Mamaw here wants to talk about flowers.

Because right now, before the dog days of summer hit and everything gets leggy and peaked and wilty, I am just a wee bit obsessed with flowers.

And plants. I’m a wee bit obsessed with them, too.

So here’s what’s going on around our house right now.

Our Home Depot had huge palm plants on sale for cheap dollars and thrifty cents, and D picked up a couple of them last weekend. We put one of them on our deck, and I love how the wispiness of the fronds contrasts with the bulkiness of the stalks.

By the way, that last sentence is a sure sign that any remnant of my early 20s self is officially GONE FOREVER.

Because in my early 20s I’d have been all, “What? I don’t get it. Looks like a big green tree to me.”

And then: “I think plants are, like, STUPID. Because you have to take care of them and stuff.”


Anyway. These lilies – oh my goodness. They smell divine. They light up my life.

(Sing it with me: “Wiiiiiiiiith sonnnnnnnnnnnng.”)

I mean, just look at all that pretty.

Then there’s hibiscus – one of my all-time favorites.

And mandevilla, which I’ve never had before but am LOVING. My fellas gave me two big mandevillas for Mother’s Day, and they have grown by leaps and bounds since D planted them. Can’t wait for them to fill up the trellises. I’ll probably just sit and sing to them until that happens.

And by the way, I should point out that my husband is the one with the green thumb in our family. He takes such great care of our flowers and plants. I just point and tell him where I want everything to go, and then he makes it happen while I gaze at impatiens blooms and drink a diet Coke.

So what about you? What have you planted this year?

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  1. Well, I was thinking that my front porch needs a little color and pick me up and pizzazz. The problem is that I do not have a green thumb. So my solution? FAKE FLOWERS!!! Just grab some pretty pots, and WHAMMO- instant garden!

  2. Love those lilies! Stargazers are my favorite.

  3. Yes, I am glad to talk flowers because the finale of American Idol left me perplexed beyond speech.
    I live in central Texas where you buy plants at Home Depot in early spring and think of all the possibilities of a beautiful yard. Then the Texas sun shines through June, everything scorches and dies, and you return to Home Depot. This time looking for cactus or cacti, depending upon your will to plant again, because very little will survive through the heat that lasts through October.
    I love your deck plants and flowers. You make me believe in planting again.

  4. I, too, am becoming MaMaw. I will meet you at the Steinmarts for some house dresses.

    The snap up model coats in various colors should complete my garden on impatiens and caladiums.

  5. Sooooo pretty! I haven’t planted anything yet because FIRST I have to rid the flower beds of all the nasty weeds. Hmmm…ask me again in the fall.

  6. Get some gardenias and Carolina Jasmine- then you’ll just sit around and smell them until your nose falls off. Seriously- good stuff.

  7. I have a thing for lilies. I like them planted at any house I reside in. We put bulbs in our front bed here and they make me so happy. Each year, they multiply and I have more and more yummy smelling goodness to enjoy. Andrew can plant whatever else he wants (he’s the gardener here, too) but my lilies… well, they’re MINE. Love ’em.

  8. I have one hanging basket (that is already wilting) and one green pepper plant (I’m experimenting before I commit to gardening). I looooooove plants and flowers and gardens, but I am WORTHLESS when it comes to keeping them alive, let alone thriving. Sigh.

  9. Hey, I was a mamaw on my blog today too..I wrote a whole post essentially about dirts and rock. Oh, and a tree.

    I love all the color-that is up next here…we’ve started but have lots more to do. We’re warm now but we only just finished with winter about 2 weeks ago.

    Have a nice weekend!

  10. My porch and front door are adorned with silk flowers, winning me the Beautiful Porch Award from my neighbor. However, my back yard and patio are a tad depressing. Seeing how the previous owners planted a lilac bush right beside the door (as in, it’s so close the leaves get shut in and we step all over it), and some other monstrosity of a bush that could only be an octopus with red blooms. We have loads of work to do out back. [sigh] Clearly, I am jealous of your view.

  11. Not a blessed thing! And I’m so disappointed with myself! I don’t even have my tomatoes in yet!! Not that they’d have done much up to this point, but they aren’t in the stores anymore so I’m going to be hard pressed to find them now. And I want to get my red, white and blue annuals in for the summer. Maybe this weekend with any sort of luck at all. The lemon tree that was doing swimmingly a bit ago is looking a bit peaky now and I’m going to have to give it some TLC here soon. And I have the seed packets for the summer herb garden but haven’t started them yet…I’m so way behind!

  12. Entirely too much! Botanically-speaking I’ve been maliciously over-served this season and I’m spending many long hours out watering everything in this infernal heat (it’s MAY! In CHICAGO! Why do I feel like I’ve got malaria?) so it doesn’t all shrivel up and croak. I counted it all up about a week ago and so far this season I’ve planted over 100 new plants including the perennials I’ve been meaning to get to since before I was even pregnant with Matthew (so I guess I’m making up for two summers of perenniallessness, really) and the annuals that I do every year. Good news is, my sister and her family are visiting this weekend and EVERYTHING in the yard is blooming together, as if on cue, so I’m feeling pretty rewarded for my labors. You always want your sister to see things JUST SO, don’tcha? I do. I love your lilies. I can almost smell them through my screen and they are my absolute favorites. YUM.

