(More) Random Things That Make Me Happy

1. the “30 Rock” theme song
2. hummus
3. Gain detergent
4. “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever”
5. singing in the car with the six year-old
6. “The Amazing Race”
7. the TJ Maxx near Sister’s house
8. funny texts
9. iTunes
10. Hummingbird Farms lavender lotion
11. lemons
12. epiphanies
13. great conversations
14. the smell of an Aveda store
15. the color turquoise
16. yoga pants
17. friends that feel like family
18. when the underdog wins
19. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil shampoo
20. wisdom
21. a good scarf
22. the sound of my people laughing together
23. homemade pizza
24. comfortable silence
25. The Proposal

What about you?

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  1. a good book, coconut macaroons, phone calls from my daughters, birds at the bird feeder as the snow is falling and today..a haircut and highlights that are long overdue.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Right now, sleep. If that happens then I might be able to expound on the list. Have a great weekend.

  3. Laughing with my brother until I can’t breathe , laughing with my girlfriends until I can’t breathe…okay, I’ll just say that I love laughing until I can’t breathe. It’s the laughing equivalent of “the ugly cry”.
    Clean kitchen counters, playing Wii with my kids, lunch with my mom, dates with my husband, having little events to look forward to. I could go on and on.

  4. Love some of yours. A good book would top my list. After that it would be the little everyday things that make my heart sing.

    I can just hear you laughing out loud after receiving a funny text. Not that I’ve ever heard you laugh out loud…

  5. smell of a baby’s head, real letters in the mail, laughing so hard I cry, a good book, THE Good Book, buffalo wings, pizza

  6. a good book and a rainy afternoon to read it, newborn babies and the way they stretch their little bodies, a clean house, Friday afternoons knowing Sweet Hubby will be home for the weekend

  7. sick days when my youngest turns out to be “not-so-sick” (like today), great conversations, snuggling in a warm house on a cold winter morning, big belly laughs, when God uses the most unique moments to speak to my heart (like when my feet are bouncing along on the treadmill and sweat is dripping down my face), reading fun blogs like BooMama and BigMama…and all the cool chics in blogland, a cup of tea, a well-worded sentence, a freshly painted room, checking a project off my list, dreaming with my husband…laughing with my husband…singing with my husband…pretty much anything with my husband!

    Here’s to a happy day…makin’ it count and pressin’ on!

  8. day’s off
    great clothes on sale
    a week at the beach
    the beach
    water in any form
    Boo Mama’s blog
    any meal I don’t cook or pay for
    jeans that are the right length and color
    sleeping in
    my prayer sisters
    my kids cuddling up in my bed to watch a show with me
    when my hubby laughs
    when my hubby sings a silly song about me
    that my puppy is always glad to see me (and everyone else)
    1,000 puns about flying, love, and air on Monday night between 8-10

  9. Question: Do you pronounce it “huh-mus” or “hoo-mus”? Because I always said “huh-mus” and snickered at my mom for saying “hoo-mus” and the other day I heard the Barefoot Contessa say “hoo-mus” and it shook me to the core…
    Just wondering…

  10. Gosh! That’s a great list!
    I like those things too…..and so much more!
    How fun it is to reflect on all of our blessings!

  11. When I go to bed at night and all five of us are together again under one roof. With the oldest away at college during the week, I never realized how much I took that “simple” thing for granted.

  12. Teresa Stout says:

    Reading BooMama every day, a great book, being with my family, worship, bible study, lemon pie, massages

  13. Snow days (even when like today they involve ice and not snow), seeing my children hug eachother for no reason, pajama days, any day in which I get to dress like a girl and have a date with my hubby, days at mom and dad’s lake house, white cheese dip and when my 5 year old autistic son says “Happy birthday” like he did this morning. Happy Tears!

  14. I love your list! Here are a few of mine:

    *Skim latte with sugar free cinnamon & french vanilla flavor shots.
    *Bagel Friday at work
    *Ah-ha moments (or as you said, epiphanies).
    *Reading Big Mama, Boo Mama, Tater Mama and Pioneer Woman blogs every single morning.
    *Warm blankets on cold mornings
    *Hidden Valley Ranch Sour Cream Dip (I love that stuff–maybe that is why I’ve gained 5 pounds this month? That or the bagel Friday’s)
    *Nephew’s who sit in my lap to show me their lego books
    *When my fiance calls to say “hi”
    *Lazy PJ days

    Great post–thanks for letting us play! : )

  15. A hot cup of coffee made with freshly ground Dunk ‘n’ Donuts medium roast whole beans, sipped in complete and utter silence.

    The thrill of planning a vacation. Yes.:o)

    Funny blogs that make me laugh, like yours.

    Stein Mart.

