American Idol – Top 10

I am a nerd. I really am. Because the opening segment where Ryan Seacrest was backstage and then we saw the audience from his perspective as he walked out on the stage? IT THRILLED ME TO NO END.

That being said, I’ve had a hard time getting excited about tonight’s episode. Last week was just so, I don’t know, BLAH, and I really, really hope that somebody has a breakthrough tonight. Because if not, then we just need to go ahead and eliminate everyone besides Crystal and Michael and then see what happens.

Hopefully things are going to take a turn for the better. Hopefully.

Siobhan Magnus – “Through The Fire” – OH, wow. That was really rough. I don’t think the slower tempo suited her voice at all. It was super-pitchy; it seemed like she spent the whole song jumping from one key to the next to the next. And she did the super-big-note-at-the-end again – but it was a dud. Definitely not her best night.

Casey James – “Hold On, I’m Comin'” – YES MA’AM. I loved it. He’s still tied down behind the microphone a little bit, but this song was perfect for him, and it showcased his blues-y style better than anything else he’s done this season.

(What’s up with all the backstage stuff? Is Idol taking a cue from Dancing with the Stars?)

Michael Lynche – “Ready For Love” – Really good – very tender and thoughtful and controlled. Given that, I have a quick question: when did The Kids start waving their arms back and forth during ballads? Is this a new phenomenon? And is it a distraction for anybody else? Because I felt like I kept looking at everyone’s arms to see if somebody was waving the wrong way. Maybe I just have a touch of the ADD. Or the OCD. Or the LMNOP.

Didi Benami – “What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted?” – I really do like her voice. But somehow her voice and this song just weren’t a match. Her interpretation was so straightforward, but her voice just begs for something a little more eclectic. And overall it was just a little bit boring.

Tim Urban – “Sweet Love” – Oh, tread carefully, young Tim Urban. Because this song is PERFECTION when sung by the lovely Anita Baker. And I guess in light of that, it’s no wonder that Tim’s version fell so far short of the original. It felt a little bit like elevator music – very bland and vanilla – and there was no real emotion behind it. No charisma. And this song begs for both.

Anthony Andrew Garcia – “Forever” – This was a little rough at the beginning, but about a third of the way in I felt like he really started to find his way. And while it was nowhere near perfect – a little sharp in spots, for sure – I thought this was his best performance in weeks. I especially loved what he did with the song’s bridge. Very creative and catchy.

Katie Stevens – “Chain of Fools” – Katie really surprised me tonight. She had great stage presence, some kickin’ earrings, and she held her own with a classic Aretha song. She wasn’t perfect – things got a little boring in the middle of the song – but she did a nice job.

Lee DeWyze – “Treat Her Like A Lady” – Well. That was near-’bout perfect. It was soulful, original and utterly believable. Lee had A Moment, and that sound Crystal and Michael just heard was Lee catching up with them. The whole thing was even better because he’s so stinkin’ humble. LOVED IT A MILLION TIMES.

Crystal Bowersox – “Midnight Train to Georgia”- I know I’ve said it before, but this is one of my favorite songs ever. This was a little strange, because Crystal is such a natural with the guitar, but she seemed uncomfortable at the piano – which is why I was so relieved to see her stand up. The vocals were great, but I was surprised that she didn’t do anything unexpected with the arrangement. I wish she’d picked up the tempo a little bit – but who can complain, really, when somebody can sing like that?

Aaron Kelly – “Ain’t No Sunshine” – My first thought was that the version of this song that Kris Allen sang last season was so strong that Aaron’s version would have to pale in comparison. And I was right. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t special. It’ll get him through another week, and I guess that, right now, that’s all that matters.

Best of the night: Lee
Worst of the night: Siobhan
Should go: Tim or Didi
Will go: Didi

What did y’all think?

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  1. I agreed on all accounts. I got all giddy about the sneak peek backstage, too! It was cool seeing something different!

  2. I thought Siobhan was just awful, and I usually enjoy her quirky self. If America knows what it’s doing, she will be in the bottom three with Tim and Didi.

    I figured the backstage stuff was just filler because there was too much performing for one hour and too little for two.

  3. You know what I liked about the backstage opening segment? How Simon asked permission to kiss Ellen. What a gentleman. I just love him.

    I agree with everything you said. But on a side note, Michael gave me cold chills on my arms. Man, he can sing a ballad.