  13. “I just point and tell him where I want everything to go, and then he makes it happen while I gaze at impatiens blooms and drink a diet Coke.” Hmm. I have no idea where you learned this behavior. ;)

  14. I myself have been feeling frisky over my outside “rooms” (per HGTV). I did a whole red them this year: dragon wing begonias (the absolute BEST), red impatiens, red million bells. My hubby gave me a cobalt blue fountain for Mother’s Day and I found a $20 rocker at a junk shop that I painted blue and put a red cushion on. I love to sit there and look at it all and enjoy. You are right; soon enough the legginess, wiltiness, and tiredness will come, and all I will be doing is reading inside with tons of Diet Coke! Love your lilies!

  15. Oh my, how I do love me some plants and even though I tend to kill them at an alarming rate.

    I have some jasmine growing on the porch — smells divine. Favorite this year.

  16. The Mandevilla is gorgeous! I can’t wait to own my own house and actually plant stuff in the ground! Right now it’s all in planters for easy portability.

    I’m in my early 20’s and I LOVE gardening!

  17. Oooh, I have a black thumb of death when it comes to flowers. I like the Gerber daisies ’cause I don’t kill them.

    Tomatoes and basil is what we planted. The basil is already looking questionable. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    Your yard looks very tropical. Nice.

  18. When I was a child, my mom would plant these amazing flower gardens. It also means that at 8:30 a.m. I got pulled out of bed to help weed.

    Therefore, I am opposed to gardening.

    I have resorted to wanting a little color on our front walk. So I allow myself to plant Petunia’s. They are easy, grow well and I can handle a watering can of water every other day as well as pulling off the past due little flowers.

    But that is it. :)

  19. we only have back patio containers, and so far i’ve had to plant nothing! my petunias and dianthus came back from last spring.

    i also have a few hyacinth bulbs in front that have grown faithfully for the last several years.

    we’re in Texas, so it’s a challenge to have a pretty yard! :0)

  20. We lost a lot of our tropical foliage to the unusual three day freeze we had this winter. So, we have planted new hibiscus, ferns, begonias, impatiens and caladiums. For some strange reason, our azaleas and gardenias survived without any protection from the cold and they bloomed better than ever this year. Keeping things pretty in Houston is a challenge. We swear by a good sprinkler system and Miracle Grow.

  21. I kill everything! Maybe it’s because i”m still in my 20s (for a couple more months). Luckily I’m better with kids than plants. :)

  22. I kill so many interior plants that I have silk flowers. I certainly enjoy photographing the live ones tho!

  23. I planted some begonias because the lady at the greenhouse talked me into them. I should have listened to that inner voice that was screaming how much I am not a fan of begonias. I also planted “Million Bells” which apparently are like miniature wave petunias. I LOVE these.

    And thank you for going all mamaw on me. I get that way when I start talking about the birds who visit our bird feeders, and then I GET OUT THE BIRD IDENTIFICATION MANUAL. Oh yes I do. I keep it in the drawer by my Depends.

  24. I’m in the process of trying to update and spruce up my porches and plant plants in my ginormous planters that were EMPTY.

    And this post has inspired me!!!!!!!

    I LOVE the palms!! And hibiscus are making me wanna sing for surrre!!!!!!

    I have no green thumb, though. I might’ve had a green pinky at our last house but then we moved here while I was pregnant. Life changed and all of the house plants died. I was quite certain it meant something symbolic. I still don’t know but I LOVE your plant and flower choices.

  25. I am in the process up beefing up my gardens this year – topsoil is on its way! And I put in some new herbs and flowers – parsley, rosemary gerber daisies…. Went to a plant auction the other day too, got some really interesting plants.

    One is called bottle brush….can’t wait to see it in bloom.

    I love diggin’ in the dirt!

  26. Last year during a difficult time, to cheer me up a friend brought me a bunch of seedlings of several different “wild” things. I potted and planted them – getting my hands in the dirt did my attitude a world of good at the time. The plants/flowers sprouted and grew some throughout the summer, but nothing spectacular. I noticed about a week ago that one of those things that I put in a hanging basket (and left there all winter) is going gangbusters now and even blooming. Who knew wild Queen Anne’s lace would make me so happy a year later. It’s absolutely wild and lover-ly.

  27. Sally Green says:

    Thanks Soph. NOW I’m singing “You light up my life, you give me ?hope? to carrrrryyyy OOOOOONNNN.” It was a favorite song in elementary school. LOVE The flowers. As soon as my cash flow catches up with my flower Needs(wants) then my deck will be an oasis!:) Loving the Mandevilla! Have fun!

  28. You’re lucky you have a hubby with a green thumb. I love the look of flowers, but I’m afraid we only have black thumbs in my family.

    You have a very pretty garden space!

  29. SweetB says:

    I know how you feel about enjoying plants, especially in the Spring and Summer. They just make you sigh aloud, don’t they? Check out my neighbor’s blog on plants, food and entertaining…you”ll LOVE it. http://www.allthingsfarmer.com/

  30. Rutheee says:

    Love Love Love flowers, and I too am amazed by that because in my youth I gave them nary a thought.

    Hey did you check out the latest Facebook thing?

    Scroll to the bottom of your facebook page and on the bottom left corner in little blue letters, click “English.”When the language selection appears, click “English Pirate.” When you’ve stopped laughing, paste this on your status to let others know…


  31. Sigh – I wish I had a green thumb. My thumb is sort of yellowish……



  32. You know you are O L D when you request plants for mother’s day.

    And I can say that because I am right there with ya.

  33. K Skipper says:

    I got a knockout rose bush for Mother’s Day, and my lawn service planted it for me. Since I kill plants, my husband has been watering it for me, so that it’s green and flowering and beautiful.