Spring Playlist ’10

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was about to start working on my spring playlist, and I’m happy to say that it’s finally finished. It was as time-consuming as you might imagine, what with the five to six and a half minutes that I spent typing out a list of songs that I can’t quit listening to right now.

You’re worth it, internet. That’s all I know to say.

Before I share the playlist, I just want to make my Official Disclaimer: Nobody asked me or paid me to include these songs. Nobody offered me a KitKat in exchange for a link. Nobody gave me a Popeye’s gift card, either, though if that were the case, I would certainly entertain all offers.


Here are my happy songs for spring 2010. I’m making a mental note that perhaps my summer 2010 list needs to include a shot or nine of estrogen. I don’t have any idea why this list is so fella-centric, but I’m gonna run with it since I love these songs so much.

“Washed By The Water” – Need To Breathe
“Takin’ It To The Streets” – Doobie Brothers
“Whisper” – Ernie Halter
“Live Like We’re Dying” – Kris Allen
“Sing A Song” – Earth, Wind & Fire
“Chameleon” – Dave Barnes
“Everything” – Michael Buble’
“Home” – Marc Broussard
“Ariel” – Diane Birch
“‘Til You’re Gone” – Gabe Dixon Band

By all means, feel free to dance.

What are you listening to and loving right now?

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  1. I’m totally in love with the whole Needtobreathe Outsiders album…I love These Hard Times especially.

    Great list! A few on my playlist besides that are The Beatles Here Comes the Sun, Tom Petty’s American Girl, James Taylor’s Carolina in my mind. Oh and a new one my daughter got me hooked on-Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors song called Mercy. I love it…check it out if you haven’t heard it. They’re not that well known yet but the song is on Itunes.

    Have a great week!

  2. I love Washed by the Water, it was actually my ringtone on my phone for quite awhile, but it’s been replaced by Love is Still a Worthy Cause.

  3. Girl, I’m LOVING that song list! My latest go-to song is Stand Amazed by 33 miles. Love the lyrics!

  4. I’ll be honest and say that since I got my new iPod for Christmas, I’ve been enjoying listening to songs that I forgot I had in my iTunes! Including:

    *September by Earth, Wind and Fire
    *Anniversary by The Feelers
    *Brat Pack by Rocket Summer

    and many others!

  5. Cynthia says:

    Ok sorry I am getting of topic but just read your article in HomeLife magazine. Right on target! After just spending two 14 hour car trips with my husband I nodded my head in agreement with what you said. Praying that many read this and find ways to strengthen their marriage communications.

  6. Great compilation! Washed by the Water is one of my favorites! I also love that you have Kris Allen on there…makes me miss American Idol last year. This year I’ve been rather bored.

    One of my new favorites this Spring is Selah’s “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” from their new album…it’s awesome. I’m also loving “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble.

  7. Earth Wind and Fire are coming to Baltimore in June. I cannot wait to see them!

  8. Your playlist last year introduced me to Marc Broussard. Changed my life.

    I’ve been on a Will Dailey bender. Esp: Never Be Your Baby, Peace of Mind, and Hallelujah

  9. It’s Raining Sunshine by Miranda Cosgrove from the Cloudy w/ a Chance soundtrack!

    I can’t help it! I’m a 12 year old stuck in a 43 year old body!!! This song makes me so happy. It makes me want to wear big smiley faces on my clothes!!! :)

    But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Takin’ it to the Streets!

    And I love Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi.

    And I love September, too!

    And I love Washed by the Water!

    And then I always go back to Stomp by Kirk Franklin.

    I’m a bit diversified, wouldn’t you say???


  10. Digging the NeedToBreathe, as well. I am loving the new Vicky Beeching song, Salvation Day. I love her voice and songwriting :) Thanks for sharing your list!

  11. you must check out dutton. they are a fabulous new band. you can buy them off itunes too – http://www.duttonband.com/.

  12. Earth Wind and Fire…brings back many memories!

  13. Signed Sealed Delivered by Stevie Wonder
    Restored by J Moss
    Work It Out by Bonafide Praisers
    Declaration by Kirk Franklin

    …and just to break the stereotype that those four songs just created…

    I’m a Believer by SmashMouth


  14. Valerie says:

    Dave Barnes – What We Want, What We Get. I love Chameleon (it’s one of my top 3). When he sang it in concert last year, it was Camellia instead of Chameleon. For some reason he changed the name – sure bet that’s an interesting “story behind the song”. The other two in my top 3? Soldiers in a Silent War and You Give Me What I Need (that Jonny Lang sure doesn’t look like he sounds!). The Atlanta May 1st concert can’t get here soon enough. (And at 47, I know I’m too old for this, but something about his music just really speaks to me. And I love it that my 16-year-old girl and I can love it together.)

