People Love Shells From Faraway Beaches

So I’m going ahead with my regular “Office” post even though I haven’t added my comments to the “American Idol” post yet. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged about “Idol” yet, well, it’s because I haven’t watched it yet.

I feel I owe that explanation to the six of you who care.

I’ll offer lots of mundane, mind-numbing details later, but I’ve been out of town for a couple of days because our trip to State’s NIT game turned into a mini-road trip / reunion / two-day conversation marathon (of sorts). It was such a sweet time.

And hopefully tonight’s episode of “The Office” will be, too.




1. “The Lost & Found has gone missing, so please try not to lose anything until we find it.”

2. “You couldn’t handle my undivided attention.”

3. “You get any news on the leads? You call my numbers. All six of my numbers. Including the car phone. Dwight out.”

4. “The sales department smashed my sandwich?” // “Yes. All of them together. It’s a conspiracy.”

5. “That’s what she said.”

6. “Kids don’t respect the father who doesn’t respect the boss.”

7. “Oh, how the tables have turned. I see you got my email.”

8. “If you want to find your leads, go to the man who never breeds.” // “KEVIN!”

9. “Meredith, take off your dress.” // “Okey dokey.”

10. “Does it have to be pizza? Can we go for a falafel?”

11. “Don’t use your cute baby to make us like you.” // “She’s wearing a onesie.”

12. “When I first met you, you were a wide-eyed innocent.” // “I can’t do anything about my wide-set eyes.”

13. “Do you have any pastries without fruit?”

14. “…and the caption would read, ‘Hope Arose in a Dump.'”

15. “You’re the nicest person I’ve ever met – ruddit-dit-di-doo.”

I give tonight’s episode a 6 out of 10 – not really laugh out loud funny, but there were a few good moments. What did y’all think?

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  1. I’m kinda like you, it had it’s moments. I can’t believe you didn’t put “lower, lower // are you sure? (or serious). I can’t remember, but I thought that was pretty funny when Andy was trying to find the leads and Erin was directing him to her… keyboard. LOL

  2. Granted, I have a very warped sense of humor, but the line that made me snort was, “I hitched my wagon to a horse with no legs.”


  3. I don’t even watch The Office, but your title grabbed me and made me come read. Mainly because my parents brought back seashells from their Philippine mission trip this year. They have the most amazing shells…

    Nothing to do with anything.

  4. Loved this! Fantastic!

    Can’t believe I found another Office lover! (haha, that sounds funny..)

    I dont’ know what is wrong with the people in my town, but they think office is crass. Me? I can’t get enough of it.

    This’ll be fun! Ican’t believe I have a new office friend.

  5. I have to remember to set my DVR! I always forget to watch the office…then I am so sad when I read your blog and you type about it!

  6. I am loving Andy & Erin. They are my new favorite couple. And I miss Pammy.

    I liked Michael was talking about how lost and found was stolen and then they pan to Creed who is wearing ridiculous glasses. HA!

  7. carolyn says:

    Hey Boo, You need to get hooked on Modern Family! SO MUCH to talk about the next day. Very funny. Much like The Office (early years).

    Carolyn out

  8. I laughed harder at the Michael/Dwight fight-scene with the “that’s my spool!” and all the awkward falling and shoving than I have at The Office in a loooong time.

  9. Ever since the baby episode, I feel like we are back to the old, hilarious Office.

    I don’t write about The Office on my blog- I leave it to the pros, but I did put two quotes today because I was seriously rollllling when they said them:

    “You can’t handle my undivided attention.”
    “The sales department smashed my sandwich.”


  10. Well, goodness gracious. I was looking at some of Pioneer Woman’s links today…and ran across yours. And scrolled down. And found out you were a Bulldog. Totally following you now! : )

  11. I loved it that Darryl got in on the “that’s what she said” thing. And Andy and Erin’s first kiss – at the dump -and that he did that little “ditty” at the end. I love when he does that.

    (An aside: I just read that Creed was in the 60’s musical group the “Grass Roots” -they sang “Live for Today”. He is one unusual dude.)

