An Unexpected Weather Event

Tonight’s episode of “The Office” was pre-empted by our local NBC station because of tornado warnings in a couple of neighboring counties, so you’ll be happy to know that our DVR recorded thirty minutes of a Live Doppler NexRad 3D HD extravaganza from 8:00-8:30.

On the up side, I have learned from the weather maps that there’s a place to the south of us called Weogufka, Alabama. There’s also a Verbena, Alabama, and I think it sounds like an absolutely lovely place to live. Maybe it’s because my mama is from a little bitty town called Rose Hill. I seem to have an affinity for towns named after flowers.

And that reminds me: the last time I drove to Memphis, I passed an exit on Highway 78 for Myrtle, Mississippi. Isn’t that the best, most welcoming name in the whole wide world? I think we all should move there.

Anyway, this seems like an excellent time to share some links I’ve been saving. You can read them while you’re packing all your earthly belongings for the move to Myrtle.

– Nester has reminded me how fun it is to rearrange furniture. Please don’t tell my husband.

– I miss my Papaw Davis all the time, mainly because I wish so badly that he and Alex could have known each other. Earlier this week Shaun wrote a post about his grandfather, and it ’bout near put me in the bed.

– Melanie at This Ain’t New York wondered what life would be like if her Garmin had a Southern accent. The whole post DELIGHTED me.

– I am deeply and completely in love with . It’s a neutral with a punch. Sometimes it looks taupe, sometimes it looks lavender, sometimes it looks gray – and it’s a warm enough color that it stands out against my fair skin. I can already tell that it’s going to be my go-to shade this spring and summer.

Okay. I believe that’s all. I guess I’ll catch Michael & Co. on Hulu tomorrow. Because while the weather guy was entertaining and all, I really missed Dwight and Creed.

See you in Myrtle,

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  1. Lynnetta says:

    Rose Hill, Mississippi? My Mama is from Hero, just up the highway from Rose Hill. Of course, I like in Lake, MS, where there is no lake, even though everyone always asks about it!

  2. Hey, I grew up in Myrtle Point, OR…doesn’t quite have the same ring as Myrtle, Mississippi, though. Verbena does sound delightful. :)

  3. So we went to the Moe’s in Alabaster and the tornado sirens go off. Well, of course, that’s the cue to walk outside. And we SEE IT!! Yay! Was too cool!

  4. I went to high school in Ocean Springs, MS. It’s a pretty name, although I didn’t appreciate it at the time.

  5. I am from Clanton (just north of Verbena) and I can assure you that if you like to go anywhere other than a Stuckey Queen (Stuckey’s and Dairy Queen combined), you’d grow tired of Verbena pretty quickly. :) haha!

  6. My grandma’s best friend from childhood, until they both went to be with the Lord in their late 80’s, name was Myrtle….and Myrtle’s husband name was BROWNIE – is that not the best!!! I was fascinated by them when i was a youngster. Myrtle and Brownie…the Lord makes me laugh.

  7. @kathy – cracking me up with the “Of course that’s the cue to walk outside…”

    As did Leslie with “Stuckey Queen”.

    I love the name Verbena, but Myrtle just reminds me of a turtle (remember that book?).

  8. Katherine says:

    Do be sure to catch up on “The Office”, as there was much to laugh at with Dwight AND Creed. Creed, especially, had an hysterical cameo!

  9. my favorite town/ exit name is Toomsuba.
    see it every year driving from houston to maine.

  10. We laughed harder at The Office last night than we have in months! I’ve always wished I lived in the kind of house where we could name it, like Scarlett’s home. Then instead of saying let’s go home, I could say something romantic like “let’s go back to Tara…”

  11. I live in Tupelo, MS not far from Myrtle, MS and I go to church with some people from Mrytle! I have been there before but it has been awhile. Nice place always has a great high school basketball team.

  12. Am loving’ that opening paragraph! Thanks for the fun links, we’ve got an unexpected weather change, too! Last week, 60, today: 31!!! So, I am IN for the day…the reading will be great…

  13. Oh I love the names…you’d get a real kick out of England…they are the best when it comes to naming villages…

    Amble-by-the-Sea, Hearts Delight, Mavis Enderby, and Tiptoe are some favorite place names.

