The Breaking Of The Spring

So at the beginning of last week, when I was in the throes of a condition called The NCAA Selection Committee Has Angered Me, I decided that a trip to Starkville for the first round of the NIT was just what the basketball doctor ordered. Since my friend Emma Kate and her family were also going, we coordinated our plans and worked out a way that we could ride together to the game.

As soon as we got to Starkville, we went to Little Dooey for supper. If you’re not familiar with The Dooey, you’ll just have to take my word that they have great BBQ and deeeeee-licious fried catfish. I actually meant to take a picture of my catfish plate, but unfortunately my fork involuntarily swooped down to the food before I could pick up my camera. And I could hardly blame the fork, because oh my word at the tastiness. Such a treat.

After we ate, I snapped a picture of two of my very favorite people in the whole wide world.

By the way, Alex adores “Miss Emma Kate.” So does his mama.

After supper we drove over to the coliseum, and we walked in right about the time that the Bulldogs were taking the floor for warm-ups. State fans are a loyal bunch, you know, and between the way the Kentucky game ended and the NCAA tournament snub, there was no question that we would rally behind our team – which is why our boys got standing ovations at the beginning and end of warm-ups. Bless their hearts.

And they had two dedicated little fans waiting to high-five them when they walked back to the locker room.

That’s EK’s younger son with Alex. The matching #24 football jerseys weren’t planned, but somehow they seemed fitting since there were many, MANY days in college when EK and I wore eerily similar hair bows. Not to mention that we both enjoyed extensive collections of novelty sweaters.

They’re our mini-me’s.

(Listen. I went back and forth on using an apostrophe to make the word “me” plural. BACK AND FORTH. But somehow “mes” looks all wrong. Hence the extraneous apostrophe for clarity. I DO APOLOGIZE.)

We had a fine time at the game (we won! we won!), and even though it was almost midnight when the game was over, we stayed until the bitter end because that, that is what I do. It’s who I am. Whether we’re winning 100-14 or losing 56-3, I will not leave a sporting event until the final buzzer has sounded because WHAT IF I MISS SOMETHING IMPORTANT, THAT WOULD BE TERRIBLE.

Our original plan was to spend the night at EK’s on Tuesday night and then head back to Alabammy, but one night was so nice that we decided to stay two. We got to catch up with some of our sweetest friends and spend an inordinate amount of time in EK’s orange chairs.

The orange chairs are a happy place. Problems get solved there.

We drove home Thursday afternoon, and I’ve been in Official Nesting Mode ever since. The combination of the blue skies and the buds on the trees has put me in the mood for spring cleaning and all that goes with it. We’ve spent the last part of spring break with the doors open and lots of kids running through the house. I refilled the bird feeder and don’t even care (yet) that the squirrels will be attacking it within a couple of days. We’ve watched a whole lot of basketball, tackled some organizational ish-ahs that had been driving me cuckoo, and laughed more than we deserve.

It’s been so good.

Even if the Bulldogs lost to North Carolina in the second round of the NIT.

But we won’t talk about that right now, lest we spoil all the spring break goodness.

Hope your week was filled with goodness, too!

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  1. My husband is a HUGE UNC fan, and I thought about you during that game! I told him, “BooMama is going to have something to say about this!”

  2. I can see where you would go back and forth about ‘mes’ versus ‘me’s’ but I think you made the right call in the end. It’s a tough decision because there’s really nothing possessive about ‘me’ in that sentence, however if you’d gone with plain ‘mes’ I would have spent two seconds wondering if you’d misspelled ‘mess’. Whereas I skimmed right over ‘me’s’ and knew exactly what you meant.

    Of course, then I turned around and spent 2 seconds reading that hilarious paragraph about your spelling quandry. :)

  3. So glad you enjoyed your game and time with your dear friend!

    And I’m thrilled I have a new catch phrase: organizational ish-ahs. : )

  4. Not sure I’d have figured out mes so I’m glad you gave in to the apostrophe.

    Gorgeous spring weekend here. I love to open the windows and say goodbye to stale winter air. Course it’s cooler today and looks like rain but the weekend was heavenly.

