 2009 in pictures!

    We must have similar decorating love languages!

    Sunflowers are favorites of mine! And those arrangements–well, I think I’ve developed a crush as well. They are absolutely gorgeous!

    And those orange chairs–delightful! LOVE THEM!

    April was memorable for me because of the N.O. Living Proof as well. And of course, I got to meet you and Melanie. That was an extra special blessing.

    Thanks for sharing your highlights.

    Looking forward to my own highlights for 2010.

    Tonight–you simply cannot forget–THE BACHELOR!

  38. I love it that this post has a picture of Travis and cows in it…in the same post…it’s just the best…THE BEST.

  39. I don’t even know how I found your blog, but I love it! I too am from Mississippi, but have recently moved to Houston, TX. I saw the pic of your son and his friend “C”, and I just have to say what a small world we live in. I went to Camp Soaring Hawk with Michelle for many years! I just took a look at her facebook page, but I am sure that must be her son especially since he is from Texas! Happy New Year!