  16. This list made me smile because it truly is the simple things that can make us happy :)

  17. Leslie, I always thought it was huh-mus. We need to get to the root of this.

    Sophie, you are spot-on-trendy! Turquoise is Pantone’s color of the year for 2010.

    My things: 1. getting my hair cut today and forcing someone else to blow my curls into silky smoothness. 2. A free Saturday where I get to reconnect with an old friend. 3. A dog to snuggle in my bed.

    God is good and I am blessed!

  18. YOU.ARE.ME!!!! I match well over 80 percent of your favs! I attribute the others to my lack of exposure, or otherwise we shall.be.one.
    #14…let me tell you…makesmyeyesrollbackinmyhead.
    My daughter works at a spa, and she really believes that I go into visit her…but really I like to take big, deep breaths and slather my hands (all the way up to the elbows) with the samples!!

  19. flannel sheets
    French bulldogs
    sweet tea
    military homecomings
    inside jokes
    white towels
    getting off work :o)

    oh…and making lists!!

  20. Jennifer in CT says:

    endless hot water
    pink tulips
    sun drenched hardwood floors
    pulling into the driveway and spotting a package left at my front door

  21. warm summer days at the beach
    my telephoto lens
    pretty roses on the counter
    a clean kitchen floor
    and last but not least
    ‘the most dramatic rose ceremony ever’ I totally agree

  22. Girls weekends!

  23. seeing plants sprout from seeds
    Douwe Egberts koffie
    A&E’s Pride and Prejudice
    my down comforter
    looking back through old photos
    cooking good food for friends

  24. Carrie in NYC says:

    – when my husband makes me laugh
    – tween shows (One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl)
    – tween books (hello, Twilight)
    – any dance movie (Step Up, Centerstage)
    – finishing a good run in Central Park
    – sushi dinners
    – a glass of red wine
    – dinner with my girlfriends
    – taking a great picture
    – talking to my dad
    – putting on “full make-up” for a night out
    – dancing
    – singing in the car
    – going to a Yankees game on a sunny day

  25. The Proposal ALWAYS makes me happy.


    Also, let’s just say a Grande-NF-1pumpVanilla-Caramel Macchiatto.


  26. Amy in TN says:

    Speaking of the most dramatic rose ceremony ever….are you watching On the Wings of Love? Miss your recaps! This has been a very dramatic season.

  27. My happy list:
    my kids’ belly laughs
    talks with my husband
    the color red
    The Amazing Race
    yours and other good blogs
    having friends over for a nice dinner
    kindred spirits
    long talks with kindred spirits
    the Jane Austen movie Persuasion
    the movie Uncorked
    alone time
    Sunday afternoon movies in our tiny, local theater
    tea time with my little girl
    reading that I am not the only one that makes spectacular mistakes with my kids
    organizing stuff
    time to take good pictures
    the smell of an old bookstore
    pillows, baskets and candles
    stews simmering in my big red cast iron pot
    my new table with benches from World Market
    progress in Africa
    a good to do list and time to get it done
    new purses
    rainy days
    helping other new adoptive moms
    not dusting

  28. Leah Anderson says:

    sun on my face
    sound of a mountain stream
    grass under my bare feet
    coffee with a friend
    my dog’s nails on the hardwoods
    Rammer Jammer
    feeling as I walk down the stairs after the kids are tucked in
    Diet Coke
    snuggles after bathtime
    crackle of a fire
    sushi, LOTS of sushi
    reading a book with my feet buried in the sand
    stretching after a good run
    “thinking of you” emails from hubby
    playing cards/games with my brothers
    comfort of old friends

  29. Your blog makes me happy :-) I totally want to put you in my pocket.

    And they’re ALL “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever” ;-)

  30. Most of these I love and know too. Some are new to me and was like “hmmm…don’t know that thing.”

    And, I love a good random list. My brain is very random so I love a random list. ;)

  31. Heather M in AL says:

    Don’t have time to make a list but Amory and I just wanted to add the following:

    It takes too to make things go RIIIGGGHHHT!

    (Love that movie) Miss seeing you!

  32. Heather M in AL says:

    And that’s what happens when I try to be funny…spelling and grammar errors left and right. The librarian in me can’t stand it. Two instead of too, please.

  33. cozy socks, Home Goods, a clean house, grace, WoodWick candles, You’ve Got Mail, Girls Nite Out, finding a great deal at a yard sale, bubble bath, People.com, reading fun blogs, chocolate chess pie, Pottery Barn anything, eBay, whippets, Elf, roomba, Fall

  34. tucking my boys into bed at night/their kisses….
    cranberry limeades…
    rocking chairs w/ self inserted and a good book or Sudoku…
    playing Scrabble w/ my uber competetive sister…
    cold weather and a hot soaking bath…
    Pine Cove…
    a really GREAT sale and buying myself some happies…
    slipping my toes into fur lined crocs…
    breathing in the piney woods of East Texas…and Breckenridge Colorado.

