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Hey bloggy peoples –

I have a big night of TV in store, what with the Very Special Episode of “Iron Chef” on the DVR, not to mention a rented copy of “Star Trek” just waiting for my undivided attention, but I wanted to pass along this info before I forgot. And trust me: I will forget about four minutes into “Iron Chef” if I don’t tell you right now.

Our church is doing something this year called The Radical Experiment. And earlier tonight, when I was looking at the Scripture readings for the week, I realized that I can link to the Family Worship Guide that our church is putting out each week, and it struck me as something that might interest some of you.

There’s an original song that you can download and sing, a coloring page for your kids, a Bible lesson for the family AND suggestions for age-appropriate activities you can do with your kids – all corresponding to the Scripture readings for the week. It looks like the curriculum is going to be incredible. You can check The Radical Experiment website for updates each week.

Okay. That is all. I’m going to watch TV now.

Hope y’all are having a happy new year!

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  1. I just downloaded this today and started (get this) a NOTEBOOK. Gonna keep all 52 weeks in it. Loving the coloring sheets, too.

    Also, are you doing the “read through the Bible?” I’m on day 3 and am loving how chronologically reading through the Bible took me from Genesis to John to Psalms! Just pure CAR-ZY! ;)

  2. A Radical Experiment…..hmmmmm…that’s what my husband and I can call our major diet we are starting on tomorrow. I say that humorously but we are both so overweight, there is nothing funny about it. But, we are seriously doing this together. We’ve already given our 17 yr.old son directions as to what he should do if we become too impossible to live with: go to Mamaw and Papaw’s, if necessary, to stay for a few days :)

    Thanks for sharing about your church. It sounds like a great plan! Please pray for us in this new year. Love you, Boomama! You encourage me more than you know.

  3. Thank you for sharing. One of my goals for personal improvement is step up my spiritual side. Enjoy your movie time, getting lost in a movie is so stress relieving, then it’s back to reality!

  4. I’m contemplating this radical experiment thing…Robyn keeps talking about it. Hmmmmmm…..thanks for the info!!

    Happy “twenty-ten!”

  5. Iron Chef America! I can’t wait. I’ve been giddy about last night’s episode. It is saved on my DVR, also. I plan on watching it today as I nurse. I’ve never been so excited to nurse in my life.

  6. Thanks for this! Do you think it would be possible for you to remind us everyweek about this? That would be so helpful! Thank you.

  7. thanks. it looks great. not only for my own family, but it looks like it might give me some great ideas for the work I do with preschoolers and young kids at my own church. Thank you.

  8. Jennifer in CT says:

    Thank you for this. I don’t really have any Christian friends up here. I love that you blog about things that are meaningful to me.

  9. Thanks for linking to this. I downloaded it and we started it last night. I am really enjoying your church’s podcast each week, too.

  10. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Love this! What a great resource. Thanks so much for sharing the link!! Printing off Week 1 as I type….

  11. Dr. Platt will ‘mess you up’ in a good way. Here’s to truly making Christ #1 in our families in 2010. My question is, why didn’t our churches talk about these things when we were kids? There they were, right there in the Bible!!

  12. What a great “experiment”! And can I just tell you I watched the very special episode of Iron Chef and now I want my own vegetable garden! And I hope that you will watch “Worst Cooks in America”. I am telling you that show is GOLD! I didn’t think that those poor people were serious but they totally were . . .Bless their hearts!

  13. My Man and I watched all of Iron Chef last night (I think it’s only time he’s ever sat through an entire episode of anything on Food TV). It was pretty good. Some of the food looked might tasty. But, Mario’s shaking hands kept me nervous all night. I’m was sure he’s going to take a finger off! And I watched Star Trek on New Year’s Eve. Loved it just as much the second time.

  14. I did not know that you have the privilege of studying under David Platt’s leadership. I was a small group leader in his SS class when he was a senior in high school and I have been so impressed by he and Heather since they were teens. Such fun seeing them do such great things for God.

  15. Thank you SO much for posting this! Myself and a few of our friends have felt convicted to read the ENTIRE bible this year. We were wanting to start a bible study to meet every other week, but were unsure how to go about it. This is PERFECT. Will you link to it every week so we can use the study guides to discuss? Thanks!

  16. One more thing…
    Is there anyway to link to or access the Bible Reading Guide without being a mmember of the church? Thanks, BooMama!!!