It’s What’s For Dinner

This past Saturday we celebrated David’s 40th birthday. We ate lunch at our favorite Mexican place, browsed at a bookstore, stopped by our favorite bakery for some treats, lazed around the house and then enjoyed D’s favorite meal for supper (country fried steak, rice and gravy, lima beans, rolls, tres leches cake). We were all about the favorites. There were even a few presents. It was a good day.

I thought the birthday festivities were over, but today I got an email from D with a subject line that said, “WOW.” His birthday gift from Sister and her hubby had arrived, and he was so surprised and delighted by it that he actually sent me pictures.

Perhaps I should explain.

A few of y’all may remember that D has a theory about what he calls identifiable meat. His theory is this: guys don’t want meat hidden in some casserole. They don’t want to look at a serving dish and wonder what’s underneath all those noodles. They want the chicken, pork, beef, bacon, etc. and so on and so forth to be front and center. Easy to identify. No guesswork required.

So today, when he received this:

And opened it to find this:

Well, you can imagine his joy. It was an abundance of identifiable meat riches. In fact, the styrofoam cooler contained three things that never fail to make D’s heart skip a beat:

1) hamburger patties
2) steaks
3) dry ice (apparently dry ice enjoys a certain level of awesome among the people who have a Y chromosome…it’s not as awesome as, you know, FIRE, but it’s awesome nonetheless)

Also included? A package of the biggest hot dogs I’ve ever seen (for Alex, who saw the hot dogs, pumped his fist in the air and said “YES!”) and a whole bunch of stuffed potatoes. So basically Sister and Barry marked the milestone of D’s 40th by sending meat and carbs. Or as I like to call them: his love language.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s our revised supper line-up for the rest of the week.

Thursday night – identifiable meat
Friday night – identifiable meat
Saturday night – identifiable meat
Sunday night – identifiable meat

Plus taters, of course.


What’s not to love?

Edited to add a completely unrelated P.S. – I have a new post up (about beauty and our culture) over at AllAccess. I’m telling you this because about every four days I think about how I need to do a better job of linking to my AllAccess posts. But then I forget to link to them. Because, well, there is TV to watch and chicken to fry and BEJEWELED BLITZ ISN’T GOING TO PLAY ITSELF, NOW IS IT? Anyway. As you were.

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  1. we used to order from omaha steaks, and everything we ever got from them was good stuff…that sounds like a fabulous gift idea for my husband!

    happy belated birthday, daddy of boo!

  2. I’ve heard those hotdogs are the best, I think my parents have gotten them before.
    Sounds like a fun day…that would be my husband’s love language, too…just throw in a little deer meat for one day of the week! :)

  3. My husband calls it ‘living sacrifice’. There has to be evidence of a living sacrifice. And I heart the thought of rice and gravy – makes me want it for BREAKFAST. Seriously.

  4. Oh the manbeast in those overgrown boys we all are married to.
    I crack up at my husband’s logic on things such as meat….fire….and dry ice!
    I bet your gonna love all your dinners this week!

  5. What a great gift! My hubby would enjoy that too! He wants supper like his Nannie used to make (meat, taters, at least two veggies and bread). I might have to consider that for his birthday too!

  6. omaha steak’s hot dogs are GREAT!!! we use to receive steaks for Christmas from my inlaws, but this year – TURDUCKEN and boudin.

  7. The Boss got a similar gift package for Christmas one year from his folks. Truly, I was more excited than he was. I am a MEAT GIRL. Love me some steak, grilled chicken. It’s a regular holiday around here when I roast a big bird. Mmmmm, meat.

  8. Gabe is ALL about the identifiable meats. Take the Chinese buffet for example. His plate is a great big pile of BROWN.

    Soooo happy for David! (Wondering how the lima bean love happened though?? Yuck!)

  9. Love Omaha steaks!!!! :)

  10. You know, that is such a great idea! Our anniversary is coming up and I might have to consider some identifiable meat for J. The traditional gift for 9 years is meat, right?

  11. This made me laugh so hard!

    No kidding, every time I see bacon I think of you.

    Love you,

  12. Sounds like my husband! My husband is a picky-pants. :)

  13. Meat and potatoes? Would make my man thrilled also. And the dry ice? You are so right that it’s just a step below fire on the fascinating scale for males. :) Enjoy your steaks!! (Now I’ve feeling hungry and it’s only 10 AM!)

  14. I can tell that you and your husband are a match made in witty comment heaven. I’m sure that there is mucho (Spanish for much, in honor of the birthday meal) love and laughter in the BooMama house.

