– Now I certainly can’t claim that Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette scarred me for life, but I can say that Tuesday morning one of my very first thoughts centered on Kasey and his impromptu a cappella serenades and how I would like to respond to him.

Ooooooh, Kasey / You might want to re-thiiiiiink / Serenading your daaaaaaates / Because it makes us hide our heads behind our pillooooooooooows / And scream “OH NO PLEASE STOP IT” at the TVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”

And yes, I know that little ditty didn’t rhyme. BUT NEITHER DID KASEY’S.

Good times.

– You know how y’all made all those great suggestions for movies that Melanie and I could watch at the beach? I ended up renting It’s Complicated, The September Issue and The Chronicles of Narnia – and do you know what? When we got to the condo, there was no DVD player. Now how’s that for irony?

– Sunday night I decided I wanted to print some pictures from last weekend’s wedding, and since I’d gotten an email from Walgreens about a Father’s Day photo special, I clicked over. As it turned out I didn’t need the Father’s Day special at all, because apparently if you’re a new online customer at the Walgreens photo center, you get 25 prints free. No catch. Just free. And sure enough, I picked up the prints Monday morning, and they cost a whopping zero dollars and zero cents. Thought some of you bargain hunters might like to know that.

Nobody asked me or paid me to share that info, by the way. I’m just a tremendous fan of free.

– Yesterday afternoon I watched the season premier of The Next Design Star, and I have some thoughts. First, it seems like they’re trying to make the show more about the talent and less about the drama. Second, the season premier had sort of an Apprentice-type feel. I thought the adjustments to the format were a welcome change of pace after last season when the contestants seemed to have a tough time standing out and showing their unique point of view.

I’m also watching The Next Food Network Star, and as always, I adore it. I think Aria is the early favorite – but I like Aarti a lot, too. I’m so fascinated by people who can cook that a mediocre episode of TNFNS or Top Chef (haven’t watched the season premier yet) is better (to me) than just about anything else on television.

Are y’all watching any of these shows? Have any favorites yet?

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  1. I caught both those episodes (Top Chef and TNFNS) last night. I don’t know everyone’s names yet. I usually pick the ones I DO NOT like first. Is that strange? I do that with every show I watch. “Oh, I hope he/she goes home this week.” It takes a while for me to pick a fave. I do love Aarti though. She’s so personable.

    “It’s Complicated” was hilarious. My husband even watched with me which is saying something.

  2. I became addicted to the Next Food Network Star last season. I’m still not sure if Melissa should have beaten jeffrey. It’s a good watch. This season…hmm. The jury is still out in my book. I like aria and aarti too. but I love the little guy with the hat. what’s his name??

    happy watching!

  3. I’m pretty shallow. My guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives. Right now I’m watching the New jersey one. Those are some crazy chics!

  4. oh girl come on all casey wants is to guard and protect her heart..even if she doesnt want it!!!!!!


  5. 1. Bless Kasey’s heart.

    2. I believe I saw that MARK BURNETT is producing Design Star, which would explain the similarities to The Apprentice.

    3. I am with you and your excitement from Monday night’s DVR extravaganza. It did not fail to entertain.

  6. I was wishing I had a dime for every time Kasey uttered the words guard and protect.

    And thanks to my daughter I’m now watching Real Housewives of NJ…pitiful.

  7. “guard and protect her heart” what does that even mean…he needs to go home.

  8. I’m watch both Design Star and TNFNS. Love them both. They inspire my creativity. It has been two weeks and I am beyond ready for the weird girl with the weird name who spent the night at the hospital b/c she had something in her eye to go home! She is CUH-RAZY!

  9. Bless you for the Walgreens tip!! Heading there in an hour to pick up my FREE!

  10. Thanks for the Walgreens tip….and I believe if we compared our DVR’s to each others we might only see the difference when it came to all the Disney shows recorded by my girls or possibly the Animal Planet ones! It is a great way to get laundry folded…have a good one. Oh, I had a newish queso dip last week and thought of you all! Yumitso!

  11. The Bachelorette is especially cringe worthy this time around. Which means, I really am enjoying it. Between averting my eyes, saying “oh please don’t! don’t sing. oh stop.. ” this is really shaping up to be a most satisfying season.

    An amazing journey.

  12. jenny f. says:

    I have to admit that I am enjoying the bachelorette this season because the guys are such GOOF-BALLS. I had to plug my ears and hide my eyes between my fingers when Kasey sang. I was so EMBARASSED for him. Ali was so kind about it. What makes these boys think that a girl wants home-made songs sang to them that are so awful! I’m trying to not watch anything else and to just enjoy my summer evenings.