    Have a nice weekend!

  14. I like Traveler’s Rest, SC. Doesn’t that sound nice?

  15. Many states and countries have beautiful, almost magical names for towns and hamlets. Towns that make you want to sit down and have a glass of lemonade , look at azaleas and swing on the porch.

    In Texas, we have names that make one want to take for cover or at least wear camouflage. Cut and Shoot, Turkey, Bootleg, Muleshoe, Antelope, Hoop and Holler, and Gun Barrell. Stirs up the romantic in you doesn’t it??

    Shaun’s post. My word. I may recover in a week. The picture at the end just about sent me over the edge.

  16. Thanks for the linky love. I thought of you when I mentioned Steinmart(s.) ;>)

  17. But puh-lease tell me you caught “30 Rock,” at least for the following:

    Jenna: What’s “K-Date?”
    Liz: The personals section of the Kraft Foods web site.

    I don’t know the woman who wrote that episode, but she’s my new secret best friend. Hope you got to enjoy it too.

  18. Sorry about your DVR-ing the weather… My sweet husband and I watch The Office on hulu every Friday night. Maybe we can double tonight? LOL… We don’t have DVR and somehow our boys are never in bed by 8 on Thursday, so we have a standing date with good ‘ol Hulu. What in the world did we do in the old olden days before DVR and Hulu?

    By the way, I’m from Petal, MS… A city named after a little girl named Rose:)

  19. I had to read Shaun’s post after your comment. So I have no one to blame but my self. For sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I smell my Grandmother when someone has on White Shoulders( still my favorite cologne) and I hear my Mamaw when we have Sing Along at the Nursing Home and they start into “When we walk with the Lord, in the light of His word.” I saw a Plymouth Valiant the other day and it was Papaw driving it. And every time I see a dragline, Grand daddy is right there with me. I must have “association issues”-of the most divine type!
    My own father left this earthly home several years ago and my most sincere wish is that his grandchildren have lasting memories of him. And that is all I can say ,right now.

  20. Emily Massey says:

    I’ll move to Myrtle with you Soph, and I can’t wait to get my nails done…


  21. What about Lickskillet, AL up here in Madison County? You’ll know you’re there when you see the Lickskillet Music Barn. That’s about all you’ll see.
    Then there’s Normal, AL. Can’t say anything normal about it though.

  22. I live in West Texas, so I can’t even tell you how many times shows have been preempted by weather reports – with catchy names and everything! Last year it was “March Mayhem.” Thank goodness for Hulu in times like that, is all I have to say!

  23. Your Tickle My France-y nail polish made me remember the time that Annie and I had breakfast in San Antonio. She ordered Moons Over My-Hammy with the seriousness of a heart attack and it cracked me slap up! :D I have no clue WHY, but it totally did…

  24. Oh, and Verbena = The Backwoods, baby.
    Kuuuuntreee, fo sho.

  25. I would dearly love to live in Verbena Alabama. We pass through it on our way to camping at Lake Martin and I find it the most charming town. The name alone makes me swoon. But then I’ve been 40 years in Mobile and I’m just so tired of it. Verbena is of course too far from the grandkids but it is still calling my name.

  26. you should sit down with a road atlas someday and check out the names in south Alabama and south Mississippi. Some really tongue-tying indian names. But one of my all time favorite Alabama names is for a town near the Florida line called Slapout. A guy I new from there said it’s because it’s slap out in the middle of nowhere.

  27. I had to chuckle about the weather report, because when I was going through my DVR one day, instead of the program that I had scheduled, it was a weather report about a “Heavy Snow Warning”–imagine that, in PA!!! lol. Anyway, I slept through the “Storm of the Century” and woke up to 2 inches of snow on the ground. And in the “snowbelt” of lake Erie, 2 inches does not heavy snow make. Good thing I didn’t run to the store in a panic for milk!