  15. Okay – i was totally into the post about the meat, can so relate – excited about the rolls you made, they are on the menu for the weekend. Then your ps….Bejeweled. I am dying laughing – tears and all – You see, I have the iPhone, which I have come to love, never thought I needed it, but now that I have it – LOURVE – and I have purchased one thing for it – Bejeweled Blitz. I must confess that I have had to start charging my phone every day because I play it so much. You are so right – it isn’t going to play itself! Love you BooMama

  16. and right there, you have the perfect valentines day gift for my husband… beef, beef with a side of BEEF!!

  17. When our son died in May, we were gifted with about $600 worth of Omaha Steak products. I can still see the look of joy that came over Jim’s face when he opened the hotdog box. In the midst of such sadness, I had a hard time seeing the redeeming quality of a weiner….but you’ve just given me reason to chalk it up to nothing more than the Y chromosome. Thanks, Sophie! ;)

  18. I wonder if my Sophie would get that excited over such a package.

    Since she asked me if, “next time” I could get her some MAN MEAT. Thank you very much, Michael Scott.

    I would say that’s definitely some man meat. Man meat that wife and kids could enjoy.

    Happy 40th, David! Ain’t so bad this side of the hill. Especially if you get to celebrate with identifiable meat varieties.

  19. MissTammy says:

    Oh my soul, Omaha Steaks is a FABULOUS company…but here’s the kicker.


    It is a gift from God, if y’all camp or tailgate.

    It keeps stuff cool for MONTHS. Well, weeks, anyway; the ice just never completely melts. I have never seen the like.

  20. we got a freezer box like this for christmas–it is a lot of fun! hope you enjoy your identifiable meats. i sure could go for another stuffed potato!

  21. Sounds like he had a good birthday! My husband never gets more excited than when the Omaha box comes, even though he always is the one that placed the order in the first place! :)

    I was just thinking about you that you should be glad today you’re not in Oklahoma… There’s an immanent winter storm, so all the channels are covering it… There’s a big graphic at the bottom of the screen that says “State of Emergency.” Besides the superfluous graphics, there’s some real hard-hitting reporting going on… They had one guy out in the parking lot who managed to find the thinnest bit of ice on the very edge of the sidewalk, and they had another guy in the virtually empty airport talking to the only passenger they could find, who, when asked what had happened to his flight, commented “It was cancelled.”

    Plus all the schools are closed for today and tomorrow even though there has yet to be a bit of ice. I’m not complaining about cancelled grad classes though!

  22. I think I just found my husband’s birthday present.

    He, too, is a fan of “identifiable meat” and shuns the casserole with a passion. “I’m grown. I should not have to eat casserole any more.” Sad. I love a casserole.

    Just recently he said, “If I were famous and had a personal chef they would have the easiest job in the world. Some kind of beef, some kind of potato, beer. Done.”

  23. Please…oh please… tell us how to make country fried steak. I am 26, and just learned how to make cornbread this year. Yes, I have an amazing Mom…but she never did the whole country fried steak thing. I think my husband would die and go to heaven.

  24. My boyfriend saw a meat salesman on the side of the road and, of course, stopped. He struck a deal to buy everything he had left for a reduced price. He now has 78 random slabs of meat in his freezer. I wish this was a lie…

  25. I also dislike casseroles. I now like your family a bit more!

    Enjoy that meat!

  26. Ha! We live in Omaha and I have an Omaha steaks about 2 miles from our house! :) Love it!!

  27. My husband recently declared that beef tenderloin was his love language! Glad to know he’s not alone.

  28. NO WAY! I send my brother in law that same package I think when HE turned 40. Must be like an indentifiable meat rite of passage or sumpm. My sister doesn’t have a blawg though so my gift didn’t get written up. Boo! Also, I am so happy (but also not surprised, I guess) to know you play Bejeweled Blitz. And cook country fried steak. Hugs!

  29. Love language, bwahaha!

  30. Ahhhh, BeJeweled Blitz……the best timesuck in my life right now. So gratified to hear someone else is Blitzing when they should be _______ (fill in the blank with ANYTHING else.) Nice laugh for the day. The whole steak thing…..been the love language around here for many moons. There is always a steak and potatoes dinner the night before the Mastercard Bill comes. And I honestly don’t think he has connected the dots on the timing.

  31. Those Omaha hot dogs are HUGE and delicious. They fill the munchkins here in no time flat!!