  13. I always wonder if people like Kasey see themselves as the public sees them when they watch themselves “on playback.” Like on Idol and SYTYCD — shows on which people are thankfully showcasing their talents, not their neuroses — the contestants usually see or hear the errors they made for themselves, and they own up to them. I get the feeling that Kasey will always think that he could have PROTECTED AND GUARDED ALI’S HEART better than any of those other guys. Weirdo.

    I love TNFNS and Top Chef, too! Add that to FNL and you and I are kindred TV spirits. Arrti and Aria are my favorites on TNFNS already. I can’t understand a thing the Spanish woman says, because she speaks so quickly that she loses me completely. Looks like it’s gonna be a great season, though!

  14. I have held firm (for the first time) to NOT watching The Bachelorette (Ali’s whining drove me bonkers last season), and I guess I just needed a break from that particular show. I am however fool enough to be caught up watching all of the ridiculous “Real Housesives” series, so go figure.

    I do have a question about the Design Star show: isn’t whoever wins supposed to land their own show? How come I have only seen two of these “stars” shows end up on HGTV – Color Splash and Myles of Style. There has been at least one female and one male star that have never had a show on primtime. Are their shows on during the day? I just thought I would ask and see if anyone else knows the answer.


  15. Lately, I’ve found myself drawn to A&E’s Billy the Exterminator. I absolutely hate bugs and rodents, and I’m not fond of leather and studs, but it sucks me in every time. I never sit down specifically to watch it, but I just can’t seem look away when I surfing through the channels and come across it.

  16. Ok…I must confess! I cannot watch those competitive cooking shows! I GET SO STRESSED OUT!!
    I know, sounds crazy. I just start feeling anxious and nervous! It’s not like I know them or feel loyalty to any of them. It’s the yelling and meanness…I feel a weird “bad” behavior vibe!
    My husband thinks it’s hilarious!

    I’m really not a freak! Seriously!

  17. Aria is our favorite. She makes you want to come over to her house and stand at her counter to watch her cook.

  18. I’ve been out of the country for a bit, but has there been any talk about the Friday Night Lights performance of Matt Saracen dealing with his dad’s funeral? Should win many awards and rightfully so.

  19. We are watching The Next Design Star and TNFNS. I like Aria and Aarti but for some reason I like the Italian girl too. She’s so cute and I really want to know how she made that marinara sauce.

  20. If you watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette, you have GOT to read the recaps on http://www.ihategreenbeans.com I laugh SO hard that I cry! A co-worker and I read together every Tuesday (on 2 computers in my office) and laugh together whil repeating phrases. Good times!

    LOVE TNFNS and TopChef. Heck, I just love all reality TV. I’m a therapist and I tell myself that it’s helpful to my career…but that’s not rationalizing AT ALL! My all time fave is So You Think You Can Dance. LOVE.

  21. i watch all the competitive cooking shows…it kills me how some of these contestants come on the show with no clue how to play the game…who would dare to go on TNFNS without a culinary point of view??? well, we saw what happens when you do…i like aria because she is what i would do, comfort/family foods…i would love to try the shows, i just don’t know any more than my good ole southern hand me down recipes though

  22. Jenny from VA says:

    I think “guard and protect your heart” is code language for “stalk,trap and sing bad songs to you daily.”

  23. I realize that Ali doesn’t get the advantage we have of seeing them in all their creepiness, but how could she have kept Kasey and sent Jesse home is beyond me. Jonathan was a tad creepy too so I was glad she at least got rid of him.

    I also love TNFNS & Design Star. Just watched each and not sure what I think yet except that I also like Aria & Aarti. Do you watch Top Chef? It’s my favorite because they don’t have to worry about being on camera. That stresses me out for them!

  24. Judith Walton says:

    I’m watching TNFNS this season. I’m with most everyone else with the likes (Aria and Aarti) and the dislikes (Dzintra). I just think they must have really had a bunch of, ummmm, “inexperienced” cooks applying if Dzintra managed to make it into the final 12. I DID agree that Alexis was definitely the worst of the bunch in the beginning; and, Herb may surprise us all farther along in the season.

  25. My 14yodd and I watch NFNS and Design Star and were so excited for them to start back. We don’t have one stand out fave yet…We did miss the dude, though, on Design Star who said…”Boo, your show has been cancelled.” Where did he go????

  26. Did you know Walgreens also has a free 8×10 collage deal right now? It’s fabulous–it’s our Father’s Day gift.

  27. We’re watching Food Network Star, and I picked Aria for the win from the moment she walked into the house. But Aarti is so sweet and sincere — I definitely like her too. Some of the contestants are absolutely painful to watch, though. Dzintra really and truly needs to go home. Soon.