  35. Did you know that in addition to the best chicken salad on earth and the delightful “Gruben”, Zoe’s now has hummus served with warm pita bread – it is divine.

  36. #6 starts up in two weeks! Wheeeee!

    I’d also like to add, Chocolate Cheerios. I mocked until I tried a sample at the store, and they’re awesome.

  37. massages and pedicures
    My excited dog when I come home from work
    hearing the snowplow clearing snow in the morning before I have to leave for work
    beaches on Hawaii
    a snow-free driveway—bless the neighbor boy
    game nights with the grandkids
    clean fresh sheets on the bed
    finishing a sewing project or a knitted hat
    watching Northern Exposure DVDs with a fire going in the fireplace and a glass of wine
    homemade jam
    the crunch crunch crunch when my dog eats a treat
    when something unexpected makes me think of my dear departed DH

  38. What fun! Here’s my happy list:

    – my husband’s cooking
    – my daughter singing on the toilet
    – my son’s bedhead
    – Lunchables
    – green bean casserole
    – potato chips and french onion dip
    – new socks
    – reading People magazine while I’m getting my hair colored (heaven!)
    – eating outdoors (preferably by a body of water)

  39. 4. “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever”

    ahaha that’s awesome. that show is my guilty pleasure.

    yes to 6, 8, 12, 13, 15!!!, 18, 20, 21, 24, and 25.

    I also love:
    -editing pictures
    -writing songs/poems
    -the color lime green
    -a good book
    -when my favorite songs come on the radio
    -getting letters from my sponsored child
    -blogging and reading blogs
    -having no homework
    -the internet
    -farmville and bejeweled blitz

  40. 1. picking up random Seas Shells
    2. ditto rocks
    3. The smell of rain on hot pavement
    4. Starbucks where they still put my name on my cup
    5. Vintage Pearl necklace
    6. Origins Ginger Souffle Body Cream
    7. watching the most dramatic rose ceremony in history with my 20 year old daughter
    8. My camera (Nikon D80) and my new cool camera strap from phat straps!
    9. Blogging-http://emptynestart.wordpress.com

    (Of course it goes without saying that hubby, two nutster kids, family and friends but that is a given)

  41. 1. Hearing my kids playing their guitars and singing together
    2. Hearing my kids laughing together (although they’re probably laughing at me)
    3. Listening to Jan Karon’s Mitford Books in the car – a new passion.
    4. Being able to lie in bed and listen to it rain and not have to get up
    5. The look of complete adoration the dog gives me every day when I go to let him out of the pen
    6. Fresh Lemon sugar lotion from Sephora. Got the idea from pioneer woman and it is lovely
    7. Bubble baths
    8. The smell of coffee brewing
    9. Making a good grade on a test
    10. Finding Tide Free on sale

  42. PS: Any time spent at the beach
    – or listening to ocean sounds on tape
    – watching the evening sun through the stained glass windows, which are very unique, at my church. They are almost 100 years old.
    – reading Boomama, Big mama, Pioneer woman every day
    -Ms State winning a game

  43. -when my hubs fills my car up with gas
    -the smell of my babies heads
    -meals with friends or family
    -making my own frozen coffee drinks
    -road trips

  44. too many things on my list these days…. it is a happy time in lower AL. Just thought I’d share that I made PW’s hummus today and it is the best. So much better than the store bought kinds. Yum!

  45. 1. my crazy puppies
    2. being hours away from mountain or shore.
    3. coffee. period.
    4. soft eggs on toast
    5. chocolate
    6. my MacBook Pro
    7. the way my man smiles at me
    8. the good wife
    9. watching my kids start to fly…
    10.my sissy.

    and BooMama. Lurv you.

  46. 1. Hazelnut coffee with hazelnut creamer (can’t have too much of a good thing.)
    2. Chocolate with almonds kept in the freezer
    3. Having 5 girlfriends from high school (Go, class of ’76!) who are still oh-so-close after (gasp) 34 years.
    4. My precious sister who walks every road of life with me.
    5. Sleep number bed set at 35
    6. Bloggy land
    7. Saturday mornings with no where to go, a fire in the fireplace and the newspaper
    8. Bacon and gingerbread pancakes
    9. Glee, The Office, Friday Night Lights
    10. Daughters who grow up to be friends.

  47. Ooh, and Sonic America’s Drive-In’s Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade. And I say the whole thing, every time.

  48. #26 “comfortable silence” made me think “that is love” :-)

  49. Love your list…it’s so you!
    There is a place with the best hummus in the world here! I wish you could come and taste it…Liz has had it several times and agrees with me.

