American Idol – Top 12 Guys

So I’m a little late getting started with the watching of the Idol, but rest assured that my tardiness has not diminished my enthusiasm, oh no it has not.

In the immortal words of Dr. Phil, “let’s do this.”

Todrick Hall – “Since You Been Gone” – Oh, I am such a fan of an inventive cover. But there was one primary problem with this cover: he took one of the best pop songs of all time ever and re-worked it in a way that wasn’t really recognizable. That being said, I love his originality, love the way he moved around on the stage – but I didn’t think his vocals were that strong. It was a little more talk-y than sing-y, and yes, those are absolutely the technical terms.

Aaron Kelly – “Here Comes Goodbye” – I think was probably a good song choice for him, but it sounded a little bit like he was doing his Rascal Flatts imitation. Plus, his voice didn’t really do him any favors on the chorus. However, he has a decided advantage in that he’s sort of a 2010 David Archuleta, isn’t he? The tween girls are gonna vote for him like crazy.

Jermaine Sellers – “Get Here” – This song is one of my all-time favorites. I didn’t really care for the overly complicated R&B arrangement, mainly because the beauty of this song is its simple, sweet melody. It felt a little bit like he was pushing too hard – trying to have a moment, maybe? His voice got lost in all the busy-ness.

Tim Urban – “Apologize” – Since he was a last-minute addition to the top 24, I was really rooting for him, but it seemed like he never really got control of the song. The high notes made me wince a little bit – but I did like this song choice for him, and I think he did enough to stay around for another week.

Joe Munoz – “You And I Both Know” – He surprised me. The tone of his voice is really pretty, and he was so much more comfortable on stage that I anticipated (based on what we saw during the auditions). That being said, the chorus was a hot mess in parts – but when it was all said and done, I thought, “Yep. He’ll be back next week.”

Tyler Grady – “American Woman” – I’m not entirely sure what I just saw. It was all very poser-ish and rock star-ish – didn’t feel very authentic – and so I’m left wondering what his voice really sounds like when he’s not putting on a 70s show. I think that if he makes it through to next week, he needs to simmer down and sit on a stool and sing. Just my two cents, of course.

Lee Dewyze – “Snow Patrol Chasing Cars” – I actually enjoyed his guitar-playing more than I enjoyed his singing tonight, which was surprising because I love his voice. Interesting song choice for sure – but lots of trouble hitting the big notes in the chorus. He seemed very nervous, so I’m curious to see what kind of performer he’ll be once he settles down a little bit. Hope he gets to stick around.

John Park – “God Bless The Child” – This was the wrong song for him by a million miles. And listening him try to do all those runs made me want to hide in my closet until it was over. I do think that the second half of the song was better than the first half. That’s all I know to say about that.

Michael Lynche – “This Love” – Oh my goodness. Such a great song choice. HOWEVER, it felt at times like he was on the stage at a wedding reception, singing his heart out while people walked in front of him so they could get a second piece of groom’s cake. It was okay, but it was nothing special. I expect bigger and better from him next week.

Alex Lambert – “A Wonderful World” – I barely remember him from the auditions, so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard him sing. Very, very cool voice, and I love that he doesn’t sound like anybody else. The main drawback tonight was that he didn’t seem even a little bit comfortable on stage, but I imagine that will come with time. He just seemed terrified – but I can’t really fault him for that because, hello, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WATCHING.

Casey James – “Heaven” – I hereby renounce any comment I’ve ever made about not singing a ballad the first week of the competition. Because that worked. Yes ma’am. Totally worked. The end.

Andrew Garcia – “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down” – This performance was a little more straightforward than the stuff he did during the auditions, and I found myself wishing he had done something a little more upbeat and quirky. That being said, he’s not going anywhere, and I’m willing to bet that he rebounds big time next week.

What did y’all think about tonight’s show? I have no idea who’ll be voted out tomorrow night, but I feel fairly certain that the last four guys who performed aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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  1. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in Andrew Garcia…he has been my favorite so far. And that Casey James is quite HOT but Kara’s whole flirting thing with him makes me uneasy….
    Thanks for the recap!

  2. Oh Sophie, I’m beginning to rethink my commitment to watch AI faithfully to the bitter end. Because I started doing the math, and OH MY, THAT’S A LOT OF TELEVISION VIEW HOURS. Okay, I’ll stay as long as Casey James stays.

    If he goes, then I go. Just sayin’.

  3. I think that Tim Urban will be gone tomorrow night. I’m not really sure who the second guy will be, probably Toddrick or Jermaine. I LOVE Casy James!