  28. Is it just me or did Kasey remind you of Michael Scott during his interview session? He said something to the effect of “Yeah, the guys all really thought the tattoo was cool. They’re thinking ‘Man, I wish I would have done something like that…'”

    Bless his heart. (But please stop singing and talking, Kasey. I can’t CRINGE anymore into my chair.)

    Aria is such a natural on TNFNS. Aarti is good, too. Serena seems like a cloned version of herself.

    I think we like Paul, too. Wish the guys were more impressive.

    And I spent yesteday afternoon cooking and cleaning to TWO podcasts, and I just have to say thank you for your laugh during the Fancy Nights segment : )

    Enjoy your ‘fancy night’.

  29. Oh, Kasey.

    Quite frankly, I think all singing needs to stop on that show. Unless you’re an actual professional.

    I cannot WAIT to see Ali’s face at the tatoo reveal.

  30. You can’t do a post about The Bachelorette and not mention the creepy wrist tattoo of the shielded rose!

  31. pam-tastic says:

    You know…I have a ton of new favorite shows: Burn Notice, White Collar, The Closer, In Plain Sight, etc. What I LOVE is that fact that all the cable channels now have such great TV, I hardly watch the network stations anymore! AND…the shows I mentioned ALL have new episodes in the summer! Gone are the days of the bad summer TV…hooray! This is what I call PROGRESS!

    Twitter: pam_tastic

  32. If I had to hear Kasey say “guard and protect her heart” one more time, I was gonna turn TV off!

    Oh and I {heart} Next Food Network Star and am recording Next Design Star – just haven’t started watching that yet.

    Summer TV is basically the pits.

  33. Jennifer says:

    Ok, I read “Aarti” and heard in my head, “Atari.” Longing for the good ole days, I suppose. And I saw that serenade on Jimmy Fallon’s show last night, and it was spectacular. Melt my heart. ;)

  34. Great post- and to add to your “FREE” with Walgreens, I also ordered an 8×10 collage of 25 photos and used the COUPON CODE “GOBIG8X10″and it was also FREE!!

    So,as a new customer I got 25 individual photos and an 8×10 collage of 25 more for free!

    I am framing the collage for John for Father’s Day.

  35. We’re surfing the same language! I watching all those..well I didn’t get Top Design star in the DVR…which is all filled up.

    BUT…Newsflash…Bachelorette. I was at Barnes and Noble today cruising through the magazines. Ally caught my eye on the cover of In Touch…a real highbrow publication. Anyway…worth a quick FREE read next time you’re at Walgreens. Seems Frank has a girlfriend too. And he breaks the news to Ally in Tahiti and the producers knew. It is an interesting article about how the producers keep the drama going at the expense of Ally. Do you think they talked Kasey into the tattoo? Weird dude.

  36. I love Designstar! I actually had my HS students complete the “white room challenge” this year for a design project. I showed them old episodes to get them ready!

  37. We are finding few pleasures on summer tv – swore off the Bachelor/Bachelorette for good – Jake the Fake was just too much. Are watching Miami Medical just to see if it has staying power – looking forward to the new Jim Belushi show in the fall and wowowowow – Tom Selleck will be on every week in a new cop show.
    We don’t do cable so the rest of those shows are just not known to me. Glad you are having fun!

  38. ok so I hate to admit it but I love Top Chef and started watching that new one on Bravo about Art. I can’t handle the Bachelor reality shows or the ones on the islands but I am hooked on anything involving lots of children :)

  39. Food Network Star for me and I have to say I love the 2 you mentioned. I am from Austin and that blonde girl from here too drives me krazy nutso, she needs to be gone.
    Mind you I am behind so if she has already been kicked off don’t tell.

  40. Toguardandprotectherheart. Toguardandprotectherheart. I DID actually scream NO PLEASE STOP IT NOOOOOOW at the TV several times during Casey’s scenes. I would rather get a heart/rose/shield tattoo MYSELF than have to sit through another individual date with him! (Bless his heart and all that!) I was impressed with Kirk’s very wily move in getting Ali alone the night she was sick. The birthday boy (one of the Chrises? Can’t remember his name at the moment, but the one whose Mama died recently) got a few new points from me for the soup and snuggles, and I am drawn to Ty’s easy Southern style BUT by and large, I am still a sucker for Frank right now. (SOOOO not really seeing the big deal with Roberto.)

    THANK YOU FOR WRITING ABOUT THAT. I feel so much better now. :) Phew!

  41. I LOVE Top Chef!
    I also pick out the people I dont like first it seems…somehow the jerks stand out :)
    I watched TNFNS tonight too and I thought Dzintra should’ve gone home, she’s totally scatterbrained and rude. I would never have watched her show.