All The Happy

In light of the cuckoo nature of the last couple of weeks, I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed this past weekend. It was great – so fun and so laid-back. Which, as it turns out, are two of my very favorite weekend qualities.

There were kids running around in silly costumes.

There was soccer.

There was cake.

There was fried chicken.

(I don’t have a picture of the fried chicken. There was far too much fried chicken-related enthusiasm to stop and take a picture.)

There were ferns in funky new hanging baskets that I love, love, LOVE a million times.

There were a couple of texts that made me all teary and weepy and smile-y.

There was a very animated conversation with Martha about these cookies (we sent them to her for Mother’s Day, and she had to describe every single one of them to me in great detail).


There was a 30-minute conversation with Mama about everything and nothing.

There was beautiful weather.

(Yes, I see that it’s a tree and not actually, you know, weather. But you’ll just have to remember that the weather was so pretty that I took lots of pictures of trees. Also: IT’S THE BEST I CAN DO, PEOPLE.)

There was “Up In The Air” on DVD. (I liked it when I watched it, but I don’t like it nearly as much today. Mainly because today, whenever I think about it, it makes me sad.)

There was “Survivor” on the DVR.

There were lots of hugs and lots of kisses and lots of laughs.

And more than anything, there was lots of grateful.

Hope your weekend was full of grateful, too.

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  1. #1: I love fried chicken too.
    #2: I LOVE CHERYL & CO COOKIES. Beyond words love them. How do they maintain such moist-ness????

    #3: I have clearly resumed only commenting when you talk about food. I’m getting help, I promise.

  2. If you ever find yourself in my hometown …whoa baby!

  3. Awesome weekend. :)

    Come by and see what I got. Yummy AND beautiful!

    I also posted about SMILE CARDS, which you will definitely want to get in on if you haven’t already.

  4. You know, I knew that Up in the Air would be kind of a downer. But even now, a month later, I still can’t decide how I feel about it. I think I feel… nothing. Which means that they didn’t get me to care enough about these people. I mean, besides caring about how George Clooney was looking, I didn’t care. So I think it’s a thumbs down. I’m pretty sure. Yea… Yep, definitely maybe.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty great too.

  6. Love the fern/ basket. Pretty much fried chicken will make any day a good one.

  7. So, I know a lot of people who have conflicting opinions on “Up In the Air.” I didn’t like it, my husband thought it had some crazy deep meaning, my mom said it was boring, etc. I guess it’s definitely creating a lot of chatter, right?
    Love those baskets. And love your boy – he is just the cutest!

  8. Okay, so maybe I live under a rock, but Cheryl & Co. is RIGHT IN MY BACKYARD. Okay, three miles away, BUT STILL. I didn’t even realize that people ALL THE WAY IN ALABAMA knew about them!

  9. You musn’t forget… THERE WAS BETTY WHITE ON SNL!!! I saw the opening skit and thought of you. You are the one who introduced us blog-followers to the lady who pops bubbles with her babydoll hands, you know. ;)

    In case you missed it:

  10. I love love love the tree picture. I can see the weather in the tree.

    I agree, “Up in the Air” has a strange after-taste. It did make me appreciate business travel more though. I see now how it can be a home away from home, if you look at it the right way.

  11. Donna dear says:

    Those cookies are made right in our state and at their store in Easton you can buy cheryl&co cookie dough. It is a great stop after a movie.

    I would totally love some good southern fried chicken.

  12. Ok – so you have to spill it … where did you get the funky hanging baskets??

  13. I mean please. Please you have to spill it…
    I feel better now.

  14. oh up in the air. so sad. i just wanted to hug poor george clooney. then again, when do i NOT want to hug george clooney haha

  15. All of which makes me happy too!
    Sounds like a fantastic weekend. Family and just being together rocks!

  16. Glad you had a smiling weekend. These are the days…..
    My husband is so rooting for Russell on Survivor – mainly because he has managed to outwit everyone…..albeit ruthlessly, I know.

  17. Hey…I’m wanting that fern basket. Too cute!

  18. I’m wanting that basket too! Do tell!

  19. Yep. The funky fern hanging baskets. Gotta know. Gotta copy. Pretty please tell.

  20. What about Friday Night Lights? Did you love it? We watched it Friday night and then again Saturday afternoon. Our daughter, who graduated from the same theater department (Baylor) that Derek Phillips(Billy Riggins)did, came into the room and said “you just watched this last night”. She just does not get our love for FNL.

  21. Jessica says:

    I can’t believe you posted about 2 things I HAVE and LOVE. The fern hanger (although mine has a combo of petunias, daisies, and verbena in it) I got at Home Depot. And, AND, the best cookies ever. Cheryl & Co. My mom has a constant order in place for when she or I run out. Sad, but true.