American Idol – Top Two

I am feeling none-too-chipper right now (apparently what I ate for supper has decided that it HATES ME WITH THE FURY OF A THOUSAND SUNS), so any sort of detailed AI recap probably isn’t going to happen.

However, I will say that after Lee’s first song, I was tickled to see that Casey is rockin’ the ponytail.

I realize that this has absolutely nothing to do with the performances.

Anyway, who do y’all think is going to win?

I’m thinking Crystal.

Also: if you’ve written an AI recap, feel free to post the link below.

And by all means, please do rock on.

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  1. LEE. LEE. LEE. LEE. And so my vote goes. =)

  2. Lara Jane says:

    Lee WILL win because people like whiny rock such as Nickelback. Crystal SHOULD win because she’s original and refreshing. :)

  3. I, too, am fighting a stomach issue, but I had to chime in on Idol. Crystal outperformed Lee tonight, but I LOVE LEE!!! He seems more genuine, kind, humble, etc.– AND I love his voice! :-)

  4. I prefer Lee’s sound but I like Crystal too so this season I’m not going to be upset by whatever the outcome is…I want Lee to win but thought Crystal out performed him tonite.

    I don’t think Lee has the experience Crystal has and I think he’ll continue to get better and better.

    Feel better!

  5. I think Crystal is the clear winner. She’s fantastic!
    Feel better!

  6. Hope you feel better!

    Lee will win. They are close enough to each other talent wise but all those little teen girl votes that were Casey’s probably transferred over to Lee.

    Personally, I votes a bunch of times for him myself tonight.

  7. I have enjoyed both of the finalists throughout the season. But as I critique…I think Lee will be more marketable. Crystal is not as original as people say…she emulates Sarah Etheridge, and singers from the ’70s. I thoroughly enjoy hearing her…her sound is similar to mine (during the college years) and brings back lots of wonderful memories. But I wonder how her records would sell to the dvd buying set today. Lee…he’s the kind of singer my sons (both in the music biz) would back.

  8. Aw, sorry you’re not feeling well!

    I’d like Crystal to win, but won’t be surprised if Lee does…

    I did really enjoy Crystal’s last song.

  9. I am SO sorry you aren’t feeling well. I went into last night thinking that Lee was going to win it, but after they sang, it’s clear that Crystal is back in the zone and I think she’s going to take the trophy home. I hope you’re feeling better this morning!

  10. In ALL honesty, I will be thrilled with either one as my American Idol. I might want Lee slightly more! Thanks for hosting this each week. What will I do unitl January?? Have real relationships, I guess.

  11. Crystal was clearly better last night, BUT I don’t think she’s going to win. Lee is much more marketable, and people like his gravely rock voice a lot better in the long run. Plus, voting isn’t just based on their performance on that last night (I don’t think). I think people will take into account the whole range of what they’ve done over the season. So, with all that said, I think it’ll be Lee.

  12. Nicole says:

    Crystal definitely did better last night however I think they didn’t give Lee the best song choices- he almost sounded like he was being drowned out by the background singers & instruments. Not fair! Either way, they will both do well in their careers and they are both fantastic artists! FEEL BETTER!

  13. Lee, clearly more commercial, and with a single like “Beautiful Day,” how can he not win? There will always be a market for the Crystals of the world, but she really did not “stay true” to herself with the “Black Velvet” stilettos. BTW-whatever happened to the original American Idol single the winner will record? No one to pen that one this season? All in all, a rather disappointing conclusion last night. Maybe that’s why you needed the Pepto Bismol.

  14. They both have great talent!!! So either one is going to go far and frankly, it’s almost better to get runner up! They seem to do just as well and without the strings attached!! They’ll both have a CD out no matter what!!

  15. I believe Lee will win. You can’t choose the winner from the last night. You have to look at the whole season. He did better throughout the whole season. He will get the “girlie” vote as well. I love him! He is too cute. I like Crystal too, but I like Lee more:) Hope you are feeling better….

  16. Ohiomom9977 says:

    Crystal stole the show last night! I like Lee but have loved Crystal from her first song. She’s also grew up not far from my home town of Toledo. Go Crystal!!!

  17. Popped over to see if you were hosting an American Idol linky. Sure hope you’re feeling better. =)

  18. Ugh! I forgot to post my link here earlier today. And by now we already know the results that Lee won (damn Twitter posts from the east coast). I am happy for him and look forward to a more polished performance. Crystal is going to do fine. Sleepy season tho! BooMama, do you watch SYTYCD?