American Idol – Top 4

Anybody think that Harry Connick, Jr. will show up again tonight?


Seriously. I LOVED HIM on last week’s show. I will miss him terribly this week. In fact, I may need a moment to prepare for his absence.

*taking a moment*

Thank you.

All righty. Movie songs tonight. If anybody sings “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing,” “My Heart Will Go On,” or the theme from “Goldfinger,” I’m leaving the country.

Oh, not really. I will, however, hide my head under the covers. THAT’LL SHOW THEM.

Lee DeWyze – “Kiss From A Rose” – I was delighted with the song selection because I am such a Seal fan. I didn’t like that this was such a straightforward interpretation, though – I wish he’d done something to make it a little more original. He sounded strong on the chorus, but on the whole, I wasn’t wowed. Good but not great.

Michael Lynche – “Will You Be There?” – I know I’ve had some strong opinions about Michael using arrangements that were way over the top, but this was one instance when it worked. I thought the gospel sound of the background singers was great, and even though he seemed nervous, he sounded good. HOWEVER. Like Lee, there was nothing original about it. Just a nice little cover of a nice little song.

Lee DeWyze & Crystal Bowersox – “Falling Slowly” – Well. They’re pretty talented, now aren’t they? Well done.

(Is it just me or do the contestants seem sort of tired tonight?)

(Now that I’ve said that, the codependent side of my personality is going to be very worried about them.)

(Do y’all think they’re getting enough sleep?)

Casey James – “Mrs. Robinson” – The whole thing had sort of a 70s coffee house vibe: the mandolin, the laid-back vibe, the long hair. And while it was a little bit of a sleepy performance (SEE? THEY’RE EXHAUSTED), I liked it. It wasn’t a completely original arrangement, but it was a different approach for Casey, and I enjoyed that.

Crystal Bowersox – “I’m Alright” – First of all, Crystal immediately got bonus points from me for choosing a Kenny Loggins song. Second of all, the arrangement was definitely original, to the point that it felt a little all over the place. I also thought Crystal sounded scream-y in parts (MY WORD I’m hard to please tonight). I appreciate that she picked an unconventional song and tried to put her twist on it, though.

Michael Lynche & Casey James – “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman” – Oh. I do not like this song AT ALL. It totally should’ve been on my “do not sing” list at the beginning of this post. That being said, Casey and Michael sounded great together, and I thought the guitars were beautiful.

Best of the night – The duets.
Worst of the night – The sleepy tone.
Should go – The obvious exhaustion (sorry – I can’t let it go).
Will go – Michael or Casey.

What did y’all think?

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  1. I’ve been ready for Michael to go since way before they saved him. Please let it be Michael.

  2. agree! Time for Michael to go. He’s just a bit too over-confident for me. You’re not as great as you think you are, big guy.

    On the other hand, Crystal is every BIT as great. Love her, love her, love her.

  3. I would LOVE to see Harry Connick Jr as a full time judge on American Idol-or weekly mentor or something!!

    Also, I thought of you when I heard the new Mercy Me CD-specifically the song called Move. Just sounded like a song you would like and you are the one who led me to their song “Alright.” Many times I purposely set my alarm clock so that my iPod will play that when it comes on.
    Thanks for the recommendation! And yes, I love the new Hanson song, too!

  4. I totally agree with you about Harry…he was hilarious last week and I was too busy laughing and enjoying last weeks show to blog about it. It would be awesome if he were one of the judges, or the permanent mentor. We can dream, right?

  5. Dang. Not sure how that ‘q’ got left in my name on linky. Sheesh. I loved the duets, too. Favorite part of tonight’s show!

  6. Yep, you hit it just right. I absolutely hated Casey tonight. And I would love to see Harry Connick Jr. every week–wouldn’t it be fun if they replaced Simon with him?

    Oh, and Ellen? We already know you’re gay. You don’t need to remind us.

  7. See, I love Big Mike. He’s my favorite and I’ve loved him since auditions. I didn’t care for his solo tonight, but I thought he and Casey did a fabulous job on the duet. His voice is just so smooth. I think Casey might be the one to go though. He’s starting to sound sheepish and nervous when he sings. But on a completely unrelated note: his hair looks more gorgeous every week, and he sure is purty.

  8. I am afraid that Casey may be the one to go tomorrow nite. I will be sad when the night comes that I don’t get to look at that smiling face. He is Yum! I still love Crystal and Lee. After tonight I wish they could win together. Their performance gave me goose bumps. I Love that movie! their song came from.

  9. Harry Connick Jr. is coming to Morocco, so he needs to pack. Yes he is! To my very city, in fact. And yes, I am going to go see him. Squee!
    Also Sting is coming.

  10. I loved the crystal/lee duet. Oh my, what a moment. I want more of that!

  11. I’d like to know what hair products Casey uses…he sure gets those curls looking nice.

    Missed Harry terribly…thought Jamie just looked like he needed to be fed, poor guy is skinny!

  12. Nicole says:

    Oh BooMama! I’m nervous! Lee did disappoint tonight but I still bought tickets to see him perform for his POTENTIAL home town visit. YEAH! Shouting out from Mt. Prospect, IL here! Still love him. I like Crystal a lot, too. Their duet ROCKED! I am also with you on despising that Bryan Adams song but liked Casey & Michael’s duet. Jamie Foxx seemed weird – all that crazy eye staring contest thing and the t-shirt thing. I guess I should cut him some slack because he did follow Harry and all. Michael or Casey for sure.

  13. Well, I think Michael WILL go home tonight, but really? I think after her, um, comment following “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman,” it’s ELLEN that SHOULD go home! Sheesh.

  14. The duest were fabulous, although I concur with your dislike of that Bryan Adams song. But, man, the guitars wer great!

  15. I think this has been the most predictable season ever, and no matter what Michael or Casey sang last night one of them would go. Good luck Ryan with trying to build suspense with the results tonight!

  16. I’m thinking Michael’s going home tonight. And I’m basing that completely on Facebook. He has the least comments and “likes” of all the contestants. \

    And if my theory is correct, then my boy Lee is going to win because he has the most comments and “likes” everytime he posts something.

  17. I’m with you BooMama. They did seem sleep and off tonight. Crystal was the only one who really brought something and it wasn’t even that special. Duets were great and the highlight of the sleepy night. Oh gods of American Idol, please let Big Mike go and let Casey stay so he can seduce the camera more! Amen.