American Idol – Top 3

I’m running a little late tonight with the Idol watching, and I came thisclose to skipping the festivities altogether. But it’s Top 3. And I usually love the Top 3 show (Elliot Yamin singing “A Song For You,” anyone? Kris Allen singing “Heartless”? YES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU).

So here we go.

Casey James – “Okay, It’s All Right With Me” – This is the type of song that Casey sang in the auditions, and I think the style of it (funky, bluesy) really suits him. That being said, this performance didn’t wow me. The song had about three notes, so it didn’t really show off his voice, and it just felt like Casey was standing there and singing – but not performing. I think this would have been a great time to put an original spin on a well-known song, but Casey went with a cover of a lesser-known song. And I think that was a mistake.

Crystal Bowersox – “Come To My Window” – This one started off a little weird with the whole harmonica thing and then a first verse that seemed hesitant. I couldn’t really decide if Crystal needed to slow down or speed up, but something seemed off. However, she added bits of originality in the chorus, and even though this song wasn’t her best, it was still pretty good.

Lee DeWyze – “Simple Man” – Well, I can’t say that I was expecting for Lee to sing Lynyrd Skynyrd, so I was definitely curious when I heard the song selection. It definitely showed off the rock edge in his voice, but FOR ME the song was a little boring. Between the sort of plodding pace and the slow clapping from the crowd, it just wasn’t my thing. However, I thought he sounded great – definitely the best so far tonight.

Casey James – “Daughters” – I don’t think that Casey seemed comfortable – sometimes the phrasing was a little weird – but I loved hearing him sing this type of song. I’ve never really thought of Casey as having much in common with John Mayer, but as soon as he started to sing, I could totally hear it. That being said, I don’t know if he did enough to make it to the final two. It was better, but I don’t think it was enough.

Crystal Bowersox – “Maybe I’m Amazed” – Well. She sang the fire out of that, didn’t she? My goodness. Well done.

Lee DeWyze – “Hallelujah” – That was absolutely beautiful. Good grief – the emotion and power in his voice, the quiet confidence, the gutsy arrangement – LOVED IT.

Best of the night – Lee
Worst of the night – Casey
Should go – Casey
Will go – Casey

It really struck me tonight that a big gap has opened between Lee and Casey this season. Whereas Casey seemed anxious and a little tense tonight, Lee seemed relaxed and confident. Crystal has been strong throughout – but Lee might have a little bit more momentum at this point.

What did y’all think?

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  1. You’re so right about the gap widening between Lee and Casey! I wouldn’t have thought in the beginning that Casey would be the one so nervous and that Lee would be stealing the show!

  2. Well, I came *thisclose* to going to bed before checking back here one more time wondering how you could forgo tonight’s festivities… I think that LEE is in it to win it. LEE. LEE. LEE. LEE. LEE. LEE. Sorry. My keys are sticking! =)

  3. That’s exactly what Lee has: momentum!

  4. Gotta agree with your whole assessment. My teens have picked Lee ever since Hollywood week. I was afraid that he might be a little too David Cook sounding and people would want something different. I guess I was mistaken.

    Tonight when Lee finished (I actually thought it could have been a performance for the finals) and he was so touched by the response, my heart melted. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when a humble person is praised and they are moved by the moment!

    It’s Lee for me!

  5. I agree with everything that has been said. One thing I would add, though, is that Hallelujah is one of my very favorite songs. Donald Duck could sing it and it would still probably bring tears to my eyes (the song — not Donald’s voice). Which is my point — There is something about that song that touches me — it has to do with the melody and the increasing intensity — not sure how to explain it. Hope that the final two have just the right song for next week — the song will probably determine the winner!

  6. I MISSED MOST OF IT! Didn’t even see the first songs and didn’t know what they sang until I read this. Thank you very much. I had to clean a tub so my son’s girlfriend could come take a shower (new caulking at her house). Waahh.

    This is the first year that I picked my favorite three and they ALL made it to the top three. How awesome is that? Now I’ll just have to see how it goes. Love them all. I will say I’m leaning toward Lee though. We’ll see. Thanks for the recap or else I’d still be in the dark.

  7. Lee was FABULOUS! I thought Simon was nuts for picking Halelujah just because it’s been so well on the show before. I thought, “what more can be done with that song?” And then! He killed it! The best performance of that song on this show yet!

    And Casey? Geez. So cute. Love his voice. Love the guitar playing. But his version of “Daughters” was liking dragging a humpback whale through the sand using only your teeth. S-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-o-w.

  8. I missed it last night and I’m sick over it!
    Boo on adult responsibility and not being home.

  9. I think they could have picked a better song for Casey…he seemed uncomfortable singing that one. I love the song, I have daughters, but I think they could have given him something better.

    That being said, Lee has been my fave since the beginning so go Lee. He’s the kind of artist I’d listen to on my ipod, in the car, etc.

    Crystal is great, love her too but I’m hoping Lee wins it.

  10. Nicole says:

    Casey really seems like he’s just over all the stress at this point. It almost seems as if he just wants to go home. That being said, I really do like him a lot and hope he is successful. Lee is my fave! My whole town is just nuts over him (his home town) and it killed me to have missed his parade and concert (kid #2 was sick so kid #1 and hubby went to the festivities – I’m not bitter at all). I saw the pictures and heard all about it and hubby said Lee sounded GREAT live and was so humble and overwhelmed by the reception/fan fare. I do love Crystal, too but I have to vote for my literal “home boy”, Lee. : )

  11. How long will this season go on? I was really hoping tonight would be the finale, but no. It’s going to drag on. bleh.

    In my pool, I’m still holding strong for Crystal, but I wouldn’t be sad if Lee wins. He did such a great job. His little sideways smile is infectious.

    Tonight I definitely think that cutie-pahtootie Casey will be leaving us. And really, he’s pretty to look at and has talent, but what I really want to know is what product the stylists have been using on his hair.

  12. I’m still a Crystal girl, but I don’t think she’s going to win. That honestly might be the best thing for her career. :)

  13. If Lee performs like he did this week next week, and Crystal doesn’t step it up, Lee will win this thing.

  14. Another Lee fan checking in here. He pulled a “Kris Allen” on us by hanging in there when he was just “that guy” in my mind.

    I thought it would be Crystal’s year, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lee pull it out from under her.

  15. Lara Jane says:

    I love Crystal but won’t be at all surprised if Lee takes it.

    No offense to those of you that like him, but I’ve been saying all along that he’s a bit heavy on the Chad Kroger and too light on the Eddie Vedder. If you like Nickelback, you’re probably okay with that. But I’m solidly in the Pearl Jam camp and think Lee should harness the soulful side more than the whiny… he could really be a rock star.

  16. Had to youtube a couple of those performances.

    You know how many times I watched the choir march in during “Hallelujah?” Like eleventy bajillion times. There was just something delightfully cheesy about it. :)