  4. The arm waving thing? Here’s where I think it originated…starts at the 1:47 mark and shows up again at around 2:02…..

    It looks ridiculously hilarious in the movie and just ridiculous if you’re in the AI audience.

  5. I’m getting weary of this season.

    As usual, you are spot on. Lee was amazing. And poor Siobhan.

    Um, what was the deal with Ryan and Didi? “He wants me to say it was about him.” Did you or did you not (didi you or didi you not) say way back when that something was going on btw them?

  6. I haven’t been watching, but I love your commentary. And I actually took a quick second to try to figure out what the LMNOP was. :)

  7. You are spot on with everything you said! Spot on!

    And it drives us crazy when they start waving their arms. It looks RIDICULOUS!

    If I was a contestant on AI, I would request that the audience be banned from arm waving during one of my songs. Or clapping to the beat for that matter…that drives me crazy too! I would think as a performer both would be distracting.

  8. Haven’t seen the show yet but I’m excited Lee did well. He and Crystal are my favorites.

    That hand waving thing was happening last season and my husband talks about it every.single.week. It feels so fake…I mean, this is American Idol…they are not quite hand waving caliber, especially this season.

    Happy Easter!

  9. I was SO relieved to see Lee smile. Almost. I usually don’t talk to my television set but every week when he is up there I yell “SMILE!!” at the screen. He’s so good! And I totally love Crystal. The rest of them…not so much. As for the hand-waving — that and the group sing, please American Idol People, have mercy!

  10. I loved when Ryan came out that way too! It was like I was there walking on stage.

  11. “Or the LMNOP.” You are so funny!

    I love Crystal, and that performance for me gave me chills. Lee was really, really good. Poor Didi, she seems to have lost her way. Tim needs to be sent to High Schoool Musical- STAT!!!

  12. You know I thought of you when I heard poor Tim was singing “Sweet Love”. You introduced me to the goodness of Ms. Anita, and I believe I promptly stole your Anita CDs (or was it cassettes?) and never returned them. She’s on my iPod today thanks to you. :)

  13. As soon as he started singing “Sweet Love” I said, “No way.” That’s like trying to copy Michael. My best friend and I slap wore out Anita’s tape. No One In The World can sing her songs like she does. :>)
    Also, Ellen’s “adorable” comment about the drinking game cracked me up.

  14. The LMNOP line Cuh-racked me up.

    I would be fine with Tim, Didi, Aaron or Siobhan going…wouldn’t have said Aaron quite yet, but he should be knocked around a little for attempting Anita Baker. That was just wrong.

  15. Dude, I think you nailed it. Nothing would thrill me more than for Lee to sneak up on Crystal and take the whole thing. He’s adorable.

  16. I’m so with you on the arm waving. I have a little touch of the OCD myself and my eyes roll back in my eye if someone is slightly off-beat.

  17. Dawg: You got it all right. I think Didi is trying to be Jessica Simpson. Scary. Siobahn was frightening.

    I’m sponsoring a petition for the Eradication of Arm-Waving. Any proceeds from our Wave-a-thon will be donated to the National LMNOP Society.

  18. Is it a bad sign that you called Andrew Garcia “Anthony Garcia”? He must not be that memorable . . . I love Crystal, but am not a huge fan of Lee – even though he is pretty good, I’m just not a rock fan of the gravely voice . .

  19. Is it just me or is something going on between Ryan and Didi?

  20. I totally think something’s up with Ryan and Didi. I think he’s crushin’ on her.
    Was so happy that Andrew finally put “straight up” behind him, and that Lee did so well – what a voice! Crystal was just a’ight for me this week, know what I’m sayin’, though even at not-her-best she outsings most everyone else. Tim and Katy have no connection to the lyrics.

  21. I’m with Trish: LOVED that Simon asked before he kissed her.

    Ryan was in QUITE a mood, wasn’t he?

  22. I didn’t blog it until tonight — thoughts on performances, and then dismissal.

    I agreed with you, and we were right.

  23. Tonight was ridiculous. I couldn’t stand all the silly bantering and chit chat about who is inspired by whom. I mean, seriously. I tune in to see some chops and singin’ their songs well. I don’t want to hear about whose mother meant more to them. Maybe I am insensitive, but after all ….this is a singing contest is it not?