  50. little boy hugs first thing in the monring, the South, a good book on a stormy day, breath of Heaven(a newborns sweet breath), rodeos, Dr. Pepper, Spring days, Fall Festivals, the Farmers’ Market, entertaining friends, watching the Notebook and crying every time.
    The Park Wife

  51. a day alone in my house
    knowing a painting is going to be GOOD
    losing a pound
    over hearing my father say, “she is just like my MaMa” -best compliment EVER
    A grandson hugging my knees for no reason
    My husband saying “you are so beautiful”
    My sister saying, “I have missed you so much”
    the first fall breeze
    a small wrapped package on my pillow
    finding a note from my late husband
    a lick on the ankle from a VERY alouf shizu
    a courtyard
    a happy bride
    my step-daughter asking “what would I do without you?”
    my passport
    the smell of french chicken cooking in a pot
    my old copper heart shaped pound cake pan
    a rose with fragrance
    old hair combs
    my husband’s arms

  52. Your site is really good. I came here through a path of various other blogs with along with yours inspired me to do my own. Now here’s a few things that make me happy – rainy days when you are able to suggle at catch up on dvr, reality tv, eating dinner as a family, hearing my kids pray and bloggers who you don’t know but feel like old friends. Have a great day.

  53. I love to send funny texts…here is one someone reminded me of the other day. “Dear friends, I will be unavailable for the rest of today. I just finished my annual mammogram and I will be home, topless in front of the mirror while the slight swelling of these “nearly A’s” lasts. Gotta enjoy the moment however brief. Thanks for understanding.”

  54. Another funny text…”Dear friends, as our washing machine has been broken down for several days now, I just want you to know that my undergarment options are diminishing. I am becoming increasingly sexy and uncomfortable. Please pray for the repair man to make a swift and efficient appearance.”

  55. I just wanted you to know that I totally stole this idea from you and posted my own happy list. Here are some of mine:

    Any day over 75 degrees (yeah you heard me, crappy snow!)
    A cat asleep in my lap
    spring flowers
    thunderstorms with lots of lightning
    the colors blue and green and purple
    comfort food (bonus points for anything smothered in gravy)
    a well-written book, blog, or article
    happy endings
    sleeping in
    my sister
    the way the library smells
    blue skies with white puffy clouds
    laying in the hammock
    the sound of lawn mowers
    a bargain
    Japanese Hibachi food
    old friends
    the smell of fresh sawdust
    music you can sing along with
    dancing (although not necessarily well)
    grape slushies from Sonic in the summer
    going barefoot
    long soaks in the tub

  56. Oh goodness, so many things make me happy but I had to comment about something you listed. Gain detergent, uh, I hate to bring this up but if you are referring to Joyful Expressions then be warned you are offending many people with the smell. I know, I know, you are thinking it is the smell you like about it BUT for many of us we not only hate it but have to move if you sit next to us at the movie. Seriously, I can walk by someone who uses that detergent and be forced to walk away. It is STRONG and makes your whole house smell icky too. Just so you’ll know this is something folks just won’t tell you and how else will you know? I just sayin………

  57. Hey BooMama!

    If you’ll send me your address I’ll send you some No. 145 Lavender Body Lotion in our new, easy to tote around tubes! Hummingbird Farms is honored to be one of those random things that makes you happy!

    Debi from Hummingbird Farms
    email: lavenderdeb@gmail.com

  58. Lunch with the girls, Tabasco, cooking with wine, a child narrating her own make-believe, Virginia Lee Burton’s books, bear hugs and belly laughs, a compliment that really hits the mark (given or received), sheets dried on the line, “A donation was made on your behalf” emails, Vick’s vapor rub on a tiny upper lip, a quiet, clean kitchen at bedtime, the smell of a birthday candle right after it’s blown out (and the anticipation of CAKE in about twenty seconds!), the shadow of a best friends’ rooftop on my own driveway in late afternoon, goals met and To-Dos scratched off the list.

  59. fresh sheets on the bed, the smell of a newborn, snapping that perfect picture, my son’s laugh, Friday nights with friends where we stay up way too late, NCIS, sweet tea with lemon, Sonic Vanilla Dr Pepper

  60. That post makes me happy! : )

  61. Yep. Love, love, love The Proposal. Bought the DVD and have probably watched it a dozen times.

  62. yes. and anthropologie even though i never buy anything there.

  63. Rain boots on a rainy day!
    Dark chocolate!
    Chocolate pie!
    New mercies every morning!
    Kitchen appliances (especially my Cuisinart and Kitcheaid mixer)!
    Pioneer Woman!

  64. Here’s my list:

    Thanks for inspiring me to look at my surroundings, and to smile! :)