American Idol – Top 12

Since the little man and I are in Starkville tonight, it’ll be tomorrow before I get to watch American Idol. But do you know what? Without even seeing it, I know that three things happened:

1) Simon told somebody that his or her performance wasn’t “memorable.”
2) Randy told somebody that his or her performance was “just a’ight for me, dog.”
3) Crystal Bowersox rocked it.


Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and put up a Mr. Linky for you faithful AI posters (remember, link to your specific post and not just your general blog URL), and tomorrow I’ll add my reactions to the mix.

BooMama out.


(I couldn’t resist.)

(I hope we can still be friends.)

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  1. Yup, you summed it up pretty well…although the whole thing was still a bit sad for me due to the lack of Alex Lambert. I wore black. With one of those black lacy hats. Where the fish net goes over your face to hide your tears.


  2. You got it right except I’m not sure Randy uttered his quote. He did tell someone they were dope.

    I’m noticing that in the last couple of seasons it hasn’t been just about the singing of songs, it’s about finding an arrangement of the song that is different yet the same. Something that pleases everyone. Talk about pressure on these poor kids. Wow.

  3. lavonda says:

    yes to 1, kind of to 2, and Crystal did well, but it wasn’t her best. She even admitted she was distracted in her head with a lot going on. She’s good though, even when she’s a little off.

    Michael, Casey, and Sibhoan (I’ll never spell her name right) though… ON IT. They did great. You’ll enjoy watching it, for sure.

  4. BooMama, You rock!!! And, with the exception of Randy’s quote, you hit it on the head, although Crystal admittingly was a bit off. Rolling Stones wasn’t the best for me, but who am I kidding, I’m still a fan… Enjoy your vacation!

  5. Are you wanting us to tell you how it all went down??

    Not sure about 1 and 2. And 3, yes. Mostly.

    I HEART SIOBHAN MAGNUS!! Her fearless uniqueness is muy refreshing.

  6. Andrew did not bring it tonight, I am afraid for him…I think he will make it into the top 10. the Tim kid has GOT TO GO! Who turns the Stones into Reggae???
    Help me…

  7. Rachel @ Grasping… HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Too funny. I’m bummed about Alex, too. I realized while watching last weeks results show that he totally reminded me of Rob Thomas. I’m one of those annoying people who always thinks everyone looks like someone else…. It’s not nearly as fun if I can’t share it with someone, hence this comment…. :)

    Southern Gal – I agree completely. It is a very different show than it once was! I feel really sorry for those contestants. They need chest waders to trudge through all that!

    Boomama – hurry back! I gotta know what you think!

  8. I’m stickin’ with my faves… Mike, Casey, and Didi. (She did really well.) And although I like to hear Crystal, I have to close my eyes when she comes on. I want to wash her hair and give it a V05 hot oil treatment… not a fan of the dreads. :( But I also do the same for Aaron. I like to hear him, but the swaying of his hips is part David Archuletta / part Forrest Gump. And it totally distracts me. [sigh]

  9. Hope you’re having fun. Crystal did, indeed, rock it, but Siobhan might have showed her up just a little. :-)

  10. You are so awesome! My favorite: Mike and Didi.

  11. Oh, I so want to join in on the FUN! I am woefully behind on my t.v. watching…I can’t join the Lost fun, or the American Idol fun. Because I am such the optimist…maybe I can catch up on AI tonight!!! :-)

  12. Boomama,

    I still cannot believe that I saw you in the grocery store today. I told my friend Shirley about it, because I’ve mentioned your blog several times to her. We got a huge laugh. It was great to meet you.


  13. I haven’t had much time to watch this season, but I am so glad to know that some things don’t change. Randy still can’t complete a sentence without the word ‘dog’ in it….hehehehe.

  14. Hahah! May I add one more item to the list…

    4) Ellen says something funny.

    For some reason, AI this season is kinda boring. Hopefully down the line there’ll be a great surprise or two.