    And what about when Jim was trying to figure out Michael’s clues and Pam immediately knew Michael was talking about “his mopey place”?! Classic!

    I thought it was a pretty funny episode. Just glad to see a new one. My hubby and I record and watch the reruns – alot. Hardly anyone I work with or am around watches the office so it’s nice to have someone to laugh about this stuff with.

    P.S. You were right about American Idol – Crystal did rock it.

  12. Andy in his red pants made me smile.

    My girls and I have been saying “ruddit-dit-di-doo” all morning. I am so glad you figured out how to spell that :)

  13. I’m loving that Darrell is in the main office.

  14. Erin and Andy’s kiss was worth this not-the-usual-funny episode. Love them together!

  15. LOVED this episode. More than most I’ve seen lately–Dwight was back to his usual shenanigans…and I feel like we saw a lot more of everyone this episode, more than we have lately.

    Creed with those giant glasses at the beginning. HAHA.

    I would give it a 7.7 out of 10. I laughed out loud a lot…but not belly laughter, just good laughs.

    But I was so in the mood for some good Office, and they did not disappoint.

  16. Wait?!?! Erin and Andy kissed?!?! When did that happen? I just watched the entire episode on the NBC website and I swear I did not see a kiss. Someone fill me in please!

  17. You missed my favorite line! “Make friends first, make sales second, make love third. In no particular order.”

  18. Did I mention how FAR BEHIND I am on my television watching??? Well, last night, after a stressful evening, I climbed into bed with a little pint of Blue Bell Chocolate Chip cookie dough (I can’t believe I am confessing this! I’m pretty sure my mom doesn’t read the comments, though!), and I watched 1 1/2 old episodes of The Office.

    Ice cream + The Office = Happy Heart

    Oh my…Many parts made me laugh out LOUD…here’s one part:

    Valentine’s episode…
    “Oh, how cute! A dog and a little bird.”
    “You mean Snoopy and Woodstock?”
    “Oh how sweet! You named them!”

    That is FUNNY FUNNY stuff. When I grow up, I SO want to write for The Office. Or, maybe just HANG OUT with the writers. Genius!

    Can’t wait to catch up on the episode you just talked about–looks FUNNY.

  19. I don’t get to watch the Office until it is posted online! BUT, I always read your Office post before I watch it, and for some odd reason it makes it even funnier!! :)

  20. And you like The Office too? I think I have found a new favorite blogger. Please tell me you watched Arrested Development before it went off the air? Or perhaps just own the DVD sets? If not, I highly recommend this!

  21. Love that I found a fellow Office lover! I’m actually from Scranton, and no one used to just look at me funny and ask where it was…now they go “Oh, like in the Office!” Our local paper used to run a little side column that talks about what is real (Cooper’s Seafood House etc) and what is fake (we don’t actually have a Hooters). They also have an Office convention and print off maps of the places they talk about on the show. Good times!

  22. Yeah, I think a 6 is about right. I’m so glad you wrote out ruddit-dit-di-do because when Andy actually said it, Al and I looked at each other and asked, simultaneously “WHAT did he say?”

    Too funny. I liked Dwight’s line about his wide set eyes best, I think. And “she’s wearing a onesie.”

  23. Maybe I took it wrong, and I know what Dwight was referring to, but I didn’t like his Jesus remark early on in the episode. I pretty much cut it off and watched something else on Hulu instead.

    Did this bother anyone else?

  24. HUGE office fan. HUGER Jesus fan. It bothered me, too, Muddy. I had just been to a Bible Study discussion on the last days and how many will come calling themselves “Jesus.” I watched the whole episode and laughed many times, but I was intrigued by that line about being the King of Kings in light of the scripture we had studied that very morning. Thanks for speaking up!

  25. Honestly I am not sure how much more Office they can make. Once there was no more Jim and Pam longings, it was just not quite the same. I feel like they’re dragging out the inevitable. And every week I get more and more trouble at the awfulness of Michael. It gets less funny and more hurt-y.

  26. I have to add–the thing about “our first president” and the clue being under the Lincoln? That made me laugh really hard.