Linky Interwebby Awesomeness 01.26.09

Lots-o-musical goodness today. And some writer-y goodness, too.

Tuesday, you delight me.

– My all-time favorite singer/songwriter, the talented Mr. Dave Barnes, released a new single today. It’s called “God Gave Me You” – and oh, come on now. So good.

– Speaking of Mr. Barnes, he’s doing a live online concert tonight with Matt Wertz and Brandon Heath. It’ll cost you a whole $1.50 to watch. All the proceeds will go to providing clean water for our brothers and sisters in Africa. And I imagine there will be all manner of laughs during the musical proceedings. I’m totally watching. 8 pm central. You can register now and login later. Big fun in store.

– My friend and Uganda trip buddy Carlos Whittaker released an EP today, and I am so excited for him. You can download it on iTunes (only $1.98). I’m such a fan of the song “Rain It Down” – I can’t even tell you. You can also listen to full versions of the songs on lala (fancy!).

– Sweet Lisa McKay, another bloggy friend, has a book coming out next week. It’s called You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes…And Other Great Advice From An Unlikely Preacher’s Wife. Isn’t that a great title? Anyway, there’s a fun contest going on in conjunction with the book release – and I just thought you might like to know that.

– Loved this post from Susanna. LOVED. IT. And the song at the end of the post? Come on, now. That’s a good word.

On The Wings Of Love,

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  1. That reminds me, I am about to link to your post on good ways to sign off…where might I find that? I have a friend, who has the best sign off ever!

    Love you and praying that this day brings you something special!!

  2. Thank you, darlin’ Sophie!

  3. Laura @ Texas in Africa says:

    I knew you were watching!!!!! May we please have a post on how having a bachelor with strong morals, common sense, and good judgment makes for really boring reality tv? Pretty please?!? :)