  4. I’m so glad you do these little updates.

    I too had to hide from some of those songs. “Get Here” is ones of my faves, and with that one I finally just turned the channel. And then I popped right on over to the youtube to listen to Oleta’s version. Just to soothe the hairs in my ears.

  5. Well, since I struggled to sit through the girls I thought it was only fair that I give the boys a shot. I believe it was a little easier to watch than the girls show. Casey James. Nuff said.

  6. Well, if I were in charge of the world I guess I’d vote off John Park and Tyler Grady. That whole American Woman thing was wierd and I am a huge huge fan of 70’s music. I’m not a fan of Jermaine either but he can stay til next week. John Park seems like a nice guy but that was not good. I’d give everyone else another chance.

    I like Casey James (enough already Kara) but I love Andrew Garcias voice. I know he made the song arrangement kind of strange but I just love his voice.

  7. Casey is by far my favorite, but Kara was just plain annoying last night.

  8. Oh goodie! I was wondering if you were doing recaps this year. I watched both episodes last night and I was too tired to blog it, but I’ll join in next week!

  9. I’ve heard Tim sing ‘Apologize’ with his brother, Ben and he did it perfectly! He CAN hit those high notes! (the Urban family are friends and our kids are friends, and in the same youth group)
    It was nerves! I was heartbroken to see him not do well and the judges tore him apart!

    AI is absolutely BRUTAL when someone you know is on. I’m not sure I can take it. Maybe i’ll just vote and not watch. :)

  10. If last night was frustrating for me, I can’t imagine how it must be for the performers. They can’t win- if they sing the song the same as the original, they get raked over the coals for sounding karaoke. If they change it up, then the arrangement is “horrid.” Bless their hearts!

    Stepping off my soapbox…

    I did not get the appeal of Aaron Kelly. I didn’t think his vocals were strong at all.

    I’m a fan of Casey (of course), Andrew, Lee, and Michael. I liked John during the auditions, but last night was a hot mess. All the rest kind of run together for me.

  11. CASEY JAMES!!!! The Next American Idol… HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  12. Andrew and Casey were my favorites. And didn’t you just want to give Alex a hug? He looked so scared!!

  13. I found myself cheering for Lee, Michael and Andrew. Lee seems so humble and truly glad to be getting out of the paint business. Michael is just happy and he makes me happy. And Andrew has a “fun, youth director” feel about him. I like these guys and I think they can sing, too!

    I’m still not sure about Casey. He hasn’t sold me that he is being authentic out there. I wonder if he’s just going with the attention. But I wonder who he really is.

  14. Well, I thought the girls’ show was rough and the boys didn’t do much better. More weird songs and out of tune singing. I wasn’t a huge Casey James fan until last night, and WOW. I just hope they knock off all the Casey/Kara nonsense, ‘cus that will get annoying really quick. Enought already with that mess. I think Lee is one to watch too. I’m waiting for my fav to jump out at me…it’s weird for me that I don’t have a fav or two already.

  15. I still haven’t watched the DVRed episode of the girls. I know. But I watched last night and agree with everything you said. I’m tellin’ ya… Casey James never stuck out to me with his singing abilities. Mostly because of that whole take-your-shirt-off-during-the-auditions thing, but last night… HOLY SMOKES! When Ryan said he would be singing Bryan Adams, I knew exactly which song it was going to be. Call me crazy. But I sat there all giddy and blushing like a schoolgirl the whole time. He’s purty. And he can sing. And next time I’ll be sure to wear a bib during his performance so the drool doesn’t get my shirt all wet.

  16. I found myself feeling like I was watching figure skating. . . just hoping they could finish before they fell on their faces. I felt bad for them. Casey James. I do hope they start treating him with a little more respect.

  17. Well, I love Casey James (in a stricktly pure way as I am old enough to be his mama) but feel like the whole Kara/flirty/googlying eyes has gone far enough. He and Andrew are still my favs. Overall I thought it was a poor showing for most of the guys.

  18. The girls DEFINITELY outsang the boys this week…

  19. I just watched both episodes – had to watch the Olympics first!

    The boys were just plain awful. I wish there was a “none of the above” option when they vote. I hope they get over their nerves and learn to get closer to the pitch. Painful!

  20. Oh, mama! You failed to talk about the HAIR! What was going on with the hair!? Can someone please cut the mullet off of Alex Lambert? And while they’re at it, attack the beast that’s eating Tim Urban’s face with some shears. It’s like a toupe gone very bad. Casey James is hot, but with the light behind him like that, he had an angelic glow, like unto goldy-locks. Give the man back his dignity and let him do his own man-hair. And althought she’s not in the “bad man-hair” category, I’d love to see Cystal Bowersox lose the dreads. It’s a confusing look that she doesn’t quite pull off.