  15. I am all inot the Wicked soundtrack as I am going to see the play next week and am so excited! That’s my Mother’s Day gift from my family :)

    Anyhow, if you want to read more about my music obsession and driving my family crazy with it, be sure to take a peek at my blog. I need some readers!

  16. Needtobreathe is going to be at Sloss on 4/24!

    Washed By The Water and Home are two of my constants! I don’t have a Spring playlist but I do have a Workout one and they are on it.

    Article in a magazine? How did I miss this?

  17. I. Love. NeedToBreathe.
    We saw them play here in town in a teeny-tiny little club and when they did “Washed By the Water” it was AWESOME. Worship like you’d not believe! LOVED IT!
    Their whole Outsiders album is fantastic. Well, except for #6, which I skip because it’s just not my favorite.

  18. mary craig says:

    I can NOT get enough of NeedToBreathe’s Something Beautiful Love it. And Gungor. Good stuff.

  19. Good Night, States is totally rocking my socks off. Sounds like nothing I have ever heard, and I want to kiss them for that!


  20. Rutheee says:

    Thanks for the music Boo, but I’ll just burst wide open if I don’t say “WHACK A MOLE!”

  21. Love it.

    For my 8 year old son:
    Walking on Sunshine
    Days of Elijah
    The Devil Went Down to Georgia
    He’s Alive
    He Is

    Those have to be on the list.

    I’m stuck on:
    Beautiful World by Adam Crossley/Jim Brickman
    Old Four Seasons songs (I’m 9 or 10 again taking turns singing in a hairbrush with my sister.)
    You Belong to Me (Shrek version that reminds me of my daughter when she went on a mission trip to Panama and had that song on her xanga. We would go to her xanga just to hear the song and dream of her homecoming.)
    The Doobie Brothers

    Those are our most listened to right now.

  22. Aw, that was sweet that you threw in some EWF.

  23. Wow, thanks for the great list! I am just so backwards when it comes to song selections…so I am going to write down your songs (ooh, that is SO old-school!)…I am going to er, upload those songs to my cassete deck, I mean mp3 player!

    I was JUST looking for an appropriate song for a blog post tonight, and when I was playing something by Keith Green, my husband said, “Maybe you want to use something a little more updated?”

    I’m a little behind the times in the song department…

  24. Nita in SC says:

    Ooh, you should get the whole Earth Wind & Fire Greatest Hits. You will not be able to sit still!

  25. I loveeeeeeee the NeedToBreathe Outsiders album too… It totally rocks! :)

  26. I’m loving Miranda Lambert’s new song The House That Built Me. I’m generally not a fan of Miss Lambert, she’s a little too bad girl for me, but this song brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for introducing me to Need to Breathe. Never heard of them before today.

  27. I haven’t heard of a few of the songs on this list, so I’ll have to make a trip to iTunes after this, however, I love Washed By The Water. I’m also really loving Matt Maher’s new song, um, that include the words Brother’s Keeper, though I don’t think that’s the title. It has a catchy tune and I rock out to it everytime it comes on in my van. Oh, and if you keep a running list of great songs, it makes the playlist downloading go much faster.

  28. Love the whole playlist! Have you heard the acoustic version of “Washed By The Water”? It’s not on the album, it’s sold as a single and I highly recommend getting it. It is just as good as the original version but more of a stripped down version that is awesome!

  29. Girl. . .LOVED that list. . .found a couple to add to my downloads needed section.

    Right now I’m listening (A LOT) to:

    I’d Rather Be With You- Josh Radin
    Find My Way to You-Bebo Norman
    Big Blue Sky-Bebo Norman
    Tupelo Honey- Van Morrison(the longer remastered version. . .3 more minutes of totally awesome)
    Crazy Love- Aaron Neville
    Sir Duke- Stevie Wonder
    Sign, Sealed, Delivered- Stevie Wonder
    Heaven When We’re Home- Wailin’ Jennies
    Alright- Darius Rucker
    When You Walk In the Room- Paul Carrack
    Sunflower- Alice Peacock