  5. How much do I love that you not only were bothered by the apostrophe, but that you explained it?

    As of now, I am tied for FIRST in your March Madness team on ESPN buuuuuuut I will soon meet my demise b/c I picked Kansas to take it all, and, well, they’ve already lost.

    I’ll try to follow the games on Thursday, but I’m going in that morning to have my third son, so I might be a little busy. :)

  6. I love it when you post photos of campus, especially the Hump. Spent many, many nights and days there cheering on the Lady Dawgs!

  7. I totally get it about the apostrophe! I, too, struggle with such things. It’s a sickness. But it’s not terminal.

    P.S. I also struggle with the sickness of starting sentences with the words “But” and “And.” (See above) For some reason apostrophes used to make words plural bother me, but fragments used as sentences don’t.

  8. Love your blog.

    Your little boy has the sweetest smile…and those eyes!!! What a doll.

    Those orange chairs put me in a semi-swoony state.

    And totally get the mes/me’s quandary. you done good, girl. you done good. :)

  9. I am so sorry that my Tarheels ended your Bulldogs season. I was sad for you, but you have to understand that sacrifice is well worth it. Your Bulldogs finished a respectable 23-12. My Tarheels, on the other hand, have had a really, really, really bad year. Really bad to the 3rd power. And about the only thing that will redeem their season in most fans’ eyes, is to win the rest of their games. Actually, most fans will settle at this point for a winning record. And now, even if they lose the next game, they will have one. And that is important, because they have had a really, really, really bad year.

  10. I love seeing a picture of EK. She’s so cute! It’s so fun to get together with old friends and I love her orange chairs!
    Your boys are yummy! :-) (even in Miss St jerseys) ha!
    And how much do I love fried catfish? Oh my!

  11. Ok where is Starkville…we luv us some good BBQ, and seek it out on road trips…please give me the details. Thanks!

  12. Girl. Two points. Heartbroken. I do not know that even really good bbq and catfish could help at this point. But,being the trooper that I am, I will go in search of some. Keep the Lady Dawgs in your prayers. We have a tough game on Tuesday night. Just still a little sore around my heart.

  13. The husband and I got some fabulous tickets for a University of Minnesota-Duluth (our alma mater) hockey game one year. They were losing. Badly. It was ugly. In an effort to beat traffic, we headed out just before the game was over. Just before they SCORED THREE GOALS TO GO INTO OVERTIME, AND THEN WIN THE GAME. In something ridiculous like less than two minutes.

    I will never leave a game early again. Ever. EVER.

  14. I love your grammatical soliloquies.

  15. Mini us’s? Naw, you did it best!

  16. Just wanted to tell you I love Little Dooey too! When I saw the picture of the porch I just smiled. Their fried green tomotoes are some of the best I have ever eaten. Glad you got to go the game!

  17. Sallie Howell says:

    I just love some pig from Dooey! We were at State at the same time…you know back in the day. I just know it. We share friends. I’ve not met EK orange chairs personally, but I just have issues that could be solved there. I must tell her at the next birthday gathering that we encounter at the same time.

  18. Little Dooey!!!! Pulled pork sandwicha and corn salad = my little heaven. Did you know they serve breakfast now? At least they were back in December…and it was fantastic.
    Sad about the NCAA and NIT, but I keep telling myself that because of the NIT there were two more games that brought revenue in to Starkville. And that’s never a bad thing.

  19. Christie says:

    I’ve never commented on a blog before, but I have to comment to say “thank you!” for explaining your extraneous apostrophe. Apostrophes on plural nouns drive me crazy!

  20. Oh wait one minute. Have you posted those chairs before? Hmmmmmm…something about them looks familiar. And I love them with all my heart.

  21. Much love to Little Dooey!!!! I’m an MSU alumn now living in Arkansas (horrible AR fans!!!) who is reeeeeeeeally wanting to move back to Starkville! And we might get to–my hubby just applied for a job there!!!! :) Thanks for sharing all the MSU and Starkvegas love!

  22. Tee hee hee to the me’s.

  23. We are Memphis fans, but secondary fans of Miss State. We were pulling for them to the end!

    So good to see a picture of my friend, Emma Kate! :-)

    Jennifer Walker

  24. How much do I love having a friend who will fret over an apostrophe? I love it very much, I do.