He Has Some Thoughts

– “Mama, one day when I’m at my new house with my wife and my children, I will think about you and Daddy everyday. And on Christmas and other holidays you can come to visit our house, or we’ll come to your house. And I still want you to cook.”

– “Mama? Where’s Daddy? Is he outside? Oh, never mind – I’m really not concerned.”

– “Hold on just a second, Mama. I’m a little busy right now.”

– “Mama? You should really give me half of your sandwich because I think that the Lord wants us to share.”

– “Mama? You’re a good cooker.”

– “Mama? Have you heard that there’s a movie called Julie & Julia? I think that one of the ladies likes to cook, and then I think the other one just likes to comb her hair.”

– “Mama? Does it make you a little sad that I just fixed my snack and my drink all by myself? Because that means I’m getting older, Mama. I’m growing up!”

Every age has been so sweet. But I think that seven may be the sweetest of all.

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  1. Those are the most precious and sweet thoughts said to a momma. :)

    The thoughts from my 19 year old…(I kid not)

    “Mom, I will never put you into a nursing home, you will live with me or I will build you a home on my land and then you can cook for me and my wife”!

    OH I love my sons. :)

    Love you,

  2. I cannot wait until my boy turns 7 in a few weeks!

  3. So sweeeeeet. He’s a cutie.

    I wish I would’ve written down the profound comments that mine have said (and I suppose continue to say) over the years.

  4. Just wait til eight… then nine…

  5. I have one son.

    He’s seven.

    And I couldn’t agree more.

    Gosh, I love that boy.

  6. To be a mother…..the sweetness never ends! They come in your life, steal your heart and NEVER give it back!
    Aren’t ya glad?

    Yea, me too!

    My son came home this weekend from college and his hugs and sweet words still melt my heart too!
    It never gets old, friend!

  7. So sweet! 7 is a fun age. I think the noisy boys were 7 when they told me about their plans to buy condos right next door to eachother so it would make things easier on me when I came over to babysit all their “childrens.” :-)

  8. Well, not only did your post make me cry…but the comments did too! :-) There is just nothing like Mama love. (I’m a 2-girl Mama)

    I especially loved his comments about Julie–that she just likes to comb her hair!! So cute, and so funny your boy is!

  9. Precious, precious, precious. What a dear little boy.

    Take heart, too, that it will keep getting better. My mamma says every age is the best age – even now when I’m 39, she loves our relationship.

    Our sweet 9-year-old and I were watching March of the Penguins last night. “What ARE the northern lights? How do whales go to the bathroom? I think it squirts out a little hole. Can we adopt a baby penguin, please?!”

  10. Goodness! My little guy is only four and a half MONTHS old and I am already so in love I can hardly stand it. I have sooooo much to look forward to! What a sweet little man you have there.

  11. well, I guess it’s true what they say about boys/men….food is the key to their heart (that’s my paraphrased version of whatever it is I’ve always heard :)

    what a sweet boy!

  12. When our daughter was about 5, she said that she and her husband would buy the house next door, so that they could come over for dinner every night.

  13. Good chance 7 isn’t the sweetest age – whatever age Alex is = sweetest age even when puberty rears it’s ugly reality and his feet smell like toxic waste – ’cause he is a good person.

  14. Awww, give that boy a hug!! Love you!!

  15. Oh. My. Goodness. Cutest thing ever! The first one is my favorite. He’ll still want you to cook. So awesome!

  16. Oh the tears! That is SO sweet. I have 6 (and almost) a half year old and he so much like his mama that we butt heads OFTEN but OH, the love! It almost hurts, doesn’t it? Never a doubt that there is a God because HE entrusts these children to us. Thanks for sharing, BooMama!

  17. Oh my goodness, what a sweetheart! My boy is 7 as well and it is just so fun. :) My son is a total ham, talking to anyone that has a pulse.

  18. My second son is 7 and he tells me that I can “keep him forever”. When I ask about him getting married he says, “I’ll still come visit you!”
    Love all of those precious things!!

  19. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Love, love, love these! But I think my all time favorite was his “Julie & Julia” quote!!

  20. My favorite:

    “The Lord wants us to share.”

    I’m definitely going to put that one to use as soon as possible!

  21. susan self says:

    Sophie, Alex is so cute. One day I hope we get to meet him.

  22. Those are priceless!


  23. I’m telling you right now, Sophie, you’ve got yourself one special boy!!! He has the sweetest nature! You are blessed….but you realize that by now, don’t you?

  24. This re-inspires me to have children…I know they can be a wonderful, stretching but a blessing and I know the Lord will bless us at just the right time. Thanks for the post of your sweet seven year old. This was wondeful!

  25. Oh my boys… I have three and they are great. :)
    My nine year old has a great plan in which he builds a house with one floor for each of his brothers, and then a floor for me, and a floor for his daddy. So we don’t have to share a room any more. (his words)

  26. So, so sweet.

    My five year old has taken to telling me, “Mom, you’re a magician in the kitchen!” Totally makes my day.

  27. Oh my, yes, it makes me a little sad when they can do things for themselves. Even though I love every age, I miss every age that passes.

    And I am so glad he thinks you are a good cooker!

  28. Mary Craig says:

    Oh that 1st quote is precious! His wife is gonna have a lot to live up to in the kitchen !

  29. I bet you just melt. Every. Single. Day.

  30. oh how blessed it is being a momma!! The joys are un countable! This is soo precious! Thanks for sharing!

  31. My own personal seven-year-old son starts almost EVERY sentence with, “GUESS WHAT?!” and then, oftentimes, throws it into the middle of the sentence for good measure.
    I love seven-year-olds!

  32. If there was a like button on this post, I’d be clickin’ on it! :)

  33. The other day one of my triplet grandsons told his mom, ‘Mommy, you are so pretty.’ She thanked him for saying something so sweet. He told her, ‘Girls like it when you tell them that.’ His brother commented, ‘Yep. It makes their day.’

    They just turned four.

  34. I love that almost every phrase starts with, “Mama?” :) Precious, I tell ya. My boy just turned six last week, and he comes up with the sweetest things to say. Makes my mama-heart want to burst. Alex reminds me a lot of my sweet Parker.